Sarah Paulson & Tracee Ellis Ross - Actors on Actors - Full Conversation

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During Variety's Actors on Actors conversation, Tracee Ellis Ross and Sarah Paulson talk about delving into the intimidating world of directing and how their characters have evolved on their respective long-running series.
“When I directed my second time on ‘Black-ish,’ I wasn’t in everything,” Ross said. “I got to feel my style emerge, and it was really exciting.”
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Jun 10, 2019




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Comments 471
Joanna Middendorp
These women are so beautiful and articulate and intelligent. Great roll models.
Luce Omega
Luce Omega 3 days ago
Women in dark tailored pant suits = Power
manguy2000 10 days ago
Ya but how many black lesbian muslim trans women in wheelchairs were there? Diversity obsessed people drive me nuts. Just find the best people for the jobs on an individual basis.
Hadaryah Morgan
Hadaryah Morgan 10 days ago
I love these 2 smart, witty ladies. I too demand a movie or tv show with both of them in it.
Dej 23 days ago
35:55 Illuminati confirmed 👁️hahahahaha
Dej 23 days ago
This is so smart!! They have such similar energy. intelligent, enthusiastic, goofy 🌞✨
Clarke Lyons
Clarke Lyons 26 days ago
Such a bomb pairing.. I need a script written for these two.
Vanessa Garcia
Vanessa Garcia Month ago
They had such a rhythm and basically spoke their own language lol
Vanessa Garcia
Vanessa Garcia Month ago
Amazing! They are both so honest and wise. They have this mutual understanding of each other's rhythm that was so beautiful and informing to watch
Kayla Silva
Kayla Silva Month ago
I love these 2 women SO MUCH. Thank you for pairing them
K Ford
K Ford Month ago
I have no idea how they were able to execute this interview while talking simultaneously throughout the entire thing. But two of my favorite actresses lol
Sabrenda Eskreeta
Damn their energies just match😍
Brian HL
Brian HL Month ago
me watching this: grinning big also me watching this: THEY NEED TO REMAKE THELMA & LOUISE IMMEDIATELY THOUGH
Maddelutten Month ago
I don’t know why but I deeply needed this ♥️
bone apple tea!
bone apple tea! Month ago
I love this interview so much 😂😩 it seems like they share a brain cell
Triana Jackson
Triana Jackson Month ago
Soooo soooo profound. The best one I’ve ever seen.
Brandon Puente
Brandon Puente Month ago
I can't tell who is more invested in the conversation. These are two astounding women who are just immersed in friendship. I love it.
Candice Williams
My personal opinion. I feel like they are the same person just different race Sarah is hesitant and goofy ;Traci is gutsy and goofy
LegoLad Gaming
LegoLad Gaming Month ago
Sorry but who the heck is Tracee Ellis Ross
cap. 7 liturgia
cap. 7 liturgia 2 months ago
i need them together in a show, movie or whatever
NL Mhlongo
NL Mhlongo 2 months ago
I love this. Two friends having a chat and me just eavesdropping and trying to follow as they talk over each other, yet still get each other. Issalot and I actually love it.
Light House
Light House 2 months ago
Their chemistry is ethereal 🕊
Big Honey
Big Honey 2 months ago
I want to see one with Natalie Portman and Ellen Pompeo!!❤️❤️ that would be the best
Big Honey
Big Honey 2 months ago
This is the combo i never knew i needed. Such great chemistry here
crystal blue
crystal blue 2 months ago
I could listen to them all day, I've never watched an interview like it. can sarah just marry me already? they should have a show together just talking
Noah Strange
Noah Strange 2 months ago
i disagree on that
KAY VILLAROSA 2 months ago
I just love love love this😂 damn I learned so much
Little Moth Big Wings
You guys will probably disagree, but I think is really unfair actors without any cinematic degree, become directors. Cos is hard, this cinematic universe is so hard to get in. Anyway that's it. Just my opinion.
