Samuel L. Jackson Acts Out His Film Career w/ James Corden

The Late Late Show with James Corden
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Samuel L. Jackson and James Corden act out snippets from Samuel's legendary film career, covering everything from "Pulp Fiction" to "Jurassic Park."
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9 мар 2017

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Комментарии 6 418
Mel Olivo
Mel Olivo 15 часов назад
Mikah Z
Mikah Z 2 дня назад
p40 tomahawk
p40 tomahawk 2 дня назад
I see having everything you could ask for keeps SLJ looking dam good for his age...not sure what the total number of all his movies..but, He has definitely built a hell of a catalogue....
Nancy Danielo
Nancy Danielo 2 дня назад
Long kiss goodnight!!!
Amy Park
Amy Park 2 дня назад
I was patiently waiting for avengers for 9 minutes and 42 seconds thinking maybe he will just say something like “mother f****” and “fade away” but i got something way better 😂😂😂😂😂
Daniel Hernandez
Daniel Hernandez 3 дня назад
yes like TED says, is the black guy in all movies, BASIC one of my favorites
CoolGangsta360 4 дня назад
I want him to do Glass
R.I.P STAR WARS 1977 - 2012
R.I.P STAR WARS 1977 - 2012 5 дней назад
Sam is so loveable
Hari Ng Norte
Hari Ng Norte 6 дней назад
I just realized he was on Jurassic Park too. Is he even in every movie that ever existed?
Nitty Gritty
Nitty Gritty 6 дней назад
Dave Chappelle yes they deserve to die!!
venice bitch
venice bitch 6 дней назад
royale with chease
Michael Murphy
Michael Murphy 7 дней назад
So creative!
Marc McElhinney
Marc McElhinney 10 дней назад
holy crap it's amazing how many films he's been in ....the guys a legend!!!
NialteA xcx
NialteA xcx 10 дней назад
Public in an danger.. Where's is my super suit 😂😂???
TheMagicofRoberto 10 дней назад
loved it!
Black hole
Black hole 10 дней назад
smurfette Kanya
smurfette Kanya 10 дней назад
He has been in so many films???? Geez...A real boss.
Bindair Dundat
Bindair Dundat 11 дней назад
They missed his iconic role in the Matrix.
Send Noods
Send Noods 11 дней назад
James corden , did surprising well in Pulp Fiction as Vincent
Yo To
Yo To 11 дней назад
It makes me sad he cant say motherfucker in mcu
April Gabriella
April Gabriella 11 дней назад
This was so much fun to watch.
Fred Slayton
Fred Slayton 11 дней назад
He even says motherf’er with his eyes. Watch again as he walks out...
Issac Smith
Issac Smith 11 дней назад
They forgot school daze "Y'all niggaz and y'all gonna be niggaz til the day you die just like us NIGGAZ!!!!!
Skittle Boy's aka. Skittlz Nation
Skittle Boy's aka. Skittlz Nation 12 дней назад
Skittle Boys is in the comments! This is hilarious!
Jake Garnett
Jake Garnett 12 дней назад
Still by far the best segment out of all of these they’ve done on the Corden show. Love Samuel L. Jackson, one of the best actors of all time.
Samuel White
Samuel White 12 дней назад
Bet you a royale with cheese Sam hated every moment of this.
Samuel White
Samuel White 12 дней назад
+Jake Garnett Only to reflect the always unauthentic smiles of James Corden.
Jake Garnett
Jake Garnett 12 дней назад
Samuel White I’ll take that royale with cheese off your hands because it looks like he was having a lot of fun during this to me, he smiled during it several times.
SCORPIO DURANGO 12 дней назад
God bless them both this was crazy👍😂
roberto blackman
roberto blackman 12 дней назад
Slj is full of fun....great guy.
Marion Mills
Marion Mills 12 дней назад
Hold onto your butts!
The Grave walker
The Grave walker 12 дней назад
He gon stay in the big house!
Nihat Hasanov
Nihat Hasanov 12 дней назад
Does he look like a bitch?
Nihat Hasanov
Nihat Hasanov 12 дней назад
+Jake Garnett **Shoots in the man's shoulder and repeats** "DOES HE LOOK LIKE A BITCH?!"
Jake Garnett
Jake Garnett 12 дней назад
Nihat Hasanov “What?”
