Scammer FLIPS When I Know His Exact Location

Scammer Payback
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This Telstra scammers get freaked out after I tell them where they live.
Can we make them quit?
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Jan 18, 2020




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Comments 100
NYMets3B5 5 hours ago
When did he flip?
cm cmancuso717
cm cmancuso717 5 hours ago
Lol. Go on dating apps big scammers thx u
Chris Tucker
Chris Tucker 10 hours ago
What does he keep smelling?
Abhishek Roy
Abhishek Roy 12 hours ago
@scammer payback can you send us the address ? we can have their place raided and shut down
Dedicated One
NativeRen C
NativeRen C Day ago
Can you help find a scammer?
Didier Odar
Didier Odar 2 days ago
It’s funny that they don’t realize they have a strong accent!
Darrah Steele
Darrah Steele 2 days ago
Intro gives me oasis by ihascupquake vibes
c a s p i i a a
c a s p i i a a 2 days ago
Samantha Ann Kaiba Life Coaching
could you to a scammer payback with you tube scammers. that make you pay for programs that don't work.
Mary glover
Mary glover 2 days ago
I have funn and when i had enough i tell them im an off duty policewomen just relaxing with people! No sooner that i said it! That i get blocked
Defy Nae
Defy Nae 3 days ago
I hope this get noticed, but in my country there is a hacker that disturbing a online classes presenting some sexual stuff during class. That hacker have a channel in youtube which is hairy lips. I hope u get to teach that hacker a lessonm
grodhagen 3 days ago
What is he sniffing?
Turd Ferguson
Turd Ferguson 3 days ago
my new kink is watching scammers get fucked. subbed brah. thanks for the content
Trevor Pope
Trevor Pope 3 days ago
Interesting he refers to the City as Koll katta, whereas your average Californian would almost certainly say Kall Kutta. Not that his background is in any doubt whatsoever but just another give away to add to each every other giveaway.
Trevor Pope
Trevor Pope 3 days ago
Hairy what?
David Hartin
David Hartin 3 days ago
Approx. 1.4 thousand scammers hate this video.
G Jones
G Jones 3 days ago
Is the guy in the video sniffing poppers or something? It's just that I keep seeing him sticking a bottle up to his nose.
Jessica Farmer
Jessica Farmer 4 days ago
Cannot believe I've never heard of this community. I absolutely love it. Can't get enough. You are great. LMAO 🤣😂
Carnage Records
Carnage Records 4 days ago
I got a call from a scammer and they got sooo mad.
Chiradeep Mukherjee
Do you have the exact location details? I can get the police informed.
Black Jew
Black Jew 5 days ago
You’re a living legend lol 😂
Ken Reddick
Ken Reddick 5 days ago
You really know how to drive them to drink.... LoL.👌👌👍💯💯😂😂😂
Melanie Turquoise
That was so much fun.😂😂
Josh Johnson
Josh Johnson 5 days ago
How part of the convo should go. Vivian: Did I stutter? “Technician”: Yes ma’am, you did. Vivian: Then you heard me twice! Or just Vivian asking “Did I stutter? If so, you heard me twice.”
unrealfear117 5 days ago
what word are they saying when they cuss you under their breath? i hear them say it often
NaturallySuzzyQ 5 days ago
Damme i always get scam calls from them too.. thanks for your video I'm wide awake now👍👍
Om Prakash Bharadwaj
In park Street Kolkata they are lots of scamar in here protected by some local politicians ...
Irie Tree
Irie Tree 6 days ago
I would LOVE to smoke a fatty with you and scam scammers!!
Carlos Guevara
Carlos Guevara 6 days ago
It's the "I love you" for me hahahhahaha
Djurren 6 days ago
Kitboga, but with a hint of spoop.
