Samsung Galaxy S10e Review: Why Not?

Marques Brownlee
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Galaxy S10e is a better deal than the S10. And a better deal than the XR. It's a flagship disguised as "premium midrange"
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Mar 12, 2019

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Comments 10 109
Thomas Anderson
Thomas Anderson 2 hours ago
Sony had the finger print reader on the power button on the side of the phone for YEARS but not one of you Apple dickriders ever mentioned it.
Mobeen 2 hours ago
$350 at Best Buy right now
Joe Sanders
Joe Sanders 3 hours ago
$349 (unlocked) at Best Buy.
Paul armendarez
Paul armendarez 4 hours ago
Bestbuy has them for 349
Jan McKenzie
Jan McKenzie 19 hours ago
I’ve been an Apple user since 2003, but I have an S10e coming in the mail, a 4th line deal with AT&T. Excellent review. Quality presentation. Much appreciated.
Damian Montenegro
Damian Montenegro 22 hours ago
does anyone know where can i find that macbook pro wallpaper at 1:45????
facelessgainz 13 hours ago
I'd just search vintage aesthetic techno wallpaper... Lmao it's along those lines
LilP3RC .04
LilP3RC .04 Day ago
Dose the s10e still have the charger feature in the back
Scott Komar
Scott Komar 12 hours ago
abade Al
abade Al Day ago
one word small battery
rhg1976 Day ago
If anyone is watching this video as of this date Sunday July 14 2019 the unlocked version of this phone is available for $350 at Best Buy right now. This is the best phone deal ever!
Toa 16 hours ago
requires you to activate.
Pipa Obala
Pipa Obala 2 days ago
I anyone having issues where the notifications are: 1. Late 2. Repeating themselves (despite you clicking on them. They reaper with the same old message few minutes later) 3. No sound notifications 4.Edge lighting not working when screen is off?
Fejiri Onowakpokpo
Wanna change from my iPhone 6S to Samsung S10 Plus and I just came to watch this again. S10E would do. Thanks for an honest review …again
Gaurav Ramasani
Gaurav Ramasani 2 days ago
E stands for efficiency and economical... Exposed again.
adam ramin
adam ramin 2 days ago
In the Iraq only 400$
Super Slovak
Super Slovak 2 days ago
If you buy a brand thats not samsung or apple 750 can get you so much more. Look at one plus or vivo or hell even oppo. This is not even close to budget friendly.
Matt Mackie
Matt Mackie Day ago
Unfortunately this product doesn't compete with OnePlus. I've got a OnePlus 3T right now and I'm looking for something that's 1. the same size or smaller, (biggest thing right here, not looking for a brick in the pocket. Was considering iPhone until I found this) 2. got a decent camera, 3. headphone jack is nice (although really should get a pair of wireless for work...), 4. efficient/top of the line - current OP3T is starting to slow. I like responsive, I like quick, I like my Maps to pop-up quick, and when I say HEY GOOGLE I don't want to wait for 5 seconds before my phone responds. Long story short S10E is $520 on Amazon, and OP7P sucks, so easy choice. I also might just keep the OP3T another cycle...
Chris G
Chris G 3 days ago
Maybe the *e* stands for economy? Like economy class on planes?
roblox god21
roblox god21 3 days ago
Where did u got the wallpaper on the phone it look nice
Nony13 4 days ago
For left hand users it's gonna be bad?
Wong Vlogz 2
Wong Vlogz 2 5 days ago
Samsung are copying apple with the price and colors.
Wong Vlogz 2
Wong Vlogz 2 3 days ago
Bad thing about s10 ,plus,e,5g, is that they have 2d Face ID so it is not safe and the IPhone can scan your 3D face
J.T Mog
J.T Mog 3 days ago
And apple copied Samsung's/android phone's bezelless concept
scifiguy 25
scifiguy 25 5 days ago
I'm watching this on my new s10 e that I just got today
Rishi Ghosh
Rishi Ghosh 5 days ago
1:44 Reviewing a Samsung product, Takes a picture of a mac
Agent piggles
Agent piggles 5 days ago
I would so get this phone if it had iOS because I’m an iPhone user and i want to get the if it was as like iOS i love iOS to much to leave it and i like the way it looks better
Levi Priestley
Levi Priestley 5 days ago
Why not? Because the a80 is a thing now and the s10 family has an ugly as fuck hole in the screen
Ariel692769 6 days ago
Fu*k yeah. My bf s10e is like $779 so about $800 and something & my s10 is $976 so about a little over a $g. I have the flamingo pink or peach colored. This guy is right, the sides bleed over so you have to position your hands correctly. The full print scan is cool though and you can make your own face emojis cartoon style. My bf has the blue colored and that sh*t is clean too. At least my phone bill is a $123 a month for about 8 months so that's not too bad. Hey could be worse.
Oscar Oscar
Oscar Oscar 6 days ago
Watching this on my S10 Plus. gotta say that this has been the best upgrade thus far. My previous phone was the s8 plus
OP 6 days ago
Just got one today and it is pretty good for the price
kpopsicles !
kpopsicles ! 6 days ago
I'm not really a tech person but u can still change your wallpaper 4 your lock and home screen
Richard Morales
Richard Morales 7 days ago
Bixby and bixby button? Nah I'm good.
Masta Killa
Masta Killa 7 days ago
wish it was 6.5+ inch🙁
Masta Killa
Masta Killa 6 days ago
@Perhaps ah ok ill take a look thx
Perhaps 6 days ago
Masta Killa Well the s10 5G is still around 6.7 inches of just screen. It’s one of the largest phones
Masta Killa
Masta Killa 6 days ago
@Perhaps but with edges
Perhaps 6 days ago
Masta Killa s10+ is 6.4 inch and the s10 5G is 6.7 inch
Iamironman9995 7 days ago
Why dont any of these phones say samsung on the top anymore does anybody know?
ebin belji
ebin belji 7 days ago
Why don't you do Sony Xperia devices ?
