SAYGRACE - You Don't Own Me ft. G-Eazy (Official Video)

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Grace's debut album 'FMA' out now! iTunes: smarturl.it/GraceFMA?IQid=yt Spotify: smarturl.it/StreamFMA?IQid=yt Amazon: smarturl.it/FMAmz?IQid=yt Google Play: smarturl.it/FMAGP?IQid=yt Physical copies available at FYE: smarturl.it/FMAFYE?IQid=yt Amazon: smarturl.it/FMAmz?IQid=yt Target: smarturl.it/TargetFMA?IQid=yt Barnes & Noble: smarturl.it/FMAbn?IQid=yt Best Buy: smarturl.it/BestBuyFMA?IQid=yt Newbury Comics: smarturl.it/FMANewburyComics?I... Follow Grace - Twitter: twitter.com/officialgrace Facebook: facebook.com/iamgrace Instagram: instagram.com/iamgrace Snapchat: official-grace Official Site: official-grace.com Music video byGrace performing You Don't Own Me. (C) 2015 RCA Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

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Jun 1, 2015




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Comments 65 457
That no sounded Wrong in so many levels Time stamp 1:44
svnkonii 4 hours ago
Still obsessed with this song. 🔥
Blahblah Starburst
Blahblah Starburst 9 hours ago
You right I don't. I can't tell u what to do
Lolo1268 Frago
Lolo1268 Frago 20 hours ago
manezzz22 Day ago
Can't describe❤
jonasbe Day ago
Prefer untitled by Eminem...
Lubos Ivaska
Lubos Ivaska Day ago
Gamesandmore Day ago
Still listening to this
Cao Minh Gia Phúc
i know this song from mr beast
Came after Mr.beast's legendary upload.....🔥
Laura Link
Laura Link 2 days ago
Love 💘 this
Jonathan Averett
Jonathan Averett 2 days ago
I am but don't do any good
Ahlem Boubakeur
Ahlem Boubakeur 2 days ago
🦁⚽😎 #MouniraLaMou🌝🌞🌏 #9 #R #P
Nicole Mendoza
Nicole Mendoza 2 days ago
This song makes me feel like I’m on a mafia wattpad 😭
Anayanzi Ledesma
Anayanzi Ledesma 7 hours ago
nella 2 days ago
why does it sound like lesli gore
Ahmed Bhavnani
Ahmed Bhavnani 2 days ago
Why i missed this songs for years Just WOoooooooooiW
Delilah Valle
Delilah Valle 2 days ago
The original will forever be better
Marco Mei
Marco Mei 2 days ago
At 2:45 she sings like Christina Aguilera 😳
9J07Asir Tawsif
9J07Asir Tawsif 2 days ago
Mr beast
Andre 2 days ago
american horror story asylum
Anayanzi Ledesma
Anayanzi Ledesma 7 hours ago
No Title
No Title 2 days ago
I prefer the lesley gore version but this is good too edit: I looked at the description and why wasn’t lesley gore credited?
No Title
No Title 2 days ago
I prefer the lesley gore version but this is good too
Sero 2 days ago
leslie gore
Delano Saveer
Delano Saveer 3 days ago
This just popped up in my head out of nowhere. And its still good af.
ปาริชาติ ยงสุข
2021 I’m still like this song .
Maria Karakash
Maria Karakash 3 days ago
Who’s here after the Handmaid’s tale finale?
Lozy Peach
Lozy Peach 3 days ago
who here in 2k21
Claudia Forced to be STUCK in the Nederlands
Nederlands!!!!!!!!! You don’t own ME Nor, My GERMAN-USA DAUGHTER !!!!!! NOT TODAY!!! NOT TOMORROW!!!!! NOT EVER!!!!!!
Mohit Hegde
Mohit Hegde 3 days ago
I am just here bcuz of mrbeast breaking the laws video
Rochie Tamparong
Rochie Tamparong 3 days ago
2021 🔥
logan izzo
logan izzo 3 days ago
This almost fells like a gay rights song.
RÜYA GÖKBEL 4 days ago
King Enow
King Enow 4 days ago
ruvid.net/video/video-egsNaoUHMKw.html 🐂🐂🐂🐂🐂🐂
Ralph Currie
Ralph Currie 4 days ago
Still listening 021
Sherry Bales
Sherry Bales 4 days ago
It's a ten
Krzysztof Gierach
Natalia Denisa
Natalia Denisa 4 days ago
ok but this is still fire
Blazing galaxy15
Blazing galaxy15 4 days ago
Mrbeast lmao
Norma 4 days ago
La mejor..
Joshua Spence
Joshua Spence 4 days ago
I’m not my gf boss allot things I would control but not allot
EdgyShooter 4 days ago
This song didn't need a remix, she has an amazing voice and would've made an amazing follow up to Lesley Gore
Gauner in Lacoste
This song is just a bad rip-off
Choque Mundaca Isabel Esperanza
Alguien me dice si era la canción o mi internet estaba malo ._.
Zxlmnoponos Xilaw
I created these lyrics
PazzMeister X
PazzMeister X 5 days ago
How to ruin a good song by Lesley Gore the rapping part is trash
charlyboy71 5 days ago
Love this.. but what if Amy Whinehouse had done a version of this.. omgoodness
charlyboy71 19 hours ago
@Wari Surmame what do you want??
Wari Surmame
Wari Surmame Day ago
@charlyboy71 what
charlyboy71 Day ago
Right.. it was the whole what if factor... is there a face palm emoji? Asking for a friend..
Wari Surmame
Wari Surmame Day ago
@raya. zrtb Idk Lol
raya. zrtb
