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Jim Browning
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I've been watching a few different scamming groups running the 'Amazon' refund scam and I've been disrupting their scams.
You'll see how they run the scam and how best to defect it. You'll also hear both the scammer and the victims - something I've not always been able to show in the videos.
I hope that the authorities on Kolkata can act on the information I've passed to them.
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Oct 19, 2020




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Comments 100
Mohammed Sufyan
Mohammed Sufyan 3 hours ago
Informason? Lolzzzz
Ibrahim Haneef
Ibrahim Haneef 3 hours ago
Great job Jim, Amazon don't have any kind of rubbish issues like these, system issues like these scammers, if someone calls you about suspicious activity on your Amazon account, record the number & contact Amazon immediately about the stranger's number
SatelliteOffice 4 hours ago
Have you seen the laptop scam videos, using scAmazon to run their operations? Nobody is minding the store. Mitch McConnell held up the stimulus, so Americans have moved into doing whatever it takes too keep their heads above water. It's crazy too.
Matilde Bianchi
Matilde Bianchi 4 hours ago
You really are an extraordinary dude, so much respect
BobrRoss 5 hours ago
Repeat this prayer from your mouth, and believe it in your heart. Dear Heavenly Father, i turn to you today, I repent of my sins; I believe that your Son Jesus Christ, died on the cross for my sins, and was resurrected to life on the third day, and forever more he lives. Father, I ask of you to baptize me with the Holy Spirit right now, Change my heart, and renew my spirit. I invite you Jesus, to enter into my heart. change me, Save me, and be Lord of my life. Right now, in your mighty name, I pray, Amen! Romans 10:9 If you declare with your mouth, "Jesus is Lord" and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved
Neverstopz 5 hours ago
Peter Johnson you say, yeah nice bloke.
Emperor Jahrome
Emperor Jahrome 5 hours ago
Amazon are literally really good and reliable. Surely no one falls for this bollocks? I mean unsubscribing is easy just don't top up your prime. You can still use your account for everything else 100%. I really hope no one is dumb enough to fall for such a scam. it's bad for actual amazon as a company as it could kill trust with regular customers. All i'm saying is anyone who is apprehensive do not be thrown off. Overall amazon are completely reliable and trustworthy the majority delvier without any fuss or isnane prices so don't let a few petty low life scumbag scammers scare off people whom are worried about using amazon. I have had 0% issues from using them ever.
Rici Underwood
Rici Underwood 6 hours ago
6:32 Puts first line of address in last name box. How are these idiots succeeding?
Harmony Fox
Harmony Fox 9 hours ago
I don’t know how you did this but wow what a hero! I work in a bank & my heart breaks every time an elderly person falls for this.
Russell McLean
Russell McLean 11 hours ago
You're a true white hat my friend!
Phonk Equinox
Phonk Equinox 11 hours ago
This is incredible. Jim you are amazing I wish I had the know how to do this myself
Art Rock Sullivan
Art Rock Sullivan 11 hours ago
your talents to good use are admirable keep at it!
Joel M
Joel M 11 hours ago
You Sir have earned a subscription, though it ain’t much. You’re doing some great work. Plz don’t track me down and take my moneys
Ashish Goswami
Ashish Goswami 13 hours ago
I'm an Indian and sad to say that many indian people have lost their moral value. They'll do just about anything to profit. Scam calls are just a part of the whole scene, during corona crisis patients that were admitted in hospital and were covid positive were declared dead when they were properly healthy and their organs were harvested to be sold for profits. And no one caught them because covid dead bodies are wrapped in plastic bags by the hospital itself and then burnt according to indian culture. It was all over the news when they found out about it you can look it up. Even we indians get scam calls all day. The police that is supposed to stop them has turned corrupt, not all the police but most of them. That's why these scams will keep increasing until India gets stricter cyber laws. Not all Indians are like these. These are the 5% who have erased the line between good and bad.
