Samsung Galaxy Watch vs Apple Watch Series 4 | Show Time!

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Samsung Galaxy Watch Silver 46mm
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Rose Gold 42mm
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Apple Watch Series 4 Space Grey
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Fintie Milanese 22mm Band for Galaxy Watch 46mm
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In my last 2 videos, I reviewed the #GalaxyWatch and the #AppleWatch Series 4. In this video, The best in the game go head to head in must see #Smartwatch comparison. The Samsung Galaxy Watch vs The Apple Watch Series 4. From Water Resistance, Fitness features, NFC tap to pay, Wireless Charging, Watch Faces, Apps, and sophisticated mobile software. Which is the Best Smartwatch 2019?
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Jan 25, 2019

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Comments 724
Oliver Jepp
Oliver Jepp 5 hours ago
My big question is why does every picture online show the silver with a black bezel? Is there an option for the silver bezel+silver case I am missing? ;/
TeQreation Hour ago
It's a bezel cover by Ringke - amzn.to/2SvgUrd
Trigger Happy
Trigger Happy 5 hours ago
I got a cheap 15 smart watch for fun and people keep mistaking it for an apple watch, then there's people in the comments saying the apple watch looks nicer lol.
RedBlueSpot Day ago
I own the Galaxy watch and have much experience with the Apple watch. I prefer the Galaxy watch. It looks better, feels better and lasts longer. Both watches got great OS and do pretty much the same thing, but apple watch is given the edge. All other aspects the Samsung Galaxy watch takes the lead. I've never experienced any disconnection problems with Galaxy Watch but the "Bixby" function is horrible. I don't even think it's the same Bixby as on the Galaxy phones.
Daniel R
Daniel R 2 days ago
What watch face was that on the Galaxy at 11:47 ? Can anyone tell me ?
Doctor Brain
Doctor Brain 2 days ago
Galaxy watch is for real men. Apple watch for kids and women who want more modern and toyish stuff
Abiymelek Yahudah
Galaxy all the way
Mohammed Barakat
Mohammed Barakat 4 days ago
I like Samsung Galaxy watch
Spedracer55 5 days ago
yeah try using that crown thing while its on ya wrist its terrible
Braheim Rush
Braheim Rush 10 days ago
Apple watch look cheezy..cause it is duhh
Braheim Rush
Braheim Rush 10 days ago
Apple watch shit😂😂
X9 Nutshell
X9 Nutshell 10 days ago
Apple Watch positives:-smarter(faster) -make you look rich -better screen+materials -better ai -better app functions Galaxy watch positives: -customization -round display -larger crown Winner(in my opinion and according to above): Apple Watch, all of the little things add up
Jupiter Bright
Jupiter Bright 11 days ago
Galaxy or gear series is a joke. It's beautiful, I love it but it gets boring fast and been 3 years no real improvement to tizen or voice assistant. Apple watch screen looks beautiful but square shaped is a turn off :(
BrunkkiPro 11 days ago
i own an apple watch, and thinking about switching to an samsung watch. does a samsung watch work with iPhone?
TenzinNiznet 10 days ago
Brunkki Pro TV yes
2000 Hyundai Elantra
You can find any photo and turn it into a watch face. Mine is Danny devito
Astronomical 1
Astronomical 1 12 days ago
what weather widget is that at 0:25
Iesa Ali
Iesa Ali 12 days ago
Shut your hole
Sam Pomare
Sam Pomare 12 days ago
Apple Watch has no competition
JoshTubeHD 13 days ago
I bet Samsung told you to give good comments to the Samsung Galaxy Watch for money. It’s called bribery man!
AL1V3 8 days ago
@TeQreation oof
TeQreation 13 days ago
I don't even think samsung knows I exist.
Frank The Tank
Frank The Tank 14 days ago
Love what you have, be happy with your choice, both are great pieces of tech.
Aleksandar be together not the same
Crapple cheap toy for dumb american 😀😀😀
R Cc
R Cc 15 days ago
Another so called reviewer that is totally biased towards Apple.
Arnaud 16 days ago
I'm IOS but I have galaxy watch and I like it !!
DOGGY'S FAMILY 14 days ago
Arnaud it’s a nice watch but in my way I really prefer a Apple Watch apples and updates but I’m glad you like the product I might soon check it out and do a test with both my series 4 and Samsung watch
Martin 17 days ago
The problem I have with the android watch is that its trying too hard to resemble a traditional watch which ends up looking tacky, where apple watch is doing its own thing.
AL1V3 8 days ago
@Martin there are many square shaped watches you know
Martin 8 days ago
AL1V3 I don’t mean the watch face, I mean the physical shape of it.
