Samsung Galaxy S10 vs S10 Plus | Side-by-side comparison

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Comparing Samsung's flagship Galaxy S10 and S10+ smartphones, to see if you should upgrade to the Plus model. How do they stack up for specs, camera hardware and features, speed, battery life and beyond?
The Galaxy S10 series has just launched and I've had the chance to go hands-on for an early review, ahead of the official unveiling. These premium smartphones boast impressive performance, Samsung's dense One UI software, and the new Infinity-O Display - but there are plenty of differences too. The S10 Plus isn't just bigger, you also get five camera lenses instead of 'just' four. There's also a ceramic model packing more RAM and storage, while the S10+ boosts the battery size also.
Of course, the price will also rise if you want that ultimate Samsung phone - and the standard S10 feels nicer to grip and use.
So which Galaxy are you more tempted by? Check out my full GS10 vs GS10e comparison to see how the 'lite' model holds up against the full-fat version!

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Feb 20, 2019




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sage of the six paths
Is the S10 plus good for guys with small hands?
ً 4 months ago
gave s10 plus but i wanna have the normal s10
Tony the Lakers Fan
Tony the Lakers Fan 4 months ago
My dick is the length of the s10 plus exactly am I in good shape bros?
Josh Eastham
Josh Eastham 5 months ago
I have s9 plus and it is unwieldy to use, especially with one hand, might go for the regular this year, can't afford the s20
Tom H
Tom H 7 months ago
The colour is so off for the Samsung s10 selfie compared to the S10+ at 6minutes in. Why is that? Surely that second lens can't make that much of a difference with the colour science?
Carlos Caycho
Carlos Caycho 8 months ago
So I guess if you're not a selfie person then spending an extra 100 on the S10+ is not really worth it?
Saad Qureshi
Saad Qureshi 8 months ago
am going to buy s10 cause it has smaller size and having same things so s10 is better for me.
Shaikh Ahmed khan
Shaikh Ahmed khan 10 months ago
Do you recommend S10 for Video shoot? Or P30? Or Oneplus 7 pro?
Amused 8 months ago
S10... The P30 is super shaky despite taking great photos...
The Perfect Being
The Perfect Being 11 months ago
In other words, S10+ is for people with big hands.
Kowishi 3 months ago
S10+ also has 12gb ram.
Muhammed Patel
I'm a bit late in getting this phone but I'm pretty sure I'm gonna go for the regular. Thanks for the info
Ja Pat
Ja Pat Year ago
I am considering moving to Samsung and buying a Galaxy mobile. I play a lot of POKEMON GO and wondered which model you would recommend for the game please (battery intensive game)? THANK YOU IN ADVANCE
Margaux Ls
Margaux Ls Year ago
Can the icons be smaller ? I don't like the big aspect of it
Marilena Achilleos
Marilena Achilleos 10 months ago
Margaux Ls Yes, you can downsize the icons as much as you like.
Margaux Ls
Margaux Ls Year ago
I want to order the S10, but my giant problem is that I can't decide between the white model or the green model...help me aha
Celtius 11 months ago
No it is glass
Als Year ago
green. white gets dirtier
Leah Kaykay
Leah Kaykay Year ago
Still frustrated by Android terrible video sharing in text messaging, compared to iPhone. Pointless to have amazing video recording device, if your messaging or uploading compresses it down to horrific quality. Why can't Android find this a priority to fix already?
The Infamous JuneBugg
I love my iPhone XS Max , but if the S10+ had iMessage I’d definitely switch in a heartbeat 😍😍🤷‍♂️💯
Sean Roberts
Sean Roberts Year ago
you can just use whatsapp, both require internet connection
Micos Pineda
Micos Pineda Year ago
Is it worth it to upgrade my S9 Plus to a S10?
Supun Madawala
@Micos Pineda Note 9 is around 9months old now. Still a great phone. I would recommend you get the upcoming note then. It will be a lot more expensive though
Micos Pineda
Micos Pineda Year ago
If I go to the Note 9?
Supun Madawala
Nope. Not worth it
Brett Davis
Brett Davis Year ago
Woah, you love us? Seems way too soon XD
MH AR Year ago
What abt sound quality ?