Eddygeek18 13 hours ago
There disrespect is insane. I Don't believe in heaven and hell but wow i hope hells real cuz these arses will be going there
Desert Vox
Desert Vox 13 hours ago
edoug 13 hours ago
I wouldn't be surprised if people in the "calcutta cyber police" were getting paid off by these people to look the other way.
Simon Theoret
Simon Theoret 14 hours ago
You re just a legend man
waza987 14 hours ago
Yes I have Mr Allen Watson right here, let me put him on the phone. Yes I am Allen Watson, yes I ordered an iPhone 11 please send it to me. It would be like the time “Microsoft” called and I strung them out so long that my computer was slow to boot up, until finally I was could tell they were getting annoyed. They demanded to know what was on the screen and I said it was still showing the Apple logo. There was a string of expletives and then they hung up.
Simon Theoret
Simon Theoret 14 hours ago
4:40 what an a**hole...
Matt A
Matt A 15 hours ago
India has a decent space program but they don't seem to care too much about how these scammers change the worlds perception of India. You would think they'd be more pro-active.
Smart Crypto Bot
Smart Crypto Bot 15 hours ago
Just drop a nuke in that area.
XO 15 hours ago
They all have the same horrible accent and fail horrible at using flattering words like "honey" and "love."
alex carter
alex carter 16 hours ago
Hm! Yeah, the best thing with phone scammers is to keep them on the phone as long as you can while never giving them any actual information. It's fun!
l3roccoli Productions
"Go and rest in peace"... Wow!
Mr. Zorgop
Mr. Zorgop 16 hours ago
Lady:I don’t have anything to do with amazo- Person: **DO YOU KNOW WHO ALAN WATSON IS!** Lady: b-b-ut Person: ***WHO ALLAN WATSONNNN EH WHO IS HE!** Lady: I don’t know who- Person: ALAN WHATSON REEEEEEEEE **hangs up**
Roger Lague
Roger Lague 17 hours ago
Could you please tell me how a possible family member might have disabled my wife's iPhone 8+ to the point of no return except for to reboot the phone. A lot of photos and videos were lost. Thanks for your help roger lague.
King Katura
King Katura 17 hours ago
I wonder has the feds ever threatened you for what you do? as it is still technically illegal accessing someone p.c. without authorization noneless watching them and such which i think you do a good job at and am glad you do. I'm just curious if you have ever been harrassed by the feds?
Roger Lague
Roger Lague 17 hours ago
Thanks for the work that you do. It's nice to know that there is still humanity and justice out there for the elderly and unknowing. May many blessings fill your life.
it me
it me 18 hours ago
The lady in the video talks like my late mother, which makes the scam even more disturbing. 😭 Thank you for the work you do. ♥️♥️
King Katura
King Katura 18 hours ago
Amazon Prime itself is a scam right now, I'm surprised they haven't been sued since for awhile their the point of prime is free 2 day shipping and they weren't even shipping things for 10-12 days just because... No the real reason is because they instead where focusing on their government contract and only shipping their product while the people that made amazon what it is well fk them.. lol so it wouldn't surprise me if Jeff Bazose owned their i9ndie company as well, or at the least gives them a Affiliate link for selling their apple and xbox cards..
Greg Ballard
Greg Ballard 19 hours ago
Hell Amazon Prime is a scam in its self and now to add this to equation, even better.
Kate Cardell
Kate Cardell 19 hours ago
Jim is a Gem 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Penny Lane
Penny Lane 21 hour ago
Stop overseas calls full stop I’m sick of not understanding what they are saying ! How any company thinks this is acceptable is beyond me
Penny Lane
Penny Lane 21 hour ago
I was really rude to these MFs when they attacked my poorly client on the phone I’m glad I was !!!
Caroline Roberts
Caroline Roberts 21 hour ago
I have just received an email from "Scamazon". Full of emojis and different fonts and colours, very entertaining. The phrasing in it was only a little off, so I think they must be watching your videos and picking up tips! Seriously, keep up the good work.
Colonel Aleph 0
Don’t say “pardon” to these scammer cuz they think sucking off a mic will increase their volume
octave Day ago
I just had Amazon ad. 😂😂😂
Camden Hartnell
get this video up there,
How's it vinGOing?
