SAMSUNG MAKES FUN OF APPLE | Funniest Upgrade to Galaxy Commercials | INGENIOUS Commercials

Nishith Vijaydhar
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rahul subramanian
note 9>>>>>iphonex
Black Sniper
Black Sniper 10 days ago
Dislike for the stupid minutes of nothing
Naic 26 days ago
Really wanting those ads
Piston bro1
Piston bro1 27 days ago
Half of the video was "HeLq mE r34Ch 3EK sUbS"
SCP Foundation
SCP Foundation Month ago
funfact the Double donge costs 40€
Its pelaajahacks on roblox 2 cuz account got banned
Stolen + 5 minutes of nothing
ZeroFrenzy Month ago
This guy has the hardest job in the world
umar muhammad
umar muhammad Month ago
5 minutes waste of time bcoz admin is bloody indian
Assistant Regional Manager Dwight K. Schrute
You fucking Indian fuck!
Supreme GMB
Supreme GMB Month ago
I mean he sees us commenting about the 5 minutes of nothing. Hes just too pussy to reply cuz he knows it's some dumb shit. More dislikes than likes lol fuck this dude.
plasmaboy1997 2 months ago
Say it with me, Apple Sucks!
Jack Ethier
Jack Ethier 6 days ago
@Alexander Zarkov Quality with the logo, jk some Apple products are fine, Its just annoying that their phones and accessories cost so much. Like $999 for a Mac Pro stand.
Alexander Zarkov
Alexander Zarkov 6 days ago
Why do you have to be rude? Apple has quality!
RAED ALZAKWANI 12 days ago
@Jack Ethier 👀😂
Jack Ethier
Jack Ethier 12 days ago
Now I agree Apple isn't the best I prefer Samsung. But why in your profile pic are you holding an iPhone 5/SE?
@RAED ALZAKWANI what the fuck does that mean?
Hermes Hidayat
Hermes Hidayat 4 months ago
5mins of fun and 5 mins of shit.
Trascy Jaac
Trascy Jaac 4 months ago
Love it!!!
Skrt Trks
Skrt Trks 6 months ago
WTF I an ad of the same ad that I was just watching popped up *mind-blowing*
Sebastian Johansson
Sebastian Johansson 6 months ago
You know a company is pretty shitty when they have to mock other companies products to sell theirs.
faux angel
faux angel 2 months ago
Apple does it too... its called trying to get people to buy your products
Poof! Card Tricks
Poof! Card Tricks 2 months ago
Sebastian Johansson ikr
Gg Com
Gg Com 6 months ago
Wouldve liked and subbed if you didnt put 5 minutes of nothing in the end...
Chucklenut Butt
Chucklenut Butt 7 days ago
I know right
Swux 3 months ago
Watch time hungry
Panhandler matt
Panhandler matt 6 months ago
I wish I subscribed just so I could unsubscribe for that
Skrt Trks
Skrt Trks 6 months ago
He has to feed his kids in Romania
neil underwood
neil underwood 6 months ago
5 minutes of nothing. wtf
Swux 3 months ago
neil underwood chill, he has to feed his kids in romania
cringeyboi .memes
cringeyboi .memes 7 months ago
Are you pointing to your heart or your logo? Yes
kaeraz verse
kaeraz verse 8 months ago
your finger? 😂😂
Documental 8 months ago
fucking keep the video going after the compilation just for ad revenue
Joel Bryan Francisco
Original comp is 4:30 but this Asshole made his video reach 10 minutes by putting a stupid plea for subs so that he can put ads on it.
Kavin Kr
Kavin Kr 9 months ago
34k bitch
Tigerex966 11 months ago
funny and true
Ezra Redgwell
Ezra Redgwell 3 months ago
It’s very true apple sucks
De Lauris
De Lauris 4 months ago
Brown Sauce
Brown Sauce 6 months ago
Tigerex966 no
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