Samuel L. Jackson Acts Out His Film Career w/ James Corden

The Late Late Show with James Corden
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Samuel L. Jackson and James Corden act out snippets from Samuel's legendary film career, covering everything from "Pulp Fiction" to "Jurassic Park."
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Mar 9, 2017

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Comments 7 138
Alejandro Gómez
Alejandro Gómez 26 minutes ago
DIVANSHU Agarwal 3 hours ago
They should have done his dialouge of GTA SA- "we can shit you from such height that you will think that god himself crapped on you" that would've been oossum
Ace Bell
Ace Bell 5 hours ago
I was ready to hate if they didn't have Soulmen on here. They came through at the end though. 😂
john paul
john paul 17 hours ago
Wow look at all the quality movies he was in, Jurassic park, Star Wars, pulp fiction, etc. Not many people have a career like this.
Marissa 19 hours ago
This has become my new favourite episode
portsmouthize 22 hours ago
OH DEAR SAMUEL YOU HAVE LOWERED YOURSELF TO THIS sycophantic TUB OF LARD whose talent has no beginning. Obviously he apeals to the dumb as f*k proletariat yank underclass. his fake persona and laugh is not for the UK.
Iván Chacín
This video was worth every motherfucker second!
joeuser771 2 days ago
please don't try to fire a gun in a car without proper ear and eye protection
Ricardo Cesar
Ricardo Cesar 2 days ago
SLJ é o máximo e vc é demais... parabéns
Queen Bronwyn
Queen Bronwyn 2 days ago
Literally every single one of these involve a gun in some way XD
Queen Bronwyn
Queen Bronwyn 2 days ago
He still remembers all the lines from these movies while I can't even remember what my math teacher said yesterday
Mc Ninja
Mc Ninja 3 days ago
The Dark Knight and Lucy were missing.
Kibo Animaciones
Kibo Animaciones 4 days ago
Excelente!!! 😂😂😂😂😂
Chea Robinson
Chea Robinson 4 days ago
How can you not love Samuel "Ill be in anything" Jackson. Majority of his movies are hit and his character range is crazy from Crackhead to leader of a secret organization.
Where's Menace II Society role?
Mustafa Kalaycı
Mustafa Kalaycı 4 days ago
Mace Windu forever
Abigail Asne
Abigail Asne 6 days ago
Wow so many good movies he starred
Igor Palienko
Igor Palienko 6 days ago
это просто ахуенно!
HASAN NAOMI R. 7 days ago
At 9:05...that slave-face tho. Samuel Jackson, sah, Oh have you conjured up tha slave-face!! Boy I can count the lashes on his back by his past-defeated super submissive totally broken down countenance. Unbelievable and amazing work.
PN H 8 days ago
James is the King of interesting late night TV
RuiYi GE
RuiYi GE 8 days ago
Wow, so many movies. On of thr least favorite public person, but it takes you back somedegree somewhat when you see how many movies he done.
kraqah 8 days ago
Haha I really didnt think they would do Black Snake Moan
Erik 8 days ago
My favourite actor.
dona van raalte
dona van raalte 9 days ago
This was so great! I needed a break from shootings and politics!
joey Van der Kelen
2pac mtf samuel
Lorenzo Castillo
Lorenzo Castillo 10 days ago
I feel like most actors wouldn’t agree to do something like this! Samuel L. Jackson forever!
steve mack
steve mack 10 days ago
Samuel L Jackson is one of my favorite actors.
Lil Cartelito
Lil Cartelito 11 days ago
that's a clone
Roozbeh Man
Roozbeh Man 11 days ago
Im tired of these motherfuggin snakes on this motherfuggin plane
Alyah That’s me
Alyah That’s me 11 days ago
XxDead By LagxX
XxDead By LagxX 12 days ago
David Okinsky
David Okinsky 12 days ago
No long kiss goodnight?
Patrick Chinaski
Patrick Chinaski 13 days ago
I need to know tha name of the song of soul man
William Miller
William Miller 13 days ago
Pretty cool. Samuel Jackson holds the record for appearing in most movies in history.
Guillermo Pérez Hernández
"Waste the motherf*ckers!" No? Anyone...?
Evan Matthews
Evan Matthews 14 days ago
Holy damn, he needs to make a blues album! 8:10 😵
Moose 17 days ago
At least 126 movies
TheEmptyForever 17 days ago
What the hell happened to POWA UNLIMITED POWA ? D:
ryan marr
ryan marr 17 days ago
put your hands together for one of the funniest motherlovers in film.
