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The Samsung Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10 & Galaxy S10 (S10 Plus) have finally been unveiled! But what's new, is it a big upgrade, and which Galaxy S10 should you buy? Here's my Hands-On Review! ➤ Amazon US: amzn.to/2H2wA1B ➤ UK: amzn.to/2Vea8X8
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Feb 20, 2019




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Comments 80
The Tech Chap
The Tech Chap Year ago
Which Galaxy S10 would you go for? 🤔 (Also, the S10e has a side Fingerprint reader. Only 10 & 10 Plus have in-screen reader!) 👍
Manav Gupta
Manav Gupta Year ago
@DaFlyingPineapple s i think he meant night mode for camera
Manav Gupta
Manav Gupta Year ago
@DaFlyingPineapple s do you mean dark theme or camera night mode?
Bertie Stemp
Bertie Stemp Year ago
S10, extra lens and sceen size, I'm upgrading from an s7 so I don't think I'll mind losing out on the +
Jake Sobis
Jake Sobis Year ago
None Apple next iPhone would piss all over it
Manav Gupta
Manav Gupta Year ago
@DaFlyingPineapple s ok thx
95SLE 9 months ago
I went for two S10+. One for the wife and one for me. We upgraded from an S4 and an S5. Huge difference for the better. We are both seniors but use the tech pretty well. Your how to use videos are the best!
Mr H
Mr H 10 months ago
Rounded edge screens are stupid. Why don't they make the s10 with flat glass?
Waffley Year ago
I want the samsung s10+
Bradley_Tong 69
Just showing this to my mom
Me One
Me One Year ago
I went from the S9+ to the S10. Not sure if I made right choice. I loved the S9+ but it was just to big in my hand and pocket. As the screen on the S10 is more or less the same height I dicided to go for that yet I did nt factor in the width. The S10 is great and i prefer it in my hand and pocket however i kinda miss the size of the view from the S9. Maybe ill switch yet.
OK OK Year ago
Shane Horne
Shane Horne Year ago
Am waiting for the fold
aguilar69 Year ago
Buy the one you can afford..
Natalie Johns
Natalie Johns Year ago
S10+ plus I have
Cambo Fixing
Cambo Fixing Year ago
next is now the Samsung
Hi, I just purchased the Samsung Galaxy S10 plus- does anyone know ways to prolong battery life? Battery tips etc.? what percentage should I charge it to/ what percentage should I not let it drop below etc.?
Ruben Rabago
Ruben Rabago Year ago
'Tree Wallpaper Link" on 10S+ mate pls. Cheers!!
Barrie Moorcroft
I saw the S10, S10+, and S10e in the flesh. Compared the photos of the S10 and S10e against my S8+. It was night time and there was no difference in the camera performance, which surprised me and the seller, who was trying to better my S8+ snaps himself. Maybe the day time shots would be better. But having seen the 'pixel camera app on a Samsung S8' youtube videos where the pixel software is seen to massively improve the S8 camera performance, it is clear that the Samsung app is holding the quality of the camera back. I think I prefer small bezels than no bezels and a hole in the screen. Having seen it I cannot unsee it The S10e with its side fingerprint reader is a great small phone though, very pocketable and similar in size to a Sony Z Compact, but with a big screen. Its my clear favourite. Also, if the screen breaks on the S10 or S10+, the fingerprint reader cannot be accessed. Just a thought.
Rimon Hossen
Rimon Hossen Year ago
S10 betar
Chain Reaction
My fav phone so far wish i could have this someday all my friends laugh on my phone
kobra Year ago
Just get to the fucking point lol
ijazzy2011 Year ago
Id go for a shave, as should you, your stubble looks a mess.
C Mamba
C Mamba Year ago
I like your videos! I had just subscribed to your channel.
Jadie Cakes
Jadie Cakes Year ago
I want the s10, but will depend what plans are available when it launches... (I dont buy phones outright, always on a 2yr contract).