raya. zrtb 2 days ago
@Wari Surmame oh really ?nobody noticed 🥴
gabriialle k
gabriialle k 6 days ago
they shud totally rerelease this!
Sabina Damian
Sabina Damian 6 days ago
MrBeast Daily
MrBeast Daily 6 days ago
This is such fire....
Justice Now News 2021
He needs to change his rapper named he's trying to compare his name to Eazy-E even though it's the other way around G Eazy ....
Mamá Pxndx
Mamá Pxndx 7 days ago
Leo's be like ♌🔥 right now
Aneta Kocięba
Aneta Kocięba 7 days ago
Great sound.
~Micky~ 7 days ago
Still Here give me a notification when i should listen the song again
N.y.S 7 days ago
Peter Jonker
Peter Jonker 7 days ago
2021 andre hazes - zeg maar niets meer (dutch icon)
Nicole W
Nicole W 7 days ago
this is the worst thing ive ever heard, too bad this is getting more attention than the woman who actually had a reason to be singing it, this is just some edgy little girl who doesnt even know the first thing about feminism or why this song is important, given that lesley gore isn't even credited. trash....the whole lot all trash
Taliyah Golden
Taliyah Golden 8 days ago
this is a dedication to all the narcissist
JP 8 days ago
this songs makes me kind of sad because it reminds me of what britney is passing through
It_is_ muffin
It_is_ muffin 8 days ago
2021 still obsessed
BrownEyes 8 days ago
The song is so catchy and the beats so good, except that what it says it’s trash, feminist of course 🙄🙄.
Nisarg V.P
Nisarg V.P 8 days ago
Same pinch
kiki marie
kiki marie 9 days ago
This song makes me feel powerful 🔥
Linda Cousins
Linda Cousins 9 days ago
Loved this song since Leslie Gore did it in 1963.
Enver-Anja Yüret-maser
N T 9 days ago
Omg her makeup is fab!
maverick van den berg
i love this song. and her Chrus. for ever.
Junaid Zulfiquar
Junaid Zulfiquar 9 days ago
I'm here after seeing the guy breaking the rules video on instagram 😂
Caroline Clark
Caroline Clark 9 days ago
Cassey Andreshak
Cassey Andreshak 10 days ago
Cassey Andreshak
Cassey Andreshak 10 days ago
FACTS.. I say when, where and with whom!😠😉😞
Frank Rivers
Frank Rivers 10 days ago
You Don't Own Me (From Suicide Squad 2016)
Frank Rivers
Frank Rivers 10 days ago
You Don't Own Me (Shaun Frank Remix) = You Don't Own Me (Mainstream Deep Remix)
emilyy rae
emilyy rae 10 days ago
July 2021, let's see who's still listening to this!
My mom: And this is how the children get rebellious thoughts, we should just throw their devices out of a window!
NFL999Boy 11 days ago
I'm addicted
Brendan 11 days ago
True men would trust there girl around other boys but you know it’s there fault if they make a mistake and cheat
toffeeツ 11 days ago
Can yall credit lesley gore?
april dunaway
april dunaway 11 days ago
god i love her voice
Ionut Minzala
Ionut Minzala 12 days ago
Marisa Morrison
Marisa Morrison 12 days ago
I am And I can't stop listening to it
SanSam 12 days ago
I came here because of mrbeast video breaking the laws
Brendon Mize
Brendon Mize 12 days ago
Be so much better without the rap.
Heston Greenidge
Heston Greenidge 12 days ago
This isn't even good what's with the hype
Sandra Monteiro
Sandra Monteiro 12 days ago
Voz linda música linda rapper lindo ❤️
crystal chamings
crystal chamings 12 days ago
Yas! 🙌
Infinite 3ntanglements LLC
matthew charles
matthew charles 13 days ago
Oggy oggy oggy
Alison Carrasco
Alison Carrasco 13 days ago
the song is beatiful
Diana S
Diana S 13 days ago
Lyn Marrero
Lyn Marrero 14 days ago
This is me bad to the bone and hated because I say it with grace and boasting on God, gifts free one at that...I am hated cause of my beautiful heart, loyalty, honesty !!!!!Never will stop and trust me my future husband will agree how I am one in a million and a million in one Gods😘🥰🙏❤️🐭🇵🇷
Carolina Flores
Carolina Flores 14 days ago
Ctrl Yoda
Ctrl Yoda 14 days ago
Original is better
H. Elitist
H. Elitist 15 days ago
SAYGRACE - You Don't Own Me ft. G-Eazy (Catapulted Vault-Secreted Memorabilia) - Remix ruvid.net/video/video-7ucuWvOSceg.html SAYGRACE - You Don't Own Me ft. G-Eazy (Catapulted Memorabilia) - Remix ruvid.net/video/video-o0ZxxZBO1I0.html
Yellow_Snowman 15 days ago
6 years old wow I swear this came out 2 or 3 years ago
Carlos Roberto Vazquez Hidalgo
Wow berigod
Simone Mastrogiuseppe
Finally, i found this song😅
MemyselfandI 17 days ago
She is gorgeous 😍
Moonbae -Julia Vitória-
Imagine lesley seeing how her song its legendary
L. B.
L. B. 17 days ago
Mood: 🔥👄🔥
You Don't Own Me - Grace
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