Samsung Galaxy S20 Comparisons! S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra!

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Hands on with all the new Samsung Galaxy S20 phones at their Unpacked Event in San Francisco!
Jenna's S20 Video: ruvid.net/video/video-dHy3TeA4E9g.html
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Feb 11, 2020




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Comments 80
iJustine 4 months ago
Just an update, the S20 Ultra has a 40mp Front selfie camera, not 10mp as I had mistakenly said in the video. Just wanted to make sure you guys knew :) Also if you wanna watch the Z Flip video, you can watch that here: ruvid.net/video/video-tuqNmGrytD8.html
BigD Pineapple
BigD Pineapple 17 days ago
rosierose- roblox
hey I am getting umm the SAMSUNG galaxy is it a good phone?
thedreadedzero 2 months ago
Where can i buy that hoodie Justine
NivOO5 korin
NivOO5 korin 4 months ago
@Kavin Suresh yeah people told me😅, noted
Kavin Suresh
Kavin Suresh 4 months ago
@NivOO5 korin Wide angle is the main camera bruh, Wide and Ultrawide are different lol ( get it right yourself first )
Haki D Innocent
Haki D Innocent 4 days ago
I thought she only likes apple, but she also like Samsung, but not that much. wowow.
By far the best tech vid I've seen on youtube 👏🏻
Soumik Roy
Soumik Roy 7 days ago
1:02 I was literally shocked for a sec... How the heck is she holding 3 phones together.? And then I was like Yeah of course... Silly me 😅😅😅
Shantell Johnson
Shantell Johnson 17 days ago
Video on S20+ is no different from others?
Briani Watkins
Briani Watkins 18 days ago
Hey, I want a pink iPhone 😩
destyni Month ago
I just want the ultra in a pink or blue. Why are there always only certain models that have the cool colors, for apple too 😅
김승현 Month ago
Samsung like Apple comment
Solar Cj
Solar Cj 26 days ago
Honestly I’m think by about making the switch to one of these phones I have the iPhone XR right now
Merlin J.K『JP』
5G haz 300ghz you dont feel anything Unless you hug the antena -Mehdi Sadgar
matt Ib
matt Ib Month ago
very nice, want the s20 in pink
Parth Oomphy
Parth Oomphy Month ago
She talking about Samsung is like a vegan reviewing taste of meat 😂🤣
ZarM 64
ZarM 64 Month ago
Which phone would you get if they all had the same color options?
Elle G-M-M
Elle G-M-M Month ago
I am in love with the pink but definitely will be ordering it once this video is finished.
The Blogger and Unboxer
A different channel I have though
The Blogger and Unboxer
Can you be my manager
Mia Primavera
Mia Primavera 2 months ago
I’m Apple always but these colors got me rethinking. I don’t like how the gray phone has letters in the camera lens. I can’t decide if I like the blue or the pink! 😩
Lulu Nicole 1
Lulu Nicole 1 2 months ago
Can u do I review on the Samsung Galaxy A51 plz
Dave West
Dave West 2 months ago
Vicky 2 months ago
I kinda miss holding a camera. Having a phone and camera in one is handy though and you don't have to buy two separate items
Lotfi Mosbah
Lotfi Mosbah 2 months ago
Samsung the best 🤩🤩🤩🤩😍😍😍😱⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐😎😎
король 2 months ago
I like to have black but we don't have black in our country so I need to buy a cover for it
Mehjabeen Bhuiyan
Mehjabeen Bhuiyan 2 months ago
hi. nice video...is s20+ too big to carry / hold for girls? much appreciate your answer :)
Solar Cj
Solar Cj 26 days ago
Honestly probably not
Claudia Castro
Claudia Castro 2 months ago
I like the color pink but the camera benefits is so freaking what compare to gray. Can someone there can compare what is the benefits of this two phone gray and pink base on camera????
Crafty Travels
Crafty Travels 2 months ago
So curious about the size of the Samsung Ultra! Sadly being un quarantine I don't have the luxury of holding it my own hands :'(... In your opinion, is it too big? (wanted another womans perspective lol) how is the usability?
Malia Baldwin
Malia Baldwin 3 months ago
U are the best omg love u pink squad
I love the iPhone 11 pastel kind of colors but that pink Samsung caught my attention fast 😳 iPhone needs to make a pink phone or light pink like damn..
chamundeshwari prakash
coronavirus is mainstream rn lol
Kaylee Somthin
Kaylee Somthin 3 months ago
Anyone waiting for the note just for the pencil?
Kaylee Somthin
Kaylee Somthin 3 months ago
Still waiting for the note 20. I want it to have a cloud blue color .
Ahmed 3 months ago
Who thinks there all ugly
Princess of a King
Princess of a King 3 months ago
Sooooooooo the differences. Between them are the cameras and size?
Rumman Hasan
Rumman Hasan 3 months ago
Amazing view of great phones! I wish so much to buy this phone but can not for some problems, so waiting for you to give me any of those valuable phones as a gift!!
Mario Morel
Mario Morel 3 months ago
9:25 🤣
Beautiful Mindz
Beautiful Mindz 3 months ago
U fell😂😂😂
Mark Anthony Arcenal
Justine where is the samsung s20 ultra unboxing???? Please unbox it
Allure Goddess
Allure Goddess 3 months ago
Apple needs to step up! That pink is to dieeee for 😩😩😩😩😩
Zuzana Simurdova
Zuzana Simurdova 3 months ago
OMG! Galaxy Ultra sounds like a dream! They are so ahead with the camera! Love it and thank you for making such great videos! Yay*
melanie kahler
melanie kahler 3 months ago
Get the black
leo Cap
leo Cap 3 months ago
Samsung ultra should come with other colors like blue ,pink and green.
