Save Your Tears / In Your Eyes (Live on The 2020 American Music Awards)

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"Save Your Tears / In Your Eyes" (Live on The 2020 American Music Awards)
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Nov 23, 2020




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Comments 100
Elizabete Gonsalves
Elizabete Gonsalves 2 minutes ago
Verdade esta musica tirando outra pessoa porque quem ama so tai uma pessoa no coracao elisabete matos aaa Angelo gonsalves aaa
Chasing dreams !
Chasing dreams ! 5 minutes ago
DM please ! ! ! ! ! @theweeknd 💜💎💎💎
cilka19741 6 minutes ago
The best ever!!! I love you forever 😍😘❤️
Chasing dreams !
Chasing dreams ! 8 minutes ago
Imagine how the weeknd feels doing this !? I wish o could see how it’s done !
thepermman 25 minutes ago
It looks amazing, but the sad part is he doesn't get to see much of the fireworks behind him. I also hope he had fire resistant gel on his bandages in case he accidentally caught on fire.
chickenflavoredwaffle 30 minutes ago
This song makes me wanna cry so badly .... Dont know it triggers my emotions I dont even know what hes saying all the way ... i havent bothered to look it up but its got something going on deeper that its visual and surface meaning .... I like deep meaningful music so imma little shocked a song by him can do this ...😔😢💔💋
Diana Ionela
Diana Ionela 42 minutes ago
Can’ t stop listening
devin chrishaun
devin chrishaun 43 minutes ago
The guy on Tokyo ghoul who wants to "eat" kaneke
Deep State
Deep State 47 minutes ago
Serious artist got that synthwave on smash
jõřğəñ Þøýöđą
Litrally every song in this album is a hit😂
Blake Harris
Blake Harris Hour ago
I like how you could hear his footsteps
Robot Munkee
Robot Munkee Hour ago
He gotta be so out of breath after this. Must have jogged 3 miles!
BLOBropChop kAi
There is no one close to his style of music
Ph Huynh
Ph Huynh Hour ago
The Best
Mayank Nagpal
Mayank Nagpal Hour ago
No offense but these fireworks were really unnecessary!
phaeton david
phaeton david Hour ago
The sing like cristine and the queen french artiste . (The walker)
Guadalupe Narvarte
Guadalupe Narvarte 2 hours ago
La amo💕
DELI HER 2 hours ago
Aga 2 hours ago
Kocham Twój głos 😉😘😘😘
Dione Alves
Dione Alves 2 hours ago
Michel Jackson reminds me
Pirulo Ro
Pirulo Ro 2 hours ago
Where is this bridge ?
AlwaysWannaTilt []
AlwaysWannaTilt [] 3 hours ago
Just pretend a full stadium (Luzhniky, Wembley and etc.) singing those songs. This is one of my dreams. Honestly.
buena musica para jugar GTA V
Gabbe 3 hours ago
He makes a dance looks cool hahaha
Simon Matthews
Simon Matthews 3 hours ago
This man is a true showman & his voice is sublime!
Jose Gallardo
Jose Gallardo 3 hours ago
Que mierda se hizo ese hombre🤔🤔
Sam Balutan
Sam Balutan 4 hours ago
The song is so lively but the lyrics is so heartbroken. Don't change just by people's judgement on you plsss. Support !!!!!!!
Mo Eddy
Mo Eddy 4 hours ago
*Jerome valeska*
Sierra Jordan
Sierra Jordan 4 hours ago
He can actually sing live which you can't say the same for many other artists 😂
Patrick MacVane
Patrick MacVane 4 hours ago
Is that kenny g
Louis Kung
Louis Kung 5 hours ago
I really don’t know why I so love all of the new song from album The Weeknd !
Takis et Waka
Takis et Waka 5 hours ago
Lucas Sarmiento
Lucas Sarmiento 5 hours ago
Los perritos jajaja
Paolo Lazzarin
Paolo Lazzarin 5 hours ago
Questo cantante sta creando una nuova epoca nella musica alla stessa stregua dei Beatles...ti penetra nel profondo della psiche e ti commuove ...
722guy 5 hours ago
Michael jackson moves
Peter Parker
Peter Parker 5 hours ago
is that kenny g ?
Luz María
Luz María 6 hours ago
shahzad humayun akhtar
Its the new Metal gear solid 6 ... weeknd snake. A hideo kojima production!!
Николай Иванов
manisha singh
manisha singh 6 hours ago
Music another level..🙆🙆🏄🙋
ikhwan nootyboy
ikhwan nootyboy 6 hours ago
he bring us back to 80/90s song! just keep it up !!
Luna Rosita
Luna Rosita 6 hours ago
Dude! What happened with those thumbs down??? I LUV THE WEEKND!!
LGL 7 hours ago
Mmmm no pensé que cantara tan mal en vivo 🥺
Rolie Duclayan
Rolie Duclayan 7 hours ago
When music is going back to basic no ass and boobs seen
Lui Wei then
Lui Wei then 7 hours ago
Wow , great song 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Fabi Ge
Fabi Ge 7 hours ago
Da pelle d'oca
Nia Paulino
Nia Paulino 7 hours ago
Your music rocks! Love your style. Very cool, eclectic, underground sound to it. Retro vibe/mixed with today's sound.
JV Castro
JV Castro 7 hours ago
Can someone notice Kenny G except me?
