Savannah Chrisley Reveals Her Brother Chase Is Newly Single: 'He Wasn't Ready For A Good Girl Yet'

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Chase and Savannah Chrisley are growing up! The brother-sister duo stopped by Access Live to chat about their new spinoff "Growing Up Chrisley." Chase revealed that he is back on the market. Plus, how well do these southern natives know Los Angeles? Watch to find out!

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Mar 26, 2019




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Comments 50
em hrotn
em hrotn 2 months ago
chase reminds me of ryland adams
Mary Graham
Mary Graham 5 months ago
Tried the show but without Todd it's NOTA choice.
Marissa Bones
Marissa Bones 6 months ago
Savannah looks beautiful
Anna Bella
Anna Bella 6 months ago
Chase is lit 🤣😂🤪
J/ Banks
J/ Banks 7 months ago
Itz ok Chase U/R worth the wait.
FREiZ T.V. 7 months ago
Savannah is more of a survivor I think. 💪😂 Chase will probably become a druggie 😭😂😂
Ur mom
Ur mom 9 months ago
Is Chase really gay. If not what's the manliest thing he's ever done, besides masturbate Because it's obvious in Todd's past life he was
Nor Cal Y
Nor Cal Y 10 months ago
How come Savanna’s hair doesn’t grow?
Nor Cal Y
Nor Cal Y 10 months ago
Ask Me lol, I think it won’t grow, like Cameron Diaz.
Ask Me
Ask Me 10 months ago
Cheryl Young She keeps cutting it she has wanted to look like a 30 y/o mom since she was 17 😂
Sheldon Scott
Sheldon Scott 10 months ago
Why does there have to be one person on there to ruin the show
Connie Seal
Connie Seal 10 months ago
Chase is single again? Where’s LILO? Love that dog.
SpiritedDoll 10 months ago
I can't wait.
Callen Way
Callen Way 10 months ago
I love these guys!
Little BIT of Everything
Is chase high or drunk??
Fappleseed jiggle
Fappleseed jiggle 5 months ago
totally.....poor guy.
I see it like this I feel like
@Little BIT of Everything both you people are delusional..........
I see it like this I feel like
@Trucker Tray what does that have to do with him seeming high or drunk?
Gorgeous 8 months ago
@Little BIT of Everything rubbish
Little BIT of Everything
Trucker Tray he won't then. Because todd hasn't come out yet either
Lilli L'amour
Lilli L'amour 10 months ago
I'm from Cali and we say Cali.
Abriella Aceves
Abriella Aceves 7 months ago
Idk who doesn't say cali no one has time for 5 syllables lol
Ask Me
Ask Me 10 months ago
No it’s so cringe worthy
Lilli L'amour
Lilli L'amour 10 months ago
Cindy Love Yep, we all say Cali.
Cindy Love
Cindy Love 10 months ago
I know that one was so wrong! Everyone i know says Cali! I say it too and im born and raised!
Troy Turner
Troy Turner 10 months ago
So the idiot isnt engaged?
LosAngeles.323 10 months ago
These questions were fucking stupid. How embarrassing.
LosAngeles.323 10 months ago
Chase is gonna find nothing but hoes out here.
Ur mom
Ur mom 10 months ago
I'll bet a hundred bucks Chase is still a virgin
mtatts08 10 months ago
I can see chase doing real estate and Savannah party planning
Ciara Johnson
Ciara Johnson 10 months ago
They're corny ass hell now, like the Kardashians they get tired and boring as hell
Gerald Jackson
Gerald Jackson 10 months ago
Chase could sale anything. He would be great in Real Estate. Savannah is so beautiful and sweet.
Little BIT of Everything
Gerald Jackson sell?
Marguerite Saint Leger
Chase should have stuck with Real Estate
Marguerite Saint Leger
Can Chase act ? If yes he must lose his accent.and be more energetic
Buffi Bruce
Buffi Bruce 6 months ago
No he doesn't have to be energetic
Buffi Bruce
Buffi Bruce 6 months ago
No he doesn't have to lose his southern accent.
Solid Snake MGS2
Solid Snake MGS2 10 months ago
I’m from Texas and Matthew is one cool cat. But this kid comes off like a sluggish lazy kid from Shawnee Oklahoma.. lol ew
Katy Wright
Katy Wright 10 months ago
@Elisha Braun yaaassss girl! I'm from SC and I think his accent is precious!
Elisha Braun
Elisha Braun 10 months ago
Matthew Maconahey ( I think I misspelled his last name ) seems to do very well with his southern accent.
Jeana Reed
Jeana Reed 10 months ago
I do not like in and out either
Bryan Abdelnour
Bryan Abdelnour 10 months ago
Chase is stoned out his shit!!!
gi822 10 months ago
This was really a dumb quiz
Anna Wixom
Anna Wixom 10 months ago
Savannah is starting to look so much like her mom now ❤️
RoxxiGirl 10 months ago
Anna Wixom has her mother’s voice too
jalea wade
jalea wade 11 months ago
Nanny Faye will soon have her own show! I’m ready 👀👀🥂!!!
Jacqueline Schulte
Jacqueline Schulte 11 months ago
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this family!!! 😍😘😍😘
Gloria Lowe
Gloria Lowe 11 months ago
Chase and Savannah keep your southern charm. Do well and forget the snobs and want be of LA. Chase you know Savannah knows best since your dad will not live there.☺❤😇
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