Nick Topinopolis
Nick Topinopolis 17 days ago
"Get my lightsaber out tha bag." "Which one is it?" *as if he should know "It's the one that says 'Bad Motherfucker' on it!"
Stephen Waterman
Stephen Waterman 17 days ago
The negotiator is one of the best. NiBomb!
Reel&Liamtaylor Love eating grapefruit
Wait Samuel was the dude from goodfellas who gets shot
Waiana Kamo
Waiana Kamo 18 days ago
Most of the scenes are of him holding a gun Don't know if that's racist or not
Carmen Kaczkowski
Carmen Kaczkowski 18 days ago
I love Samuel L. Jackson! Pulp fiction and Kingsman movies are my favourite, thanks for sharing!
Tony F
Tony F 18 days ago
That's the worst celebrity impression done by themselves in a long time.
BigSmoke20061989 18 days ago
His Voice is so fckn awsm. hehehe Officer Tenpenny from GTA San Andreas.....greeting from Germany!
DragoDark 18 days ago
wheres gta san andreas is??
Grey Acumen
Grey Acumen 19 days ago
Super disappointed that we didn't get a Long Kiss Goodnight or a Hitman's Bodyguard reference.
enndo84 19 days ago
That was really good
Jeff's Green Muscle Marker
Django Unchained was great!
Damn those land sharks are dangerous...lol
Dilan Frankfurt
Dilan Frankfurt 20 days ago
There is a fucking Witch on the bloody audience hella creepy, 7:26
50 Pence
50 Pence 20 days ago
Great body of work. He never rest. I was waiting for The Long Kiss Goodnight
Xehemoth 20 days ago
Its impossible to dislike Samuel L Jackson.
TimRsns 20 days ago
9:41 he predicted a scene from avengers endgame
Roger Medina
Roger Medina 20 days ago
funny af
Pack of Water
Pack of Water 20 days ago
Not funny, didn’t laugh.
Bunny Bro
Bunny Bro 20 days ago
No one can say that Sam L Jackson just HAPPENS to end up in iconic movies
Ty Kimmet
Ty Kimmet 21 day ago
Samuel L. Jackson is one of the best actors. The man can do any part.
Speed Brutal
Speed Brutal 21 day ago
I was hoping he would say “Take a seat, Skywalker”.
micha McV.
micha McV. 21 day ago
ok & now we fire everyone who couldnt keep silence in the viewers, thats a goddamn studio no stalinspeach . probably im just not the fokusgroup of emotionless tv watching people that i dont want a payed auditorium to prereact for me...
Business Raptor
Business Raptor 21 day ago
Could have bought a real curtain
Celtic Iron
Celtic Iron 21 day ago
Freaking loved it
Timothy Morris
Timothy Morris 21 day ago
Well that was fun haha
Jasper Gerrits
Jasper Gerrits 22 days ago
Ahh damn i missed the part where it said James Corden i wish i never clicked this link. To James Corden and Trevor Noah i waan say thanks for ruining comedy you aholes.
Alex 22 days ago
I really hoped Corden will try and do a Matrix scene to piss SLJ off
Dominic O'Conner
Dominic O'Conner 22 days ago
he could have just said mother fucker that would cover just about all his movies
Willy Espinoza
Willy Espinoza 22 days ago
cringe fest
JuanChO Khan
JuanChO Khan 22 days ago
Just epic!
Poindexter Rana
Poindexter Rana 22 days ago
Didn’t realize how many hit movies he was in until they did it back to back like that! And they didn’t even do it all. I was waiting for snakes in a plane. 😆
zmznzbzvzmznzb 22 days ago
I can't even explain how much you have to watch this. So I won't
stoplyinn 22 days ago
Anyone seen all these movies.
Wojtek Ciesiółka
Wojtek Ciesiółka 22 days ago
Where is "I count six shots nyga! I count two Guns, nyga"
Wojtek Ciesiółka
Wojtek Ciesiółka 20 days ago
@DocDuck yeah, mine too
DocDuck 20 days ago
That's one of my favourites
Kitty sareen
Kitty sareen 22 days ago
Omg I didn’t know he was in incredibles😍
The Sailors channel.
May I mention that James cordon played in doctor who during the 12 doctor?
Fugya Mofug
Fugya Mofug 22 days ago
no 187
Pyro matisch
Pyro matisch 22 days ago
Samuel in how many films you took part? Samuel: Yes
Ben 22 days ago
Title should be James corden acts out samuels career/ featuring Samuel jackson
Proto 22 days ago
Officer Tempeny?
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