Abhijeet Jadhav
Abhijeet Jadhav 7 days ago
The first Guy( scammer) Harry Mandis is a rookie I guess. At 1.42 he says in Hindi to his senior " You sure the camera won't switch on? I am scared to do this call" ( yaar camera to chalu nahi hoga na? Humko Dar lag raha hai) and then he immediately transfers it. Also most of these scammer are from Northern parts. Mostly you are wrong about Calcutta because you would here Bengali there and not Hindi. Also these scammers are Mostly from interiors and not cities because it becomes difficult to locate them in Interiors . We as Indians are ashamed of this but the fact is most of the Indians are also scammed mostly through Credit Card and Bank scams. Its a huge problem here too. A couple days Back I had a scam call asking me CVV and Pin of my Credit Card. Its good to see someone is exposing them. May be some justice will be met some day and this disgrace will be penalised.
Kyle Watson
Kyle Watson 7 days ago
I love it foreign bastards 😂 get a life lol
anonymous nameless
Indian Park Street is an expensive place. These a'holes do not have expensive offices.
Frederick Chappell
I love your brand of karma! you are doing great work! have you considered teaming up with other youtubers? to see you team up with another youtuber like kitboga would be really cool!
Connor Francis
Connor Francis 7 days ago
Cedar Poplar
Cedar Poplar 7 days ago
It sure does beat having to get mad and frustrated. If it were up to me, I would hunt these lowlife animals and sit them butt naked on a hot stove. And then, light them up on fire with gasoline. That's how much I hate what they do.
Sophiya Robinson
Sophiya Robinson 7 days ago
*7:39** can anyone tell me what that man said in Hindi*
Snek 8 days ago
I don’t really get why all the recent scammer calls i’ve seen and also heard personally are mostly indians who know almost nothing about america
DJ Grooves
DJ Grooves 8 days ago
you so stupid
Sidoney Salmon
Sidoney Salmon 8 days ago
"Don't worry I'll find ya, I love you " 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 That's gold right there.
Katie Maxwell
Katie Maxwell 8 days ago
Lol it says "End of world savings"
Kevster 100
Kevster 100 8 days ago
Always Indians.
Noah Okayama
Noah Okayama 9 days ago
What is he sniffing?
Jack Albertson
Jack Albertson 9 days ago
Lol I been trying to find one of these videos
Katie Farmer
Katie Farmer 9 days ago
Scam baiting- I’ve been doing this since the Nigerian email scams. How do you do this on the phone? Same way? How do you bait them in? And the bank account thing page viewing thing is interesting.
lRufflez 9 days ago
I love these, it makes it extra good for me when they get scared cus i'm like ''not funny anymore is it ????''
Yashas Sharma
Yashas Sharma 9 days ago
I am an indian and was able to understand the scammers language and seriously the scammer was dumb 🤣😂🤣😂🤣
jrlv62 9 days ago
Wow! Great grandmas voice!!
Clara Mo
Clara Mo 10 days ago
Hahahaha u made my day,,, thank you 👐🙌
Jawz 10 days ago
Somebody was cursing in hindi!
MICHELLE KING 10 days ago
You’re awesome! Which Melbourne do you live in? I’m in Melbourne, FL.
zarasbazaar 11 days ago
It's great when you rattle them and they fall off the script. It's like the wheels in their heads jam and they start spouting gibberish.
Ain't gonna lie, I loved it😌
co mIllions
co mIllions 11 days ago
I love this great job dude
Humaid Alamiri
Humaid Alamiri 12 days ago
1:15 is he trying the British accent 😭😂
DJ Kev
DJ Kev 12 days ago
Why does he keep sniffing poppers 😹😹😹
Darcy Plett
Darcy Plett 12 days ago
Dude this is hilarious 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
tylor brooks
tylor brooks 12 days ago
5:33 are you using poppers lol
hello there
hello there 13 days ago
Scammer be like Nani
Linda Flowers
Linda Flowers 13 days ago
John higgs
John higgs 13 days ago
You should just face your own job idiot
Tamu Malone
Tamu Malone 13 days ago
He's having too much fun with this😂😂😂
Big Bird
Big Bird 13 days ago
217 295 2562 tax scammer
pleasant smile
pleasant smile 14 days ago
this generation can track your friends or chatmate were they are live if you know their mobile phone can track location,
Juan Alvarez
Juan Alvarez 14 days ago
I wonder how the real Indian IT feel. Lol
Harvey Jacobs
Harvey Jacobs 14 days ago
Change your hat. It says "Delete there files" but should say "Delete their files." Simple grammar mistake but you need to fix it.
