Samsung Galaxy S10+ - REAL Day in the Life!

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Finally time to take the Samsung Galaxy S10+ for a real day in the life with T-Mobile. Watch as we test the super steady camera, in display fingerprint reader, power sharing with the Galaxy buds and more! We also test T-Mobile's super fast LTE network, coupled with the snapdragon 855 performance. Lots to talk about here - this is definitely a phone I'm super pumped about.
Learn more about T-Mobile's crazy fast LTE network here: www.t-mobile.com/coverage/4g-lte-network
Find the Galaxy S10+ through TMO here: www.t-mobile.com/cell-phone/samsung-galaxy-s10
This video is sponsored by T-Mobile.
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14 мар 2019




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UrAvgConsumer 10 дней назад
Quick correction: You CAN record ultra-wide video with super steady turned off. My bad for the mix up guys!
Major Rawr
Major Rawr 3 дня назад
I'm pretty sure the brightness issue you had was the feature: video enhancer. (I had it enabled on mine)
Keshmael Brookes
Keshmael Brookes 5 дней назад
While watching a HDR video the brightness adopt by itself. I realized that with my LG g7 while watching a HDR video
The Eagle
The Eagle 8 дней назад
UrAvgConsumer love my S10 +, as a creator who use the phone a lot for videos I love the wide angle lense. Got the ceramic black 512 gig. 👊🏻❤️🦅
Mark Pacatang
Mark Pacatang 9 дней назад
Wuts yer real job?
D33bo 9 дней назад
Yea I was just scroll down to correct you lls..
Honda Hoon
Honda Hoon Час назад
T-Mobile service is trash! Verizon baby!
Henry Hoeflaken
Henry Hoeflaken 5 часов назад
Its not about the phone...but showing off the car...🤔
DragonPaw 8 часов назад
I have samsung s10 but someone please tell me for the love of god why they made our 1000dollar phone out of plastic on the sides ?
Matthew Scott
Matthew Scott 9 часов назад
Was it really necessary to blur the Tesla logo after you say the name of the car 100 times
IbraCadabra09 16 часов назад
Settings on Samsung is not complicated, just type what you want in search bar and that's it.
ricardo mercado
ricardo mercado 17 часов назад
I would love to get this phone but I feel im a bit too deep in apple’s ecosystem 😞
raider steel
raider steel 18 часов назад
I was awaiting a shout out to Marques.. And it happen
thomas m
thomas m 19 часов назад
It does have night shot but the ai choses when it uses it
shine 20 часов назад
Waiting on my prism blue s10+ now
Brandon Cox
Brandon Cox 20 часов назад
Why would you need to be sponsored to make a video? I don’t understand that logic
rama landajo
rama landajo 21 час назад
Yooo where can i get that wallpaper???? Soo cool
Philtrum День назад
I wouldnt have thought you would go for a tesla to be honest.
Lain Macauley
Lain Macauley День назад
An android phone with good mics?! Fucking nuts.
Andrei Lizarondo
Andrei Lizarondo День назад
1:28 whats that laptop?
Inter Ya nan
Inter Ya nan День назад
How was you able to watch videos full screen ? My phone doesn't go to full size on landscape
pumpkin patch
pumpkin patch День назад
Can you do the Huawei mate 20 pro next
Bryan День назад
Buys a boring grey Tesla, gets it wrapped in a different boring grey
Prabjot Khaira
Prabjot Khaira День назад
9:00 You can fix that in settings, phone screen get brighter when ur watching a movie or videos
ImFriendly День назад
5hours screen time maximum what kind of battery draining apps are you using. Even my s8 can survive half a day of usuage with me playing games for hours
Tatar More
Tatar More 2 дня назад
Waiting for the note 10
Gabriel Bautista
Gabriel Bautista 2 дня назад
What's the multiplayer game you played in the restaurant? (Or you said)
lily l
lily l 2 дня назад
Do you think its better than iphone xs? Which is better?
M C 2 дня назад
Very bad and disappointing video. Niggaz don't do it right.
Blackdragon79 2 дня назад
Can someone tell me what that wallpaper is?
Leigh Rich
Leigh Rich 2 дня назад
T Mobile fked up. I wanted plus however as had cash but they would not have it for over 2 weeks. So I got the 10e. Happy as saved lots of money, T-Mobil's loss.
ZawRaw 2 дня назад
My hands are freaking sweaty 24/7 i can't touch anything without leaving bunch of fingerprints
Tekushi 2 дня назад
the iphone xs max got 6 hours and 30 minutes of screen on time, this one only got 5h yikes
Ferret Trio
Ferret Trio 2 дня назад
What's good with that wallpaper though
Unlock Technology
Unlock Technology 3 дня назад
MKBHD 7:58
Neon_Lights12 3 дня назад
Buys a Tesla Puts a wrap on it Factory Paint: Am I a joke to you?
