Samsung Galaxy Watch vs Apple Watch Series 4 | Show Time!

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In my last 2 videos, I reviewed the #GalaxyWatch and the #AppleWatch Series 4. In this video, The best in the game go head to head in must see #Smartwatch comparison. The Samsung Galaxy Watch vs The Apple Watch Series 4. From Water Resistance, Fitness features, NFC tap to pay, Wireless Charging, Watch Faces, Apps, and sophisticated mobile software. Which is the Best Smartwatch 2019?
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Jan 25, 2019




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Comments 438
wynaut huhwynaut
wynaut huhwynaut 15 hours ago
Why would you want a heavier watch?
Loki27 Day ago
Damn Apple Watch slaughtered the Samsung watch in terms of reliability. I was gonna consider Samsung because of the design but the software isn’t quite up there yet.
ED 209
ED 209 Day ago
A nice, high quality presentation with this comparison. Well done.
MrQuaazga 2 days ago
I'm cursed because I like both phones and I like the Apple Watch.
MH0709 2 days ago
Samsung software is the problem.
Moren din
Moren din 3 days ago
I need some help. I’m going to buy one of these watches, but I don’t know which one. I have an iPhone. I like the looks and the battery life of the galaxy watch more than the apple watch, but other than that, I like the apple watch more. What should I do?
Carlos Pantoja
Carlos Pantoja 3 days ago
This guy is in the apple payroll
Vladimir Derun
Vladimir Derun 3 days ago
TY for a straight forward review bruh, ✊🏻
RICK 3 days ago
Ohhhh my brutha .. by far best review of the big Apple vs Galaxy watch deal.. I own both the Galaxy 46mm and the series 4 in 44mm.. You abbbbsolultely speak the truth and sum it up flawlessly. The Apple gear is fantastic and stable and fast and smooth and sporty but can feel and look predictable and teenie and or plasticky and generic.. oddly those are also huge benefits to anyone who runs or swims or lifts or works as a first responder etc.. super lightweight and you truly forget you're wearing it as theyre so sleek.. suprisingly they also hold up so so well avoiding scratches and I have seen zero weakening of apple batt life. just a great busy fit persons watch who wants smooth. Samsungs item is so high quality felt and rugged and alot more logical feeling due to that sick bezel ... batt life is insane and its feels like it needs a good suit... but running an hour with the Galaxy it does feel present, or remind you it's big.. which is great and fair but they both have obvious pros and cons.. big rugged traditional and stable or sleek rugged sporty and stable.. its a win win.. I swap back and forth every few weeks as I crave them both.. more reviews buddy youre slick. Cheers
ethn 7 hours ago
My eyes have been blessed with your comment.
Bell Kun
Bell Kun 5 days ago
I think These guys who commented and said gear s3 is better I think they didn’t see what you can do with apple watch
Dennis Alexander
Dennis Alexander 6 days ago
The first thing I notice is that Apple watch is ULTRA UGLY and Samsung looks like a beautiful watch.
Reppy07 6 days ago
I don't care for Apple products and just ordered a used Galaxy Watch 46mm because fuck the $500 price tag. So here's to hoping it's a good watch. Had the Huawei watch when it first came out. No wireless charging, has to be charged every night, no oled screen (seriously, in pitch black, my god the watch looked ugly because you can see a blatant red hue because it's a back lit screen ick), no rotating bezel or crown. But the watch itself is fucking sexy especially with a black link band. And I missed getting notifications without having to check my phone for its importance.
Hozzy Daemon
Hozzy Daemon 6 days ago
I’m going to get the Apple Watch Series 4. I tried the Galaxy Watch and was not impressed. It’s very nice but it doesn’t do much. I’m all about the specs and features more so than customization or prettyness. Is prettyness even a word?😂👍 thanks for your vid as it made me make up my mind on this.
Fritz Frigursson079
Do you have an iPhone or android phone
Javier Ramirez
Javier Ramirez 8 days ago
I'm a simple guy, I only use Samsung pay, Samsung health, and simple notifications. So Samsung wins hands down for me.
