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Hello everyone and welcome back to another animatic!!! This one is a song from the beetlejuice musical. It's taken me since October of 2019 til now to finish it but it was all worth it. I had fun and it was very expressive and neat to put into motion.
This video features my ocs:
Caln-red man
Elizabeth- purple girl
Claire- peach babe
Wayne- blue boy
For some extra information about these characters: The Claire and Elizabeth in this time line are not the same as in Hellfire. This setting is as well before Caln met Ewan as seen in SweetTooth.
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animatic track -- ruvid.net/video/video-nHKNP3sN_P4.html
end screen theme -- ruvid.net/video/video-IAtnmKdhiDk.html

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Jan 7, 2020




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Comments 100
Cole Rouzano
Cole Rouzano 13 minutes ago
vinesauce joel
xStrix Artx
xStrix Artx Hour ago
I think I’d rather just jump off- *N O*
dayana yazbek
dayana yazbek 2 hours ago
This is the best thing I’ve ever seen in my life!
LaLaSamara 3 hours ago
He's still alive look there's a red bat at 3:03 It's the same bat In 0:26
Silver Zeno infinity
So this ghost is tryna get her to kill her dad and to stoo her from dyeing why not die and haunt him.
Nilla Bea v. Bee
Nilla Bea v. Bee 3 hours ago
the original Beetlejuice thoooooooooo Uwu guy was the man
Sammy Squid
Sammy Squid 5 hours ago
For my haikyuu fans, why does beetlejuices hair look a tad bit like kuroos-
GhettoWeeb Mo
GhettoWeeb Mo 5 hours ago
0:42 Is everyone gonna ignore the heart eyes?
Lizardicle 6 hours ago
0:22 yes
Athenamarie Slack
Athenamarie Slack 7 hours ago
THIS IS SO GOOD! I can't even explain how good this is!
Elizabeth Miller
Elizabeth Miller 8 hours ago
black eyed peas
skorpios 13 hours ago
This is my favorite. Maybe cuz the way it is drawn reminds me of Kim Possible? Anyway this is a 10 out of 10
Yomayo 15 hours ago
HEISENBERG. ...You're goddamn right.
Nathan Rose
Nathan Rose 15 hours ago
3:08 ree
laura moura
laura moura 16 hours ago
bruh i love how caln (red guy) is so ''calm'' singing and then...1:45-
That Artist Girl
That Artist Girl 16 hours ago
Best animation of this Ive seen so far
Galaxy Fox Animates
Alon Aguirre
Alon Aguirre 22 hours ago
Ede 22 hours ago
This entire animation is so well crafted and executed. So fun to watch
Galaxy Fox Animates
Alina McCall
Alina McCall 23 hours ago
the mom : beetlejuice is sexy me : i mean shes not wrong but still-
Galaxy Fox Animates
She isn't "the mom"
No, it's patrick
Anyone else felt a connection between Lydia and Beetlejuice...😏
No, it's patrick
No, it's patrick 7 hours ago
​@Galaxy Fox Animates Lmaooo, understandable
Galaxy Fox Animates
N o
A B Day ago
When this has more views than the official video: *Visible happiness*
Bread Day ago
b e e t l e j u i c e
Marina C. Lima
Coleman Brenner
so she killed herself?
greanleaf Day ago
This is so much better then the original, from the characters to the paising to the ending, everything
Galaxy Fox Animates
Grace Wangen
Grace Wangen Day ago
i like the " then Beetlejuice what do I need you for?" part
LaLaSamara Day ago
Saying beetle juice 2 times in front of him is like swinging a bone in front of a dog than taking it away when he tries to get it
LaLaSamara Day ago
I love how when she said I'm just gonna jump off he said NO and tried to grab her arm
Laven Crossfire
Hey Yamz! I know you probably wont see this, but Ive been wondering what programs you used to draw and animate this, because this is an absolute masterpiece, and I have a few Ideas for my own animatics, but I cant find any programs that will allow the timing to be so specific.
Harmony Ponder
Don’t be intimidated harmony just imagine him in his underwear...*this is the moment I knew I fricked up* OH NO HES HOTT!!!!