Thumbs up
How's it vinGOing?
Thumbs up
How's it vinGOing?
Love this guy!
GalaxyTiger Day ago
Can't wait for the crossover where Jim thinks the victim is getting scammed, but it turns out to be Kitboga who used a voice-changer.
R420Forester Day ago
amazon returns just throw everything into dumps.they are the most wasteful company around!
Sylvia Briggs
I want to kill those who are taking advantage of vulnerable people
JustMy Thought
There will be a time when companies can't outsource jobs to India anymore, because you instantly think it is a scam when you hear that accent.
RougeBaba Day ago
Jim, you are amazing. Your technical knowhow and your commitment to justice are a special kind of combination.
Cheryl Cold
Cheryl Cold Day ago
Some people are so gullible.
Simon 0000
Simon 0000 Day ago
When they phone me I usually say I didn't know my speak n spell was on the internet that usually pisses them off
Abe M
Abe M Day ago
Good stuff
jamnjam Day ago
Now we see why God said "Thou shalt not bear false witness". Look at these scumbags lying so they can steal from the elderly. So grateful for Jim doing the right thing.
B Simpson
B Simpson Day ago
I think the only way to stop this is to send in Charlie Wax to clear out a call center or two, trust me, that would stop it dead.
May Kazawa
May Kazawa Day ago
Totally no ❤️...
I love how you just torture the scammers
Jon Polley
Jon Polley Day ago
Take a shot any time you hear “each and every thing” from a scammer
Let me tell you one thing! Let me tell you one thing! I have already died of alcohol poisoning! You need to go to Publix and get $5000 worth of iTunes cards so that I do not lose my job!
Shay States
Shay States Day ago
The fact that these scammers are able to convince people to go so far to take their money in 2020 is just shocking. I highly appreciate what you are doing for the community.
The Implementer
kolkata is a place that is home for scammers . No one will be arrested because the state government embraces their activities. It is very dangerous place too. These people have ruined Indian pride. .The state government of kolkata is doing anything in-spite of your alarming call for action.
Keeleon Ohms
Keeleon Ohms Day ago
Jim is a real life vigilante super hero.
Coolkatz57 Plus
Coolkatz57 Plus 20 hours ago
Coolkatz57 Plus
Coolkatz57 Plus 20 hours ago
Coolkatz57 Plus
Coolkatz57 Plus 20 hours ago
Suzy Siviter
Suzy Siviter Day ago
Oh I thought the scam was the real Amazon Prime!
Tracey Bailey
Those poor souls, shared your video on Facebook and specially to my dad who loves Amazon.. Thank you so much protecting us all from these low life scum.. keep up the great work! We all appreciate your work x
Wonder Bread
Wonder Bread Day ago
Jim Browning is doing an incredible thing for as many people and he is an amazing person!
Grissi G
Grissi G Day ago
Stacy 2 days ago
The work you do is amazing. I'm thankful you are out there protecting the vulnerable. It breaks my heart to see these people fall for this. How many people have you saved or/and the amount that you have save from being stole. It's probably in the millions.
John Hill
John Hill 2 days ago
I’ve received numerous calls from air duct cleaning services, courts saying I will be arrested to people responding to my online ads about being “interested” in buying my vehicle or renting a room in my home. The responses from my ads typically want my email then they will make something up from there to try and get you to money gram them. I’m not dumb enough to fall for any scams but unfortunately my mother is pretty gullible.
The SS of Fruits and Nuts
When the money makers just print money out of air there is no effort to crack down on this behavior (theft). This actually just keeps their chains oiled along with many other overlooked financial scams.
my step dad just got one of these calls like a week ago. he said someone got a $900 phone on our amazon account and he needed a payment from us to cancel it. i told my step dad "why would you have to pay to tell them you dont want to pay?" i was on the phone for about 5 minutes before the guy said "ah dumb american almost fell for it" then he hung up. i told my step dad "ok man, if they tell you to pay them in order to not pay them, its probably a scam lol" seemed like a pretty dumb scam imo. never thought id see someone fall for crap like this irl but ya. it happens.