Scammer Payback
Scammer Payback 14 days ago
@Harvey Jacobs It is a joke from the people in my livestreams. I don't sell that merchandise anymore- -they are old videos.
Harvey Jacobs
Harvey Jacobs 14 days ago
@Scammer Payback Why? It reduces your credibility.
Scammer Payback
Scammer Payback 14 days ago
It’s not a mistake it was intentional.
Bad Brain71
Bad Brain71 14 days ago
I love you honey! 😇
ISaid ItFirst
ISaid ItFirst 15 days ago
Omg. Lol. I'm going to listen to this before I go for my driver's license picture so I have a big smile on my face
tantaluss68 15 days ago
I have a great idea for a video tell the scammer you work for a worldwide organization that helps people who have to resort to scamming to get them a sponsored work visa were they can be set up with a new apartment job and wok visa so they can have a better job and life as a customer service rep
R.B.R 15 days ago
Grandma is little horny...
Nick campbell
Nick campbell 15 days ago
It's so funny when their on the hook
SentinelLogan 16 days ago
i have the same chair lol
yungxrogue X
yungxrogue X 16 days ago
Can you help me out bro. My mom got scammed and I've struggled finding someone to help me. Pleasee...
Trapmotionthelabel:RecordsEnt 1
(8,000) you can’t comment my address I live in van nuys ca 🤷🏽‍♂️ u owe me 8k if you can’t comment back in 24hrs
Noah Alexander
Noah Alexander 16 days ago
Lol I know where you have cigarettes.
nonamelane minecraft
lol i love that vid
Spencer Williams
Spencer Williams 16 days ago
The First Baptist Bank... ever.
K-CITY GMF 16 days ago
akrabbim 17 days ago
What are those bottles that he keeps sniffing?
Scammer Payback
Scammer Payback 17 days ago
Essential ouls
Debojyoti Sen
Debojyoti Sen 17 days ago
I m from Kolkata, it's very unfortunate that these scammer is set up here....
Wise One
Wise One 17 days ago
Love it.
Tenzin Norzin
Tenzin Norzin 17 days ago
The scammer is not even trying to hide his Indian accent lol
Mikey Paget
Mikey Paget 17 days ago
Kinda emo🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
KevLar Da Don
KevLar Da Don 18 days ago
"End of the world savings" 💀💀💀
Lakshya Patel
Lakshya Patel 18 days ago
😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 I loooooved this.... would give much to be a fly on ‘Adam’’s” wall..... 👌👏👏👏
big Daddy
big Daddy 19 days ago
If you ever let them talk you into your pc they steal your info and try to find out bank info while acting like they are helping you.if you don't know for sure hang up and block the call
cunningham el cunningham el
Anoc55 19 days ago
Good video, very funny. Can you please provide me the complete exact address of Park Street Call center and any others you have?
Martin K
Martin K 19 days ago
1:44 I speak Hindi I'm not sure but he said "My camera will not turn on right? I'm scared"
Kiran Rai
Kiran Rai 19 days ago
Scammers got scammed😂😂
6Lilies6Phillies 19 days ago
Adam Wilson. Hahaha
Whovian Gamer
Whovian Gamer 19 days ago
The fact that they feel their American accent is stellar cracks me up. "You're from California, yea? Funny because you sound incredibly Indian. The thick as shit accent gives it away."
Dexter Barnett
Dexter Barnett 19 days ago
Binodini Sahoo
Binodini Sahoo 19 days ago
Can you tell how you get their names so fast??
Barbra benassi
Barbra benassi 20 days ago
6:22 is when it gets good
Brandon Eph
Brandon Eph 20 days ago
Screw young or eating chips over a microphone, god damn i hate that sounds so much, fuck
Juan Da Silva
Juan Da Silva 20 days ago
So many cities in California but he's from Park Street, What a DUMB FUCK!
Lisa Rancour
Lisa Rancour 20 days ago
TRAVEL MUSIC 20 days ago
He just said Madarch**d .......(cursing in Hindi)...
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