Sarah Paulson & Tracee Ellis Ross - Actors on Actors - Full Conversation

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During Variety's Actors on Actors conversation, Tracee Ellis Ross and Sarah Paulson talk about delving into the intimidating world of directing and how their characters have evolved on their respective long-running series.
“When I directed my second time on ‘Black-ish,’ I wasn’t in everything,” Ross said. “I got to feel my style emerge, and it was really exciting.”
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Jun 10, 2019




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Comments 382
Jasmine Webster
Jasmine Webster 17 days ago
I disagree on you 🤣
Precious Martin
Precious Martin 18 days ago
who are these woman even... oh my goodness more madly in love with them if that was even possible
JaDereon Starr
JaDereon Starr Month ago
Beautiful pairing of AMAZING WOMEN!!! Loved it, love you both so much!!!! 🙌💅🙌💅💯
Holly Golightly
Holly Golightly Month ago
Tracee has the greatest personality her expressions are just adorable
Graysen Ramos
Graysen Ramos Month ago
This was so good!
Olandia Angervil
Sarah your faces give me life but yo if watch my channel my face will give you life as well Olandia Angervil
Haddy J.
Haddy J. Month ago
I need a movie. Like a really weird fashion foward spy movie.
S-DH Basel
S-DH Basel Month ago
This conversation is infinitely more interesting than another cross interview about actor preparation, bad auditions and trying to subliminally market the actor's latest project.
Dark Carousel
Dark Carousel Month ago
Tracy & Sarah in AHS!
Dark Carousel
Dark Carousel Month ago
I would love being in my 40s too if I looked as thin and beautiful as them. LOL
Tash Watson
Tash Watson Month ago
They are talking over each other which is rather annoying.
Laura Domènech Vila
There are not enough thumbs up for this video. And there will never be.
Juan Jimenez
Juan Jimenez Month ago
I agree on this video.
Uchenna Esomonu
Uchenna Esomonu Month ago
I love these women and I love this conversation
William H. Baird
William H. Baird 2 months ago
I would love to see a "Sisters" Comedy with Sarah Paulson and Kristin Wiig. They look so much alike and have the same wacky humor (that I love). It would be hilarious!
J Gang
J Gang 2 months ago
a comedy with these those please. two queens
Carl Del Buono
Carl Del Buono 2 months ago
Cak Redi
Cak Redi 2 months ago
*I'm positive they are twins.*
Downton Darlene
Downton Darlene 2 months ago
watching this was a spiritual experience for me
Jenifer Andrade
Jenifer Andrade 2 months ago
I'm in love with this two! So talented, real, confident in their own skin, funny, happy, brave and with a fantastic sense of style! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Latrea Robinson
Latrea Robinson 2 months ago
They have mirror personalities and its so dope. If you watch them in different interviews seperately you will see a commonality that is so endearing ... Great Pairing!! Now do a movie.
Forward Forty
Forward Forty 2 months ago
Why does not have millions of views? Such a great conversation.
Night Owl
Night Owl 2 months ago
Tracee looking ON POINT👌👌👌
Oscar Monroy
Oscar Monroy 2 months ago
Tracey’s hair is not a good look and that clown 🤡 make up !
M YYY 2 months ago
Gicanda Thomas
Gicanda Thomas 2 months ago
Great show. Real Talk. They're in complete sympatico. These two need to do a movie together.
wyimaginowanyentuzjasta tegożłezpadołu
Please, do this with Gwendoline Christie and Nikolaj Coster Waldau, they are hilarious 😀
oljerseysoul8724 2 months ago
I'm so loving the common language between these two!! "I agree/disagree ON it " is now apart of my vocab 😂 #SOnotKidding !!
