Scales: The Insane Mermaid Movie Nobody Asked For

Danny Gonzalez
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Scales: Mermiads Are Real is an extremely bizarre take on mermaid lore and mythology. Please enjoy my review
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Mar 31, 2020




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Comments 100
Jack Grazer
Jack Grazer 6 months ago
Jay Dougherty
Jay Dougherty 2 days ago
why when i comment ha in lowercase and get no attention but this guy comments "HA" and gets 75k likes?
Big Neil And little Neil
Kxmmyqwq You mean 6.4 likes •0•
Haylen Yaichner Too
Haylen Yaichner Too 2 months ago
SCREAMING 3 months ago
Even though I think the movie itself was very confusing I think you played a really good character
Melob 3 months ago
Mr-somethingwired -l00l-
Her name is siren Siren head did you find my daughter
lovebunny 2 hours ago
ʚ*.ɢʟᴀᴍᴏᴜʀs ɢʟᴏᴡ ɞ*.
This is random but I just wanted to say it, THE SAYING *NO BODY ASKED* IS DUMB, for example you have a Instagram page about your LIFE and you post that you just had a baby... and people say *NO BODY ASKED* like think about that... 😶 THE INTERNET IS TO SHARE YOUR THINGS NOT TO HIDE THEM
Caldella 3 hours ago
Is this literally just a psychotic knockoff of The 13th Year?
Swag Bros INC.
Swag Bros INC. 4 hours ago
THE H U N T E R S ? Don’t worry you can use your STIFF MASS
MrsPaintFace 5 hours ago
Chickadii ㅤ
Chickadii ㅤ 6 hours ago
no one will see this comment Well hello there!
Chickadii ㅤ
Chickadii ㅤ 4 hours ago
MrsPaintFace 5 hours ago
why hello, do you enjoy каннибализм?
Daniel Mak
Daniel Mak 6 hours ago
naming her siren is more like naming her murder person or murder human
Gingerbread Doge
Gingerbread Doge 7 hours ago
Bartłomiej Kumor
Bartłomiej Kumor 7 hours ago
Imagine if in Lion King Simba was just like "You forgot something Scar... I'm a lion" and just fucking ate his face off.
Olive xx
Olive xx 12 hours ago
Mermaids: we have to keep a low profile Also Mermaids: 15:04
The Otaku Girl
The Otaku Girl 14 hours ago
"My whole I've dreamt of water, breathing it, swimming in it, living in it, tasting it, LOVING IT" I don't know why but this sounds like a commercial
Emeraldeater 18 hours ago
15:31 POV: you are Danny's dentist.
lozl 22 hours ago
5:44 "no men. there are no men mermaids" This is golden.
unigirl2007 unicorn
I love this movie,but,the video is funny
bro fist
bro fist Day ago
The Default
The Default Day ago
Who's ready to kill mermaids to cure corona
21:08 - Oh my god, the sound of his bones breaking; I can't stop laughing.
Redguygames Day ago
Oke but the beginning reminded me of sharkboy and lavagirl
I'm made completely uncomfortable by "at night, my bones get squishy"
seankkg Day ago
HEALING POWER? HUNTERS? This is how all plots should be written.
Leakhena Khiev
is no one gonna talk about how she blood bended
It reminds me of this game I used to play with my friends when we’re younger called, “The Demon Game” where we’d role play and stuff 😂😂😂, EVERYONE wanted to be that special main character
This is Michael- Scotch
Bro the other day my sister, let's call her 2, bought one of those mermaid tails and she hopped over to my other sister, we'll call this one 1, and said some rude comment and 1 was like "You wanna go, flippers?" and she bops 2 on the head and she falls to the ground and 2 looks up at 1 like :O
Daniel Mak
Daniel Mak Day ago
dead meat should make a video on this movie i know there is at least 1 death
Deku Is Perfect and so Are Naruto, Aang, And Subaru
What if Greg Stands For Guys R*ping Entitled Grandmas
heres a fun game, replace the word mermaide to lesbian
Nerrissa Rich
Nerrissa Rich 2 days ago
Now I want to watch it...just because😂😂
Brady Hearn
Brady Hearn 2 days ago
20:10 *whale screams of suffering intensifies*
darkk 64
darkk 64 2 days ago
They won't sacrifice themselves to safe hundreds? Thas a not good
Bitty H
Bitty H 2 days ago
Omg i read the book version can’t believe they made this a movie
Honey B
Honey B 2 days ago
You need to go back watch it till after the end Credits it a see you need to see ! That do tease a Another movie sequel !!