Never been a fan of the curved edges on my S8 and S9 so im reallllly considering selling my S9 and buying a S10e... the screen size is still great in a compact form cause of the lack of bezels and i'll finally be rid of the curved edges that i just really dont enjoy
JMGRICH Year ago
Definitely s10e
Carson Lind
Carson Lind Year ago
Not hating, but idk why that single front camera bothers me, I prefer the dual camera set up, but it's kinda big and expensive... what should I pick
ALI Year ago
s10E or S10 ? thinking...
Emad Ahmed
Emad Ahmed Year ago
I love the S10+ though I'll probably end up buying the regular S10.
Emad Ahmed
Emad Ahmed Year ago
@liljfunk21 Price, because I buy phones outright. But that depends on how much the difference is. Because during promotion season, the S is usually a lot cheaper than the S+. If the difference is not too big, I'll probably get the S10+. And that the S10 is sufficient for me.
liljfunk21 Year ago
Can I ask why you love the S10+ but buying the S10 instead??
Vigil Kap
Vigil Kap Year ago
Meh i pick note 9 lol
Jess G
Jess G Year ago
Go for s10e which is super light and more beautiful. But choose blue color.
Akhil Krishna Sajeev
Y OU Year ago
Hey,you...... I have LG X4+....... My phone is trash
N J Year ago
Just ordered my s10 white 128 Gigs
patrick monrad
I just pre ordered the 10 plus, a big change from my previously s6 plus, still a good phone though, but 32 gb storage 😂... I really hope it's worth every coin. It's quite expensive!! In Denmark the 10 plus 128 gb, costs around 8000 kr./935 £ 😣😣😣
gguybr Year ago
They need to find a way to get rid of the holes or bring the top bezel back.
i ViRuZ i
i ViRuZ i Year ago
yoooooo prism green looks so good. I pre ordered the s10 in prism green because i actually never use the fron camera so a second lens would actually borther me
Krishna Julia Ellis
yeah am.going to get green in regular s10 looks so.nice
usman abdulkadir
Great video i like the regular S10
Samuel Rodrigues
I am only considering the S10 plus because of the bigger batter but not sure if it’s worth it 🧐
jve89 Year ago
In the market for the S10+ but the S10E indeed got all the key options so I guess I go for the s10E
Michael Josias
who is that girl? we need her name for scientific purposes
Abhisek Backup
Is she your girlfriend? Because you guys look cute.
Joel VanHandel
The normal s10, the middle model
Bryn McKair
Bryn McKair Year ago
S10e all the way...
Serj Star
Serj Star Year ago
samsung phones now look better than apple its as if they switched sides looks amazing
Conlin Wysocki
I like the S10, but I wish it had the dual front camera like the S10 Plus has.
Alex Gadzhev
Alex Gadzhev Year ago
Is that worth to jump from iphone X ?
Alex Gadzhev
Alex Gadzhev Year ago
Cameras same as s9 phones ?
Alex Gadzhev
Alex Gadzhev Year ago
The Tech Chap thanks
The Tech Chap
The Tech Chap Year ago
Honestly pretty much yeah
Sader San
Sader San Year ago
I bet samsung make more profit from 10E than it does from 10+
Mason Theis
Mason Theis Year ago
I'm so excited I've already pre-ordered my S10
Peter Ming
Peter Ming Year ago
S10e front bezel reminds me of the iPhone XR, in comparison to the almost negligible bezels on S10 proper.
Thug Panda
Thug Panda Year ago
Well, for me, even though I do have that many money, I'd still go for the s10e, because the features on the bigger bros are just unneccesary. 12gb ram? 1.5 tb rom? Do you need them? I'd rather spend those much money on my PC. Do you edit photoshop on your phone? :)
Thug Panda
Thug Panda Year ago
well...good luck on photoshoping on your s10plus :)
lol_ivan Year ago
Probably its for productivity, gaming, storing videos (especially the 4k 60fps).
Z C Year ago
Buy no one, iPhone 6s is better still
chriskeys972 Year ago
S10E for me, is the "best"
THEgamer Enjoy
fuck apple
Jinto117 Year ago
Yeah the S10E just seems so much more flavorful and unique tbh.
Steve K.
Steve K. Year ago
I am buying all the models and colors. Heck throw in them watches and earbuds and the fold thingy too.