Jay 13 дней назад
He's been in a thousand movies....exact same fucking character in every one. 😂
Jay 12 дней назад
+Jake Garnett Haha he's got zero acting diversity. Any time he's tried to step out of his element, it's just come off as ridiculous. He's a one trick pony.
Jake Garnett
Jake Garnett 12 дней назад
Jay Couldn’t disagree more.
pan banan
pan banan 13 дней назад
*but does he watch hentai*
paul espinosa
paul espinosa 13 дней назад
Forgot that one movie when he plays a bad disgruntled cop in the neighborhood
Jake Garnett
Jake Garnett 12 дней назад
paul espinosa “Lakeview Terrace,” I personally didn’t like that movie at all.
paul baker
paul baker 14 дней назад
Best sketch ever this hahahaha
Jeremy Yahola
Jeremy Yahola 14 дней назад
James Corden looks like William Forsythe in the Pulp Fiction one
Joey VasQuez
Joey VasQuez 14 дней назад
Just when I thought I couldn't possibly like samuel l. jackson any more... then this! Lol
Vincent Ciccone
Vincent Ciccone 14 дней назад
And that's the double truth, Ruth! 😂😂😂
Vincent Ciccone
Vincent Ciccone 14 дней назад
What's my name, say it?! 😂😂😂
4Souls Gaming
4Souls Gaming 14 дней назад
Samuel is the best
nintend0og 14 дней назад
ssjdeadpool1227 15 дней назад
9:30 is all I needed to hear
Riyu Nitsuga
Riyu Nitsuga 15 дней назад
Looks like i'm gonna watch all of these now.
Jeremy Shanklin
Jeremy Shanklin 15 дней назад
Kev 15 дней назад
Pulp Fiction was gold and still is lmao
Axel Martinez
Axel Martinez 15 дней назад
New Shaft Trailer came out!! Who watched it?
BigBenMK 15 дней назад
Shit negro thats all you had to say
IrishVault 0017
IrishVault 0017 15 дней назад
Black Kevin bacon
Maksym Loika
Maksym Loika 15 дней назад
Mother Fuc*ker
Health Insurance
Health Insurance 16 дней назад
He is the most successful Movie Franchise actor. He is the only actor involved in action movie franchises from competing studios and so far all his movies in the last 5 years have grossed over 4 billion - no wonder his worth atleast 220 million. He's hardly played the lead role protagonist or antagonist, except for The Negotiator, Skull Island, Glass, Soul Men, Coach Carter and KINSMAN in recent times. Yet his net worth is $220 million ... and this is a Black actor ... He is worth more than Bruce Willis, Russel Crowe .... these are some of the guys who were top in lead roles during the time he was becoming a house hold name ...
Health Insurance
Health Insurance 16 дней назад
He is 70 years ..... LET THAT SINK IN
corymartin100 16 дней назад
All hail the king of actors!! Samuel L. Jackson. It was also said years back that Samuel held the WORLD record 4 doing MORE movies than ANY other actor or actress in cinema history 😮😮
allstarpurple7 16 дней назад
I would pay good money, and i mean good money to see this as a play
mathilda bergquist
mathilda bergquist 16 дней назад
Bitch my dumbass thought his Vin Diesel was Bruce Willis xD
정유진 17 дней назад
Love it!!!!
Stefan Finke
Stefan Finke 17 дней назад
What an actor.
CaptEoNinja83 17 дней назад
Iamasillyboy Yesiam
Iamasillyboy Yesiam 17 дней назад
The title to this video is Samuel L Jackson acts out his entire film career of course he did it's how he made his money
Jake Garnett
Jake Garnett 12 дней назад
Iamasillyboy Yesiam Same with any other actor...
Piotr Angelus
Piotr Angelus 18 дней назад
Good one :)
Zachary Haynes
Zachary Haynes 19 дней назад
Did anyone else suffer this video cringing you into the shadow realm?
BardiXgamer Official
BardiXgamer Official 19 дней назад
I really wish Samuel Jackson would re-visit GTA SA
Analdin 19 дней назад
he looks so young. money can do so much.,
DHKDHK 19 дней назад
That zeus scene is what i’ve been waiting for
Shinee 20 дней назад
I hope he won't get an Oscar :)
Andrew Cox
Andrew Cox 20 дней назад
The 4.2k that down voted this can go straight to hell
Ryankurniawan123456 Kurniawanryan
Ryankurniawan123456 Kurniawanryan 20 дней назад
No Nick fury?