Deppereso Animations
This is such a good animatic, really gives you some memory's :>
alexis hayashi
alexis hayashi 2 days ago
the animation is soo smooth MY GOD
OJI_Vera 2 days ago
I’m a lesbian but… *GOOD LORD WHYS HE SO HOT*
ʜᴀᴅᴇꜱ 2 days ago
First of all, the body movements are so natural. Second, we have all watched this over and over again. Third, we all know these ocs are hot. Forth, I like Lydia’s siblings anyone else?
Galaxy Fox Animates
They aren't her siblings, lol.
Milasia Day ago
I agree with all
slade elder
slade elder 2 days ago
Bro I wish they would make this again but full color or make another song like this, like holy shit this is good😖😖
0:35 Wiggle wiggle wiggle
Beetle juice logic: Be Homicidal not suicidal
pkphantom 2 days ago
This is NOT the way I thought this was all gonna end 😨
Fyu ryzer
Fyu ryzer 2 days ago
You could use a buddy Don't you want a pal? (Yes I do! Yes I do!) Girl, the way I see it Your daddy should be leavin' And you should stick around What? Nothing So, Lydia, don't end yourself Defend yourself Daddy is the one you should maim Together we'll exterminate, assassinate No The finer points can wait But first you gotta say my name Go ahead and jump but that won't stop him Here you got a solid plan B option I can bring your daddy so much pain All you gotta do is say my name Girl, just say it three times in a row Then you won't believe how far I'll go I'm on the bench, but coach Just put me in the game All you gotta do is say my name I don't know your name Well, I can't say it How 'bout a game of charades? Yes, let's play it Two words Right Second word Uh-huh Drink? No Beverage? No Wine? No Juice? Yes Okay First word Okay Bug? No Ant? Close, but no Beetle? Yes Betelgeuse? Wow, I'm impressed And all you gotta do is say my name three times Three times in a row it must be spoken Unbroken Ready? Yeah Okay, go Betelgeuse Yes Betelgeuse Yes Beeeee Oh, oh, this is gonna be so good 'Cause What? You're so smart A stand-up bro I'll think about your offer Let you know But I prefer my chances down below Betelgeuse Yes Betelgeuse Yes Being young and female doesn't mean that I'm an easy mark I've been swimming with piranhas I don't need a shark Yes, life sucks But not that much Okay, Betelgeuse Betelgeuse Be a doll and spare the lecture I'm offering you a full-time specter Are you any good? You bet'cha Trust me, baby I just met ya Really it's a flattering offer Don't you wanna see dad suffer? I think I'd rather just jump off No I may be suicidal But Betelgeuse, it's not as if I've lost my mind So, playing hardball, huh? You are tougher than you look Just wanna make sure I know who I'm working with Got any references? Lydia, there you are Are you alright? A-Dog, B-Town, my old pals You get away from her Lydia, this is a dangerously unstable individual Betelgeuse is sexy Betelgeuse is smart BJ is a graduate of Juilliard! He can help We found him on Yelp Our troubles all ended on the day that we befriended him Every word is the truth Betelgeuse, Betelgeuse, Betelgeuse What the heck was that? So violating There you go, kid Couple of five-star reviews What was that? That was possession Any ghost can do that in less than one lesson Any ghost? Pretty much, any ghost'll do sure Then, Betelgeuse, what do I need you for? Woah, woah, woah woah woah Hold up, hold up, girl, I'm your pal They're sweet, but I'm a demon straight from Hell I know, I went a little hard on the sell But we're BF-F-F-F's forever Agh Lydia What? He was already dead And you heard what he said, any ghost can do that possession stuff We don't need that demon The three of us alone can wreck dad's evening Together we can make a grown man weep Guys, I got a dinner date to keep Okay, so what's the plan? Teach dad a lesson He's gonna freak when we possess him So he wants the perfect daughter I'll lead that lamb to slaughter Yeah, I got game I'm gonna make him say my name (Make him say your name) I'll make him say my name (Make him say your name) I'll make him say my name (Make him say your name) Not running away I'll make him say my name
Lua 3 days ago
I watched this animatic A LOT of times but only now I noticed that the purple girl's dress has SLEEVES and she's wearing GLOVES
Milasia Day ago
Oh wow, I've watched this so many times as well, and I've only noticed now you've pointed it out! I love seeing new details I didnt before, it really makes the experience better every time
Debbie Goloy
Debbie Goloy 3 days ago
When the shortest one has the biggest attitude:
Romey Gaskill ;-;
I’m jealous that this girl was like excited when she died. Anyone else is going to be a little bummed and stuff but she just had joy on her face
Anara246 3 days ago
"Girl, say it 3 times in a row" OMG WHY IS HE SO HOT?!?!?! My god 7w7 Too much better than the original ;333
Amira Ahamed
Amira Ahamed 3 days ago
Okay the one in dark blue looks like asami from Legend of korra-
Bone Train
Bone Train 3 days ago
princess anna Schuster
good musical
DELTA RUNE 3 days ago
Your OC for Lydia is basically my daughter
- Zeke -
- Zeke - 3 days ago
What!? If i met a demon we would be besties bro! XD And if he’s a demon then how did this human girl scare him? 🤔 hmmm..