Marcos Berrutti
Marcos Berrutti 8 days ago
I am a galaxy watch user and you didn´t mention too many features on galaxy watch, only the features on which is similar to an apple watch which is sad, cause the the galaxy watch gets limitated
Tev B
Tev B 2 hours ago
idk, galaxy watch still has some distance to go to be a apple watches level tbh. Kinda lacking
Elvis Sanchez
Elvis Sanchez 8 days ago
Great video, i went with the Samsung galaxy gear watch =}
Michael Nguyen
Michael Nguyen 8 days ago
What screen protector do you use for the galaxy watch?
Rah R
Rah R 8 days ago
Plastic wrap
FrootLoop 9 days ago
galaxy hr sensor is TRASH during workouts.
FrootLoop 9 days ago
tizen is just trash compared to watchos... and no I am not a fanboy I started with android wear back in 2014
Dewar Dewar
Dewar Dewar 10 days ago
Apple Apps looks better but watch looks like toy :(
Imran Ahmed
Imran Ahmed 10 days ago
so basically, apple watch is hands down the investment we should make. However, i don't see the point of spending $1400. This includes getting the iphone too, which is just not cool
Let's Play a Game
Let's Play a Game 10 days ago
Can't agree with battery life - 18 hours is not 2 days and that's the official work time for AW4. Now on the GW it's FOURTH day and it's still 31% - used all the time plus gym workouts.
Nhat Tran
Nhat Tran 10 days ago
One biggest feature and most important feature the Apple watch has that the samsung watch doesn't even come close to having it is the heart ECG function. That Apple Watch feature has been known to save lives. I have never heard of the Samsung watch saving any lives.
Panda 10 days ago
just saying the apple watch looks way more futuristic and the galaxy watch looks like it's from 2005
ty fine
ty fine 11 days ago
Let's just say galaxy watch is more manly and apple watch is for cool people like the galaxy their both the same
Bella m
Bella m 11 days ago
This review is rlly biased tbh
Rah R
Rah R 8 days ago
Cause apple paid him
LƎO 14 days ago
apple watch ios is beautiful especially the wallpapers and animations but galaxy watch is more practical
ThePaladin 14 days ago
Really helpful and refreshingly objective vid. thanks mate
Brian Hicks
Brian Hicks 14 days ago
Good review.Well presented.
Mr. Elliott
Mr. Elliott 14 days ago
Thank-you for this it was educational.......Uhmmm did not know the Apple Watch had so many features......however still love, love, love the S3 I currently own.........Question for you........Do you know of any watch face that uses a Comma Format........example you have 17889 steps for the day.....do you know of a watchface that displasy 17,889..........?
Miguel Lazo
Miguel Lazo 14 days ago
There is way more features on gear that were not shown.
Reppy07 6 days ago
I'm sure the same applies for the apple watch.
Maria Victoria
Maria Victoria 15 days ago
I came across your video and I enjoy how ur clear and honest on your review, good job,
Sirpoopsalot 15 days ago
Honestly the galaxy watch is beautiful but the Apple watche is more practical
Quinn Paradise May
Quinn Paradise May 15 days ago
I really want an apple watch but I love my galaxy phone. I'm not willing to buy an iPhone just to have a apple watch
Carlos Alberto Pujols Hernandez
Well if you think the apple watch looks cheap its because you chose the aluminum. If you choose any stainless steel version and a nice looking band than it’ll look really fancy. Common sense you were the one who chose the cheap looking one. If you gonna compare at least get the watches to be as close as possible in color to each other, you could’ve compared it to the silver stainless steel watch which looks more similar in color to the other watch you have then that would’ve been a fair comparison. Also if you want more weight then get the stainless steel 🙄like...
Sebastian  Vargas
Sebastian Vargas 15 days ago
Imagine showing all of that to someone in the 1930’s or 40s lol we’re in the future and we’re being picky about what’s better
Mark K
Mark K 15 days ago
Aesthetically, the galaxy watch is far inferior from the apple watch. Fuck your opinion.
Soccer Unbox TV
Soccer Unbox TV 16 days ago
With my Apple watch I find when I listen to music while wearing long sleeves, my sleeves accidently slide the crown and blast the volume and destroys my ear drums without warning.
