Santa Buys Random Strangers ANYTHING They Want! **unexpected**

FaZe Rug
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I went up to random strangers and asked them Christmas themed questions, and if they answered them correctly, they won a Christmas gift!
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Dec 11, 2019




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Comments 100
Anjanette Miranda
The first guy looks like Alejandro from American idol
Magic Arts
Magic Arts 7 days ago
9:35 they gave a Sony PS4 to a Microsoft worker look at his shirt Microsoft owns Xbox what an irony
Lazy Boomer
Lazy Boomer 8 days ago
I’m not really a Christmas dude but I always like for the best of the best
Jeff Frommeyer
Jeff Frommeyer 9 days ago
7 swans a swimming do I get a present?
Sindi Muharem
Sindi Muharem 10 days ago
iiam Junior
iiam Junior 12 days ago
Bruhh I didn’t know almost all these questions lol and that guy elbow the camera lol
GG_BLOXYT GG 17 days ago
Carlos CV
Carlos CV 18 days ago
James 21 day ago
how is a headset 'anything'. i almost stopped after first win.
William Robinson
William Robinson 21 day ago
A patridge in a pear tree
William Robinson
William Robinson 21 day ago
Dasher Dancer Prancer
William Robinson
William Robinson 21 day ago
Kris Kringle Saint Nick
William Robinson
William Robinson 21 day ago
William Robinson
William Robinson 21 day ago
Is it egg nog
William Robinson
William Robinson 21 day ago
I love trivia
Eduardo Varshavsky
Eduardo Varshavsky 25 days ago
Papa norl
Andrew Unigarro
Andrew Unigarro 27 days ago
Right when I heard Santa say I was feeling Santa phobic I thought it was clint
Mohak Gabra
Mohak Gabra 29 days ago
meme the way she says evana
debbie Pather
debbie Pather Month ago
It is clint
AmirEpix Month ago
It was Clint I think behind santa
Dumagpi John Mark A.
Mr. Faze im from Philippines , just hoping you can spare some dollars for me this time of pandemic . My family were short on our budget . Wish you can see my comment and give some of your blessings . My name is mark
john mark verba
john mark verba Month ago
Aya Chan
Aya Chan Month ago
Wow those beautiful boxes, i would be happy to get just those gift boxes.
Gryffindor Queen
I know the two other names for Santa claus
I dont celebrate Chrismas
Jhas Mine
Jhas Mine Month ago
ion know bout u but u should’ve give the first one the ps4 or iphone 🤷🏻‍♀️
Jiya Desai
Jiya Desai Month ago
That guy was so hype
Dianne Cardenas
Dianne Cardenas Month ago
Kris Kringle
Allan Villavicencio
i love you rug your the best like everytime im sad i watch your videos and you make me sooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy dude
Allan Villavicencio
i wanna be in faze rug vid but i live in florida sooooo
Allan Villavicencio
santa its clint lol
Daniel Nasseredine
Preety Gupta
Preety Gupta 2 months ago
I think Clint is the Santa
Nick's Channel
Nick's Channel 2 months ago
Father Christmas!!
EMB x BeastRugPie
EMB x BeastRugPie 2 months ago
20 million by dec31st 2020
EMB x BeastRugPie
EMB x BeastRugPie 2 months ago
15.9 million lessgoooo
Juan Carlos Miguel Aspiras
I was watching and I I think it’s Father Christmas?
tenten hiles
tenten hiles 2 months ago
My heart melt whilst wAtching this God will bless u ❤
Polly Smith
Polly Smith 2 months ago
Yes I knew it was st Nick and Chris cringle
Vijaya Kulkarni
Vijaya Kulkarni 2 months ago
Jimmy and brian two of the most humblest rich people . Comment who jimmy is.and his last name
Captain Scentsible
Captain Scentsible 2 months ago
God i love these giveaway vlogs.brians so nice.i hope as he grows.he nvr changes nvr moves to l.a. with that crowd. And stays grounded.
RhaZe 2 months ago
Clint is Santa!!!!!!! I knew it and said it!!!!!
If you read this You’re dumb
Father Christmas
Undisputed Era 99
Undisputed Era 99 3 months ago
First question eggnog
xxchiquixx 3 months ago
There's Prancer, Dancer, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Dasher, Vixen Blitzen, and Rudolph......hold on who’s the last rain deer???? 🦌
Laura Olivas
Laura Olivas 3 months ago
Kringle Berry
Angela Lowe
Angela Lowe 3 months ago
That first guy got $100 I recognise him from another video
Joseph Balitian
Joseph Balitian 3 months ago
My idol rug ❤
Yessir 3 months ago
The girl from the thumbnail was bad😍
J R 3 months ago
Chris Cringle
Sonia Mannings
Sonia Mannings 3 months ago
Rug: Santa! Santa: I was feeling santa Claustrophobic
Sonia Mannings
Sonia Mannings 3 months ago
In there
shahd Mahmoud Uae
shahd Mahmoud Uae 3 months ago
Isn't this your brother
Macho Man
Macho Man 3 months ago
LOL 13:20
waa duh
waa duh 4 months ago
Faze rug is awesome
M Narasimha Reddy
M Narasimha Reddy 4 months ago
It's clint
TopNotchGames 4 months ago
Santa is faze rug's old camera man clint
Eesa Bhyat
Eesa Bhyat 4 months ago
Father Christmas
Danielle Ryan
Danielle Ryan 4 months ago
His name is Sherman dum ass
David Menocal
David Menocal 4 months ago
“Santa buys random stranger things” yet it’s Santa give them things not buying things....
