Samsung Galaxy S10+ - REAL Day in the Life!

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Finally time to take the Samsung Galaxy S10+ for a real day in the life with T-Mobile. Watch as we test the super steady camera, in display fingerprint reader, power sharing with the Galaxy buds and more! We also test T-Mobile's super fast LTE network, coupled with the snapdragon 855 performance. Lots to talk about here - this is definitely a phone I'm super pumped about.
Learn more about T-Mobile's crazy fast LTE network here: www.t-mobile.com/coverage/4g-lte-network
Find the Galaxy S10+ through TMO here: www.t-mobile.com/cell-phone/samsung-galaxy-s10
This video is sponsored by T-Mobile.
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Comments 100
UrAvgConsumer 2 months ago
Quick correction: You CAN record ultra-wide video with super steady turned off. My bad for the mix up guys!
Nice One
Nice One 23 days ago
I'm thinking about getting my Honda Civic wrapped. I good cool blue wrap would look good on the Civic when I'm cruising on the expressway outracing everyone in sight.
Tejwinder Singh
Tejwinder Singh Month ago
Give away plz
Labrynth Bel
Labrynth Bel Month ago
with this phone i realizes ...."..were in the future
Major Rawr
Major Rawr Month ago
I'm pretty sure the brightness issue you had was the feature: video enhancer. (I had it enabled on mine)
Keshmael Brookes
Keshmael Brookes 2 months ago
While watching a HDR video the brightness adopt by itself. I realized that with my LG g7 while watching a HDR video
ibrahim nasiru
I bought mine on Thursday after watching this video, there's just one thing that sm not happy with and that's the AKG earphones, I HATE AKG earphones there's no thickness it's just sharp in the ear, previous Samsung earphones are far better.
Jamil Johnson
That phone can win over anyone heart as all you need in one.
Bobby Roberts
Bobby Roberts 2 days ago
Screen brightness with hdr Content is a real issue man. Samsung better do sth with updates
Eric Human
Eric Human 2 days ago
What is the name of the lock screen wallpaper???
Eric Human
Eric Human 2 days ago
Which wallpaper is that on the phone?
datguyruff 2 days ago
expected more out of the battery but this phone is amazing!
John Doe
John Doe 3 days ago
One plus 7 pro: hold my beer
Aisha Diaby
Aisha Diaby 4 days ago
Arent there any iphones you have thar you may want to donate??
ibrahim nasiru
ibrahim nasiru 5 days ago
This is so far the most detailed, nice, soft, clear video, I almost wanted to go for note 9 but now I am in love with the s10+, thanks man.
JayJ 6 days ago
7:55 LOL why did you blur out the Tesla logo?
mujeeb rehman
mujeeb rehman 6 days ago
wow using glass phones and complaining about fingerptints
Captain Jack Sparrow
Ayyy bruh waz dat lit wallpaper? [ Seriously could you post a link or something? :) ]
Oleg Kudzaev
Oleg Kudzaev 7 days ago
Great video but fuck T-Mobile
Mr sHaRkZz - Anime on Piano
Ink to wallpaper pls
Peter Pokrivcak
Peter Pokrivcak 7 days ago
Good that u censor brand of the car. Nobody know its Tesla, for sure.
buster colin
buster colin 7 days ago
You rollin in a Tesla just from making RUvid videos?????? Dang.
Miraj Ahmed
Miraj Ahmed 7 days ago
Nice vid
David Martrano
David Martrano 8 days ago
When I first saw this phone I had to pre-order it. Well as far as I'm concerned this is the best phone on the market. Premium features galore. That display, cameras & battery, very good. The super steady mode & night sight are my favorites. The one UI is vastly improved. It fits all my needs. Pricey yes, but to me it's worth it. Very nice review!
Nikko Orolfo
Nikko Orolfo 8 days ago
Watching on the iphone Xr :((
Daniel Radu
Daniel Radu 9 days ago
In Romania we have 200 mb/s speedtest on 4G+ :)))
Average consumer, Owns tesla , all the tech products and suberub gaming setup with money flying out of their wallet for various things ex. 500 DOLLAR BEST BUT CHALLENGE!!! but love the vids
Tempered Penguin
Tempered Penguin 11 days ago
Bruh....i got like 40% battery on my OnePlus 6t after like 6 hours of screen on time.