Caresse Dési
Caresse Dési 2 months ago
First of all LOVING these two. they are amazing & inspiring. Just breath of fresh air to see that there are still women in Hollywood who appreciate their body and embrace womanhood ! Second, I need to find this Carla asap.
d e
d e 2 months ago
Love their topics but I want to see them and thousands of other artist hit 60 62 64 etc because there will be changes for all of them. Actors experience their joy their big talk of humanity and every topic the actors on actors discuss because they are very far removed from reality and mega rich wealthy etc. So men and women actors, musical artists, talk show hosts, ALL of the elitist liberal celebs are so not in touch with the common folks. 100%. Clueless. Yes they worked hard but I dislike the talk like they can actually relate.
Ashley Fullard
Ashley Fullard 2 months ago
what if Sara Paulson was the school counselor on balck ish for the twins
yamil cruz
yamil cruz 3 months ago
an aquarius and a scorpio, what a chemistry.
Sharon Denise Smith Sharon
I love the both! Great ACTORS!!!
tunde818 3 months ago
I love Tracee's Joan Crawford 1930s look
vanusaneto 3 months ago
i loved this so much..
Kiki the Freaky
Kiki the Freaky 3 months ago
The mesh well together and they're matching too
Betsy Mathews
Betsy Mathews 3 months ago
I like the Neutrogena wipes too!
Jenny Bell
Jenny Bell 3 months ago
I'd get so aggressive being interrupted all the time 😂
Princess Jauregui-Hansen
I knew they were going to be awesome together before I even watched it
Elia 3 months ago
This is by far one of the most thoughtful pairings EVER. These two have beautiful personalities that are extremely compatible, especially for something like this.
Averjay Productions
Averjay Productions 3 months ago
idk it seemed like Sarah stem rolled the conversations like 65% of the time. it just seemed like she was nervous and sort cut off tracee. not my favorite
phantom diaries
phantom diaries 3 months ago
i get that too lmao, HATE when people cut each other off
Therapist Gus
Therapist Gus 3 months ago
This was great. Most of these pairings are great. So many of them provide thoughtful, similar answers that are great. Buuuuuuut I’m finding myself kinda bored by these series lately. Maybe mixing it up somehow would be good? I know, a complaint with no solution.. just great
Joel Widgins
Joel Widgins 3 months ago
Two thumbs -to incline a spinn'inn🤠🤥
Joel Widgins
Joel Widgins 3 months ago
Actors on Actors## ssoo much better for the brain than zuporto farts,👍🤗👍
Anisha Brisonette
Anisha Brisonette 3 months ago
These together😂😂 I just realized that all of us need these two together in a movie👏
Evelyne Minyem
Evelyne Minyem 3 months ago
I love them
mariana caramelo
mariana caramelo 3 months ago
i love women
Iris'sLaptop 3 months ago
iconic and skinny. now star in a movie together.
Hícaro Nicolai
Hícaro Nicolai 3 months ago
OMG this interview!!!! Just awesome.
andre rodman
andre rodman 3 months ago
My god older woman are so much more sexy than young girls, yet we always try to make them disappear.
andre rodman
andre rodman 3 months ago
One of them said something that I so agree with, when I'm a woman in a movie I want to see lines on her face, I want her to look real and I want her to look like a person not a mannequin.
Khalid Thompson
Khalid Thompson 3 months ago
❤️🧡💛💚💜 Salute to you both!
Pourya 3 months ago
I’m just here cause family guy told me to look her up
T Hunter
T Hunter 3 months ago
This has to be one of my favorite pairings
Xani 3 months ago
I’m 3:00 in and can’t get over the fact that Tracee asks questions then interjects and Interrupts excessively. Ask and then listen, stepping on her responses is awkwardly self centered
Byrd Taylor
Byrd Taylor 3 months ago
This was an awesome conversation!!
Omg It’s Julia
Omg It’s Julia 3 months ago
i love them so fucking much, put these two in a movie together! DO A COMEDY I’D FUCKING DIE
Alison Ferdinand
Alison Ferdinand 3 months ago
These two women are so brilliant
GOffi 3 months ago
I love how deliciously authentic these women are!
Asia LeMasters
Asia LeMasters 3 months ago
As a woman who works in the film industry, I thoroughly enjoyed this conversation.
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