Silver Frost
Silver Frost 2 days ago
"Your body is made of 60% water" *guy just, disentagrates* Me: 👀👋 NOPE
Rena 2 days ago
Mermaid's and pedophile's
subtle art of disappointment
I just keep getting more and more wtf 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
subtle art of disappointment
Oh my soul, this movie broke me. I can’t even speak English 😭
Slicey slice of a pancake
There can’t be male mermaids Those are called merbutlers
misato best gurl
misato best gurl 2 days ago
why is everyone suddenly commenting how siren is katara? siren didn't dismantle the patriarchy, she dismantled... a man? idk
Theoretically Cookie
I've been asking my friends can't waterbender just suck all the liquid out of a person and finally I have my answer
Andrea Gutierrez
Andrea Gutierrez 2 days ago
Did you know when you did the gasping sound in a part you sound like Alex from the pals like with koral and denis and other ppl
Hannah Murray
Hannah Murray 2 days ago
One of my first grade students decided to pretend to be a mermaid using only the lore from this movie and I was able to discuss it with her because of this video. She asked if I had seen it... I laughed awkwardly and told her “sorta”
Gopher Boi
Gopher Boi 2 days ago
If she got so freaked out in the tub has the just never taken a bath or shower 😂
Brie B.
Brie B. 2 days ago
wtf why is haru nanase in this movie?
hey boi.
hey boi. 2 days ago
the dad is the same guy from the lamp aka stan lol
sOuR patCh AdUltS
yEa You’re MaDe oF 65%Of WaTEr all of him leavening for milk
sayori ate earth
sayori ate earth 3 days ago
S-so josukes a mermaid?! *jojo reference cuz he can heal with crazy diamond*
J 23 hours ago
literally everyone know what a jojo reference is and literally no one cares
GreyDimen 3 days ago
"what are you gonna do, make small little waves?" yep thats a threatening threat.
Minty Fox
Minty Fox 3 days ago
I watched this, showed it to my mom and we died after “stiff mass” Then I proceeded to watch it a few more times
Lyra Does Things
Lyra Does Things 3 days ago
6:05 Wait a second... Is that Kate from Angel? Yknow, the policewoman character Her name is Kate right?
Deluxray 3 days ago
“We have Thirteenth Year at home”
The Flower Trio
The Flower Trio 3 days ago
“ What are you gonna do? Make tiny little waves? “ If I were in that position... “ yes. “ *proceeds to splash with tiny waves of water*
Elijah Gillis-Nduwimana
why kill them just take some blood and go
Nick Hause
Nick Hause 3 days ago
Why does siren have the same abilities as katara from avatar?
Sammi Quinn
Sammi Quinn 3 days ago
I love rewatching this video I can’t not laugh out loud
tiggers344 3 days ago
i love how she has gills yet still holds her breath under water
Rosie Stephens
Rosie Stephens 3 days ago
"LoViNg ThE wAtEr" gives off the same vibe as "DIE FOR EACHOTHER"
Luke Games
Luke Games 3 days ago
Bruh the movie is a girl running from the red cross
Ronnie Do
Ronnie Do 3 days ago
Having a mermaid daughter is cool till she sucks all the water from a man...
