Samsung Galaxy S10 & S10+ Hands on: back at the top of Android

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The new Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 are shaping up as the next best Android phones around. Their triple cameras, edge-to-edge displays, in-screen fingerprint scanners and top-notch hardware specs make them two of the most exciting new phones to be announced during the first half of 2019. Here are our first hands-on impressions.
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Feb 20, 2019




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Comments 105
dr. whet farts
dr. whet farts 6 months ago
ditch touchwiz please. it sucks.
gtone339 6 months ago
They did that ages ago, now its called One UI.
ganere zuckerboy
ganere zuckerboy 6 months ago
3:39 Marques ?
junKtion 6 months ago
Isn't the second camera in the front for S10 plus working just for sensing the depth?
Sasha Meow
Sasha Meow 6 months ago
i remember the time i had the s7 non edge with the small battery and hated it so i think 4000 mah or around that should be standard for all android phones.
G T 6 months ago
The display on Samsung has always been a bit too saturated for my liking. Next time when you go into a big department store, compare the difference between Loewe 4K OLED TV to all the other mainstream brands such as Samsung, Sony, LG etc. You will see that the colours of Loewe displays are much more softer and near-perfect. I wonder how much these so-called influencers are getting paid by Samsung. www.phonearena.com/news/flagship-comparison-Sony-Xperia-1-vs-Samsung-Galaxy-S10_id114037
Kenneth raiford
Kenneth raiford 6 months ago
back at the top when was it not at the top last time I checked ever since the note was out it's been on top
ABC ONE 6 months ago
John Kaitano
John Kaitano 6 months ago
Why Samsung u removed Barcode scanner on browser. This helps much on business items,and there is video downloader on browser also removed . my s9plus is not sweet now as before with android8
Ted 6 months ago
It's built into the camera app now
David Martrano
David Martrano 6 months ago
Nice review, for myself I firmly believe Samsung nailed it on all three. I luv the s10plus, 8gb's & 128gb's of storage. How's about the 4100mamp battery. At 999.00 yes it's pricey but you have ALL the premium features!
Simon Trieu
Simon Trieu 6 months ago
No compromise? How about dual sim only on 512Gb models.
Simon Trieu
Simon Trieu 6 months ago
Hybrid Sims are only standard on the 512Gb. They are not available on the 128Gb models in my market, that's my point. Don't care about SD cards. I just don't want to pay $350 extra to have use of a second sim. @Awaks
Awaks 6 months ago
You do realize Hybrid SIMs are a thing(and come standard) right??? XD...........sooo tf you going on about??? If you want one with both sims and sd usable at the same time, then wait for them to come out in supported markets, and order them, as per usual XD........yikes
Moose Be Canadian
Moose Be Canadian 6 months ago
Samsung continues to offer a no compromise design other than a randomly placed hole in the screen. Why not have the hole against the side bezel? The screen real estate around the side and top of the camera hole is pretty well useless anyways? Don’t get me wrong it’s a beautiful phone. I just feel like the hole punch would be so distracting for me.
Techie, Foodie, Health & Fitness
Wow mindblowing
Amit sahu
Amit sahu 6 months ago
FUCKK waste off money
Amit sahu
Amit sahu 6 months ago
Fuck s10 my j7 bestt
KEVIN 6 months ago
People fight for Samsung and Apple but in reality it’s just personal preference.
Hasim 030
Hasim 030 6 months ago
You habe the same camera angle with the plus..
Fire 60 Origami
Fire 60 Origami 6 months ago
Then after some month, the Note 10 would with some little improvements and then at the end of 2019, Almost all tech RUvidrs would say " The best smartphone is the Note 10! " and the S10 series would then be underrated. What a logic...
hundio88 6 months ago
I'm just going to keep my s9+ little longer. Really disappointed on the s10's display camera cut out and how screen protectors make the fingerprint sensor useless.
CuriousExistence 6 months ago
4:07 The second front-facing camera on the S10+ is only a depth sensor for added post-processing and AR effects. It's not actually a wider-angle selfie lens.
Ted 6 months ago
When using wide angle mode both cameras are simultaneously used and stitched together to simulate the wide angle effect
D- Sean
D- Sean 6 months ago
Back at the top of android? When were they dethroned? They've been the number one mobile manufacturer in the world since 2010. They still have the most mobile market share since 2010. And they still sale more phones as a company, than any other mobile manufacturer since 2010
[insert Name Here]
[insert Name Here] 6 months ago
@Zig Adam The budget galaxy M 10 and 20 sold out in minutes...Samsung if fine, trust me.
