Samsung Galaxy S10 vs iPhone XS! Which Should You Buy?

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Hands on Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus VS iPhone XS Max! Design, Display, Camera, Speed, Battery, Features & Complete Comparison Review. Also Galaxy S10e vs iPhone XR!
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Comments 100
EverythingApplePro 3 months ago
Drop a 👍 for innovation. I don’t care if it’s Samsung, Xiaomi or Apple. Innovation is everything and Samsung is killing it this year.
CAPT Jamaica
CAPT Jamaica 9 days ago
Gimi 1
Gurjit Brar
Gurjit Brar Month ago
+Sumaiya Ripa apple can't count
Gurjit Brar
Gurjit Brar Month ago
+Sumaiya Ripa apple is trash
Jane Gilmore
Jane Gilmore 3 months ago
My son bought me a Pixel 2 Birthdays as today is my birthday. My eyesight is getting worse so I’d love a phone that I can read what I’m typing. I know he isn’t going to get me another phone as he has gone back to uni. Which I want him to finish. So this lovely birthday gal would love bigger text phone. Thank you 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
張泰銘 3 months ago
EverythingApplePro I don’t think Xiaomi is bad because it’s literally half the price.
A or Z
A or Z 7 hours ago
Should I get s10 or xs
CaramelClxries 12 hours ago
So many children here saying apple copies Samsung lmao go back to when Samsung galaxy s i9000 was sold and you'll see real copying
The Duck
The Duck 20 hours ago
samsung is a complete joke and a disgrace to the phone company , nothing will ever beat ios stabiltiy..... nothing!!
The Duck
The Duck 20 hours ago
xr over both phones
Felix Orasco
Felix Orasco Day ago
A commercial every 60 seconds awesome
White person: I love how white the phone is
Vivian Jordan
iPhone XS
Hyper Holix
Hyper Holix Day ago
I’m going with the S10 please don’t hate me apple users
Simi 615
Simi 615 Day ago
That is exactly why I have a Samsung phone!
Zul Isfamous
Zul Isfamous Day ago
S10 is good and all but overtime it lags because its fucking android.. Apple on the other hand.. does not lag.
Yup ma life dead
My say in apple vs Android, if you don’t really care about it too much, (or if you are young) get an apple. Apple is safer and has a better and safer system. If you are an adult, and care a lot about high quality, get a (android) but preferably Samsung galaxy. It is less safe, but gets your jobs done, and is a bit cheaper.
Electric Rain
I'm broke asf but the isheep need to stop pretending that samsung phone is looking 🔥 I had the same shitty phone for like 7 years now lol and I feel annoyed when people swerve actual quality and go for the iphone. Iphone's days are numbered, iphone is the new nokia.
Thanduxolo Fokwebe
2018 vs 2019 ? 😂😂😂
Slav Pepe
Slav Pepe 2 days ago
Apple thinks innovation is using things that have been around for 7 years and Android and Samsung have done already
Keith jackson jr
Keith jackson jr 2 days ago
They should put a pause feature when your recording a video on the iPhone 11📱!!!
ぬさぬ。 3 days ago
okicat1 3 days ago
Get to the fucking point!
daniel hoover
daniel hoover 3 days ago
Boom. Oh wait I have to touch it twice to unlock it. BUYERS BEWARE. If you want a screen protector for this phone get ready to pay $70.00 for one that actually works.
Lunar Viking
Lunar Viking 4 days ago
Meh...I will keep my S9 and S9+ S10 is not that good.
Alex Baker
Alex Baker 4 days ago
Can you put more ads in your videos please
Bradlee Mejia
Bradlee Mejia 3 days ago
Alex Baker you need to be....Bitch I’m 13 you have probably been around since the dinosaur ages
Alex Baker
Alex Baker 3 days ago
You need to be smarter it's called sarcasm...
Bradlee Mejia
Bradlee Mejia 3 days ago
Alex Baker you need to read your comment
Alex Baker
Alex Baker 3 days ago
Face palm
Bradlee Mejia
Bradlee Mejia 3 days ago
Alex Baker you’re saying if he can add more
YT said my name changed too recently
Samsung all the time~~~ been a samsung user since fetus
Azezmandy shyekh
Azezmandy shyekh 4 days ago
Been using apply for long time wanted to upgrade to Xr but the price is shit with Samsung you get lot more than apple for less money so I am switching tos10
Baljeet The Beast
3:02 he says there is no delay from a black screen, but it says no match....
