SAVATAGE "ONE CHILD" (HD) Official Video

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Mar 13, 2012




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ROT N' ROLL 3 months ago
2020 and still the best for me.. SAVATAGE
Jan Guchelaar
Jan Guchelaar Month ago
Agree man !!
Lori Stanley
Lori Stanley 5 months ago
I grew up in the era of amazing rock, I had forgotten how much I loved Savatage, and thier powerful songs!
Chris Hagy
Chris Hagy 6 months ago
They cut too much from the middle. Nice vid, though. Forever Savatage 🎸
Max Mustermann
Max Mustermann 7 months ago
for a second I thought they had John Ptrucci playing with them ;)
Anyu7378 7 months ago
This is really great!!!
Anyu7378 7 months ago
@Hans Gruber Thank you so much. I didn't know that. I love that beautiful song.
Hans Gruber
Hans Gruber 7 months ago
These guys eventually became Trans Siberian Orchestra. Their biggest hit "Christmas/ Sarajevo came from this same album (Savatage "Dead Winter Dead") It didn't get any radio play until they rereleased it as Trans Siberian Orchestra.
Roberto Airoldi
Gabriel Alves
Gabriel Alves Year ago
im musician and teacher because this BAND!
Gabriel Alves
Gabriel Alves Year ago
fantastic band! my favorite! #iloveyou
Eu prefiro o vocal do John oliva,mas este vocalista também é bom!
Kra-kra Voh
Kra-kra Voh Year ago
суперпрофессиональный музыкальный коллектив. музыка высшей пробы.
superbatfirenze 2 years ago
pure beauty...
John Jay
John Jay 2 years ago
Nothing against these guys, they're good at what they do, but I just can't get into this version. Without the Olivas, it just isn't Savatage.
Jan Guchelaar
Jan Guchelaar Month ago
Savatage had always a really good line-up.
dale watts
dale watts Year ago
Jon Oliva is on piano and stayed very active in the songwriting
andre rodrigues freitas
vocal podre, jon oliva é muito melhor!
Tracey Fitzpatrick
Tracey Fitzpatrick 2 years ago
Lawrence Backs
Zak Stevens is in the band Circle 2 Circle now
lorax98 2 years ago
I don't know if it's my favorite but definitely in my top 4. Fantastic band with Zak and Jon singing. Nice to meet another Savatage fan. ;)
Tracey Fitzpatrick
Tracey Fitzpatrick 2 years ago
lorax98 2 years ago
Yes he is. Been a fan for a long time :)
Tracey Fitzpatrick
Tracey Fitzpatrick 2 years ago
lorax98 HE IS AMAZING !!!!!
Rodrigo Duarte RetroGamer
Esse álbuns falou da guerra cívil da Iugoslávia, antiga Iugoslávia.
Павел Петренко
Когда я в далеком 1995 слушал этот альбом даже не представлял что нас, Дончан это тоже ждет.
kentagion 3 years ago
Journey...esque...for a minute
fsg arysg
fsg arysg 4 years ago
Tobias Zwicknagel
Tobias Zwicknagel 4 years ago
Really time to come back for Savatage!
Shawn Jones
Shawn Jones 2 years ago
Tobias Zwicknagel "I don't believe he's coming home again"
Manfred Freiherr von Richthofen
Why search a fitting genre for this? I don't care if it's power or progressive or heavy or whatever, just enjoy this musical masterpiece
DownFall NetWork
DownFall NetWork 2 years ago
uspm us power metal
Ghetto Gothics
Ghetto Gothics 4 years ago
+Der Boi darkwave and metal. you can like both i like celtic frost exodus death. but then i like darkware. dont limit yourself man do whatever the hell you want
larry kendrick
larry kendrick 5 years ago
The kicker is the whole time the music was teaching of God, Jesus all the way from Beethoven to OZZY to Savatage and the Trans Siberian Orchestra. The heart has always poured our music to the creator from the beginning all the way to the end and nothing can stop it, not the church , not the muslims or anyone power crazed religion on the planet. Freedom, liberty and Justice will prevail .
Catrina B
Catrina B 4 years ago
+larry kendrick huh?
larry kendrick
larry kendrick 4 years ago
We are free :-)
David Mosley
David Mosley 5 years ago
Another Great song, and video... However*** Where is Jon>? Another video, where he is not seen in it...
Antlereddruid Year ago
@Catrina B Jon never left savatage. He focussed his activities on other projects but is still the Keyboardist and featured as lead vocalists on some Tracks of Dead Winter Dead and The wake of the Magellan (I am and Paragorns of innocence for example)
DCostified Year ago
Jon Oliva is on this album a few times, but not on this song.
Catrina B
Catrina B 4 years ago
+David Mosley In 1992, Jon Oliva left the band to concentrate on his side projects Doctor Butcher and his Broadway-bound musical Romanov,[16] as well as continuing co-writing Savatage material with his brother Criss and producer Paul O'Neill. 2001 was highlighted by Jon Oliva's return as lead vocalist in studio, replacing Zak Stevens, who left the band citing family reasons.