angelita Golindang
Oof the animation is much better then mine......(I don't have vids i don't pust)
Stephanie Hernandez
I love your ocs so much and so want to know their story. The animation is so beautiful just watching one of them gives me inspiration and happy feelings
Disasterclese 4 days ago
This is extremely well done. The details in the facial expressions lends another level to it that is just outstanding. Keep up the great work!
Chriss Redd
Chriss Redd 4 days ago
yo who was voicing the purple chick she sounds amazing
Galaxy Fox Animates
@Milasia Yeah, she's so cool!
Milasia 4 days ago
Sophia Anne Caruso She was like 17/18 when she sang this as well, she's so talented!
GalaxyLivy 4 days ago
2:48 When she grabs his tie I quite literally die and start to ship it even tho I shouldn't....
Galaxy Fox Animates
Maybe these ocs can be shipped- just don't ship Betelgeuse and Lydia.
Y T 4 days ago
Trying to get unjinxed be like:
Carolina Silva
Carolina Silva 4 days ago
Am I the only one that sees this as Tom and Janna trying to negotiate a plan to get payback on Star (by faking a date)
caw bird
caw bird 4 days ago
pause at 0:11 and dont tell me thats not qrow branwen
Magical Molly
Magical Molly 4 days ago
I need them to adapt beetlejuice the musical to a movie and model this entire scene after this animatic bc this is gold
Galaxy Fox Animates
What would they call it??
Madison Gordon
Madison Gordon 5 days ago
Ok but imagine having to play a game everytime you introduce yourself...
ESME ZOHN 5 days ago
ur oc is so pretty omg
HelloKatie P.
HelloKatie P. 5 days ago
Is no one going to mention that super-cute chibi part? OMGOSH I loved it! Loved all of it! And, what fps?
80sand90scenepacks S
2:47 That was when I saw the ship happen😊😌
A_Golden_Summer 5 days ago
Please do more! I'd love to see the Day-O Scene in your style! x
Zero Kiryuu
Zero Kiryuu 5 days ago
Why do I lowkey simp for this beetlejuice animation?? 😱😱😱 He's lowkey attractive in my eyes 👁👄👁
Zero Kiryuu
Zero Kiryuu 5 days ago
@Galaxy Fox Animates oh sorry, I was still half-asleep when I was reading the reply ehehe 😅😅😅
Galaxy Fox Animates
@Zero Kiryuu 1. I didn't make this 2. Did you even read my comment?
Zero Kiryuu
Zero Kiryuu 5 days ago
@Galaxy Fox Animates oh wow cool, I really liked how you draw beetlejuice here
Galaxy Fox Animates
These are ocs.
Subliminal Storm
Subliminal Storm 5 days ago
Teach me your ways
Shadow the Wolf
Shadow the Wolf 5 days ago
Everyone: Bisexual struggles Me: *Pansexual struggles*
EvilKittie 5 days ago
Your OCs are really cute, especially for Lydia and Beetlejuice's roles. Also the fluidity for the movements is amazing! Great job on this! I hope these OCs show up in other animatics.