Jake Garnett
Jake Garnett 12 дней назад
Ryankurniawan123456 Kurniawanryan 9:40
Jonathan Bernardes
Jonathan Bernardes 21 день назад
I wonder how many times they rehearsed all that before the show hahahahahahahahahaha
Johnny Freetanga
Johnny Freetanga 21 день назад
Hussain C
Hussain C 22 дня назад
-Cheese burger scene? -Swat? -Hitman's Bodyguard Motherfucker scenes?
施昱廷 22 дня назад
what is that ending song ?
zerocool1ist 22 дня назад
Its so funny they give Samuel Jackson movie roles and in the end he just acts like Samuel Jackson in all of them.
Jake Garnett
Jake Garnett 12 дней назад
zerocool1ist Couldn’t disagree more.
DeRosset Myers
DeRosset Myers 22 дня назад
I'm only subscribed to this channel because I keep forgetting this guy's name. ... I already forgot it. James Gordon?
burningphoenix36 22 дня назад
Every one he had a gun in.
chaitanya kodlekere
chaitanya kodlekere 23 дня назад
One of my favourites
Toffanyistired 930
Toffanyistired 930 23 дня назад
The first set of scenes he always got a gun......
engel ag
engel ag 23 дня назад
the Jackie Brown scene is in a Trabant 601 / old german GDR Car
Philip Robinson
Philip Robinson 23 дня назад
I almost forgot he was in Goodfellas, as he was only in it for a few minutes. Kudos to you though for being a fine actor in many fine films Samuel L. "Motherf***in' Jackson
Joshua Dal Santo
Joshua Dal Santo 23 дня назад
Here's The Suit "Samuel L Jackson" Actually wore in Pulp Fiction - starwearstatus.com/product/holy-grail-samuel-l-jackson-pulp-fiction-screen-worn-used-hero-movie-prop-suit-w-full-documentation/ FOR SALE!!
lewis dekle
lewis dekle 23 дня назад
Corden is actually good, wouldn't mind seeing him on the big screen
Isaac Nielsen
Isaac Nielsen 23 дня назад
Dracks07 23 дня назад
This is awesome
Ty E
Ty E 23 дня назад
Daum man i wish he was only turnning 50
Genji Jaeger
Genji Jaeger 23 дня назад
0:14 someone remix james's claps
Giw rgos
Giw rgos 23 дня назад
I mean cmon wheres the matrix
Distressed Spaghetti
Distressed Spaghetti 24 дня назад
Black don’t crack
The Dreamcatcher
The Dreamcatcher 24 дня назад
I love this motherf*cking video
Mikael R.
Mikael R. 24 дня назад
Legendary actor! Bab Mother....
Emmad Cheema
Emmad Cheema 24 дня назад
He is the very definition of Mother Fucker
John Overthinker
John Overthinker 24 дня назад
Christ Corden sucks...
No Sleep
No Sleep 24 дня назад
One of the best actors EVER.
Lawrence Morales
Lawrence Morales 24 дня назад
You guys forgot about movie juicy
Andrew Roy
Andrew Roy 24 дня назад
(Jokingly) only 11 minutes?
Andrej Vojvodic
Andrej Vojvodic 24 дня назад
It is simple. I see Samuel L Jackson. I click and like the video
justun chan
justun chan 24 дня назад
This is the most amazing 10 minutes of youtube
Tyrone Kelly
Tyrone Kelly 24 дня назад
Emil C
Emil C 25 дней назад
Well shit negro that's all you had to say
Mark Parkinson
Mark Parkinson 25 дней назад
Imagine if Samuel L Jackson acted out James Corden’s film career! Holy Crap, it would be really interesting to see how they recreate the peeing scene from Kill Your Friends, where Nicolas Hoult pees on James Corden.
David S.
David S. 25 дней назад
I'm so glad Deep Blue Sea made the cut.
Monty Robertson
Monty Robertson 25 дней назад
No Long Kiss Goodnight? Probably my favorite character of his.
Ralf Strauch
Ralf Strauch 25 дней назад
Samuel is simply marvellous 👌
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