Bradlee Mejia
Bradlee Mejia 3 days ago
Baljeet The Beast that doesn’t mean there’s a delay
noypiXhapon TV
noypiXhapon TV 4 days ago
thinking of what should i buy for war of emperium (WOE) Ragnarok M Eternal Love any suggestion the iphone xs or galaxy s10 plus based on your experience
Dr Diamondz
Dr Diamondz 4 days ago
Why did the iPhone have blue tape over cameras?
zay 5 days ago
1:54 *drops phone, trys to play it off*
P. H.
P. H. 5 days ago
How much ad space did you sell out for? Jeesus dude get to the point
Bill clawsby
Bill clawsby 3 days ago
He is stating how much better android is the entire video what do you mean the point is apple is nothing anymore😂
Eugen Cela
Eugen Cela 5 days ago
I bought the s10 a month ago for around 750 euros. In my opinion it is the a better choice as long as you're not invested in the apple ecosystem
Hale&jackie Hickory4127&simmons
I’m Buying S10
Gaku Yashiro
Gaku Yashiro 6 days ago
S10 don't need to compete it's an automatic winner if it was against apple(sorry apple users but that's just an opinion)
The Duck
The Duck 20 hours ago
ios stabiitly is the real reason why samsung will never win!!!!
ItsHusain Day ago
Shan Iqbal Adviser
Never change my decision but this time Samsung won my heart
Justin E
Justin E 6 days ago
what’s the iphone’s wallpaper?
Richard Atkins
Richard Atkins 7 days ago
Samsung just need to make their phones look nice
Richard Atkins
Richard Atkins 3 days ago
+Bradlee MejiaThey are not percived as the cool phone thou ,they need to change their image hence why apple can still charge more for a substandard phone.That Camera on the back looks like something from battle star Galactica
Bradlee Mejia
Bradlee Mejia 3 days ago
Richard Atkins they make theirs actually nice it’s just the camera that needs a little more work
Perhaps 7 days ago
You get the iPhone for it’s processor speed, looks, camera, software and features. You get the Samsung for its screen, battery, and cheaper price
Perhaps 6 days ago
Dylan Shelby Nope. It might have more ram and storage but apples a12 is still the fastest and faster than any android. And all of iOS apps are optimized so nothing crashes or slows down. I own a s10 and xs and s10 does get slower at times but still great phone
Dylan Shelby
Dylan Shelby 7 days ago
samsung has a better processor im pretty sure
kanissa lands
kanissa lands 7 days ago
I'm battling to stay with Samsung but this review my keep me going I kind of still want to try iPhone but only for experimental purposes
Shonen World
Shonen World 7 days ago
in 2029: Hello guys EverythingSamsungPro here and welcome back to a new video
Bill clawsby
Bill clawsby 3 days ago
Yeah so the new Samsung galaxy s20+xl has a new telepathic unlock and it's pretty good it has 120 gigs of ram and um it takes a urine sample to make sure you are you If you ever get locked out😂
Univ.s Fell
Univ.s Fell 8 days ago
I can’t work the bloody Samsung’s maybe cos I just grew up on apple optimisation
Green Onion
Green Onion 7 days ago
Yeah apple products are stupid proof. If your not a decently smart person you wont like samsung products.
Walter G sin city
S10 is just another level
Poukei Kauvaka
Poukei Kauvaka 9 days ago
Samsung would be great to have
Shawn Ruiz
Shawn Ruiz 9 days ago
2:00 killed me lmao
Rose Brand
Rose Brand 9 days ago
I can't afford any so..
o o f
o o f 9 days ago
I'm perfectly satisfied with my S10. I still don't know why Apple can't properly count.
Aaron Clapper
Aaron Clapper 9 days ago
What do we do about the notch? Idk move it into the screen to make it more annoying.
Luciferlvz anato
Luciferlvz anato 9 days ago
Apple is trash and overpriced and copy Samsung. Samsung is much better and more innovative.
Perhaps 7 days ago
Luciferlvz anato Yeah but the xs a12 processor is faster
Morgan Parrish
Morgan Parrish 9 days ago
Lol android users
Bradlee Mejia
Bradlee Mejia 3 days ago
Morgan Parrish lol laggy apple
How about we don’t buy both
Everything apple: saying good things about the S10... Samsung: now would you like to switch to our phones... Apple: jealous Me: hey apple your phones Suck... Apple: well our new gen. Will be better!! Me: NOT
Omar Richardson
Omar Richardson 10 days ago
lol iPhone said "bruh you really gonna play me like that"
stephen deng
stephen deng 10 days ago
Still nothing compared to the energizer phone
PZ 11 days ago
Very informative video and thorough comparison. I´ve been on the fence for a while about which phone I should buy, but I definitely choose the S10 Galaxy even though I´ve always had an Iphone. Quick question: how does the Huawei P30 Pro compare to the S10?
