Sansa vs. Daenerys: Sophie Turner Blames Emilia Clarke for Game of Thrones Coffee Cup-gate

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Sophie Turner clears her name by pointing fingers at co-stars for that coffee cup left in a Game of Thrones scene, teases how painful the finale will be and describes the awkward way she was rigged to fly in X-Men: Dark Phoenix.
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Sansa vs. Daenerys: Sophie Turner Blames Emilia Clarke for Game of Thrones Coffee Cup-gate


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May 11, 2019




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Comments 8 079
Snehal Raj
Snehal Raj Hour ago
This is not the interview you are looking for
kranthi aryan
Her husband is like..... 😵
D C 4 days ago
I want to fuck Sophie turner
Flame of Flames
Flame of Flames 4 days ago
And Now She's Pregnant
Rick Punter
Rick Punter 5 days ago
Sansa....and me.....omg Its really great..........i am from south korea........... Ramsay bolton fucked her.......i love the great fuck..............sophie turner..........u r gorgeous than evwr before i am speechlessssss.......with ur fucking assssssss......
55555rozy 6 days ago
I love that she has natural nails😻
Claudia S Lima
Claudia S Lima 6 days ago
Ela é tão legal, a cara de nogenta é fake hahahahaha
YEET BOI 8 days ago
Why did Jimmy turn Mexican at the start the fuck
Barry Allen
Barry Allen 9 days ago
"Biggest Movie Dark Phoenix" . . . . This planet is so doomed
Lina Rose
Lina Rose 9 days ago
I still cant bleave she had body image problems and got affected by people's comments 🤔 I mean am like ugly but AM SU0ER BEAUTIFUL like tf 😂😂😂
Fernando Vargas Mejía
Sophie is a beautiful specimen of whiteness and the Jonas dude, albeit handsome, is of dark skin. He will bring her genes down.
CanSomeoneRecommendMe ANewUsername
Jean: i love you logan Logan: i love you jean. Jean: who the heck is eugene.
Shakester71 11 days ago
Sansa was probably my least favorite character on the show because she was just so annoying. Got her direwolf killed and Arya's direwolf had to be exiled and the list goes on. Thats just a testament of her acting and her character. But, she was the hottest on the show.
MightyMoose 12 days ago
Got a lil crush on old jimmy there I see...
Claudia Arrieta
Claudia Arrieta 13 days ago
Que nos importa lo que opine Sonsa
Abe Rizal
Abe Rizal 15 days ago
She's hot.
Adele Dazeem
Adele Dazeem 15 days ago
Wow she wasn't kidding when she said it's going to be "the worst pain possible"
Legolas Greenleaf
Legolas Greenleaf 16 days ago
Sansa is blaming my mom Daenerys targaryen for that coffee cup 🤣
Zeeshan Haider
Zeeshan Haider 16 days ago
Is it normal to adore her and watch the interview simultaneously? Cause dangg she's hot
Benjamin Campagnola
Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy... if you stop talking, then she can answer your questions.
Middle Finger U
Middle Finger U 16 days ago
Season 8 was awful all the characters devolved into nonsensical parodies of themselves
Roy Sanderfer
Roy Sanderfer 17 days ago
Her marriage to Joe Jonas is a real life version of beauty and the beast.
Baisakhi Bhatttacharya
She’s just flawless..!! 😍😍
Eden Taylor
Eden Taylor 19 days ago
Daenerys went mad & was killed, yeah I suffered from severe pain. 😣
Lisa Stiles
Lisa Stiles 21 day ago
