Samsung Galaxy S10 vs iPhone XS! Which Should You Buy?

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Hands on Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus VS iPhone XS Max! Design, Display, Camera, Speed, Battery, Features & Complete Comparison Review. Also Galaxy S10e vs iPhone XR!
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EverythingApplePro 26 дней назад
Drop a 👍 for innovation. I don’t care if it’s Samsung, Xiaomi or Apple. Innovation is everything and Samsung is killing it this year.
Jane Gilmore
Jane Gilmore 23 дня назад
My son bought me a Pixel 2 Birthdays as today is my birthday. My eyesight is getting worse so I’d love a phone that I can read what I’m typing. I know he isn’t going to get me another phone as he has gone back to uni. Which I want him to finish. So this lovely birthday gal would love bigger text phone. Thank you 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
張泰銘 23 дня назад
EverythingApplePro I don’t think Xiaomi is bad because it’s literally half the price.
Matador Batista
Matador Batista 23 дня назад
+shotaaa22 😂 your idea is better than mine,i was thinking Aither sell a kidney or work as a striper😂
shotaaa22 23 дня назад
+Matador Batista in my country too but I actually am thinking to drive for couple of days and make that much money so I'll have my dream phone for next 2 years 😂 I dont use laptops or anything but its fun to have this type of phone 😁 why not should I do that for myself
yeetus my fetus
yeetus my fetus 33 минуты назад
honestly i only like apple products for how they work and look but im tempted to blow some money on samsung
Nargis bhayo
Nargis bhayo Час назад
fruit always finaly gets rotten
Nargis bhayo
Nargis bhayo Час назад
samsung s10 just woooooooooooooooooooooow
Jeff Canale_08
Jeff Canale_08 3 часа назад
Samsung/Huawei: Apple get lost.
Jeff Canale_08
Jeff Canale_08 3 часа назад
1:59 apple knock down
paulo alexandre
paulo alexandre 5 часов назад
I will never buy apple because of the fact they did not allowed FBI to access the messages files. Simple
AxionXIII 9 часов назад
Flip phones and extra cameras aren’t innovation...
Abhijeet .B
Abhijeet .B 10 часов назад
iPhone is a bitch company!
Jiraffe time
Jiraffe time 13 часов назад
Look, apple is simply the better androids, now, getting the s. 10 instead of the xr ☺☺☺😍😍😍
Shoaib Butt
Shoaib Butt 16 часов назад
Everything Samsung pro
shannon upton
shannon upton 23 часа назад
how are you gonna say galaxy vs. XS if you are only talking about galaxy. its literally you researched everything about this phone just to bash iPhone so goodbye
David Foote
David Foote День назад
Is it me or the s10 display is really soft ...can't put my finger on it.
The Andieniable
The Andieniable День назад
Im worried about the edges of the s10? Will the paint chip off like the previous iphones?
Xerø День назад
If anyone has the S10 and doesn’t play Fortnite message me on Discord (Xerø#5003) or Twitter (@Xer0Skill) *Twitter plz
Sabrina Lee
Sabrina Lee День назад
The only thing that is stopping me from switching back to android is airdrop (as it’s useful for my everyday life), FaceTime, and 3D Touch. I’m in need of a new phone due to my camera as I have a iPhone 6s and so camera with a nice zoom is one of my priorities. The s10 is appealing to me more after this video especially since it still has the earphone jack and it uses fingerprint instead of facial recognition.
Jennifer Crown jj
Jennifer Crown jj День назад
Darn, this phone looks so good. Galaxy rocks!
33ANTREAS День назад
Considering getting one of these 2 Can anyone give me info about how much their battery lasts during everyday pretty heavy usage?
William Blanloeil
William Blanloeil 2 дня назад
I want one pleaze i dont have lot of money
NKEY 2 дня назад
iphone rap soundcloud.com/2006rapper/iphonerap
Axel Zekor
Axel Zekor 2 дня назад
Samsung has officially swept Apple into the dustbin of smartphone history
CHI Nation
CHI Nation 2 дня назад
Samsung for the win
Gıma Gima
Gıma Gima 2 дня назад
Since last 6 years have used iPhone only, now I’m going for Samsung 10, It’s a crazy challenge 🧐🧐🧐
Muhammad Hakim
Muhammad Hakim 2 дня назад
IPhone is a good phone
Lisa Jade
Lisa Jade 2 дня назад
iPhone is overrated.
Gora Bharal
Gora Bharal 2 дня назад
Can you please give me 300 dollars if you dont mind
Максим Карпов
Максим Карпов 2 дня назад
Oh... Looks nice)
Els Bandiola
Els Bandiola 3 дня назад
SAMSUNG S10. Period.
Maria Doycheva
Maria Doycheva 3 дня назад
I think 10s is better ya..But for 1 year, than is going down and is becoming a trash and Iphone doesn’t
Mattel love
Mattel love День назад
Maria Doycheva alright well that’s not how this works. You can’t override and overpower a fact.
Maria Doycheva
Maria Doycheva День назад
I had many android phones and now I have Iphone so this is my opinion.Also i had an Ipad for 10 years and it had fallen in the sea,and from my window and it still works perfectly..