xx_rxlxte 3 days ago
You should react to “Malibu Rescue” And “malibu rescue: the next wave”
Unfunny 3 days ago
Wtffff she has to go to the bath room? No way wtffff
Jack Napier
Jack Napier 3 days ago
How do they reproduce without males around? They don't seem to be asexual
Hanna Hill
Hanna Hill 3 days ago
11:05 if only detective J J Bitenbinder were there
Thicc Boi
Thicc Boi 3 days ago
19:50 you can see where the "tail" starts(pants)
Kayden god
Kayden god 3 days ago
This is why I’m subbed
Michael Haggart
Michael Haggart 3 days ago
Every time he says hunters I think of a big group of people named hunter hunting mermaids
Spooky Spaghetti
Spooky Spaghetti 3 days ago
If we're being honest here, real syrens would totally suck all the water out of your body just to see you suffer. Don't try to deny it. You know it's the truth.
Romey Gaskill ;-;
This makes me want to disown my brittle bones disease. Get it out. Literally i feel like this movie read the first paragraph about it on Wikipedia and was like “ok that’s good enough”. Fuck
ZedStep 3 days ago
Stiff mass
Aqu mio
Aqu mio 4 days ago
Mai mai boo boo
Tooney Birb
Tooney Birb 4 days ago
My bones got squishy watching this
Julia Webb
Julia Webb 4 days ago
I saw this with my friends and it’s uh-
ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ NANapoli
Me getting getting Notifications from Danny Gonzalez: Ahhhhh~... Nice moment. 13:08
Alaska Playz
Alaska Playz 4 days ago
Gaming with Rami
Gaming with Rami 4 days ago
Why does this remind me of Bad movie of the book Emily windsnap
Waterphoenix 4 days ago
When you water bend the water out of a person
wilson plays
wilson plays 4 days ago
Her window is bigger than my house
Noor Alhamdan
Noor Alhamdan 4 days ago
I love your videoSsssssss your really funny :D
Runisa 4 days ago
What about the extra 35 percent
ღ Yᴏᴜʀ Lᴏᴄᴀʟ Bᴜɴɴʏ Gɪʀʟ ღ
This movie is garbage, if you wanna see an actually good mermaid movie watch aquamarine
Étourdie 4 days ago
23:37 what happened to the other 35%?
Birb Birb
Birb Birb 4 days ago
Drem about the warter that’s what Siran says
FatalMLGpro 1
FatalMLGpro 1 4 days ago
Ruler World
Ruler World 4 days ago
18:50 everyone in The Seven to Deep
LVBBoi 4 days ago
Imagine your son is probably dead in front of you, a mermaid touches you on the face and you hear in your head: "Mymy poopoo"
TheDeekins 5 days ago
at 18:07 I went WAIT, WHAT? out loud
Jessica Army forever!!
I got a new phone and I have to re subscribe to Danny and it took me 3 months to find his channel and I did :) purple you Danny💜💜
cilly 5 days ago
this epic
VenomSnek 5 days ago
Siren *fucking murders a guy* "You have to teach me that."
Agg Tse
Agg Tse 5 days ago
Its actually 70%
Marlee Storch
Marlee Storch 5 days ago
I wanted to puke when she is transferring
emma 5 days ago
*gets cut* my my boo boo
StupidAnimations 5 days ago
The kid needs M I L K
MagicTurtle007 5 days ago
Screw live laugh love I like hug kiss breathe
LVBBoi 5 days ago
The zoom on Adam's arm looked straight outta fucking Mortal Kombat
Joker J
Joker J 5 days ago
I love this guy
Elzabeth flmer
Elzabeth flmer 6 days ago
my my boo boo
Sammy Kucinski
Sammy Kucinski 6 days ago
Ya gurl rv
Ya gurl rv 6 days ago
I’ve watched this video 7 times...
Nakiyah Allen
Nakiyah Allen 6 days ago
do u have a tik tok account if you what is the name of it so i could follow u
Art Boy Animates
Art Boy Animates 6 days ago
A nice moment...sir your daughters still inside
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