Samsung Galaxy S10E review: smaller, cheaper, better

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The Samsung Galaxy S10E is the smaller variant of the S10 and S10 Plus released this month. It’s 5.8” screen spans edge-to-edge with a hole-punch camera that we’ve seen across this year’s Galaxy S10 lineup. Samsung claims the “e” stands for “essentials,” but there's a lot more to this phone than just that. In an era of giant phones getting larger, the S10E shows that smaller doesn’t have to mean worse.
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Comments 100
The Verge
The Verge 2 months ago
What phone size is perfect for you?
Quentin Hanna
I prefer the 6.2 inch screen on the galaxy s9. I also love the curved screen.
Reina Prado
Reina Prado 6 days ago
5,2 16:9 full screen without any notch and a selfie camera like OnePlus 7 Pro.
Abm farhan
Abm farhan 9 days ago
5.8 to 6.2
Tyler Black
Tyler Black 19 days ago
5 in
Sri Harsha Kanduri
Sri Harsha Kanduri 22 days ago
5.5 inch atleast
Tyler Barron
Tyler Barron 4 days ago
I'm left handed... Pixel 3 for me
joshua francis
joshua francis 5 days ago
5 inches and bellow is my definition of small and compact.
dragon in winter
dragon in winter 6 days ago
Real men need a one-handed phone so they can beat on their chest with the other.
Edwien Gusmantara
I always love The Verge phone wallpaper
felson renz
felson renz 6 days ago
so true! small hands need small phones. thanks Samsung!!
Uchiha Madara
Uchiha Madara 7 days ago
*Best review ever!!!* The Samsung S10e is the best I've ever used
Fredrik Bengtsson
T C 10 days ago
So far, I love this phone. I've had it for a few days. It's such an up grade from the J3. She is right about the price dropping. Verizon is having a buy one and get one free through Mother's Day if you add a fourth line.
Aahhh!! 10 days ago
Small is not always bad. Lol
lloyd A.
lloyd A. 11 days ago
Is there an edge lighting in this phone? I hope you answer.
lloyd A.
lloyd A. 7 days ago
+Downlight thank you
Downlight 7 days ago
Yes it is
fnersch 12 days ago
My phone cost $800. In the year 1900 my great grandfather built a small hotel for $1100. How times have changed.
Omar H
Omar H 7 days ago
inflaaaation. Yeah its crazy though
Platinum 13 days ago
What's the wallpaper
B R 15 days ago
Yes it is a nice phone. Smaller phone factor is very good. I installed awesome blackberry virtual keyboard and blackberry hub. It almost feels like my old blackberry z10. Yes it is a very good phone from all screen phones.
9,999damage 15 days ago
I'm using the s10e atm but I'm not sure I'm on board with it. the way fullscreen works on YT, you have to pinch and zoom to get truly fullscreen, which cuts out a noticeable amount of the display. Also, bluelight filters don't make up for this so the edge of the screen is not protected and you can see the bluelight bleeding out, which also makes viewing slightly uncomfortable. In addition, the phone gets hot pretty easily/battery has no problem depleting quickly..
9,999damage 10 days ago
+K you could get all day battery if you're not a heavy user
K 11 days ago
I thought Samsung advertised all day battery life, what went wrong
Sung Yoon
Sung Yoon 15 days ago
I got mine for $500 w/ $200 trade-in (10 yr old LG) & student discount. And I got DeX cable for $22 + wireless charger for $15. $587 for all with tax. DeX got rid of my notebook need (use only for presentation anyway) & will not go back to wired charging again. Excellent bargain. And can't think of a better phone for me & I totally agree with you. Oh, remapped Bixby button with adb & ButtonMapper App. Terminus & LinuxOnDeX = Close to perfection as I can imagine. Bye iPhone.
Nathan McMahon
Nathan McMahon 16 days ago
My work bought this phone. I actually think this is one of the best phones, ever. Snappy, vibrant, simple and without gimmicks. Be cautious of what phone case you get. The one on ours makes it VERY tricky to get the fingerprint sensor to work.
pinkfreud62 16 days ago
I don't like big phones. I had an iPhone 4 and I thought that was a good size for my pocket. I have a 7s Edge and that's plenty big for me. I already have a laptop and I don't need one in my pocket.
David Geld
David Geld 18 days ago
Watching on a s10e :) it's a really awesome phone, got it for 550$
constantin58 20 days ago
I wish Samsung made a no selfie, edged S10e version.
Simanta Dutta
Simanta Dutta 22 days ago
She's so homely chill ... One of the best review
Hamooz 24 days ago
Well can you explain the tab s5e
Mr Marcus
Mr Marcus 26 days ago
I think it's a badass phone I bought the S9 Galaxy last year because of the size and I want this phone because of the size also I'm always sticking it in and out of my pocket constantly and I used to have an S7 Galaxy before the last night so 5.8 it's not that small to me, I found a phone for $600 on eBay, international model I'm probably going to wait another two months to get it for 550 bucks because right now I'm still enjoying my S9 Galaxy since I just got that one URI update how about 2 months ago sincerely mr. Marcus
Juvani Aaron
Juvani Aaron 28 days ago
I really enjoyed this review and I'm glad all other comments reflect this as well. Please get her to do more reviews, they're really good for those that want a real review without going to much into the specs of the phone
Dev Kumar
Dev Kumar Month ago
She is only worried for her one hand use. A phone is more than that madam.