Laura Robison
Laura Robison 2 months ago
I love both of these women! They’re both so wonderfully fabulous!
Haley Alaniz
Haley Alaniz 2 months ago
Powerhouses!! Women who can uplift and be so insightful are treasures, and I will disagree on anyone who disagrees!
Infuse Muse
Infuse Muse 2 months ago
I would've never have pieced these two together, but oh my God! They have such a genuine love for each other! They're funny as hell too!!
T S 2 months ago
Brilliant pairing! I agree on it 😄
Anjola 2 months ago
Really dislike the oblong face for beating lupita in 12 years a slave.
Axel Rezinovsky
Axel Rezinovsky 2 months ago
I DISAGREE ON YOU that's hilarious
London Allen
London Allen 2 months ago
WOW! I can feel the chemistry immediately! 💗💗🤩🤩
Paolo G
Paolo G 2 months ago
This was really great. On of the best in my opinion. Two incredible, soulful and complex women.
aleks milchev
aleks milchev 3 months ago
wait... WAIT! i didn’t want this to end 😢😭
K J 3 months ago
This was such an awesome find, I have always wanted to see these two interact, two grown ass women who are silly af. Would it be possible for you to put Katee Sackhoff and Michelle Rodriguez , Mickey Rourke and Tom Hardy, Taraji P. Henson and Tiffany Haddish?
soulsurviva27 3 months ago
" Some part of me feels like that was the moment when i bloomed & people were willing tooo...smell my flower...?" LMAO too good! Cant get enough of these two women though...endless gasms!😎
Cak Redi
Cak Redi 3 months ago
*They're twins, apparently.*
Lorna Gladue
Lorna Gladue 3 months ago
Love these two Lovely Lady's, such amazing beauty's!! 😊
Liv B
Liv B 4 months ago
Just because someone was a teacher they didn't know better than you...
Gabriel Sanabria Ibieta
I love that they generally are really silly and funny, and here they really dive deep in the conversation
Chandler Lewis
Chandler Lewis 4 months ago
"I disagree on you!" 😍
Kori Hu
Kori Hu 4 months ago
This is such a fun discussion. I love it.
JDMime 4 months ago
Tracee accidentally let out her secret that she's a supreme being from an alien planet who came to teach us the secrets of the universe. Good interview.
Victoria Myung
Victoria Myung 4 months ago
Love theses two women!
Pearl 4 months ago
I could watch them have a conversation all day!!!
00Mindi00 4 months ago
This is absolutely FANTASTIC! I LOVE these two. So strong, creative, feminist, proud. These to me are brilliant modern and future thinking women. Fucking total GODDESSES!
Jordan Dahl
Jordan Dahl 4 months ago
Intellectual queens. We Stan.
Julios mind
Julios mind 4 months ago
These two need a podcast where each one is one hour
JESUSSLOVER666 4 months ago
annoyed there was no gay/straight dialogue but nonetheless a quality video thank u
Jo Sanz
Jo Sanz 4 months ago
I Disagree on you!!
N. Odita
N. Odita 4 months ago
Oh good god. I hope this never ends...
Sinon's Life
Sinon's Life 4 months ago
They a freakin amazing together, just a few minutes in and they developed an inside joke, their personalities just compliment each others like true friends. I need to see them together in something, like it is shocking how similar yet different they are.
Veronica O'Brien
Veronica O'Brien 4 months ago
More please
Sadie0777 4 months ago
I can't enjoy these two actors any more than right now! Loved this
Cash Money
Cash Money 4 months ago
The 41 who disliked🔪
Beckywaslike 4 months ago
Sarah Paulson is a legend 😭
Cheryl Love
Cheryl Love 4 months ago
Sarah is great, but WTF is up w/ the other woman's hair and makeup?!! I guess you could call her eccentric?! lol! But the eye shadow!!! UGH!!
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