QADIR JAILANI? 7 hours ago
Shyanth chinnu
Shyanth chinnu 7 hours ago
Alex Soares
Alex Soares 8 hours ago
Joker on the weekend partying new year
Hanspetereierkneter Kneter
Sorry man forgot to record...
N. Bat
N. Bat 8 hours ago
Save my tears for another day 🥲
Sunil Anand
Sunil Anand 8 hours ago
"You can call me Ishmeal"
Daniel Lowe
Daniel Lowe 8 hours ago
Is the same place the clip for Rich Love by OneRepublic and Seeb was filmed?
mr mojojojo
mr mojojojo 8 hours ago
Reminds me of someone in slipknot.
Řøux 9 hours ago
Ppl say he walked a whole mile
Dripp 9 hours ago
He looks so gangsta tho🔥
Siamur Rahman
Siamur Rahman 10 hours ago
Daniel Florit
Daniel Florit 10 hours ago
Poor face
Lyric Pennington
Lyric Pennington 10 hours ago
this statement was LOUD!!
Amoon 85
Amoon 85 11 hours ago
Berserker Guy
Berserker Guy 11 hours ago
can you believe this guy got 0 grammy nomination?
Oscar Zavala
Oscar Zavala 12 hours ago
Imagínense que jamas me interesa este tipo de música, solo regueton me gustaba escuchar! Pero escuchar The Weeknd le dio un giro a mi mente enorme y pues hoy x hoy a diario le doy play a cada rato a esta calidad de música
Lizzy Vega
Lizzy Vega 12 hours ago
Kenny G 😲
Emanuell Lopez
Emanuell Lopez 12 hours ago
He's vocals are on point but I can't take the dude seriously... Selena: That's what I said!.
Hamze Ahmed
Hamze Ahmed 10 hours ago
With a comment this corny nobody is taking u seriously
PROGAMER 7867 13 hours ago
he has this vibe of joker
Puppys 9 9 9
Puppys 9 9 9 13 hours ago
2:41 man got scared of the fireworks
Wandah Haryo
Wandah Haryo 13 hours ago
He really play that on gta mal 😱
Punk rock Redneck
Punk rock Redneck 13 hours ago
That’s mike man
Punk rock Redneck
Punk rock Redneck 13 hours ago
It’s Michael freakin Jackson ... first thought wth
morgan kittyland
morgan kittyland 13 hours ago
Keya 1701
Keya 1701 13 hours ago
Some joker vibez
Minecraft Carlos
Minecraft Carlos 13 hours ago
The best weekend
Irfan Dhamiry
Irfan Dhamiry 14 hours ago
look like hes ready to star in the next joker movie
Alejandra Abril Medina
I like his live voice better! On studio sounds a little robotic.
mamadar mamadar
mamadar mamadar 15 hours ago
long live x 1b views sad
SocalGirl 310
SocalGirl 310 15 hours ago
He gives me MJ vibes 🥰🥰🥰🥰🌻 ouuuuu!
Dee Lynn
Dee Lynn 15 hours ago
He is cool. So creepy haha
Abbie 15 hours ago
Wasn’t expecting Kenny g to be in this but I’m not disappointed
Cuber DroidD
Cuber DroidD 16 hours ago
Must be pretty hard to breath and sing with firework smoke just going everywhere. He's so dedicated to the art!
Jorge Viramontes
Jorge Viramontes 16 hours ago
También tu público latino te apoya saludos desde México
Agata Tioskow
Agata Tioskow 16 hours ago
Ja przepraszam jeśli kogoś urazę ale... Jackson to ty ?
uMikael 16 hours ago
Faz o kenny g
uMikael 16 hours ago
@GabrielDuchet ????
GabrielDuchet 16 hours ago
Faz o kenny g filho
Rex Burgess
Rex Burgess 17 hours ago
0:22 my love video :X.
Joey Pavone
Joey Pavone 17 hours ago
Please drop the post-op/burn victim vibes! Just give us the music- it's great. (But the fireworks can stay- those are fun too).
Miguel ID_main
Miguel ID_main 17 hours ago
no me canso de escuchar estos rolones.
nycbklynrmp 17 hours ago
how is it possible every performance becomes another video , awesome
Lighthouse maccabee
Lighthouse maccabee 17 hours ago
Even the song titles prophetic....geesh
Mayra Dominguez
Mayra Dominguez 17 hours ago
R P 17 hours ago
This guy seems to be going places.
SoloThief 17 hours ago
Live footage from MJ Pepsi commercial
Alex Woodies
Alex Woodies 18 hours ago
Boycott the Grammys Watch the Super Bowl halftime show
Diego Arturo Galvez Dominguez
antes de que fuera calamardo guapo xd
Dee Staxx
Dee Staxx 18 hours ago
The #ShytYouDo #TheWeekend #AfterHours And all I cant to is #StayObsessed2021
Ade V
Ade V 18 hours ago
gissel yuh
gissel yuh 18 hours ago
bro a ad came up and i just saw this man in it
Nath Leorama
Nath Leorama 18 hours ago
he is the new POP legend !
Jaime-Arturo 18 hours ago
It’s been a VERY long tine since I’ve enjoyed a male popstar. I love his voice and his music! Such a joy to listen to him!
José Luis Román
José Luis Román 18 hours ago
Buenas rolas
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