Kendrick Perkins
Kendrick Perkins 16 days ago
Nah for thieves that said the apple is better is crazy.I swear almost everyone you see has a iPhone even y’all favorite actors ,singers and artist.The Samsung watch does has apps and you.and turn the screen with 2 options.With apple its basic the display is just better.Apple is for rich people that has money to waste.As we speak I have apple I phone x laptop everything.I really believe Samsung is better and people just don’t want to admit it.Just like PlayStation.I prefer Xbox one instead.Playstation is too plain just like apple.Its just the displays once again.Stop hating on Samsung And Microsoft and just give them they props.
Acurry17 17 days ago
Replaced the Galaxy watch with Apple Watch series 4. This thing is futuristic. The fitness components are out of this world. Damn Apple!. The watch faces and aesthetics are so clean.
voteDC 15 days ago
I prefer the Galaxy S3 simply because it looks like a watch. To me the Apple Watch, while a better smart device, looks like a small iPhone on the wrist.
Ben 10
Ben 10 17 days ago
*9:20* millie rock
MasterHero 17 days ago
Atta boy, good reviews, u gonna reach millions subscribers in no time, u r literally better than the channels that have millions
Venitha Herarth
Venitha Herarth 18 days ago
Why is your bezel on the galaxy watch silver? Oh probably shouldn't have commented before watching the video. My bad.
hh24-262 262
hh24-262 262 18 days ago
Galaxy way better in style and excersise
ReckedByJV -
ReckedByJV - 18 days ago
Stop hating
fardhlu007 20 days ago
I have the galaxy watch 4g 46mm and my experience with connectivity is flawless and supper fast. Every time I leave home without the watch and come back home the watch connect immediately am in range. So it might be your watch/phone that has connectivity issues
J Smith
J Smith 14 days ago
Same here never had a problem.
Venitha Herarth
Venitha Herarth 18 days ago
Same here with the Galaxy 46mm, don't know what happened to him
Hunter Richardson
Hunter Richardson 19 days ago
Same here I was confused when he said he had issues
Robert Kotula
Robert Kotula 20 days ago
Just a quick note. More RAM is not a straight up indication of how snappy the OS is. It all depends on other factors like the CPU Performance (Apple is custom designed), OS Optimisation (again something Apple is good at) as well as other components used within the phone. You need to look at the whole picture.
EddiePassions 21 day ago
i wish apple watch could support android!
FC WHAT 21 day ago
WAAAAY TOO MANY ADS.. I lost interest !
AirForce Gamer
AirForce Gamer 16 days ago
What ads? I didnt get a single one
aaron terrill
aaron terrill 21 day ago
TeQreation.... Great video bro. I appreciate you being neutral on your personal feelings and not pushing people one way or the other. Very informative and well put together video. Keep up the good work. Never seen one of your videos before, but I def. hit that subscribe button.
TeQreation 21 day ago
🙏🏻 🙏🏻 🙏🏻
Bidhan Amatya
Bidhan Amatya 22 days ago
What are the names of the watch faces used in the galaxy watch ?..really liked it
San_ 22 days ago
As a watch, Samsung trashes Apple. As a smartwatch, right now sadly Apple trashes Samsung. Bixby is just terrible; if they'd allow Google Assistant, it'd solve 99% of the issues.
Zack P.
Zack P. 23 days ago
I have Apple Watch, G3 and lastly Galaxy. For me, it is primarily watch that shows time. It has to look good since it is on my wrist day and night. All other functions come after that. So G3/Galaxy beat crap out of the plain square design of Apple watch which is not even design. It's nothing. Like a sawn off piece of a cell phone. I know, Apple marketing teams show is off like it is the most unique design, but again, it's nothing! No design at all. S3/Galaxy is made from stainless steel as a watch should be. Apple watch is made of aluminum. For stainless steel, you have to shell out twice as much. As for software Apple watch works perfectly with iPhone and G3/Galaxy with Android where G3/Galaxy also can work with the iPhone. That part really sucks. Only basic interactions are there, but that is "thanks" to Apple imposed limitations. I intentionally sacrificed full functionality of the Apple watch/iPhone pair to amazing looks with hundreds of watch faces of G3/Galaxy/iPhone limited functionality. I can live with that. Faces Apple Watch has are a joke. Minnie Mouse? Are you kidding me?