I think Sophie Turner is stunningly gorgeous, a terrific actress, and a delightful person. And that’s coming from a cisgender heterosexual woman. Soooooo, guys, I feel like that is the worst outfit I’ve ever seen her wear because, well, her breasts aren’t supported. Now, I admire her tremendously that she hasn’t gone the route of silicone. Truly. That 18 year olds want boob and butt enhancers for high school graduation saddens me. With Sophie, I’m sure, given her age, that what she’s got is plenty perky. In this getup, though, they look like flaccid water balloons. Did any of you that are attracted to women notice this, or does her natural beauty and charm blind you to what’s just below the neck? I can totally understand if that’s the case. Just curious! Clearly, she couldn’t wear a regular bra with the neckline, but there are plenty of other options to give a little support. Where the heck is her stylist? She has everything one could want to work with, absolutely no flaws to hide, so there’s no reason for Sophie Turner to ever look anything but divine!
QueenOfTheClouds 21 day ago
Damn she was right. Everyone did feel the worst pain possible after the finale. That was quite something tho. 😂😂 I miss GOT so much. Been a part of my life since ‘12
Cutee S
Cutee S 21 day ago
I think Sophie looks more stunning, beautiful and younger with ginger ....but she looks older than her age with that blonde hair colour.
manel manel
manel manel 19 days ago
But she's a blond
aisieukeopi 21 day ago
Omg she is hilarious😂
Emicheru 22 days ago
5:18 I mean..she wasn't wrong.
Nananananannana 22 days ago
She’s stunningly beautiful.
tommo91 22 days ago
ugh his fake laugh
Буранбай Кадыркулов
I love you Sansa
Gideon Boyle
Gideon Boyle 24 days ago
A Wild Blaziken Appears! 0:48
Ana Chase
Ana Chase 24 days ago
Love her!
Willie Pugh,III
Willie Pugh,III 25 days ago
It's no fun the strap pain. Crotch pain
Willie Pugh,III
Willie Pugh,III 25 days ago
Stan Lee
Willie Pugh,III
Willie Pugh,III 25 days ago
50 90 some times
Willie Pugh,III
Willie Pugh,III 25 days ago
The Dragon must control them selfs
Willie Pugh,III
Willie Pugh,III 25 days ago
The end move throne way ok she Denarius Daenerys she was stabbed by John but even law says women even kings queens can't run the house as far as sit on the throne they always sit to the left of the Lord or the game men stand to the right
Miguel Napoles
Miguel Napoles 25 days ago
Jimmy Fallon looks like that dumb friend you can't stop loving
ThickSkin 26 days ago
British accent killllls me
Frankly 26 days ago
If Sophie Turner and Emilia Clarke were the only ones left on Earth, who would you go after first? 🌏👀#FranklyDilemmas #FranklyApp
V 27 days ago
she is just goals
Calvin Chu
Calvin Chu 27 days ago
One thing I don't get from Dark Phoenix scene...why was the soldier shooting at the chopper?It wouldn't stop it
Manju Rajwansh
Manju Rajwansh 27 days ago
Who else immediately thought of Shawn Mendes when she said "I had glitter in my hair" #mendesarmy
tata loria
tata loria 28 days ago
I honestly think she's the most stunning woman right now in Hollywood.
Sudz 28 days ago
Pain: 11. From the absolutely shit writing.
Honey Boo
Honey Boo 28 days ago
She’s a good girl n everything but sometimes she makes me cringe
Labiba Munir
Labiba Munir 29 days ago
She was right about the pain scale
Shashank Hegde
Shashank Hegde Month ago
Did her husband humped her from behind ?.
John Quintana
John Quintana Month ago
Joe eres un maldito crack :)
ifyouwantbochin Month ago
Biggest movie "Dark Phoenix"... oh Jimmy...
The Main Source Report
detective pikachu ..
The Main Source Report
sophie i love her energy . certain actresses we all just love . like if u had like a week to just hang with . talk . kid around . shes like a one youd like to hang out with .
Man ju Manl
Man ju Manl Month ago
A Stark married to a Star the new born would be a ???????????????
Karen_Gillan Fan
YASSS SHE DID IT “Jumps up and hypes”
Michael Calvo
Michael Calvo Month ago
5:17 well.. she was right
very bad actress lol
carlos montenegro
British vs American English, which is the Best?
Mickey A
Mickey A Month ago
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