Soul_Dragonz_ 9755
This gives me Disney vibes. It's very well-done. You would be a good animator in the Disney Company :)
Subliminal Storm
Subliminal Storm 6 days ago
Im simping
Manel Elhadj
Manel Elhadj 6 days ago
Omg he kinda looks like kuroo from haikyuu
Casey Mullen
Casey Mullen 6 days ago
lewis capaldi
Angelica Vargas
Angelica Vargas 6 days ago
even an oc is making my clothes look trahs
Kristina Vargas
Kristina Vargas 6 days ago
3:11 i accidentally passed ༼⁰o⁰;༽꒳ᵒ꒳ᵎᵎᵎ
Kristina Vargas
Kristina Vargas 9 hours ago
sorry :P
Kristina Vargas
Kristina Vargas 9 hours ago
@galaxy fox animation go to the time i said and u will understand
Galaxy Fox Animates
@Kristina Vargas ???
Kristina Vargas
Kristina Vargas 4 days ago
sorry (◞‸◟ㆀ)
Kristina Vargas
Kristina Vargas 4 days ago
Ava Swann
Ava Swann 6 days ago
I wish there was a part two it would be so cool to see what she dose but that is your decision
Ambitious Hunter
Ambitious Hunter 6 days ago
"The finer details can wait"
Crimson Cat
Crimson Cat 6 days ago
the animation looks amazing super clean
Jamie Caward
Jamie Caward 6 days ago
if they ever need an make a better version of Beetlejuice call them
Mario III Mrtnz
Mario III Mrtnz 6 days ago
._. what the hell pukapuffy and glaxy jaboigirl
Emily Moore
Emily Moore 6 days ago
Should i ship it?
Emily Moore
Emily Moore 5 days ago
@Galaxy Fox Animates hehhehehehehehehehrhehehhrhehehrhehehehehehehhe
Galaxy Fox Animates
Lydia and Betelgeuse? No. These ocs? Maybe.
this is damn good, but all I can think about with the character voicing BJ here is that the movements combined with the voice and attitude is just like what Alastor will be in like 100 years or so
Subliminal Storm
Subliminal Storm 6 days ago
Rosie Durp
Rosie Durp 6 days ago
I love this song! I love the animation! Great job!
jj playz
jj playz 6 days ago
I think I like this better than the original
jj playz
jj playz 5 days ago
Galaxy Fox Animates you know beetle juice the movie
Galaxy Fox Animates
SaraAliciaCaster 6 days ago
What is this from? I know it's beetlejuice BUT WHICH ONE
Galaxy Fox Animates
XAnonymousX 6 days ago
Beetlejuice: posseses lydia's friends to say beetle juice 3 times Me: wait a sec-
fubo tv
fubo tv 6 days ago
who are theese guys?
Caped Baldy
Caped Baldy 7 days ago
what did you use to make this? :0
Gaming Cat
Gaming Cat 7 days ago
1:51 - 1:53 she blushing tho, no?
alguien noc
alguien noc 7 days ago
como se que este comentario se perderá y que aquí hay puro gringo vendo a decir algo soy gay y me folle a mi unicornio de colores que habla :v
alguien noc
alguien noc Day ago
@Spyder 02 ci
Spyder 02
Spyder 02 6 days ago
Espera kha :v
Jamal Mcduffie
Jamal Mcduffie 7 days ago
Kristina Vargas
Kristina Vargas 7 days ago
Laylah Faanes
Laylah Faanes 7 days ago
Wow ;-;
Casually Fine productions
I love how you made her (Lydia)
slav master Hentai
Image being bind on such a rule to release your power i mean who would say youre name 3 times who could possibly do that who........... He might be me.
와루이지 7 days ago
Kathren C
Kathren C 7 days ago
And I still watch this whne I do school work
kagomecc461 7 days ago
BeetleJuice Beetlejuice BeetleJuice!!!! Nothing happens 😆
Aidan Deane
Aidan Deane 7 days ago
The animation, it's so fluid. and they're both hot
Just Some Random Gachatuber
Him: Just KILL HIM Her: WHat? Him: Nothing
Ándrea Pheonix øwø
3:38 i like how the girls are confident and the one guy is worried and not so sure about it
Sunflower_ Wolfe
Sunflower_ Wolfe 8 days ago
*Beetle juice is sexy * Me: Insanely walks away then said I mean they ain’t wrong tho
Sunflower_ Wolfe
Sunflower_ Wolfe 8 days ago
Imma re-think my sexual for a sec
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