Ronald David
Ronald David 3 дня назад
“Alright guys, alright guys, alright guys...” what’s that you said again??
Lon Denard
Lon Denard 3 дня назад
Will someone please highlight the new 2.0 wireless charging? It is honestly incredible how fast this phone charges on the new pad!
cj 3 дня назад
That curb rash tho
Lon Denard
Lon Denard 3 дня назад
Use "search" in the settings. Much easier.
Jay West
Jay West 3 дня назад
AN-THRAAAA-SIT. . . . .That's how you pronounce Anthracite. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CHTH 3 дня назад
What if I turn on WirelessPowerShare on both devices and try to charge to each other?
Tom 3 дня назад
1:04 is that Act Up playing? Or I get crazy? 😭😂😂
Stephen Mccauley
Stephen Mccauley 3 дня назад
You know a phone is good when someone says “buttery smooth” more than once 😂😂
Stephen Mccauley
Stephen Mccauley 3 дня назад
Best day in the life video reviewer on RUvid! Keep it up bro!
Bullet Time
Bullet Time 4 дня назад
I love your zoom transitions
The Empire
The Empire 4 дня назад
Fuck TMobile
Tech Is Life
Tech Is Life 4 дня назад
I still don't like the front-facing camera is actually pretty bad
calabrese098 2 дня назад
I think it isn't that good either i looked at it earlier today and i was like ugh
Annatam Dey
Annatam Dey 4 дня назад
Wallpaper link
Ryeet 420
Ryeet 420 4 дня назад
hmmmmmmmm ir *"average " consumer
Brian Eaver
Brian Eaver 4 дня назад
I guess I'm a cool guy now cause I gave it a thumbs up :)
MNicholas 4 дня назад
I have the same brightness issue while playing Austin's HDR video on RUvid with a OnePlus 6. I think it's how the RUvid Android app handles HDR content. Anybody with the same issue?
Thomas Tran
Thomas Tran 5 дней назад
Why don’t you just get PPF (Paint Protective Film) for the car. It will still have the natural factory paint colour and preventing deep scratches, chips and rocks at the same time and it is much cheaper than wrapping with a colour wrap.
mrsmokingskittles14 День назад
Why does he care of its cheaper ? He's rich
MidNight DarkChocolate
MidNight DarkChocolate 5 дней назад
That front facing camera has better quality then 90% of the videos here on RUvid
Princehuncho94 M
Princehuncho94 M 5 дней назад
Brightness probably shifts detected by sensors
Shaun Boddie
Shaun Boddie 5 дней назад
I know for video purposes you have to use the phone as is straight out of the box but imagine the battery life with night mode on & using Good lock with customization to black out different aspects of the whole system and apps! Great job as always bro!
TopGunAce23 5 дней назад
Love the wallpaper!!
Antwaune Harris
Antwaune Harris 5 дней назад
He named it KIllua
jack on
jack on 5 дней назад
Dont drop it this time
underscorecreate 5 дней назад
Bonjour, Judd - what's the link to that wallpaper?
frtwl 5 дней назад
That wheel curb rash hurt my soul 😩
mena seven
mena seven 5 дней назад
I like the Samsung Galaxy S10+ SD card slot, headphone jack, beautiful screen and three cameras, regular, telephoto and wide angle. Nice Tesla and nice partnership with Tmobile.
price club
price club 5 дней назад
Wait you were on long island that's where I live welcome
Elizabeth Evans
Elizabeth Evans 6 дней назад
What was causing that shimmer to go around the camera in the beginning of your review? Was it the wallpaper itself? It was a cool effect, just wondering.
Elizabeth Evans
Elizabeth Evans 6 дней назад
I will never understand why people complain about "fingerprints" in their reviews. Like..... It's a damn phone. That you hold. In your hand. Made of glass. 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️ That's like going to a bar and complaining about the glass in your hand getting fingerprints 🤔. It doesn't make sense lol 🤦🏾‍♀️ smh.
shine 20 часов назад
Thank you for saying that finally a person with common sense
Alex Hernandez
Alex Hernandez День назад
My phones is all glass. And I have had naked without a case and I like the feel in the hand bc it is a glass phone. Sure there’s finger prints but at the same time it feels good to hold. I’m not showing it off to others or hearing how others hate the fingerprints on my phone 🤷🏽‍♂️
Neon_Lights12 3 дня назад
I know like really? "If I hold it in the light at this exact angle you can see the light reflect differently" shit, let me just wrap my fingers in microfiber cloths before picking up my phone
Matthew Bond
Matthew Bond 6 дней назад
Decided to go with the S10 over the plus model. $100 less, but still the same phone, besides a depth sensor and battery. Still takes great photos and still has great battery.