John P
John P 5 years ago
This is the band that has brought more to music, than Bach, Brahms, Beethoven, Mozart, and Paganini! Please believe me what I tell you is true!!!
Oscar Yanes
Oscar Yanes Year ago
Yes Savatage is good, but my friend.. you can not say that about paganini.. Paganini invented Metal!
superbatfirenze 2 years ago
i believe what you say.....the best bands /artists i ve heard somewhen prased God in His most opened way, without relirion's boundaries, more focused on the infinite Universe and Bliss around us, like Mother Nature .....the references ,musical/lyrical come to artists ,who have the sensitivity to catch them inside their feelings.....when you shut the door to Tv/Newspapers/the Masses noises and start watching inside yourself.......God arrives....
Matilda8567 2 years ago
Yet Gabriel has the trumpet.
TheAlmightyFrowny 3 years ago
larry kendrick kinda funny since Lucifer was an angel of music
Catrina B
Catrina B 4 years ago
+larry kendrick HUHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Elvis Sizer
Elvis Sizer 6 years ago
good song but was trying to remember where some of the music was from Took a minuet but got it, Journey - Who's Crying Now
Vincent David Underhill
E.W Sizer I too noticed the correlation, many years ago!
Francisco Alves
Francisco Alves 3 years ago
Aha I was think exactly the same thing
Korey Starkey
Korey Starkey 6 years ago
Robert Rice where are u from? I once knew a Robert Rice that just vanished. Did u live in ohio?
nenumeruojant 6 years ago
I agree, I also think that the main style of Savatage is progressive metal, but as I know concept 'heavy metal' can also mean all kinds of metal, including progressive m. So it is not a mistake to say that Savatage is the best heavy metal band.
Pierfrancesco Pagella
Why should we lose time trying to define what kind of metal is this? This is just the most awesome music you can find around, end of the story!!!
Lara Alyssa
Lara Alyssa 6 years ago
13, and proud to love metal. \m/
John P
John P 7 years ago
not to be an ass, progressive? WTF! this is the music Metal was founded on! If you know the older stuff Savatage has done, you would know they are working backwords so people have a better understanding of what true music is about! to me this is the best Metal,Alternative,Hair, and Classical band thiere is! But deff. not proggressive! Or do i not know the meaning of that term?
Inchristalone777 7 years ago
I wouldn't call it heavy, I'd call it Progressive.
rufus566 7 years ago
Amazing song to hear stand alone, but even more amazing in the context of the album. Plus they cut some bits out of this version.
Spyros G. Pandis
Spyros G. Pandis 7 years ago
Pilatus, as in Pontius Pilatus. The man that ordered Jesus' crusifiction.
ak6702 7 years ago
It's Pilot as in a plane.
Evandro Santana
Evandro Santana 7 years ago
excelente banda!
Paul Baker
Paul Baker 7 years ago
ARR0WMANC3R 7 years ago
Great song, but where is the part that goes, "Take your answers and your promises, believe me I don't care. I have held on to your words until I found them only air. What good are your promises if you can always take them back? Still, I hang on every word till my hands are bleeding."
Metalheart43 7 years ago
Savatage: "Streets" - A Rock Opera Trans-Siberian-Orchestra: Beethoven's Last Night Evergrey: The Inner Circle Sabaton: The Art of War
Neo Valis
Neo Valis 7 years ago
Kick ass Video! \m/
Rocio Fernandez
Rocio Fernandez 7 years ago
Que buen temna
Omar Attar
Omar Attar 7 years ago
هم سافاتاچ إخوان؟
mohamed hassan
mohamed hassan 7 years ago
thats exactly what mother America provide the whole world by hate kill and total destruction
GREG WELLS 7 years ago
Yes one of the best , my fav still is is The wake of the Magelen
Stavros .G
Stavros .G 7 years ago
Maybe their best song after the Criss Oliva era...
Benjamin Mankowski
Benjamin Mankowski 7 years ago
Take your answers and your promises, believe me I don't care I have held on to your words until I found them only air What good are your promises if you can always take them back? Still, I hang on every word till my hands are bleeding
Benjamin Mankowski
Benjamin Mankowski 7 years ago
Dammit! You shortened it!
Kelly Brincks
Kelly Brincks 7 years ago
Fuck I love this band. So under appreciated.
Patty Cummins
Patty Cummins 7 years ago
We need to stand up for all children,not only the victims of war,but poverty,abuse neglect.Thank you Savatage for bringing this to light.Children are the future,may this future be filled with more peace,hope,love and last but not least music!
sardhikhaansi 7 years ago
Al fucking Pitrielli.
Norbert5547 7 years ago
Best band ever....Savatage Is My Religion..!!!!
Fesalazarrebollrnando Salazar Rebollo
Savatage is a sing of perfection! simple and energie in high power of Rock! the best!
Mohamed Mohsen
Mohamed Mohsen 8 years ago
SAVATAGE .... Best of the Best !
Panagiotis Floras
Panagiotis Floras 8 years ago
this band is one of best bands of the heavy metal music
J Morais
J Morais 8 years ago
Otima banda... ( Good Band )
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