Samuel L. Jackson Acts Out His Film Career w/ James Corden

The Late Late Show with James Corden
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Samuel L. Jackson and James Corden act out snippets from Samuel's legendary film career, covering everything from "Pulp Fiction" to "Jurassic Park."
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Mar 9, 2017




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Comments 6 523
jennifer curtis
jennifer curtis 19 hours ago
So dated this show.....so over rehearsed james!
rakesh ramesh
rakesh ramesh 21 hour ago
What is that soul men song name?
Filzah Mahmood
He looks younger than tom cruise
attractgr8ness 14 hours ago
Black don't crack.
Filzah Mahmood
Wtf hes 70.
big cliff
big cliff Day ago
I love Samuel l jackson
HeyJay40 2 days ago
This just proves that SLJ will take any movie they put in front of him
Phạm Bá Khải
He forgot to act out his role as Officer TENPENNY!!!
Vladorex Studios
Vladorex Studios 4 days ago
Hold on to your butts !
Joenel Saracho
Joenel Saracho 4 days ago
Epic..... Deservd an oscar in the negotiator
retrocd gaming
retrocd gaming 4 days ago
Officer tempenny ?
Gache 4 days ago
Leonardo Maia
Leonardo Maia 5 days ago
Man i Love Samuel L. Jackson 😍😍❤
ax 6 days ago
*“Avengers, assemble!... my work here is done.”*
Ray 6 days ago
This is like a medley
Outcast Nextdoor
Outcast Nextdoor 7 days ago
Ngl kinda sad they did not do gta sa
PUBG l4tte
PUBG l4tte 7 days ago
_Samuel L Jackson in the Incredibles Live Action_ “Where is my *MOTHERFUCKING* Super Suit?”
Absolute Gaming
Absolute Gaming 7 days ago
coach carter and unbreakable is my fave samuel l jackson film
Papa Burd
Papa Burd 8 days ago
He’s 70 and I thought he was 54 at most
Jon MacQ
Jon MacQ 8 days ago
This is, without a doubt, the greatest video on RUvid.
Here comes 13eni
Here comes 13eni 8 days ago
I can tell how much Samuel L Jackson hates this
jillian geigenholz
Jackson is so AWESOME
Neylaw 04
Neylaw 04 10 days ago
70? Man he looks so good
EsoJ H
EsoJ H 10 days ago
they even copied the obvius fake Sam LJ from deep blue see
Ninjak1ng 10 days ago
Star Wars and incredible safe my fav
KRACO34 11 days ago
Between 9:33 and 9:34 what's happend to his eyes ? Samuel L look his eyes !!?
TheRandomZone 11 days ago
Somedy James has to do this with himself and the movies he has dun.
Rich 12 days ago
i was waiting to see if it was live, damn they're good
ábbi hinn mikli
ábbi hinn mikli 12 days ago
wait thats me
Maxime Marcoux
Maxime Marcoux 13 days ago
Where is the movie SWAT ?
Siresly 13 days ago
The L stands for Bad Motherfucker.
L. Sorton
L. Sorton 16 days ago
That was amazing!
Aniel Cruz
Aniel Cruz 17 days ago
I love that motherfuc#@r...
Metro Tyle
Metro Tyle 17 days ago
All I can think of is what about Oldboy?
Damn this must have looked so weird to the audience who couldn't see any of the backgrounds or effects.
Papparazi Youtube
Papparazi Youtube 19 days ago
Wheres MCU??
binboda 20 days ago
James could’ve done a much better job at Frozone’s wife’s lines, that was a sloppy attempt at an iconic scene
jedison george
jedison george 20 days ago
He go staying in the big house.. 🤣🤣🤣
XcessiveEvil 20 days ago
I came here for “who the fuck is this asshole”? I’m glad I was not disappointed.
FaZeCashew47 20 days ago
Omg they said the movie was unbreakable when it should be mr glass
Doruk Sesli
Doruk Sesli 21 day ago
Honey where,s my supersuit
Red Hood 9
Red Hood 9 21 day ago
This is the best video, I have ever seen. XD
HyperX Games
HyperX Games 21 day ago
Wait- this says it was published in 2017, but it says Infinity War in the names for the marvel movies. Infinity War came out in 2018! JAMES KNEW SOMETHING! JAMES FOR ENDGAME CONFIRMED! HES BEEN SECRETLY WORKING WITH MARVEL STUDIOS THE ENTIRE TIME! But hey... that's just a theory, a film theory.
nmikk10 22 days ago
Hey you forgot the funny
ToxicSkull0 22 days ago
Basically your uncle that can outlive you
Tony Pearl
Tony Pearl 23 days ago
That was....INCREDIBLE!!! Who doesn't love Sam Jackson?!?!