D- Sean
D- Sean 6 months ago
@gary rees read my last comment instead of me typing it again
D- Sean
D- Sean 6 months ago
@Zig Adam lol even with Samsung supposed slow sales they still sold over 300 million units just as they do every yr. Huawei only sold 200 million 1 time for 1 yr whearas Samsung has been selling 300 million per yr since 2010. Be foreal
Zig Adam
Zig Adam 6 months ago
Chinese companies have been eating at Samsung's sales the past 3-4 years. In fact, Huawei is poised to overtake Samsung as number one by next year or possibly this year. Samsung had to pull out all the stops with the S10 series to not lose their top spot.
gary rees
gary rees 6 months ago
Huawei killed it last year.
brown bobby
brown bobby 6 months ago
Samsung is at the top for sure
Nelito De Sousa
Nelito De Sousa 6 months ago
2:12 Mr Mobile behind the scenes
CThienV 6 months ago
How's the vibration motor?
kramshiron 6 months ago
Ultrasonic reader way better than optical as used in Huawei/oneplus/Vivo.
Bridgit Mendler is BAE
@TechDove wow thanks for the explanation👏
TechDove 6 months ago
Sheldon Moore better in accuracy, security and reliability. The Oneplus is only faster because the software for optical sensors has existed for longer than ultrasonic has. Also it only has to register a picture of your fingerprint and quickly look to match a few data points, the ultrasonic bounces sound waves off of the ridges in your fingerprint not only in the setup process, but every time you unlock, whereas the oneplus is like "meh close enough, that's the same fingerprint"
Sheldon Moore
Sheldon Moore 6 months ago
Better in what way? In terms of speed OnePlus is faster.
brown bobby
brown bobby 6 months ago
Also display audio ui design size reverse charging are all better than Huawei's shits
Chinmay Uthale
Chinmay Uthale 6 months ago
Cool man I've always followed ur website and channel since Sony Ericsson w705 😄👍
Sidharth Thakur
Sidharth Thakur 6 months ago
@PhoneArena Galaxy s10+ is 522 ppi not 438 (0.43s)
wolf hunter
wolf hunter 6 months ago
Is the reverse wireless charging faster than mate 20 pro or slow
Sean Stanek
Sean Stanek 6 months ago
Mate 20 pro is 2.5w and s10's are 4.5w
brown bobby
brown bobby 6 months ago
kramshiron 6 months ago
wolf hunter
wolf hunter 6 months ago
Top of the smartphone industry
Asarni Thomas
Asarni Thomas 6 months ago
Horace Brewer
Horace Brewer 7 months ago
Innovative get the F out of here. They stole from every phone maker that exists on this phone.
yangerek deone
yangerek deone 6 months ago
Neh..u peasant
Asarni Thomas
Asarni Thomas 6 months ago
@Audi Ahmad I'm wondering the same thing.
Audi Ahmad
Audi Ahmad 6 months ago
Horace Brewer
Horace Brewer 7 months ago
The iPhone 4 was out back when Samsung was plastic.
Asarni Thomas
Asarni Thomas 6 months ago
The Galaxy S was AMOLED while the iPhone 4 was LCD.
alexjavi13ify 7 months ago
Had the s6, Currently the S8+, and will definitely get the S10 👌
Jonathz Estive
Jonathz Estive 7 months ago
How about night mode in rear cam?
Tech Ferdi
Tech Ferdi 7 months ago
Yeahhh Bullshito they just stole options from the rest of the brands
Kevin Rodriguez
Kevin Rodriguez 7 months ago
They look stunning!
Rubin Nazar
Rubin Nazar 7 months ago
Hate the new ui
Rahu\_ 0493
Rahu\_ 0493 7 months ago
The Beasts are here🔥🔥🔥
Shiny Mew
Shiny Mew 7 months ago
Flamingo Pink 😍😍😍😍😍 but where's the Canary Yellow? 🤔
Nandakisore Sreekanth
its not available in the US
Williams Sepenu
Williams Sepenu 7 months ago
Sony is coming for you guys next week Monday 25 February. Watch out Samsung
Edwin Capidos
Edwin Capidos 6 months ago
Haha. Sony is closing stores.
Actionjac1 6 months ago
Nobody wants Sony. They are expensive for what they are worth and have terrible to NO support. One Plus is the Android phone who is putting pressure on ALL Android phones right now. HANDS DOWN!!