Talal Alotaibi
galaxy bad
rey z
rey z Year ago
s10 is perfect, the plus version would be nice to watch videos but its just a lil bit bigger so the s10 works for me
Cross Zero
Cross Zero Year ago
Just simple for me for who still confused about which is better.. just think about logic, which one is better A or A+(plus) hehe
Roemer Year ago
Cross Zero its about value not the one being better or not
Boz Oq Türkməni
S10 or the Note 9? 🤔
Gabriel Alejandro NF
But is the s10+ too big? Or is it just perfect?
Haneko Year ago
It depends, Iv been using a Note 8 since its release and i find it often times a little too big and can be frustrating to use one handed if you need your other hand for something else. I ordered the regular s10 because of this. I used to think oh i need the bigger screen for entertainment but in all honesty the difference is hardly noticeable entertainment wise but the way the phone feels in hand is drastically different. I would recomend going to a store and try them I did and i didnt feel the s10+ added much to the usability screen size wise but it certainly made it more difficult to use one handed.
RIP 20 dollar phones
D Clem
D Clem Year ago
In person theres like a centimeter difference with the overall size
praneet mehta
praneet mehta Year ago
Can you please give an update on the battery life performance of the regular s10 variant and how it compares to the s10 plus.. Thanks 😀
Recession TwentyTwenty
Why do they put different chip sets in them in different regions?
Irving Arias
Irving Arias Year ago
Waiting for galaxy fold
Graham Astley
Graham Astley Year ago
Thanks for a Informative video
Mattybluebomb Year ago
Nice video man thanks. Think I'll be going for the s10 😁
Hi, I've been watching this channel for a while now to try and reach an informed decision about what phone to get next and found your videos to be such a great resource. Very clear and informative with all the right, useful information. One question though, how come HTC never get mentioned in any comparisons or reviews?
Yotuber Pakistani
Just orderedddd.
Daryoush J.
Daryoush J. Year ago
Catherine Vinarao
S10 is fine only a bit of difference in size
Tomas Year ago
S10 for me, + is not worth if you don't want big screen
Jayh98 Year ago
Hope that they integrate a notification LED out of the 'camera on' LED ring
That's the first feature I'm crossing my fingers for lol I have an s7 still and I love my LED. I've had it for almost 9 years lol
hottrendz Year ago
You dont even talk about the speakers :(
muhamed mhameed
s10+ look wa bigger than s10 even its only 0.3 inch i really want one of these but i cant s10 or s10+ because s10+ got bigger battery in same time looks much bigger than s10 ... i dont know pls help
Redon Onuzi
Redon Onuzi Year ago
Joshua james
Joshua james Year ago
firstly difference between s10 and s10 plus is just 1 less front camera n less battery.But the s10's battery still does good for one whole day.Secondly one less front camera doesnt matter at all,no difference if u see.Thirdly s10's front camera is less intrusive because of one small hole which makes screen more watchable.I preordered s10 plus in the beginning n then changed my decision to s10.Its compact to n ez to hold in one hand.My experience i had xs max n note 9 though u have big hands holding in one hands still is difficult.Go for s10 without thinking anymore ;)
Devin Rai
Devin Rai Year ago
Ceramic colours also come on 512gb version of S10+
Alan Cardenas
Alan Cardenas Year ago
photos.app.goo.gl/ASsiz5tzn3psSzG1A green wallpaper
Alan Cardenas
Alan Cardenas Year ago
For the wallpaper go to Zedge and type in S10 and scroll down just a bit. It's right there.
BC USA Year ago
Snapdragon 855 is faster ..
Steve plays
Steve plays Year ago
yes I agree
Darryl Parkinson
WTF, has RUvid started to show 2 ads before a video now?
Mark Kropf
Mark Kropf Year ago
This is not complete comparison if the battery life hasn't been tested
Sumperston Year ago
I don't know which one to get
Olusegun Adepoju
Who else notice that the s10+ got a dull display compared to the s10
cesar Year ago
S10 is amoled, and yes it has better and more vivid colors
Ahmed Year ago
not sure about dull but in my opinion the s10 is more beutiful
BC USA Year ago
LMAO!!! NOBODY!!! 😂😂🤣😂😂😂
Vauc Year ago
what is the screen on time for s10? I want to know how long can the s10 lasts.
Disturbed2241 Year ago
6 minutes
Sarjun Mohamed
Pre Ordered Galaxy S10 😍
@Sarjun Mohamed Good to know. Do you use the QHD display mode?Just want to be sure before buying it. Thanks.
