Sarah Wants Elliana's Spot In The Duet | Dance Moms | Season 8, Episode 8

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Here is a clip from Season 8 Episode 8. Hope you enjoy!

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Jul 17, 2019




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Comments 1 968
Tyneal Outlaw
Anyone know what the song called?
CØR 2 days ago
I understand sarah fighting for the dance (even tho I don’t like her) but abby did do the choreo for eli and her strengths
well periodt
well periodt 2 days ago
Sarah sweetie this was NEVER your dance...you were subbing for Elli from the start. Lmao
Bernice Cheung
Bernice Cheung 2 days ago
that dance was choreographed for ellie, so no sarah you should not be getting this duet
mona moussa
mona moussa 2 days ago
No hate but when Sarah said Elliana just came in but elliana was originally a returning member like Liliana
Jenna Holdren
Jenna Holdren 4 days ago
Um Sarah tbh u both look good and it ain’t your dance it’s Ellie’s and it was choreographed for Ellie so…
M H 4 days ago
Ew I don’t like Sarah
ginax marie
ginax marie 5 days ago
Sarah was kinda bein a brat
Ella bella
Ella bella 6 days ago
Sarah just always cries if she doesn't get a solo/duet so I kind of don't like Sarah not to be rude
Ella bella
Ella bella 6 days ago
Sarah just stop it's ellianas solo so yeah.....
Velma Squish
Velma Squish 7 days ago
I don’t like Sarah she tried to take elianas opportunity
Alyssa Babb
Alyssa Babb 8 days ago
I don’t like Sarah
aubrey samaripa
aubrey samaripa 8 days ago
sarah gets on my nerves sometimes
vanessa martinez
vanessa martinez 9 days ago
i feel like if sarah did the duet it the duet would've won 1st place
jmkonnaris 13 days ago
Anyone realize Sarah rehearsing backstage
Sophie 13 days ago
I look better doing it? Sarah, SHUT UP. Maybe it’s good that Abby kicked you off, she saw through your begging for pity act.
Sophie 13 days ago
Sarah, Lilly, and Presley twist everything Gia and Ellie says, and you guys in the comments hate on Gia and Ellie and put the Loathsome 3 on this stupid pedestal. You guys need to stop.
Chloe Lewis
Chloe Lewis 15 days ago
Is candy apples not a thing anymore
Julianna Johnson
Julianna Johnson 20 days ago
Omg what is candy apples was there ( Probably not now 😭)
qunzhan huang
qunzhan huang 21 day ago
Omg Prassely
Eiry Thomas
Eiry Thomas 23 days ago
Awww Ellianna was so nice in this clip, she was so polite to Sarah after she was told the duet would stay hers
Allison Batkhan
Allison Batkhan 26 days ago
Sarah’s a brat and that’s on periodt
Mc2 Vlogs
Mc2 Vlogs 26 days ago
every one else is good
Mc2 Vlogs
Mc2 Vlogs 26 days ago
Sarah is a brat and sore loser
Melanie and Elizabeth 11/9/06
Siri I should of gotten it!
Kayleigh Morrison
I have no clue why Sarah thinks it's her dance. It was not made for her and Abby said from the beginning it was made for ellie
claire Month ago
i feel like sarah should've gotten it....and i don't think she was being a brat she was just annoyed...
A GIRL A Month ago
Sarah is kinda well is a brat
all about sitcoms
is nobody looking at joanne while yolanda is fighting with kamyrn’s mom. hilarious.
Babylixc Month ago
Michelle really annoyed me in this
Gani and Zahra vlogs
I really hate Sarah now 🙄🙄
orla mccabe
orla mccabe Month ago
When Sarah turned around to elianna,elianna smiled and as soon as she turned back around elliana's smile automatically dropped
This Smexy Boi ALDC
This Smexy Boi ALDC 2 months ago
Y'all these girls are like 11-13 all kids at that age are annoying 😂😂
alice hyland
alice hyland 2 months ago
not a fan of this attitude. it was clear from the beginning that she was an understudy. elliana also said in a famous bdays video that she didn't like some of the comments made here.
iced coffee hoe
iced coffee hoe 2 months ago
Sarah is so desperate for this duet i love it
Rosie 2 months ago
NO hate to Sarah but she was acting a bit bratty PS: No hate love Sarah just saying
ali xx
ali xx 2 months ago
No one Yolanda: compares a 7 yr old with and 11 yr old contortionist
Charlie Bywater
Charlie Bywater 2 months ago
What happened to Cathy 😂😂
Ellie Kim
Ellie Kim 2 months ago
Ya'll were so mean and hating on gianinna when she was being a "brat" What happened now when Sarah's literallyy acting worse? God.
cupcake 101
cupcake 101 2 months ago
It’s so funny to see how some People mad at the girls when this show ain’t real not throwing shade but it’s funny I wish it was real tho😭
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