AL1V3 8 days ago
I use a picture of my friends as a watch face, so technically, its doing its own thing. Hell i changed it to Bob Ross.
Mr. DerpyDirector
Mr. DerpyDirector 19 days ago
The Gear is more elegant The apple watch is hipster
DJ_RueBoi 20 days ago
Dope review. I just ordered a 4. But I have a gear s3
Ben 20 days ago
just get the stainless steel version of the apple watch. i got it. feels great
Anonimo 21 day ago
Who uses apple watch is a clown
Philip G
Philip G 22 days ago
Galaxy watch you can use on both Android and iOS. You can't with the apple watch
Steve Gale
Steve Gale 22 days ago
Awesome T-shirt buddy
aksel2609 22 days ago
Galaxy just looks more prettier...but in everithing else apple watch is much better..🤷🏻‍♂️
SuperGamer Bro
SuperGamer Bro 22 days ago
For me its the opposite
Jump Thenics
Jump Thenics 23 days ago
Galaxy watch
Tetron Richard
Tetron Richard 23 days ago
I have the Series 4 44mm and I love it! Maybe is because I’m a straight up All Out Apple Fan
DOGGY'S FAMILY 14 days ago
Tetron Richard me too
Nathaniel's Phone
Nathaniel's Phone 24 days ago
Why this guy talking as if you can choose which one you buy. It all matters on what phone you have anyways lol.
Steve Bogucki
Steve Bogucki 24 days ago
I own the Galaxy watch, never had any of these problems.
khalid ahmed
khalid ahmed 24 days ago
I like apple maybe 7 years But now really i hate apple cuz i have 2 proplem on my iphone X ?!?!? I buy Note 9 & S10 And now i will got this watch GALAXY 4 Ever
Vvmopz 25 days ago
Think its rediculous that apple doesn't allow android compatibility.
Mama Lemon
Mama Lemon 21 day ago
if apple would made an android compatible watch they will get 1 more customer coz i like the style however not their phones thou
ok_computer 25 days ago
I can only recommend the galaxy watch for those who have a galaxy phone. My budget android was unable to work with the watch. If i'm going to spend $1K on a phone in order to use a watch, its going to be an iphone and apple watch.
portedbikes 25 days ago
You have a extremely budget Android phone... you do not need a flagship to work with your watch... my Galaxy Gear cost more than my Note4... waiting for the Note10 to upgrade the phone, but my watch works flawlessly with my "budget" phone (considering you can buy this Note4 brand new for under $200 today).
Rixx 26 days ago
Vote for Samsung GW
jkeener1988 26 days ago
Samsung Galaxy!!
Jasmine LoveFlower
Jasmine LoveFlower 26 days ago
Darn apple doenst work with android Fitbit wins :-)
Roderick Jackson
Roderick Jackson 26 days ago
Great video bruh! I appreciate you for not trash talking Android vs. iPhone like so many people do!! So sad that people argue over "STUPID " stuff! First timer of seeing your video and loved it, and I hit that like & subscribe button! Great job and keep it up!! 😎👍
Julien Lindauer
Julien Lindauer 27 days ago
The Galaxy Watch looks like a watch. The Apple Watch looks like a smartwatch.
4u25out 28 days ago
Galaxy watch looks more futuristic.
Nimal De Silva
Nimal De Silva 28 days ago
dude! thank for the comparison, btw, whats that white wire on your ears?
TeQreation 28 days ago
@Nimal De Silva LOL
Nimal De Silva
Nimal De Silva 28 days ago
TeQreation 😂 ok, thought that was some new bone conducting ear piece!
TeQreation 28 days ago
I gotta spot light hitting me from behind
Hey You
Hey You 29 days ago
That Series 4 is on fire.
Kjetil Korsveien
Kjetil Korsveien 29 days ago
I have both and this is the best comparison I’ve seen. It’s all to the point on both watches.
TeQreation 29 days ago
I spend a lot of time on scripting. Thank you!
TheWhiteLightning 29 days ago
Why did I see the same ad 5 times?
Margaret Kilby
Margaret Kilby Month ago
I was not thrilled seeing what Apple was coming out with in phones. I had an iPhone X & had all intentions of keeping it awhile until it started to degrade in performance. The watch issue, I was very surprised how responsive the Galaxy was compared to the IWatch. For my needs, the Galaxy is much more.detailed in information. The phone on the Galaxy works far better than the IWatch. But I still have Apple computers & an iPad Pro which I think is the best for my needs.
OCFLAboi407 Month ago
How did you change out the black dial on the watch that changes settings and screens to being silver?
GOBIC ROY 29 days ago
Maeve williams
Maeve williams Month ago
Ok srry "Let's FACE it" watches AND FACES😂😂😂
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