Sarjun Mohamed
@KUSHAGRA UPADHYAYA its great now. After an update. I can easily pass through a da wth single charge
@Sarjun Mohamed How's the battery doing after 2 months bro?
Sarjun Mohamed
Its awesome bro
Rajathaaban Niru
How is it ?
Boosters the Name
According to the Verizon rep I spoke to today the S10 and S10 plus are 5g ready. Is this not true?
Avinash Singh
Avinash Singh Year ago
I dont think so. There will be a separate 5g version of s10 later in the year
Nic S
Nic S Year ago
If I don't take selfies I should just chose the s10 instead of the plus?
The Milkman
The Milkman Year ago
Question: I've seen in some videos galaxy s10 gestures in which you can swipe up to go home similar to the iPhone X. And in other videos, it shows the home button as a software button. Can you customize it? I have no idea what's going on
Yea not only samsung but most of phones have the option to hide navigation buttons and use gestures
n3koboy Year ago
I can't decide between S10 and S10+. Is the second frontcamera really needed? S10+ might be too big
danial ahmad
danial ahmad Year ago
danial ahmad
danial ahmad Year ago
I got the s10, s10 plus is harder to hold and has a father cutout
Rooey101 Donovan
I've decided on the S10, S10 plus only real big difference is battery size, camera sensor on the front, andd the 5g availability later this year.
BC USA Year ago
danial ahmad
danial ahmad Year ago
same man, dunno if its worth the extra cash. The s10 will fit nicer in the hand but the plus has the bigger battery
Abdelhameed Kassem
How do they compare in terms of battery life ??
Evansioi Year ago
@Manav Gupta Article and from Reddit.
Manav Gupta
Manav Gupta Year ago
Evanswachtz which video?
Evansioi Year ago
@Abdelhameed Kassem I believe they were testing the S10e, S10 and S10+ battery life and the S10+ made it out with 25% better. It makes sense because the specs are almost the same, display is same resolution, etc.
Abdelhameed Kassem
@Evansioi thanks a lot for your reply. Were these tests done side by side or did you come up with the conclusion from watching separate tests for each ? Thank you.
Evansioi Year ago
@Abdelhameed Kassem 25% longer on the S10+ compared to S10 from some tests I've seen.
Why in the hell they made the plus bulky like the note series
GGroupp DestinyG
nope i own s9plus note 9 and s10+ .s10+ is a lot smaller than note 9
@CarlJoseph Avelino Sadly.. Most probably, they'll make the note even bigger !! I like the Galaxies more to be pocket friendly, easy one hand hold & use. >>A phone not a phablet
CarlJoseph Avelino
I held and i can confirm, a note with no pen
Battery test?
matthew britton
I've got me s9+ brilliant no intention of getting a 2yr contract on a s10+ what a CON and RIP off🤬📵
Jennnifer Hernandez
Can’t wait to get It, i pre order!
Felix Andersson
I like to normal s10 more then the plus. But daim, the punch hole on the plus looks way bether then the cirkel punch hole on the normal s10
toxiclow Year ago
still can't erase the ear hair from my mind....
toxiclow Year ago
@Phil PJ Davis Yes...
Phil PJ Davis
Phil PJ Davis Year ago
Lol. Wasn't that a video several day's ago? 🤣
Jared J
Jared J Year ago
S10+ 512GB also comes in ceramic.
BHShaman Year ago
I would suspect a very high number of users put their phone in a case. Once that case is on, the S10+ is going to feel even larger. I am moving from an S7 and the dimensions of it vs the S10 are almost exactly the same. But the S10 being all screen is going to rock.
A Nightmare on Any Street
Yea I preordered the plus but its gonna be even bigger with that case on and I have the s9+ but I my opt to the regular s10 for that very reason
Ungrateful Ingrate
Same man
Maxine Holmes
Maxine Holmes Year ago
On order... roll on the 9th March! 😎 👌🏼
mickey x
mickey x Year ago
I don't get the different with a front camera. What if I want a 6.1 inch phone but still want the same self results as in 6.4 inch phone? I Mean 6.4 is a lot so why I gotta lose just because I think 6.1 is enough. I'd prefer if the only major difference was the size of them and not cutting out on things because something is smaller altho it's still big if u actually have it in ur hand
Jose Vega
Jose Vega Year ago
I love it but i shouldnt have a chin at all
CarlJoseph Avelino
Dont worry its verly close to the chin of the iphone
young jez
young jez Year ago
I like it but I'm thinking about the 5g one but I don't want a fat 6.7 inch phone
Josh Kucewicz
Josh Kucewicz Year ago
I'm from America, but would you suggest the S10 or S10+? I currently have the S8+.