Is Egg
Is Egg 23 days ago
Not a single motherfucker in here smh...
D E X X I E 23 days ago
when he had to throw the hat off for him😂😂😂
Nathan gami
Nathan gami 23 days ago
What about Hitman's bodyguard,I love that movie! Samuel and ryan reynolds
Aaron 23 days ago
lmao that was freaking awesome
nikkii bee
nikkii bee 23 days ago
He should totally do this skit with Christoph Waltz 😂
Lance and Sed Squad
I just see da dark side rasicm
Sachin Mohite
Sachin Mohite 24 days ago
You are an asshole
Jacob Barns
Jacob Barns 24 days ago
Who else was hoping the matrix would be in here?
I A 24 days ago
Chayton Covert
Chayton Covert 25 days ago
Am I the only one who noticed them bleep out the god but not damn in god damn
Charles Baylis
Charles Baylis 25 days ago
Where’s loaded weapon
lioninarobe 25 days ago
One of my favorite actors. Love his movies, Coming to America is classic.
Mario and freddy and sonic Island
I have not finished this yet but if unbreakable is not in it I will eat a shoe
Abdelwahed Guelailia
Don't u know who's Samuel L Jackson !!?.......Have seen any movie ever??......Well, he's The BLACK GUY..
Inti Cheveyo
Inti Cheveyo 26 days ago
And no menace to society.....white privilege
최원준 26 days ago
I loved him in Django
Sebastian Englberger
He was in every big Classic movie
Sean Reilly
Sean Reilly 28 days ago
I love how effortlessly he plays his character in pulp fiction
Alexander Schtaufenberg
This ain't cool its gay as fuck
Наталья Наумова
Tarantino gave us so much, just think about it👀🧠
Наталья Наумова
Leo is burned🤦🏻‍♀️😂😂😂
Наталья Наумова
Gonna always remember this badass🌌🌌🌌
Наталья Наумова
Audy Stefy
Audy Stefy 28 days ago
he’s beyond amazing
The Spectacular Spider-Fan
Where's 1408????
Eli Andrade
Eli Andrade 29 days ago
Wasn’t Jules the one driving in that scene?
Crazy Apple
Crazy Apple 29 days ago
Ha i thought that this was going to be for captain marvel not King Kong
Prudhvi Biruda
Prudhvi Biruda 29 days ago
Do with Leonardo DiCaprio
matt matt
matt matt 29 days ago
One of the greatest actors of this generation
Dax Steadman
Dax Steadman 29 days ago
The other guys?
mimi luv
mimi luv Month ago
PvpiKingLgM Month ago
How does this have 4.3k dislikes
Ethan Chan
Ethan Chan Month ago
The first movie they reenacted, what's the name?
Vincent Calafiore
famillyy xdddd
ComSede Month ago
SLJ.... Great guy! Great actor!
MMA Connected
MMA Connected Month ago
Sebastians Month ago
I can't believe Sam is 70, go search Robert Plant on Google, he is only a year older than him. Jackson honestly looks 55.
Frank Tenpenny
Frank Tenpenny Month ago
Dont forget me in gta san andrea
marvel dc
marvel dc Month ago
hes so fucking incredible!! i wanna have a talk with the academy for not giving him an oscar already.
Borys Barski
Borys Barski Month ago
SicknessVoid Month ago
Am I sad that he didnt say: "Take a seat, young Skywalker" in Star Wars?
Mr. Brickz
Mr. Brickz 28 days ago
SicknessVoid yea very much
atube4view Month ago
tgguitarguy Month ago
Dammit I wish he did the tasty burger line from pulp fiction
Вадим Астахов
Какой прикол в переигрывании подобных сценках??
Morgue TV
Morgue TV Month ago
Wait a second that’s not John Travolta!
Samy 40 h24
Samy 40 h24 Month ago
so funy
El Tortuga
El Tortuga Month ago
He 4got the man. I loved the hell out of this! Lmfao! Samuel jackson is the best!
Atharva Kulkarni
Officer tenpenny
C H Month ago
I❤️soulmen rip Bernie 2019 better leave Samuel alone but they should have done...your lucky my dog didn't attack you....your the dog muthafucker 🤣😂
Debraj Rudra
Debraj Rudra Month ago
Now this is a performer
Billie Bun
Billie Bun Month ago
Deep Blue Sea - that was the best scene ever!
Wookiestick Month ago
Even seeing a low budget Star Wars really spurs a yearning for a Mace Windu standalone anthology movie.
Justin Bel
Justin Bel Month ago
This man should have been in Anchorman 2 with that major fight scene and all those cameos
HoraceA Dunn
HoraceA Dunn Month ago
James corden almost had the wakanda accent
Partha Sarma
Partha Sarma Month ago
hats of! nick fury:-)
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