PEACE N MELODY 11 days ago
please can i get one if its possible and your give away is real?????????
Eric Coombs
Eric Coombs 11 days ago
Yeah Samsung is leading. It's the truth
Angelina Marie
Angelina Marie 11 days ago
There is a reason that Samsung has all those cameras on the back. If you look at an iPhone XR, there is no longer 2 cameras. There is only ONE CAMERA! That is because Apple has more advance technology that they don't NEED those five cameras.
Green Onion
Green Onion 7 days ago
Fangirl much.
Ace Doby
Ace Doby 9 days ago
Angelina Marie or because the xr is the cheaper model?
Aaron Durick
Aaron Durick 12 days ago
I have Samsung note 8 and I love it more than anything I would like a new phone but ONLY from Samsung apple is horrible #samung is best
jason bolkenstijn
jason bolkenstijn 12 days ago
I hate the software on Android Samsung phones and much times it struggle with running and lagg
Kidloco 12 days ago
3:01 "just pop your finger on, BOOM no delay! Phone: "try again" Loll
Bill clawsby
Bill clawsby 3 days ago
iPhone realizing it's nothing compared go the s10 1:58
Lunar Viking
Lunar Viking 4 days ago
Loll indeed...
werdo Atlaw
werdo Atlaw 12 days ago
I love apple and samsung but damn samsung win my heart.samsung is more helping his user like translate words (somethinglike that)but apple is like more focus to camera.
Hafiz Sahil
Hafiz Sahil 12 days ago
Nostalgia 13 days ago
Android user for a long time, thought of finally switching to IPhone since it’s just the “default” option everyone goes for these days. So glad I didn’t budge and stuck to Samsung by buying the 10.
Rudy Rodriguez
Rudy Rodriguez 13 days ago
Doesn't make sense buying the S 10 because samsung phones are notorious for lagging after a few months and you have to buy another phone. only stupid people buy samsung.
Green Onion
Green Onion 7 days ago
Only stupid people state stuff like this. You're forgetting how apple slows down there products purposely when the new models are about to drop lol.
Xeno Verse
Xeno Verse 13 days ago
Iphone XS is overpriced. Samsung S10 beat Iphone XS in speed comparison. I think its more worth it to buy S10 cuz its cheaper than iphone Xs
Rudy Rodriguez
Rudy Rodriguez 13 days ago
no. people will buy whatever they want. no phone is better than the other. personal preference
AlexTheDerp 13 days ago
The S10e looks like a concept iPhone lol
Ron Gillespie
Ron Gillespie 14 days ago
I love all good phones. They do what I need them to do
Noodlelover 14 days ago
I love the feel of iphones and the simplicity. They would be a much better phone if they had bigger batteries and you could see the screen in the sun.
Pasha Wrya
Pasha Wrya 15 days ago
S10 is best for everything
Rudy Rodriguez
Rudy Rodriguez 13 days ago
even lag
shesus 15 days ago
I see alot of people saying iphones are better because nowadays "everyone" has iphones and celebrities use iphones and samsung makes budget phones so somehow that's bad ? Iphones are *the symbol of luxury* and samsung are inferior because they not only make super high tech phones with new innovative ideas everytime, but also make pretty modest smartphones affordable for the average person that has debts, taxes and bills to pay but still want a useful phone The fact that people are out there defending iphones with statments such as : well pop stars and youtube vloggers use them(which is even why they're trendy and popular among the youth) And even put down samsung for making affordable phones just shows how stupid the mindset people have now is, "if this thing can make me look rich & trendy among my highschool peers then it's better"
ACEZHI 15 days ago
All the white girls got iPhone with 4 gigs of ram. When we out here with 8
ACEZHI 15 days ago
S1 vs Xs max samsung still better
King Lion
King Lion 12 days ago
Shut the fuck up , you stupid you don't know anything .
344shadowking 16 days ago
I needed this video ! thanks, made my upgrade choice so much easier
dave EPISODES 17 days ago
I prefer the iPhone big notch than dewdrop puncholes and normal notch.
Agent 47
Agent 47 17 days ago
Now to share this video with my fellow iOS buddies.
Royal Syndicate
Royal Syndicate 18 days ago
I wish I won I've had 3 galaxy phones that I bought with my money but with the curved screen they cracked in my pocket I miss my phone the one I'm currently on its cracked and I cut my finger on the glass smh
عمر الشريف
Samsung has more specs for a better price, it even looks futuristic.