FAUguy23 7 months ago
Notification LED?
dr. whet farts
dr. whet farts 6 months ago
@TechDove sigh
TechDove 6 months ago
FAUguy23 unfortunately no, they've ditched it
Tanner Jones
Tanner Jones 7 months ago
Love what Samsung is doing, but I have a few not picks, like how much smaller the battery is on the regular s10. Also I am super bummed that the emeralg green is not going to be coming to the united states
Sean Stanek
Sean Stanek 6 months ago
It's still almost the same as size the s9+ battery and they had to make the plus more appealing since it's still 100 more but has the same ram and rear cameras as the regular 10
Iron Man & War Machine
Samsung S series are better than iPhones. Also, would you guys buy the new S10 or S10+ ?
theodoris3663 6 months ago
Bought the s10 in prism white picking it up in 2 days
Alexa LR
Alexa LR 6 months ago
Fire 60 Origami
Fire 60 Origami 6 months ago
Better buy S10E for people like me because of the price
Sinisa Ruzicic
Sinisa Ruzicic 7 months ago
S10+ because of the battery
steve9348 7 months ago
Iron Man & War Machine buy Samsung gold better 2k$
SeikonDS 7 months ago
headphone jack
DeadofWinter321 7 months ago
Watching this from my P3XL. Was going to wait for the S10 to be revealed but eh. Glad I didn't. #teampixel
DeadofWinter321 6 months ago
@carver 9 - And you say I'm making up crap when you're doing the same exact thing. Lmao, but okay.
DeadofWinter321 6 months ago
@carver 9 - All you have to do is not be a lazy ass and go look at camera comparison videos like I did. You'll see the Pixel 3 still takes better, more realistic photos than the S10 and iPhone XS Max. You might think stock Android is boring, you and the minority. The majority do not want useless, gimmicky bloatware which is what Samsung phones are full of. How can the Pixel look ugly when Galaxy devices already look just as boring as iPhones? Exactly. It's because Galaxies and iPhones are for the sheep.
carver 9
carver 9 6 months ago
@DeadofWinter321 Pixel only sold 1 million phones last yr. That's trash compared to what Samsung is selling. Their mid ranger is doing better than that. You cant be this clueless. I haven't met a single person that owns a Pixel and I work in a bank. Stock android is boring and lol, show me the S10 over blowing pictures and oversaturating. I'll wait. You're just making up crap. Samsung is the best selling company in the world when it comes to phones and that is for a reason. Google phones look like complete and utter trash. I can post a vid of the Pixel 3xl and everyone in the comment field would be making fun of the device. You're just weird
DeadofWinter321 6 months ago
@carver 9 - We can both also agree that Flossy is a hater and a bad reviewer because he didn't get invited to the Google Event. That's exactly what it is, even other people are saying it too, lmao.
DeadofWinter321 6 months ago
@carver 9 - It doesn't matter if it got a better score. Just look at the comparison videos. And many people are saying Samsung paid dxomark really nicely to score the S10 above the Pixel 3. The S10 overexposes and blows out every photo, making them look cartoonish. If Samsung Experience is supposedly better than the superior Stock Android, then why are the Pixels the fastest growing smartphone brand right now? Samsung had a hard time selling the S9 and Note 9. I'd watch what you type next time because you clearly have no clue what you're saying. You're fanboying. I'd rather have a normal looking notch than an ugly ass misplaced butthole in the corner of the screen.
Othmane Fettaka
Othmane Fettaka 7 months ago
Xiaomi mi 9 is more beautiful
dr. whet farts
dr. whet farts 6 months ago
xiaomi is pure garbage.
carver 9
carver 9 7 months ago
Lol... this guy is either blind or in denial.
Dr Earbuds
Dr Earbuds 7 months ago
You might be the only one that thinks that . Samsung did it right 🤔
Iron Man & War Machine
How is it more beautiful ?
Quan Nguyen
Quan Nguyen 7 months ago
wow. it's really mind blown... i mean the prices
dr. whet farts
dr. whet farts 6 months ago
@Lita Zo no touchwiz sucks balls. maybe if they release a google play edition i'd buy a s10.
Earthy x
Earthy x 6 months ago
Yeah, they do seem way over priced. I was able to get $300 off with my preorder though thanks to my trade in. Plus an extra $45 off for students and military.
Lita Zo
Lita Zo 6 months ago
@Quan Nguyenless than iphone . even if it was $500 more than iphone . samsung would still be more worth
The Syndrosphear
The Syndrosphear 6 months ago
@Freedom "Fruit company"😂💀👍💯
Freedom 6 months ago
For that price.. If happen in year of 2009 I will get shock and heart attack.. But in 2019 it is fair enough and reasonable with latest technology dude... unless you coming from Nokia 3310 still.. I mean it's not cheap either but still lower than the fruit company 🍎🍏🍎🍏🍎
sydjaguar 7 months ago
When I saw Mr Mobile, I went to his channel to see his video. Good job Samsung,.
Hrushikesh Pradhan
Hrushikesh Pradhan 7 months ago
Wow... how much the price
Arifur Rahman
Arifur Rahman 7 months ago
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