Sam Year ago
I think most are on board with the S10. It took me a minute to realize you only have one camera cutout on the non Plus version. The battery life/0.3 inches of added screen along with that selfie lens wasn't enough to get me. I also think the 6.1" screen is gonna feel just right in hand.
Vikings Year ago
In every phone review theres an ad of Huawei. They’re so desperaate rn😂
Liam6772 Year ago
I already pre-ordered s10 plus 😍 cant wait.
Mr400Bhp Year ago
Can anyone recommend a good memory card for the s10 plus please? I've seen a few but apparently they need to be 'U3' or something to record 4k clips? What's the difference?
Sipun Nayak
Sipun Nayak Year ago
Can anyone tell me how is the battery management
CarlJoseph Avelino
Better than iphone so its fine
Really confused between S10 Vs S10 plus. Feel S10 doesnt have any major disadvantages and must be easier to use because of its size. Am currently using S6 edge. Please help.
Sherry shrey
Sherry shrey Year ago
@ToxicF4TE and also that stupid extra front camera that makes a phone ugly .
ToxicF4TE Year ago
s10 plus is only .3 inches taller and almost exactly the same width it's really not much bigger. You also get a bigger battery which is great.
Marc-Antoine Year ago
I have an S9 Plus right now and I pre-ordered the S10, the S10 Plus will be too big for me and I can change it for free if I feel like it's too small
eri cr
eri cr Year ago
Get the s10
Naman Bisht
Naman Bisht Year ago
go for the regular s10. That size seems perfect with that single punch hole design.
Kevon John
Kevon John Year ago
Think I might keep my note 9 untill summer then buy the s10 plus
Rudy Lemus
Rudy Lemus Year ago
What an amazing and innovative phone. I’ll stick to my iPhone 6
Beth Gramkow
Beth Gramkow Year ago
I can't wait. I am upgrading from the 7 in april.
Joseph Segura
Joseph Segura Month ago
Never mind this comment is from a year ago sorry
Joseph Segura
Joseph Segura Month ago
Well in like 3 days maybe
Joseph Segura
Joseph Segura Month ago
K Nexus
K Nexus Year ago
I want this phone!!
mikeisu Year ago
I preordered the s10+. Can’t wait
aa Year ago
thank you so much for the video
Savanna Year ago
I notice at 1:43 the camera hole was hidden while watching a video. Is this an option in settings we can use?! I havent found an answer to this and I am so curious!!
alcocky Year ago
The ratio of the screen has been made smaller by 'pinching' the screen. If the gentleman 'zoomed in' then the video would fill the screen and the camera would be visible again - hope this helps!
Demore Gains
Demore Gains Year ago
I like how samsung made wallpapers blacking out the top right area.
CarlJoseph Avelino
If apple can do it so can we
Takuto Year ago
what about the battery? is it long enough for 1day browsing and playing sometimes games? or shall i wait for the new graphene Technology?
Takuto Year ago
@Phil PJ Davis i expect it, i wouldnt call it for 2019 ready when they dont do shit :/ fuu samsung with their stupid Rumors
Phil PJ Davis
Phil PJ Davis Year ago
You maybe waiting for a few more year's? But can you imagine they break out with it in the note 10?
Takuto Year ago
Hmmm samsung stated its ready for 2019 so i dont know, i dont like the Note Series neither the Design neither the extra Price
James Power
James Power Year ago
Better wait for the Note 10 then
Shampa Saha
Shampa Saha Year ago
Graphene is a long time away
Levsky 18
Levsky 18 Year ago
huawei mate 20 pro still the best phone
A. S
A. S Year ago
Chinese bull shit company
Anthony G
Anthony G Year ago
Ugh, I dont feel like paying 90$ a month for a stupid plan
Anthony G
Anthony G Year ago
@Jump Shock GASPPP!!
Jump Shock
Jump Shock Year ago
Jump Shock
Jump Shock Year ago
Mr. Turner use Timmy turner’s fairy odd parents and wish for the phone
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