Gin Tomino
Gin Tomino Month ago
I like her review!!!
E bon
E bon Month ago
I’ve only meet one person that has a pixel. One over hyped junk.
Wasib Tk
Wasib Tk Month ago
Wow!! Seriously amazing review. Comparing Android to Android! Well done, Verge!
Nik Month ago
you are so sweet and knowledge
SooMuchMore Month ago
Finally, someone else with small hands reviewing phones!
Daniel Bemis
Daniel Bemis Month ago
its already showing up on swappa for 580 to 650 for mint or new.
Justin Moyer
Justin Moyer Month ago
Thanks for addressing the gigantic smartphone problem. I am considering the S10e and the smaller Pixel 3 after being sick of my old large Moto Z.
zebble ganubi
zebble ganubi Month ago
its great to hear a tech channel pointing out that phone manufacturers don't need to make huge phones. I get the feeling that tech reviewers played a big part in this trend in the first place
D. Brandtair
D. Brandtair Month ago
Yes make the small form factor come back
mirisker ganesh
mirisker ganesh Month ago
also saves money to buy Samsung galaxy earpods as well as wire less charger too
NewFlamenco Month ago
I guess the Verge does not know Sony makes flagship level compact phones.
NewFlamenco Month ago
+zebble ganubi Indeed, but that phone is still a bit large for one handed use. Imagine if apple put out an all screen iphone se2 though? Or Samsung brought back the mini series, with an all screen display and flagship specs? But in general, I was commenting more on how when I tell people I own a sony phone in general the response is "What? Sony makes phones? weird." ...Doubly sad if techreviewers don't know.
zebble ganubi
zebble ganubi Month ago
I read some comments from someone at sony that they might be dropping the compact line. hopefully they will change their mind when they see how much phones like the s10e sell
Johann Pascual
Johann Pascual Month ago
Use Ungrip on that phone!
GrumpSession Month ago
1:49 - s10 is already starting to lag. lul not a surprise
Pixel 3 - good photos but horrible in terms of video and audio
Bluelight5587 Month ago
$750 is a much better price then the $1125 it costs here in Canada
Lashan Month ago
Everyone keeps talking about how the Pixel has the best camera and while that might be true for photos, the Galaxy phones have way better performance for video, super crisp and the audio on them is incredible even during loud concerts. Needs to be mentioned more
Seung Choe
Seung Choe Month ago
I concur. A smarter price point may be better if I want to invest into a SamSung ecosystem, which could still be better fleshed out imo. Things like reverse wireless charging on a SmartWatch to function as an emergency battery source. Or better integration of (a better) Bixby with smart home appliances or my car would be amazin.
Fingerprint in power button.... hell nah chief
jubitolik Month ago
That is medium size phone. Samsung a3 is small phone and it could fit at least 5.2 inches.
2. 9
2. 9 Month ago
I still cant afford it 😂
jazmyn wilkins
jazmyn wilkins Month ago
if i had this in school they would YEET it and run off with it
Lucas Fernando Rodrigues
Funny... I have The 2gn iPod Touch And O remember thinking that It was HUUUUUGE. Now look what we think as Small
Anonymous Person
Bryan U
Bryan U Month ago
This is how you make an unbiased proper review. Unlike the S10+ review.
Victor Farah
Victor Farah Month ago
What about the music? Have hou tried to play hi res music on it? Is it good or even comparable to LG's quad dac?
Slavick Alexeeff
samuel rodriguez
Don't know if I want to go from a Pixel to a Galaxy S10e...
Ashram stinks He smells
Samsung is for dogs
Mark Reden Barcenas
watching from my s10e
The verge follow the trends.. since there is so much hate against iphone and their prices (which there SHOULD be) they now compare to the Pixel instead of the iphone. I saw you sidestepping that landmine, Verge 🤣😉
Luca Dario Bützberger
I always hate it when the fingerprint scanner is in the power button on the left. I am right handed but god damn it seems like I am the only one on this planet that holds the phone with the left hand. Why do people hold it with the right hand when thy are right handed? Isn't the strong hand supposed to hold and do the important things? I always hold my phone with my weak hand because the weak hand is still good enough to completely use the phone. WIth the right hand I do all the other stuff like writing, working, cooking or whatever. Just things you can only do good with your main hand. I hate this inefficient behaviour.
Carl Haupt
Carl Haupt Month ago
Gonna buy this when my Note 4 dies.
Patrick Clark Jr
Great video and review, very honest and refreshing
Yeezy westy
Yeezy westy Month ago
Whoah you don't swipe type... gnarlz
Brent Hill
Brent Hill Month ago
5.8 inches may be smaller, but it's not small.