عمر الشريف
Samsung has more specs
Rudy Rodriguez
Rudy Rodriguez 13 days ago
but lags after a few months
عمر الشريف
For a better price
Homie Cat
Homie Cat 18 days ago
I only have an iPhone 4
MaxieDonut21 18 days ago
*Channel name goes perfectly with this argument*
Alain Waser
Alain Waser 18 days ago
Change your Name into everythingsamsungpro
Arnav Aggarwal
Arnav Aggarwal 18 days ago
I am using an iPhone XS and it honestly SUCKS GOAT BALLS! Apple has lost the battle completely. Tim Cook stop sucking dicks and either step up or step out.
Ben 18 days ago
I’m a hardcore apple fan, been using Apple phones over 8 years, and I’m thinking about switching to the s10 plus.. should I?
ohmypie 16 days ago
hudson fysh
hudson fysh 18 days ago
3:02 no match for the finger print😂 Samsung is trash Honestly get an ipone🤣
Carlos Portillo
Carlos Portillo 19 days ago
I switched to iPhone xs for a week worst thing I did screen was horrible and wasted money for no reason I switched back to s9+
TheTomtomtom 20 days ago
The s10 plus looks fantastic! I want to leave my Xs for the s10. But I’m scared 😭
nicola 21
nicola 21 4 days ago
+Ninja Hathoda still using man
Ninja Hathoda
Ninja Hathoda 5 days ago
nicola 21 r u still using s10 or come back to xs..?
TheTomtomtom 14 days ago
Bunta Fujiwara I haven’t. I’ll check it out, though. Maybe I can get a hold of the Snapdragon version.
Bunta Fujiwara
Bunta Fujiwara 14 days ago
Have you try Ebay? It safe, cheap and reliable...
nicola 21
nicola 21 16 days ago
+TheTomtomtom I can perfectly understand you, I also have a MacBook Pro(use dell like my work laptop) and a very old iPad mini, but I never felt helped by the Apple's ecosystem in my everyday life. I like only iPad Pro series and new watches from Apple...the other products are overtaken by competitors
trblshooter 75
trblshooter 75 20 days ago
Resale value should be included in these reviews. I've had both Samsung and Apple phones. Apple is the better investment hands down.
Hamza Khan
Hamza Khan 20 days ago
And yet people with iPhones still find ways to hate on me
ʝɛʀʀɛʟ KIПKΣΛD
1:57 lmao after it heard samsung was better it fell over edit: im an iPhone user
raul robles
raul robles 21 day ago
Give a thumbs up if Galaxy s10 is better than iphone xs 👍
Intel Core i5 9600k
Simple answer: Samsung Galaxy s10 5g
BaH_ ZuRk
BaH_ ZuRk 22 days ago
Just bought my mom an Samsung s10 today for a gift for mothers day I know its a bit early lol but well mom I hope your happy with your present gift haha happy mothers day to all the beautiful moms across the world and iPhone ain't got jack on the mighty Samsung's lol
Mirow2007 22 days ago
Both are good. U choose the phone u feel good with so it does not care.
ᑕOᑕOᗩ ᑭEᑎGᑌIᑎ
S10 vs 10S, hmmmmmm, WHO NAMED THESE PHONES?
Saif Ur rehman
Saif Ur rehman 20 days ago
LMichel 22 days ago
Me arrepiento de haberme cambiado.... Compré iPhone XR y me arrepiento de sobre manera... tremendo error en cuanto pueda vuelvo a Samsung... tiene la mejor cámara, mejor definición, mejor todoooo🤷🏻‍♀️
Green Onion
Green Onion 7 days ago
Shut up bitch
AbleCharting 22 days ago
What phone has the biggest video screen, not screen size, but when you are playing say RUvid, which one has the biggest actual video? And do you know any links that show these phones side by side that compare the video size? Thanks in advance.
Brian Elias
Brian Elias 23 days ago
2.34 i also hate the notch screens every company now uses the notch it just feels outdated already
Lyricnebula41961 23 days ago
Apple hasn't been innovating recently. They are just copying other companies. Also just making stupid decisions (headphone jack).
Parindya Gunarathne
3:01 boom and it didnt work hahahaha
Mark Rodriguez
Mark Rodriguez 23 days ago
Samsung>Apple easy to see
Mrs. G
Mrs. G 24 days ago
Portrait compared pls ✋
Hala Mohieldin
Hala Mohieldin 24 days ago
Iphone xs
HotDogNoob 1
HotDogNoob 1 24 days ago
Like = Xs Comment = S10
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