Carl G
Carl G 23 days ago
Apple Watch is just a plain looking, overpriced, glorified health monitoring device. I definitely won’t be trading in my Galaxy Watch anytime soon.
StreetSpeedMayhem 23 days ago
stopped watching when he compared the weight of the watches when he doesn't have the stainless steel watch to compare it too..... ALUMINUM SUPPOSE TO BE LIGHTER THAT IS THE WHOLE POINT!
Adam Abbas
Adam Abbas 23 days ago
I remember in the past, it was apple that had the looks and samsung that had the bells and whistles. Samsung doesn't innovate as much as they used to. Apple hasn't innovated in many years. The Chinese companies are trying different things out and experimenting. Its what samsung used to do, but stop doing once they got the market lead.
Deep Jyoti Ray
Deep Jyoti Ray 23 days ago
Wow man loved your.l content. The in depth analysis and review holds every bit true with my own experience. Awesome crisp content. keep it up bro.
Ayas Hossain
Ayas Hossain 25 days ago
i already have both and also the Smartphone for each one and i must say: The apple watch is much more smarter than the Samsung watch because it works easier than it and it works cleaner. I have never seeen a lagg on the apple waatch. And on the Samsung watch have i seen many lagg after using it 2 months. Shortly: The apple watch works niceee The Samsung watch looks nicee
RnB Harley
RnB Harley 25 days ago
Does the Rinke ruin the vinyl/design on the bezel?
Lemont Ellis
Lemont Ellis 22 days ago
I want to know the samething please reply
RnB Harley
RnB Harley 25 days ago
Does the Rinke ruin the vinyl/design on the bezel?
J Smith
J Smith 14 days ago
Nope not at all.
jason hyde
jason hyde 25 days ago
I’ve had 2 galaxy watches loved them both but never got 3 days out of them. On the other had I just bought the gen 4 watch and love it better and get better and longer days out of it and a plus can listen to music with it in my head phones.
SantiagoL.C 1409
SantiagoL.C 1409 26 days ago
Honestly each smartwatch is good for the phones that they're made for, but I really wish that apple watch had a regular watch design fr
Richie Rich
Richie Rich 27 days ago
There's absolutely no reason whatsoever that the apple watch has to be so expensive. Reduce it by 100 and it'll be an interesting watch then.
sourav rahman
sourav rahman 27 days ago
Galaxy watch FTW
Nathaniel Schroeder
Renault Panka
Renault Panka 28 days ago
I have both😃😃
Bhesk24 7
Bhesk24 7 28 days ago
🗣 android is trash
Arsh kk
Arsh kk 29 days ago
What is the size of galaxy watch? which you have compared with apple watch
John Salinas
John Salinas 29 days ago
This review sucks. There's alot of errors in his review. Apple sucks!!!!
Maria O' Connor
Maria O' Connor 20 days ago
John Salinas What errors?
Shawna jacobson
Shawna jacobson 29 days ago
Can we stop and just talk about the ZIPPER 0n his t-shirt
teyzman Month ago
Although I'm an android guy, apple really nailed the UX on the apple watch
Jman 2081
Jman 2081 Month ago
I know several gayphone and gaywatch users you know the ones with the fruit logo that already has a bite missing, anyways please stop throwing your money away on low storage, low control rancid rotting fruit products. There has to be something better in the world or Galaxy maybe?
Maria O' Connor
Maria O' Connor 20 days ago
Jman 2081 It’s good you cleared that up because I could never tell 😂
Jman 2081
Jman 2081 20 days ago
+Maria O' Connor Good. Apple is so SJW. Both I want nothing to do with
Maria O' Connor
Maria O' Connor 20 days ago
Jman 2081 Using “gay” as a slur? That’s so Android.
lmlBFMVlml Month ago
Great review!