Hilly _336
Hilly _336 3 months ago
Can u give me one of ur old phone ......... I don’t even have a phone I am using my iPad
Uriah Fuller
Uriah Fuller 3 months ago
🔥 1:19 🔥💖 👇👇
Bobbie Miller
Bobbie Miller 4 months ago
you should do another colab with Ro
TheLmaoGuy FTW
TheLmaoGuy FTW 4 months ago
Finally a phone iPhone 6 users can't be like: nO tHat'S fAkE
Muhamad farish
Muhamad farish 4 months ago
Kissa sins
Kainthemain 4 months ago
She doing tech, is like trump doing politics
Danny -boy
Danny -boy 4 months ago
Does Samsung still have that horrible beauty mode on there cameras in the S20 models?
jianoob 4 months ago
Such bullshit, all 3 phones have the same telephoto lens, but only s20 ultra has 100x zoom. samsung obviously hasn't thought it through... when you do 100x zoom it looks like trash
john-mark pendlebury
"uses iPhone 11, promotes Samsung for that money"
Mitch Allen
Mitch Allen 4 months ago
S20 Ultra: Pushing limits and giving you 108mp Apple: Yeah we'll just stick to 12mp cameras
AaronW3440 4 months ago
Samsung aren't fools as they're charging you an extra 100 for 5G than what you would be paying for 4G as theyve released ones for 5G and ones that only support 4G
Trenice Adams
Trenice Adams 4 months ago
Yes..im all about the pink also!💗
Ms Ray Ray *
Ms Ray Ray * 4 months ago
Iphone: we have the most expensive phones Galaxy s20 ultra: hold my phone 😂😂😂✌
Tyrangelo 4 months ago
I'm preordering the Galaxy S20 Plus in the Aura Blue color from Best Buy
N_ R
N_ R 4 months ago
$1699 for the 512GB S20 Ultra I preordered. It better turn into a 6 pack & a pizza @ midnight for $1699!
S1X Bucks
S1X Bucks 4 months ago
The front camera is 40mp not 10mp
Kecia Fitts
Kecia Fitts 4 months ago
Hello. Great video I have a question. If I was to upgrade my Samsung note 9 which S20 should I get? My Samsung note 9 is already paid for I dont have to pay anymore on it. I'm only paying for the line. What about the S10 what's appealing there?
주주 4 months ago
Thank you for the Korean CC❤️
Penelope S
Penelope S 4 months ago
MarketOracleTV 4 months ago
Its fake zoom dumbo
KJ Mok
KJ Mok 4 months ago
the thumbnail just shows how most people used the apostrophe wrongly.
cyberdoll2005 4 months ago
i love the cloud pink but nothings making me switch to android. i just need a pink iphone come on apple istg yall got every color exept pink 😩
Mark Kropf
Mark Kropf 4 months ago
I want to see a camera comparison between all of the S20s.
Krista Kalniņa
Krista Kalniņa 4 months ago
I saw u in an Latvian show
sterling samspson
sterling samspson 4 months ago
Why was I watching this trash phone lol
Bluelight5587 4 months ago
a black retangle on a pink phone seriously why not make it the same color as the phone they did it on the s10e
Pita Brar
Pita Brar 4 months ago
Where is comparsion?
Erica Peterson
Erica Peterson 4 months ago
Oh i love justine. She's amazing and so fun!
Daniel Beavers
Daniel Beavers 4 months ago
The color choices are head scratching!
Karl mess
Karl mess 4 months ago
Karl mess
Karl mess 4 months ago
Megan Kirkland
Megan Kirkland 4 months ago
The ultra is for men or for women with man hands lol jk but fr I never understood why the color of the phone mattered bc smart people put protective cases on a phone that costs over $500
Nizar Ahmed
Nizar Ahmed 4 months ago
You in that hoodie , just like a super hero women
Tabby 80
Tabby 80 4 months ago
iJustine: “omg I can’t wait till this video is over so I get my inferior iPhone in my hands”
Tabby 80
Tabby 80 4 months ago
Jamar D more true than funny.
Jamar D
Jamar D 4 months ago
You thought you were funny.
Nathan Jonah 1
Nathan Jonah 1 4 months ago
I need that phone
AppleMuks 4 months ago
Get the grey Jus
Lisa Mccray
Lisa Mccray 4 months ago
Apple have pretty colors in there phones
GK M 4 months ago
Stupid iphones
Darragh O
Darragh O 4 months ago
ROCKN' ROLLA 4 months ago
I guess I'm turning in my GS9+ and upgrading to the S20 Ultra. That front nd back cameras are everything!!
Veronica Bigham
Veronica Bigham 4 months ago
as a proud female mechanical engineer and tech enthusiast, I'm disappointed in the lack of love for girly colors in tech. The limited options for wearable technology with android and now the lack of girly colors in higher end phones just makes me a bit sad. I know there are other people out there who feel the same way, not just me and Justine
Nicksnick ZeldaxTos
Nicksnick ZeldaxTos 4 months ago
Still disturbed at the fact that they didn't name it "PLUS ULTRA!"
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