Elizabeth Evans
Elizabeth Evans 6 дней назад
Good to know 👍
Wide Awake Music !!!
Wide Awake Music !!! 6 дней назад
I found that my front camera on my Galaxy Tab s4 is really good for 8 mp. Compared to the 13 mp on the back. Why do i feel confused about this ? Cool video man. I'm subbed now
Darius 6 дней назад
5 hours and 6 minutes with a battery that big? My iphone Xs Max has almost a 1000 Mah less and gets a solid 6 hours of on screen time.
Mohammed Abujennah
Mohammed Abujennah 6 дней назад
dont know whether to wait for the 5G version or not
Tech Point
Tech Point 6 дней назад
this dude is high on T-Mobile
Abdul Hamza
Abdul Hamza 7 дней назад
Nice vid. But tmobile sucks. I'm typing in my s10+ and using tmobile
Bikechanic 6 дней назад
Ive got t mobile too
Chinmoy Sharma
Chinmoy Sharma 7 дней назад
CABC - Content Adaptive Brightness Control. Owned by Qualcomm
Jeremiah Sgro little bit of everything
Do use battery saving mode on Samsung galaxy s10+
spicedham 7 дней назад
what resoluation do you use it on?
shea Hill
shea Hill 7 дней назад
Another excellent video!
Raul M
Raul M 7 дней назад
that battery is not that good with my iPhone x which is a smaller battery I get around 8-9 sometimes close to 10 screen on time. he got like 6?
adis hadzic
adis hadzic 7 дней назад
Where can i find that wallpaper?
zar_un 7 дней назад
Poor tesla didn't sponsor the channel, so it gets censored.
iGamerz 7 дней назад
s12+ probably gonna kill the gopro
Elon Husk
Elon Husk 7 дней назад
i cannot relate to this tho. never had a real life.
Warrior Jukes
Warrior Jukes 7 дней назад
Huawei mate 20 pro pls
d1bestplayer 7 дней назад
I've gotten up to 181 Mbps up and 14.6 down on the s10 plus using att.
Luke7921 8 дней назад
T-Mobile is shit
Alexander Genchev
Alexander Genchev 8 дней назад
Looking for the wallpaper. Somebody?
Matt Hoeh
Matt Hoeh 8 дней назад
you're still using the fingerprint scanner wrong. watch some videos my dude
Ricardo 8 дней назад
Easy with the rims. I see the front passenger rim is scratched.
1726Meow 8 дней назад
Is that parallax wallpaper?
Ricardo 8 дней назад
I see the baby wipes in the back seat.
Angelo 8 дней назад
But where do you get these wallpapers tho
ray H jr
ray H jr 8 дней назад
When watching hdr video, you need to turn the brightness to max. Having it too low will cause the whacky brightness shift. Problem solved!
Izzy 8 дней назад
10:41 Dat ass in background :D
Nikolai Bonov
Nikolai Bonov 8 дней назад
What wallpaper hi's using
Ziyad Player TV
Ziyad Player TV 8 дней назад
Oh my goddd look at the cameraaaaaaa😱😱😱😱 im buying this
justine buchnik
justine buchnik 8 дней назад
Love your videos
Meow Neko
Meow Neko 8 дней назад
Samsung S10 = a big hole in the wallet and a big hole in the screen. The notch was already a bright idea... but a screen with a big hole... Congratulations Samsung ! You're the best of the best !
Khariz Egango
Khariz Egango 8 дней назад
That camera quality tho!! Super steady!
juan ardon
juan ardon 8 дней назад
Nobody gonna talk about how he named his car Killua? Hunter x Hunter squad where you at?
Ali Hussain
Ali Hussain 8 дней назад
2:35 That’s not white. That’s Mastered Ultra Instinct.
Dan The Man
Dan The Man 8 дней назад
Why did they take out the notification lights?
alphiejh1 8 дней назад
but i don't get the fingerprint scanner, let's say u witness a killing and u record that, how easy it is to kill u and use your dead hand and open the phone
Pojosamaneo 8 дней назад
Why blur the Tesla logo?
Alexander Nielsen
Alexander Nielsen 8 дней назад
But can it make phone calls?
Joshua Hall
Joshua Hall 8 дней назад
What was the speed tester you used??? Just before you went live?
IamMR carter
IamMR carter 8 дней назад
Can I get the link to the wallpaper in your thumbnail
Tejas Shirodker
Tejas Shirodker 8 дней назад
Can you do it with a s10
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