Mammoni Mammoni
Mammoni Mammoni Month ago
apple fan
William Brown
William Brown Month ago
omg they still deploy s-voice with galaxy watch? they seriously must hate their customers btw, this was a REALLY good review/comparison. i'm very impressed. SUBd.
Mythical Toes
Mythical Toes Month ago
I didnt know adama traore reviews tech
Theonlydezman Month ago
Very well done review, fleshed everything out and brought forth good points. Anyone ignorant of smart watches would be pleasantly enlightened after watching an easy to follow video such as this.
TeQreation Month ago
🙏🏻 🙏🏻 🙏🏻
Omkar Shirgaonkar
Omkar Shirgaonkar
Give me that watch . If you don't need
Sathyanarayana Vemula
Your hardware customization for Samsung Galaxy watch was the worst i have ever seen and this video is the best comparison b/w the smart watches. I think i covered both good and bad review😉😉😉😉
Ruby F
Ruby F Month ago
Doesnt the Apple Watch only work on iPhones? Correct me if Im wrong but as far as I know, Samsung watches work on both iPhones and Samsung (android) phones, but Apple Watches work on iPhones ONLY
The Fallen Angel
Idk for sure but I think Bluetooth lets it connect to both, but maybe not
Suraj Sunkara
Suraj Sunkara Month ago
Suraj Sunkara
Suraj Sunkara Month ago
Mrs DFJA Month ago
As much as the apple products cost. It should be perfect. It's not worth the money to me.
Patrick Tsomole
Patrick Tsomole Month ago
This guy can talk nun stop
Kenneth Williams
I have the galaxy watch and having a hard time receiving notifications .. any help
Sam Brazier
Sam Brazier Month ago
Do you use message or message+ for texting? Because if you use message+ you need to go onto the phone app for watch and go to notifications and toggle message off. It will fix your text notifications. And while in the notification menu on your phone you can toggle anything else you want notifications for. Hope it helps
Cody Vlado
Cody Vlado Month ago
Too many ads. Bro
Rajib Paul
Rajib Paul Month ago
I have Apple Watch Series 3. I dont have options for Watch Faces. That is a one of the most negative aspect of Apple Watch.
Shugg Filmz And Studio
I don't which u own. Mine has so many faces. They are stocked in the Apple watch app on your phone. Just download them and back it watch face.
Press and play V
I got no problem with cenection mines stand alone fuckin take this shit to Antarctica
Malik Farooq
Malik Farooq Month ago
Which is best ??
Piers Courage
Piers Courage Month ago
I love ur vids
Bel Production
Bel Production Month ago
Here is the deal. If apple start making circular watches I will purchase one. I don’t like rectangular watches in general.
James Foster
James Foster Month ago
Or at least make them look more premium considering they cost so much??
TeQreation Month ago
Gavin Ladd
Gavin Ladd Month ago
There is WAY more watch faces than fire, vapor, and custom pics! Just go onto the Apple Watch app, there is plenty of watch faces to choose from.
Paw Toledo
Paw Toledo Month ago
Samsung is looks awesome, apple kind of a toy looks
Alvaro Betanzo
Alvaro Betanzo Month ago
0:42, whats the name of that wacth face? tyvm
Alton Kilbourne
Alton Kilbourne Month ago
The 119 dislikes are from isheeps
ash yong
ash yong Month ago
Could u do a video on fossil gen 4 pls?
BartsTrapHouse XBL
Galaxy if you want to look professional and the apple watch for kids
LiL Teddy
LiL Teddy Month ago
+BartsTrapHouse XBL yes Apple watch looks more like a toy
BartsTrapHouse XBL
BartsTrapHouse XBL
Lil Yikes the Apple Watch smoother tech but doesn’t look professional at all
LiL Teddy
LiL Teddy Month ago
I gotta say Apple watch is better than the Galaxy Watch even tho I'm currently using the Galaxy Watch.
Devin Jones
Devin Jones Month ago
I don’t comment often but I do think this is one of the better comparisons out there. Great video!
Bhaskar Jyoti Chetiya
Awsome.. simple but enough detail to make the Decision... Best practical review till now..
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