Samsung Galaxy S10E review: smaller, cheaper, better

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The Samsung Galaxy S10E is the smaller variant of the S10 and S10 Plus released this month. It’s 5.8” screen spans edge-to-edge with a hole-punch camera that we’ve seen across this year’s Galaxy S10 lineup. Samsung claims the “e” stands for “essentials,” but there's a lot more to this phone than just that. In an era of giant phones getting larger, the S10E shows that smaller doesn’t have to mean worse.
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13 мар 2019




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Комментарии 988
The Verge
The Verge 11 дней назад
What phone size is perfect for you?
Jeremy Mahon
Jeremy Mahon 2 дня назад
I have the Samsung Galaxy S10e and I love it, battery life doesn't SOUND that good but it lasts all day even after heavy usage (Watching videos and surfing the web). That's my experience with it. Samsung done an awesome job with it.
Chirag Patil
Chirag Patil 3 дня назад
+Geoff Fieldew How is the battery life?
Esrin Kurban
Esrin Kurban 6 дней назад
<140x68x8. i cant more agree with you about compact size phones on android platform.
Mxrs 7 дней назад
6.1 inch
Nikola Vujović
Nikola Vujović 7 дней назад
Galaxy S10 is perfect
Slavick Alexeeff
Slavick Alexeeff 17 часов назад
samuel rodriguez
samuel rodriguez 18 часов назад
Don't know if I want to go from a Pixel to a Galaxy S10e...
Mark Reden Barcenas
Mark Reden Barcenas 19 часов назад
watching from my s10e
moviemuncher1982 День назад
The verge follow the trends.. since there is so much hate against iphone and their prices (which there SHOULD be) they now compare to the Pixel instead of the iphone. I saw you sidestepping that landmine, Verge 🤣😉
Luca Dario Bützberger
Luca Dario Bützberger День назад
I always hate it when the fingerprint scanner is in the power button on the left. I am right handed but god damn it seems like I am the only one on this planet that holds the phone with the left hand. Why do people hold it with the right hand when thy are right handed? Isn't the strong hand supposed to hold and do the important things? I always hold my phone with my weak hand because the weak hand is still good enough to completely use the phone. WIth the right hand I do all the other stuff like writing, working, cooking or whatever. Just things you can only do good with your main hand. I hate this inefficient behaviour.
Carl Haupt
Carl Haupt День назад
Gonna buy this when my Note 4 dies.
Patrick Clark Jr
Patrick Clark Jr День назад
Great video and review, very honest and refreshing
Yeezy westy
Yeezy westy День назад
Whoah you don't swipe type... gnarlz
Brent Hill
Brent Hill 2 дня назад
5.8 inches may be smaller, but it's not small.
LFC markeb
LFC markeb 2 дня назад
took the middle Lane and purchased the S10 prism white.😉
Heinrich-Joseph Speer
Heinrich-Joseph Speer 2 дня назад
Get used to use ur right hand Lefties. Fckng weirdos :)
David Tonsing
David Tonsing 2 дня назад
Time to buy a new Galaxy S8
WILL -I-AMZ 2 дня назад
You hear that gurls, smaller doesn't mean worst 😏😏😏
Wahid Khan
Wahid Khan 3 дня назад
Excellent review... As like you, I'm a compact phone lover. So, you've already figured out that S10e is my favourite...💗
Leigh Rich
Leigh Rich 3 дня назад
HOT presenter!!
Christian Mendoza
Christian Mendoza 3 дня назад
The Edge Lighting is kinda buggy for me. Am I alone?
Jari Fuller
Jari Fuller 3 дня назад
great review
Griz Ssi
Griz Ssi 3 дня назад
Why the heck it was so big in ur hand?
Akshay Gupta
Akshay Gupta 4 дня назад
报刊亭大爷 5 дней назад
Samsung S10r
Noah On 5G
Noah On 5G 5 дней назад
Who else thought the thumbnail said “SIDE”?
O.G.H 5 дней назад
My hype for highend smartphones is over. I paid 420 Euros for my current smartphone (Galaxy S7) and I intend to keep it until it is broken. When the time comes, where I need a new smartphone, I will spend even less than 400 Euros for a phone. Less than 200 Euros also do that for me. Refurbished phones are way cheaper and still in great condition. I don't use 95% of the highend features of my phone anyway, so I will have even more money to save.
Josh Rice
Josh Rice 5 дней назад
S10e for sure. I'm a pretty big guy and I still struggle holding most phones comfortably.
Lofi-Shogun 5 дней назад
I don't like the verge so yea
McD5791 6 дней назад
So the "e" is to the Galaxy S10 range, what the "Mini" was to the Galaxy S5 range?
greg smith
greg smith 6 дней назад
I'll pass ...still not a bargain in my books... I'll stay with my trusty 6t.
Siyanda Makhathini
Siyanda Makhathini 6 дней назад
She must and has to do all the reviews.