Mattel love
Mattel love День назад
Are you kidding me? iPhones are infamously known for becoming horrible once they get older. That’s not true at all for the galaxy
Joseph Abuso
Joseph Abuso 3 дня назад
Apple 🍎 left the group😂
Realgamer6 3 дня назад
I need 1
Blu 3 дня назад
I bet iPhone is gonna come back in 2 years with the s10-s technology and call it new
ShortyTMusic 116
ShortyTMusic 116 3 дня назад
Dang Im sorry Samsung but I think my 6plus camera looks more real than the s10 ;/ y’all camera turn you into game quality
Mattel love
Mattel love День назад
You... are dumb. The galaxy camera is literally better than the iPhone camera and has been better for a few years now.
amit marchelli
amit marchelli 4 дня назад
Link for the galaxy S10 Wallpaper that you used for this video please
Frederik Nielsen
Frederik Nielsen 4 дня назад
Apple is like the Lamborghini of phones. Screw the working class, lets just sell to rich spoiled brats.
Mr J
Mr J 4 дня назад
still has shitty notch, fail
I’m sorry is this name taken?
I’ve been an apple user most of my life, (currently using an iPhone 6s) but I’m thinking about getting a Samsung, not sure tho
Judy Strauss
Judy Strauss 4 дня назад
What about android updating snafus and failures? For ex sending out new updates to older fones that can’t handle them. A nightmare.
alex aguilar
alex aguilar 4 дня назад
Who won the giveaway?????
protonendichte 4 дня назад
marketing consulting: how expensive will the iPhone be apple: yes
super Minecraft fan 69
super Minecraft fan 69 4 дня назад
Get apepil is besta and Samsung is ploopy
dublife 99
dublife 99 4 дня назад
IPhone fans are only realising how shit iPhone is and always was.... We've been telling you to jump ship and join android for years anyways we 4give u and welcome to android..... IPhone is now struggling to stay alive they are shit
Dank Betsy
Dank Betsy 5 дней назад
For everyone complaining about the price of Apple. Thank god for capitalism. It’s not meant for everyone not everyone can afford if you can’t go buy a Cricket phone or a Samsung. It’s that simple. Get over yourself don’t get mad because half you can’t afford it or your parents won’t buy it because to much money. Apple is like Mercedes, Samsung is like Chevy. Price difference you get two completely different things. Hate to blow your minds but you aren’t forced to buy it lol.
Sarala Jain
Sarala Jain 5 дней назад
Samsung is the world's most popular phone
anthony valencia
anthony valencia 5 дней назад
One thing i ate about the s10 is there is only one screen protechtor
Rolandygnio Zephy
Rolandygnio Zephy 5 дней назад
Can I plz win the phone
Kid MiGuel
Kid MiGuel 5 дней назад
Imagine winning a giveaway! 😂 I never win
C Man
C Man 5 дней назад
Awesome video, definitely made me want to upgrade from my s7. Thanks
Jacqueline Deacon
Jacqueline Deacon 5 дней назад
Please I really want a Samsung s10 because
Varun Rahul
Varun Rahul 5 дней назад
still the camera is not good as the iPhone XS which is a pros for iPhone along with the fluidity of the iOS. Otherwise S10 is a good choice with lots of color and total customization offered by android. i have used the two phones and i will stay with apple if it offer features like multiple windows and direct downloads of songs and videos along with more price cut.
Donna Belle Catabay
Donna Belle Catabay 5 дней назад
Aside from the review, Im watching this video cos the guy looks good lol
Dawid Kat
Dawid Kat 6 дней назад
Samsung s10 vs Iphone X?
Tech Zone
Tech Zone 6 дней назад
Apple money killer Samsung performance killer Huwavei nothing
VICTOR Å 6 дней назад
Apple died when Jobs died.
steve varga
steve varga 6 дней назад
I pay for security apple is the best and it just works
aBram Bam
aBram Bam 6 дней назад
So we can get jipped while overseas gets the best specs!? Thats because they dont sell well in the states.
Harry pupal
Harry pupal 6 дней назад
I already bought iPhone Xs
ADILSON FREIRE 6 дней назад
Samsung is nice. Bu apple products are more appealing
OÄD 6 дней назад
you should look for a new name, apple will be out of the picture pretty soon. remember Nokia?
I like Goats
I like Goats 6 дней назад
I switched from apple to Samsung with the s10 and my g is it good, and its 100 less than the X
Cameron Creal
Cameron Creal 6 дней назад
I like the symmetry of a notch more than an offset cutout. I like being able to see notifications on my lock screen without having to go to the home screen first then swipe down. Subjectivity is a wild concept, I know.
Nigger Faggot
Nigger Faggot 6 дней назад
Why is your title a lie. Don’t say it’s the s10 vs XS if you’re comparing the Plus and the Max
meteora Guy
meteora Guy 6 дней назад
I dropped my phone
Andrie 6 дней назад
Sure, iPhone is overpriced. But Samsung is nothing compared to iPhone.
Mattel love
Mattel love День назад
-_- the galaxy phone is literally better in almost every single way. Literally how did you watch this video where it was fully just the s10 being way better and then say the s10 is worse?