xav defeat
xav defeat 4 months ago
santa is sherman the verman
Lululushxox 4 months ago
i hate this guy, he does this shit for views not actually out the kindness of his heart
JC Escutia
JC Escutia 4 months ago
That sounds like Clint😅
Ashik MiR
Ashik MiR 4 months ago
That's sony PlayStation guy got Microsoft t-shirt on 🤣😂
Aidan Morris
Aidan Morris 4 months ago
Did anyone else not no about half of the questions
CRAZY MEW ! 4 months ago
11:37- I thought it was empty
Miaty Jhane
Miaty Jhane 4 months ago
So very much guestion ?😇😇
Subbing to everyone that subs to me!
I could tell it was Clint from the corny jokes 😂😆😜
Aaliya Sadiq
Aaliya Sadiq 5 months ago
Madelyn Gutierrez
Madelyn Gutierrez 5 months ago
I only suspected it was Clint bc of all the jokes he was making 😂
pokemon 4 life
pokemon 4 life 5 months ago
Santa paws is a great movie
Denisha Franklin
Denisha Franklin 5 months ago
The second answer with the father of Christmas
Leanne Green
Leanne Green 5 months ago
A carrot
Christian Bizarro
Christian Bizarro 5 months ago
Rug I think that Jenny girl was into you 😭😂
Delilah Buczynski
Delilah Buczynski 5 months ago
who else throughout the whole video was trying to figure out who santa was? First i thought it was Anthony, then brawadis then clint but now idk
Dadir Mohammed
Dadir Mohammed 5 months ago
Yow Brain, I watched 5ive times this vid. I swear I hve never seen youtuber like u ,u make pple happy and gud job. Hve happy life 😇😇😇😇😇👌👌👌👌👌
AUSTIN TOMAINO 5 months ago
I love how they gave him a ps4 and he is wear a microsoft shirt
Heidi Castaneda
Heidi Castaneda 5 months ago
She doesn't look happy
Tanmay Ranjan
Tanmay Ranjan 5 months ago
You told you will anything
Stephan Schifferl
Stephan Schifferl 5 months ago
Chris Kringle
Dipanwita Dey Roy
Dipanwita Dey Roy 5 months ago
Please come to India
Anna Johnson
Anna Johnson 6 months ago
omg my birthday is also january 3rd!
Calleigh Mitchell
Calleigh Mitchell 6 months ago
Father Christmas
Kevin Marquina
Kevin Marquina 6 months ago
St nick and Noel
XOTWOD 6 months ago
first dude was all the moods man
Anthony Lemos
Anthony Lemos 6 months ago
Father christms Saint Nick Noel
Noah Cheung (che1513)
Gimme your house!!!!
Tim Wackwitz
Tim Wackwitz 6 months ago
U have a caring heart!!! :)
Anna Silva
Anna Silva 6 months ago
The pa4 is the 😎 present and ifhone
Anna Silva
Anna Silva 6 months ago
And nintendo 🎅
sree nidhi
sree nidhi 7 months ago
I literally watched 6 ads just coz rug surprised people with costly gifs ❤
xx KenSensor xx
xx KenSensor xx 7 months ago
FaZe Rug abuses Santa😂
・꧁༒乂𓆩🄰🅅🄳🄷🅄🅃𓆪乂 ༒꧂・
9:27 I need it 😭😭 i havent even played gta 5 yet.
Fictional Character
Fictional Character 7 months ago
Who watchs BigDawsTv ?
Tire lady
Tire lady 7 months ago
Emerald Tube
Emerald Tube 7 months ago
Santa is papa rug
GREENFIRE212 7 months ago
the girl at 12:10 is thicc
Mandakh Tsolmon
Mandakh Tsolmon 7 months ago
Four reindeer Santa has is Dancer,Rudolph,Dasher,Prancer
MrYoutube 7 months ago
As such a young age, you are truly amazing. Giving back to strangers over and over is amazing. You are truly blessed and I hope you keep giving back. It's something I do when I can.
EM SpryArt
EM SpryArt 7 months ago
I thiught sherman was the santa this whole damn time 😂😂😂🤦‍♀️
Chi 7 months ago
8:21 bro literally sounds like a 10 year old like even his girl looks annoyed and embarrassed
Emily Vasquez
Emily Vasquez 7 months ago
I love when rug gives back
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