Shreyas Gowda
Shreyas Gowda 6 дней назад
s8 is of same size
FAUguy23 6 дней назад
Since the S10e doesn't have the heart rate sensor, what is that small black square on the right side of the LED flash?
shashank bond
shashank bond 7 дней назад
If Samsung uses night mode ...imagine
Marcus 7 дней назад
Excellent review! Need more reviews like this
Phrix Del Valle
Phrix Del Valle 7 дней назад
It is less expensive but not cheaper
Nikola Vujović
Nikola Vujović 7 дней назад
I dont like it.
Metatron Men
Metatron Men 7 дней назад
If you have a S9 dont buy this phone, most carriers in the US already released the latest OS for S9 and S9+ witch is the same OS using the S10 series, the memory and performance is not noticeable. I returned this phone, looks cheap and feels cheap, is not a match for a S9 or s9 plus and it dont worth $750 dollars.
Psycho Play
Psycho Play 7 дней назад
I would go with S10e because I love a phone that fit my pocket. My iPhone 8 Plus just roll on the ground around 10 times because of their gigantic size and if I haven’t put my case on it. I think I have to throw another buck to fix their glass. So, the S10e would fine even without a wide angle camera.
Yovani Arce
Yovani Arce 7 дней назад
There's something called an iPhone xs
DV 7 дней назад
Great review. Hella impressed
Nebitno Nebitno
Nebitno Nebitno 7 дней назад
This power button should be lower, unless you have very big hands, there's no way you can hold phone naturally (like when you type) and reach the button without changing your grip
Nebitno Nebitno
Nebitno Nebitno 7 дней назад
Funfact - this "budget" S10e costs the same as S7 edge when it came out. Comapnies got us used to 4 figures priced flagships
abhitechie 7 дней назад
They cannot put a 4000mAh battery on a $750 phone ?
isak evensen nguyen
isak evensen nguyen 7 дней назад
I the s10 form factor with the s10+ battery capacity
erhan atabek
erhan atabek 7 дней назад
Side fingerprint sensor not easy to reach and not fast! like this video!
Martin Ganchev
Martin Ganchev 7 дней назад
Terrible content, low production quality, uneducated staff.That's all there is to The Verge.
Nefff 7 дней назад
iPhone 8 size is perfect. It's not too heavy, it's small enough to fit me pocket.
Adrian Hering
Adrian Hering 7 дней назад
name of that flower please
Carlos Kim
Carlos Kim 7 дней назад
waiting for the pixel 4
joao Rodriguez
joao Rodriguez 7 дней назад
Better in what? The battery 3.100mah? Or the price 800?!
Abhishek SS
Abhishek SS 7 дней назад
I hate iPhone.
Sheri Ritholtz
Sheri Ritholtz 7 дней назад
$750.00 is not cheap to me! Phones used to cost approx. $100-$300. Then all of a sudden phones became pricier and it felt like a ripoff to me. Although features have modernized we are relatively in the same place as before. At best the phone has a camera. It does not do the laundry or wash dishes yet.
Teo Kag
Teo Kag 8 дней назад
Go phablet or go Home ! 😎
tan hung
tan hung 8 дней назад
S10plus better... Bigger battery, bigger screen, more camera...
jing713 8 дней назад
Phones should be getting cheaper and not more expensive. Just like TVs used to be very expensive and have since gotten cheaper and better over time.
koen miseur
koen miseur 8 дней назад
It's not that small, actually the whole thing about the size isn't really correct as short as 2 years ago the S8 had the same size as this S10e! While indeed smartphones where going bigger for the last years they now stay about the same size! Edit, btw this isn't a discredit of the rest of the review and the phone (depending on the OnePlus 7) I'm probably will change my S7 to this one!
Martin darlington
Martin darlington 8 дней назад
e for epic! I have a black s10e here in the UK just upgraded from s7 so far I love it, many thanks for video.
Jordy Angkawidjaja
Jordy Angkawidjaja 8 дней назад
Full display iphone se is a dream come true!
David Martrano
David Martrano 9 дней назад
Nice review, all three models are a homerun. The 10e offers much for the money. I think their gonna sell boatloads of the 10e. Priced right & the performance is very good. The only downside maybe the 3100mamp battery!
IstvánKiss 9 дней назад
How do you guys not know that you can slide down anywhere on the screen to bring down the notification panel
Anastasis Barbantonis
Anastasis Barbantonis 9 дней назад
Finally someone else to review Samsung phones! You are awesome!
Aviral Agrawal
Aviral Agrawal 9 дней назад
"Whites are more whiter on the pixel 3" duh it's made by white people
Anna Hartley
Anna Hartley 9 дней назад
yes! So smart to make a smaller size. If I want a tablet screen size I'll use one or my laptop. For a MOBILE phone I want something comfortably mobile which fits in my pocket.
Global Citizen
Global Citizen 9 дней назад
$499 is the best price for that phone who agrees ?