Luca Mastrantonio
S10 or S10E, i like both!
Aswin Year ago
I'm thinking of buying Moto Z2 Force for 220$
Sneaky Weasel
Sneaky Weasel Year ago
FullHD? My flat S7 is QHD.
Manav Gupta
Manav Gupta Year ago
So is my S6
JB 360
JB 360 Year ago
S10+ got to have the big battery.
Himadri Paul
Himadri Paul Year ago
Branimir Teodorovic
How much is Note 10 12GB/1TB going to cost?
Hasimutrecht Year ago
S10e is quad hdddddddd
Atanu Biswas
Atanu Biswas Year ago
Oh god just look at those... 😍😍😍
Chris B
Chris B Year ago
£1000, just a joke right
Shanu Kaushish
S10 is the one for me...that ultrasonic fps is keeping me from getting the s10e.The plus variant camera seems intrusive to me and there isn't much of a wide angle that the extra camera covers imo
Manav Gupta
Manav Gupta Year ago
Same reasons why im getting s10
Ain'tMyself Year ago
S10E is fucking awesome. I will buy it when it comes down to $600-$650
spacenext Year ago
Guys u should get the s10 or better wait for the oneplus 7.
Nikita79 MT
Nikita79 MT Year ago
Does the S10 have a status LED?
The Tech Chap
The Tech Chap Year ago
It does not
Prashant Vyas
Prashant Vyas Year ago
Cant afford any of the these phones but still watching it.
Eduard Iacob
Eduard Iacob Year ago
Nokia 8 records 4k video on front facing camera, and that phone launched in 2017...
Petros Barmpounakis
nokia 8 could shoot 4k from the selfie cam a year ago. Do your research and dont fall for the marketing.
Petros Barmpounakis
@The Tech Chap sorry if my tone sounded rude. Thanks for your videos.
The Tech Chap
The Tech Chap Year ago
Hmm you're right! I didn't actually know that. Good spot!
Adriano Costa
Adriano Costa Year ago
The S10e is the one for me. what worries me is the lower battery. I wonder if 3100 mAh is enough. Having a smaller screen and lower resolution might help... I'll wait for battery time reviews
Brandon Ayala
Brandon Ayala Year ago
Yea but the phones have the snapdragon 455 and the new chip helps with energy efficiency, I think it would be fine imo
keats M
keats M Year ago
I'm thinking about the same thing. I believe those extra 100m.amps. cannot compensate the difference in screen size between the s10e and the s7. The s7 has the exact overall dimensions with the s10e, 3000 m.apms. battery, but smaller screen. Pretty hard to get a full day of usage. I would really love a video comparison between the 2.
JOHN Year ago
Like if you’re planning to get the s10+.i am gonna get this boi it’s soo goood and not that expensive
Red Year ago
I want the S10e since I'm used to small display
Kishore S
Kishore S Year ago
who is that girl?
The Tech Chap
The Tech Chap Year ago
The missus!
Jessie Birax
Jessie Birax Year ago
Designed not to stand out but to stand apart ❤️
Jesus Martinez
S10 here, 6.1" is the perfect size for me, less intrusive punch hole, and I don't need bokeh on my selfies
Manav Gupta
Manav Gupta Year ago
Rizwan Khalil
Rizwan Khalil Year ago
0.58 she's definitely iphone user
Joao Roman
Joao Roman Year ago
At 02:58 u say there no significant difference between s10e and s10..?? Basically it's the difference between s10e and s10+ minus dual front camera
The Tech Chap
The Tech Chap Year ago
Smaller battery and side fingerprint, yep
Mohammed Kawsar
Apple has left the chat
Daniel Barnett
The size of the batteries may not translate to how long a battery lasts i.e. has to feed bigger screen. Battery life is my first assessment for a new phone. How many hours (theoritical) does each edition last?
Luis Antonio Rivera
Hi! I would like to know more about the Dual Sim feature. Does every S10 model has this option?
Luis Antonio Rivera
@The Tech Chap thanks!!
The Tech Chap
The Tech Chap Year ago
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