MrMattumbo Day ago
Yeah I don't get how people fall for this stuff, companies don't make you jump through hoops like that.
2HootHoot 2 days ago
They actually got my coworkers mom (80 years old) and they ravaged her computer.
Budgie Whisperer
Budgie Whisperer 2 days ago
Jim, u r an amazing person
pratik dedhia
pratik dedhia 2 days ago
Idiots with cringeworthy accent
Chase 2 days ago
Very good
Emo Culli
Emo Culli 2 days ago
This is exactly why I dont bank online. Also dont use Amazon. Never trusted the internet, never will.
...he said on the internet.
Faratin Xinan
Faratin Xinan 2 days ago
"Kolkata is apparently in Washington D.C." xDD jim.
debol 2 days ago
I was trying to get a sector 5 job in 2019 jan
Neil Harrison
Neil Harrison 2 days ago
These bastards bombarded my home phone line on an almost daily basis about 3 months ago. I pressed 1, and when I was put through to a human being (and I use the term very loosely) I let him (9 out of 10 times it was a him) give his schpiel, then I gave him the benefit of swear words learned during 43 years at sea. The females I told to go and get a proper job and stop trying to scam people. They are pond scum, the lot of them.
Joshua Yang
Joshua Yang 2 days ago
Man Jim you are awesome. We need more people like you.
The Real Me
The Real Me 2 days ago
The 666 dislikes are from the ghosts of these scammers
A.T. Football
A.T. Football 2 days ago
I am from Kolkata and every day we get news of Cyber police arrested These organizations. But there are still many more . Problem is there are different scammers not only from India but also from Pakistan, Bangladesh , Sri Lanka using same server . Which makes it difficult for Cyber police. Because it's difficult for Police to catch criminals from other countries
You deserve a noble protection prize i am an Indian and i am disgusted by these scam shits in India i hope our government take some initiative against this
Drummercommander 2 days ago
This is so scary and sad
LUCCARDI 2 days ago
Jim you're the batman of fighting scams!
Dillon Greene
Dillon Greene 2 days ago
youre an amazing person jim.
DEADMAN PLAYS 2 days ago
J D 2 days ago
Wow, to actually hear how many of these people fall for this scam is disturbing. I'm very impressed by this channel. I subscribed, liked and now commented. Keep up the good work, you are an angel for these elderly people!
luis avitia
luis avitia 2 days ago
Pathetic man predators
luis avitia
luis avitia 2 days ago
God damn it !!!
innerviews897 2 days ago
Pimping the spinning ball earth is pea brained
Taliesin Hyepp
Taliesin Hyepp 2 days ago
You are a genius
Jean-Élie Fortier
You're a really great person Jim
Denis Mendoza Vidal
Commenting helps Jim.!
Karin Bran
Karin Bran 2 days ago
Mr. Browning thank you so very much for helping stop this low lives. I get calls constantly from all kinds of types of scams. Of course I know they are scams but cant seem to block all the numbers, there are so many. I honestly wish I knew where did my info was compromised. Its so annoying. Either way, you are a hero and thx for what you do.
Skull Knight
Skull Knight 2 days ago
You are my Hero @Jim Browning
Purple Girl
Purple Girl 2 days ago
Pure good work.
crashingtiger 3 days ago
Despicable human beings. Give them hell!
Stephen Dellett
Stephen Dellett 3 days ago
My favourite channel.
Liverpool Champions
The people need to destroy amazon by not using them.
RPK 3 days ago
I kind of like to ask them if they are from Pakistan. Then ask them if their whole country is a dump. Do you guys really just walk over to a wall and whip it put to take a piss right there? You gods are really creepy too. Do you live in tepee?
sul Nz
sul Nz 3 days ago
shame on Indian Scammers
Just a Box
Just a Box 3 days ago
Just wow! You're saving real people out there, Jim. Keep up the good fight.
69baker69able 3 days ago
The legend Jim Browning!
Jack Smithereen
Jack Smithereen 3 days ago
Not the hero we deserved, but the hero we needed.
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