Hazardz 9 дней назад
you reviewed it like you really like the phone, but end up still sticking to an iphone, shouldn't that change, cause if the phone was as good as you described it why not keep on using it until a worthy competitor comes out, the iphone is great but if the s10e is better, why go back to an iphone? (assuming cause you have an apple iwatch)
iMike TheGamer
iMike TheGamer 9 дней назад
Lucky that dude who reviewed the s10 didn't review the s10e
BonI BOn TV 10 дней назад
So what I got from her review is : Size doesn't matter
Per Sørlie
Per Sørlie 10 дней назад
I think the phone size is perfect. I also love the fingerprint unlocking at the top right side. Bought it with it the LED cover. Simply great!
adepu prashanth
adepu prashanth 10 дней назад
S10+ is Higher,further and faster
Stiggu LePetit
Stiggu LePetit 10 дней назад
Finally a verge review that doesn't mention the iPhone all the time 👍
Stiggu LePetit
Stiggu LePetit 10 дней назад
Reviewing a keyboard on an android phone? Wtf you can change it in seconds, so not worth mentioning!
Juan Balcazar
Juan Balcazar 10 дней назад
my Note 8 feels really comfortable but I forget not everyone has giant hands like me. I wouldn't mind the s10e for looking at Instagram or the odd video, but the small size would really bother when I am binging on a show or studying my school notes-- both activities which benefit from a full long display.
Rasul Said
Rasul Said 10 дней назад
S10e speak to iPhone XR.
Marcus Motill
Marcus Motill 10 дней назад
Nice review! I think you can improve with some more pauses in between thoughts. It was hard to tell when you were done with on subject and on to another
Alvaro Monsegur
Alvaro Monsegur 10 дней назад
I dont know which one is my favorite all of them are very convenient
Jimmy G
Jimmy G 10 дней назад
This is a different review than normal. Like the switch every once in a while. Also thanks for the thoughtful wallpaper. Keep up the good work The Verge and @NattGarun
zepcrazyfre 10 дней назад
I can't wait to upgrade. But first things first I need help making a wearable choice...Gear S3 Frontier, Galaxy Watch, Ticwatch Pro or patiently wait for brand new wearable announcement? *What should I do?* I appreciate everyone's input and perspective;
Riast Ullah
Riast Ullah 10 дней назад
Great review! And I agree this phone is the best after S10.
Gōogle사용쟈 10 дней назад
"Budget" phone for "rich"? Good job, Samsung. Well-targetted.
David Soon
David Soon 10 дней назад
Thank god that this wasn't horrible like that S10 review.
EritreanMusiq 10 дней назад
I wish the edges were not rounded but instead like the regular s7.
Joshua Amador
Joshua Amador 10 дней назад
For people coming from a Pixel, yes the camera software is better BUT if you get any of the S10s, you can download the GCam app that is ported for the S10 line-up. It makes a HUGE difference, especially with the night mode. Problem solved.
sic22l 10 дней назад
That moment at 2:02 shows that the fingerprint scanner is NOT where your thumb lands. It's too high. 2:20 You don't have to because in the S10 you can just swipe down in the home screen tu pull the notifications down.
Sunny Shukla
Sunny Shukla 10 дней назад
Not gonna buy due to Bixby button.
Fedor Vladimirovich
Fedor Vladimirovich 10 дней назад
Over here in Switzerland the S10e is already discount for 699.- instead of 779.-
P//MBECH 10 дней назад
I will own one as soon the price drops.
Hassan Fathi
Hassan Fathi 10 дней назад
Considering upgrading to this from a Sony Xperia Z5 Compact.
arvind somani
arvind somani 10 дней назад
Hey "The Verge", you wallpapers are dope 👌
ladyvee7110 10 дней назад
Isn't this the size of the S9?
MRCN119T 10 дней назад
It is the most sensible choice by far. So I ordered an S10 plus.
Super Okapi
Super Okapi 10 дней назад
Ergonomics... Probably more like Economy
Steven Cheung
Steven Cheung 10 дней назад
I loved the my old Sony Z3 compact - it was small, good battery, and fit in my pocket, and I was able to reach to all corners of the phone. I also hope smaller compact phones come back.
ocb05 10 дней назад
Rocking s10e prism white! Super dope!
Ninja 21
Ninja 21 10 дней назад
I'm surprised she didn't mention 'the iphone'
Ninja 21
Ninja 21 10 дней назад
This is a historic moment for the verge; a non-biased video!
Manao Jess
Manao Jess 10 дней назад
Joseph Farmer
Joseph Farmer 10 дней назад
I hate the word ergonomics
neo69121 10 дней назад
great reviewer not cause she likes the phone but cause shes just so natural i love it !
Nick Art
Nick Art 10 дней назад
I’m not a big Samsung fan, BUT I think that the S10e is one of the best smartphones on the market right now!
Niklas905 10 дней назад
On the other side, Amazon sells the s9 for less than 500€ (s10e = 750€, s10 = 900€) so just wait a year or buy now a s9.
Devansh Jangid
Devansh Jangid 10 дней назад
But the memory management is worse on the Exynos version, whereas Qualcomm version beats even the iPhone Xs Max
Vinsensius Gracia
Vinsensius Gracia 10 дней назад
Dude. Small phone just for small d*ck and small bo*bs
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