LFC markeb
LFC markeb Month ago
took the middle Lane and purchased the S10 prism white.😉
Heinrich-Joseph Speer
Get used to use ur right hand Lefties. Fckng weirdos :)
David Tonsing
David Tonsing Month ago
Time to buy a new Galaxy S8
WILL -I-AMZ Month ago
You hear that gurls, smaller doesn't mean worst 😏😏😏
Wahid Khan
Wahid Khan Month ago
Excellent review... As like you, I'm a compact phone lover. So, you've already figured out that S10e is my favourite...💗
Leigh Rich
Leigh Rich 2 months ago
HOT presenter!!
Christian Mendoza
Christian Mendoza 2 months ago
The Edge Lighting is kinda buggy for me. Am I alone?
Jari Fuller
Jari Fuller 2 months ago
great review
Griz Ssi
Griz Ssi 2 months ago
Why the heck it was so big in ur hand?
Akshay Gupta
Akshay Gupta 2 months ago
报刊亭大爷 2 months ago
Samsung S10r
Noah On 5G
Noah On 5G 2 months ago
Who else thought the thumbnail said “SIDE”?
O.G.H 2 months ago
My hype for highend smartphones is over. I paid 420 Euros for my current smartphone (Galaxy S7) and I intend to keep it until it is broken. When the time comes, where I need a new smartphone, I will spend even less than 400 Euros for a phone. Less than 200 Euros also do that for me. Refurbished phones are way cheaper and still in great condition. I don't use 95% of the highend features of my phone anyway, so I will have even more money to save.
Josh Rice
Josh Rice 2 months ago
S10e for sure. I'm a pretty big guy and I still struggle holding most phones comfortably.
Lofi-Shogun 2 months ago
I don't like the verge so yea
McD5791 2 months ago
So the "e" is to the Galaxy S10 range, what the "Mini" was to the Galaxy S5 range?
greg smith
greg smith 2 months ago
I'll pass ...still not a bargain in my books... I'll stay with my trusty 6t.
Siyanda Makhathini
Siyanda Makhathini 2 months ago
She must and has to do all the reviews.
Shreyas Gowda
Shreyas Gowda 2 months ago
s8 is of same size
FAUguy23 2 months ago
Since the S10e doesn't have the heart rate sensor, what is that small black square on the right side of the LED flash?
shashank bond
shashank bond 2 months ago
If Samsung uses night mode ...imagine
Marcus 2 months ago
Excellent review! Need more reviews like this
Phrix Del Valle
Phrix Del Valle 2 months ago
It is less expensive but not cheaper
Nikola Vujović
Nikola Vujović 2 months ago
I dont like it.
Metatron Men
Metatron Men 2 months ago
If you have a S9 dont buy this phone, most carriers in the US already released the latest OS for S9 and S9+ witch is the same OS using the S10 series, the memory and performance is not noticeable. I returned this phone, looks cheap and feels cheap, is not a match for a S9 or s9 plus and it dont worth $750 dollars.
Psycho Play
Psycho Play 2 months ago
I would go with S10e because I love a phone that fit my pocket. My iPhone 8 Plus just roll on the ground around 10 times because of their gigantic size and if I haven’t put my case on it. I think I have to throw another buck to fix their glass. So, the S10e would fine even without a wide angle camera.
Yovani Arce
Yovani Arce 2 months ago
There's something called an iPhone xs
DV 2 months ago
Great review. Hella impressed
Nebitno Nebitno
Nebitno Nebitno 2 months ago
This power button should be lower, unless you have very big hands, there's no way you can hold phone naturally (like when you type) and reach the button without changing your grip
Nebitno Nebitno
Nebitno Nebitno 2 months ago
Funfact - this "budget" S10e costs the same as S7 edge when it came out. Comapnies got us used to 4 figures priced flagships
abhitechie 2 months ago
They cannot put a 4000mAh battery on a $750 phone ?
isak evensen nguyen
isak evensen nguyen 2 months ago
I the s10 form factor with the s10+ battery capacity
erhan atabek
erhan atabek 2 months ago
Side fingerprint sensor not easy to reach and not fast! like this video!
Martin Ganchev
Martin Ganchev 2 months ago
Terrible content, low production quality, uneducated staff.That's all there is to The Verge.
Nefff 2 months ago
iPhone 8 size is perfect. It's not too heavy, it's small enough to fit me pocket.
Adrian Hering
Adrian Hering 2 months ago
name of that flower please
Carlos Kim
Carlos Kim 2 months ago
waiting for the pixel 4
joao Rodriguez
joao Rodriguez 2 months ago
Better in what? The battery 3.100mah? Or the price 800?!
Abhishek SS
Abhishek SS 2 months ago
I hate iPhone.
Sheri Ritholtz
Sheri Ritholtz 2 months ago
$750.00 is not cheap to me! Phones used to cost approx. $100-$300. Then all of a sudden phones became pricier and it felt like a ripoff to me. Although features have modernized we are relatively in the same place as before. At best the phone has a camera. It does not do the laundry or wash dishes yet.
Teo Kag
Teo Kag 2 months ago
Go phablet or go Home ! 😎
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