IEJ7to1 *IEJ7654321*
Watching this on a galaxy s10e. It's a GREAT phone! Very powerful!
david v
david v 8 days ago
people got mad about apple trying to hide the notch but when samsung tries to hide the hole punch people go with it and think it’s cool smh
Jungwon Sriracha
Jungwon Sriracha 6 days ago
that's because its fucken HUUUUUGE
Nathan Jimenez
Nathan Jimenez 8 days ago
Got my s10 + for 849 dollara
Isaac Butler
Isaac Butler 8 days ago
I think the finger print scanner is better and more secure on the s10e then the other versions of the s10 phones
Red Star81
Red Star81 8 days ago
S 10 e = s 10 extra
Junayd A.A
Junayd A.A 8 days ago
This category of smartphones already has a name.. “upper midrange”
Junayd A.A
Junayd A.A 8 days ago
Here in Saudi Arabia the iPhone XR is around 2800 for the 64gb model and 3100-3200 for the 128 one, while the 128 s10e can be found on souq (owned by amazon) for around 2000 sr, a whole $250 cheaper! Amazing deal honestly
Freddie 9 days ago
$900,000?! Jeez
WakingCobain 9 days ago
I own the S10e and a Oneplus 6. What I've noticed are many differences in favor of the OP6. And no, I do not mean the size or price. The S10e lacks true whites, but has good blacks. The white color....isn't really white. It is more like yellowish compared to the OP6. It is very light almost feels cheap. Without a case, even though its small, feels weird in hand. The camera is fine, but nothing like my former Pixel 2. Actually, I would say the cameras are almost identical with these two. The Samsung UI isn't as good as the Oxygen OS by Oneplus. And Oxygen is almost as good as stock android. I would say the S10e is a good smartphone, but too expensive for what it gives. Feels cheap, very light, bad whites and mediocre camera...and they want 700 or more for this? No way. Better off with a Oneplus 7 pro...
d w a r f p l a n e t s
I only got this S10e because I couldn't find the other models at my store, but to my surprise, they were right next to this phone. I wanted to change my phone to an iPhone XS Max, or a S10 + or an LG G8, but T- Mobile wouldn't let me do that until April 2020 unless I switch to a different provider unfortunately. The problem I have with this phone is that the random ads that keep popping up in my face on my phone that I cant get rid of unless I press x. Also, my phone usually freezes for no reason and I always have to restart my phone. Does anyone have any solution to any of these problems please?
Perhaps 6 days ago
d w a r f p l a n e t s It’s very weird that such a new device would be freezing constantly. Also the ads might be because you have installed a virus or malware. I would personally factory reset the whole device (delete everything) but that’s just my opinion
Fandom Boi LoudHildaFanatic
Fandom Boi LoudHildaFanatic
No LCD Display 👍
angel perez
angel perez 9 days ago
if the galaxy s10e did not have a hole and the Bixby button I would have bought one with out hesitation that's all folks
Randomly Editswithcam
Antonio Budiselić
Antonio Budiselić 10 days ago
Is there version with fingerprint reader on left side for left-handed persons?
Disruptic 5 days ago
@Antonio Budiselić well there is nothing we can do now
Antonio Budiselić
@Disruptic Yes I can but it is now easy and natural movement, for me it is still better for fingerprint reader to be under camera.
Disruptic 9 days ago
No but I guess you can use your left index finger
Richard Saunders
Richard Saunders 10 days ago
So can the camera zoom just as far but it does so digitally instead of using a third lens?
C W 10 days ago
Great video other than the fact that you started it with what's up
C W 10 days ago
Can anybody on RUvid start a video with anything other than what's up guys? We live in the most unoriginal generation ever
Business Monkey
Business Monkey 8 days ago
Lol thanks for proving my point with that ridiculous response I couldn't care less about reading
C W 8 days ago
@Business Monkey oh, and you're blocked. I don't deal with little boys with a little Minds little penises a little brains that are trolls.
C W 8 days ago
@Business Monkey well actually let's inventory my life at this point in time. Since you think that you can make such assertions with having absolutely no information whatsoever. I'm 44 years old now but let's go back to oh when I was 18. First of all I received a full-ride football scholarship to a college football team that later won the National Championship my senior year. I earned two college degrees, one in historical geology and one in astronomy. I use neither one in my employment but I enjoy having that knowledge. I own two successful businesses and although I'm not Donald Trump rich I did report $467,000 on my W2 as last year. I have two beautiful daughters who I get to spend a ton of time with because owning my own businesses I only work about 4 hours a day. I'm up everyday at 4:30 and in the gym. I'm 6'2" 242 lb with just under a 400 lb bench press and a 600 lb squat. I volunteer six hours of my time per week in my community. I have quality friends who love me and bottom line is I never have to troll, unlike you. I have a right to dislike the overused intro on RUvid videos of what's up. That's my god-given right. What's sad is that your life must be so unimaginably insignificant that you had to actually comment on that. So let's hear about your life accomplishments and status. I'm guessing on that list will be flat earther and conspiracy theorists.
Business Monkey
Business Monkey 8 days ago
What would you prefer him to start with, a song and dance? Is this really what you worry about? Your life must be incredibly unfulfilling.
mcdetleff puzon
mcdetleff puzon 10 days ago
I like this phone, it almost perfect just lower the price a little bit
TakebackTruth 10 days ago
Apple can eat 💩. They aint gettin my money no more.
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