Kathyann Maynard
Kathyann Maynard 6 дней назад
Samsung is the best
Luis Bonola
Luis Bonola 6 дней назад
I just wish the galaxy could look good on snapchat and Instagram i hate how the pictures and videos look but i love the functionality
anthony valencia
anthony valencia 5 дней назад
Ik those apps lower the qauilty in all android from what i seen
James Darmikki BOB
James Darmikki BOB 7 дней назад
Obviously S10 ❤️
Nassim TERKI
Nassim TERKI 7 дней назад
Title does not correspond to the video. We wanted to see iPhone X or Xs not Max! And S10 not S10+!
Ozzy Preece
Ozzy Preece 7 дней назад
Samsung s10 is epic I want one
Steven Clark
Steven Clark 7 дней назад
I heard 5G killed some people...
macojeda 7 дней назад
thank you for your honest feedback
JovanRockNRoll :p
JovanRockNRoll :p 7 дней назад
I got a s10 ad
VXNC3NT 8 дней назад
Bro I hate those people who disrespect that androids like there quality is shit they would choose the iPhone 5 over the s9 and shit our emojis our bad the quality and shit like stfu
stevae wei
stevae wei 8 дней назад
"Slightly more modern tech"??? Really? Lol. You CRapple guys are hilarious... For the record, my S10+ runs circles around my family members Xs max, and my Galaxy buds are much better than their airpods, and they actually stay in my ears!
That weird girl Over there
That weird girl Over there 8 дней назад
The s10 is in a deal right now with t-mobile and lemme tell you that I am not one of those “ rich kids” I am now 12 and my mom is going to let me have one cuz the price will be the same as my Apple 6s but it is just better and I am just genuinely really happy and great full of what I have
Almir Skrijelj
Almir Skrijelj 8 дней назад
Its not fair to compare a BEAST of a phone with some expensive wanna be phone Samsung always WON the battle with iShit!
Star Musik
Star Musik 8 дней назад
Thank you for the information. The s10+ looks so great... I want to get it so bad. However I have to keep telling myself to wait for the Note 10, but damn August or September seems like an eternity away right now.
Harvy 8 дней назад
loving the new S10
Leon 8 дней назад
This makes Apple change hopefully. The design is so old.
Dee Bee
Dee Bee 8 дней назад
Seriously. Base functionality wise I can do all the exact same things on my second AUD$69 smart phone. Telstra Essentials. Aka Alcatel X.
YAKIR ZARVIV 8 дней назад
loooove your channle
Rosaura Tolentino
Rosaura Tolentino 8 дней назад
Can you please pick me I want a phone plus color yellow or white please
aaryangamer100 8 дней назад
Im here for the give away but i dont need a phone can i please get galaxy buds
Ace 101
Ace 101 8 дней назад
Love your videos
Ace 101
Ace 101 8 дней назад
I was subscribed for 2 years now
Ace 101
Ace 101 8 дней назад
Pick me
karma kazé
karma kazé 8 дней назад
So im thinking of getting a new phone.. Samsung s10 or Iphone 8 ?
MathewTM 8 дней назад
Is it top *notch* tho ?
Joey Keo
Joey Keo 9 дней назад
Tabraiz Hassan
Tabraiz Hassan 9 дней назад
Can anyone send me the link to s10 wallpaper used in the video? Thanks❤
Antoaneta Apostolova
Antoaneta Apostolova 7 дней назад
apps.samsung.com/theme/ProductDetail.as?appId=acb.dtj122.wallpaperpack&SITE_CODE=bg Отваря се в Galaxy Themes.
Jupic LV
Jupic LV 9 дней назад
S10 better
영계 9 дней назад
Iphone is too expensive
Mckilly Andrei
Mckilly Andrei 9 дней назад
I love samsung and i wish i could win that
Steve Marino
Steve Marino 9 дней назад
Which s10 has the case that lights up? Was that the ceramic white?
FIRST# SEARCH 9 дней назад
Samsung s10 =comment IphoneXs= likes Pls rply i am confuse about both which should i buy?
zia ur Rehman
zia ur Rehman 9 дней назад
I have a question? if samsung is best then why it's name is appleeverythingpro
William Kramer
William Kramer День назад
zia ur Rehman just because an apple guy is comparing two phones doesn't mean biased is necessary. It's called being professional
LanieR6 9 дней назад
I have XS max and S10 plus. I can say I love android more so much more things you can do and more free options
RAJAN DEY 9 дней назад
Apple is Apple & Samsung is Samsung....
Supreme Jasper
Supreme Jasper 9 дней назад
Who else had a mini heart attack @1:59 😂😂😂
Jay RYU 10 дней назад
Simple comparison SAMSUNG S10 = PORSCHE GT3 APPLE = FORD MUSTANG 2.0
RubCuber 8 дней назад
+Yes It's Me He means a base model Mustang GT, not a shelby or a modified one lol
Yes It's Me
Yes It's Me 10 дней назад
My Mustang has 703rwhp, with that said a GT3 can't keep up to me....However I hate APPLE, so terrible comparison.
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