Dalton Triputra
Dalton Triputra 11 days ago
I love your cars name ngl
Karl Green
Karl Green 12 days ago
I've gotten a lot more speeds on my GN9 on VERIZON. AT LEAST 200MBPS
Prashanth Murali
Prashanth Murali 12 days ago
4:06 I don't care what you guys say but this was not a blatant attempt to promote T Mobile. It was just genuine human excitement after a completely unnecessary speed test.
Dexxer Mp
Dexxer Mp 14 days ago
You named your car killua? *you got a new sub*
Chris McQuade
Chris McQuade 14 days ago
Does anyone have a link to his wallpaper?
patrick jackson
patrick jackson 15 days ago
Would have thought that the battery life would be better. But my battery life is somewhat similar to my xs max. I’m 100% battery capacity still and every update battery life seems to get worse.
mujeeb rehman
mujeeb rehman 15 days ago
I have seen so many battery test and every ones result is over 7 hours screen on time
Meli S.
Meli S. 15 days ago
#1 daaaaang what do you do for a living? Nice kitchen and nice car!!....#2 Thanks for the video it was very informative.
Daniel Bemis
Daniel Bemis 15 days ago
You can record with the wide angle camera on the LG G8
kevin young
kevin young 16 days ago
dont matter what colour you have it wrapped in it will still look shit you want a decent car like a bmw z4
Moussa Coulibaly
Moussa Coulibaly 17 days ago
Did you turn off the GPS when you were not using it? You save more battery life that way on Samsung's phones.
Arthrich Charbel Absin
10:37 a thick one.
Joel McDonald
Joel McDonald 19 days ago
I love the s10 and s10 plus
TECH SPACE 20 days ago
Average consumer using damn expensive gadgets. You should change your name.
FineWheel 20 days ago
15:50 black guy uses the ar emoji and it comes back as a white boy lmaoo
Shrine Cult
Shrine Cult 20 days ago
9:05 I have that same issue with my iPad Air 2. The brightness goes slightly up or down depending on the brightness of the scene I am watching. Only happens when I’m watching movies or RUvid.
Noodlecake 21 day ago
Jeez could you advertise for Tmobile even more xDD
Jay 21 day ago
7:30 eww that curb rash
Flávio Fonseca
Flávio Fonseca 22 days ago
When OnePlus launches the OnePlus 7Pro do an unboxing and real day in the life
Henning Gu
Henning Gu 23 days ago
9:02 HDR videos automatically turns the brightness to the max
EliteMeech 24 days ago
yeah hdr messes with the brightness of the screen.
حسين ابراهيم
Nice car Jud 🤙
حسين ابراهيم
I love Jud
Limit AK
Limit AK 24 days ago
this video got 10x better when I realized you were on L.I.
Quantum 2217
Quantum 2217 24 days ago
Wraps mess up your original paint .
Over The edge
Over The edge 24 days ago
I prefer my iPhone XS Max 🙂☺️😉
Kilak 24 days ago
A Tesla, Burberry jacket, expensive watch, fancy house.... that's not "your average consumer" not hating, I am just thinking that your youtube channel name is not exactly accurate.
voteDC 24 days ago
Before I start to watch I'm going to post the question. Is this the day in the life of an average consumer or your average successful RUvidr? I'll edit once I am done. Edit: Yes it was the day in the life of an average successful RUvidr. I still really like these videos but to pretend he's an average consumer these days is...well it's simply untrue. Your average consumer isn't getting the latest and greatest, even if they pay monthly, but those lower options or mid range phones just don't get the view money.
Alex Van wezel
Alex Van wezel 25 days ago
I really don't see much difference between that I have been yousin this in all the years that have been from day one whit Samsung I have al yous then yes sure it's hase improved over the years but how is possible a big company like this order Samsung Galaxy S Plus doesn't have the correct photo shooting fortnite mode a big company like this is disappointing and like I said before sure I'm loyal to Samsung but it's very disappointing that you can't find the correct night mode on this Galaxy S10 plus
Frank L
Frank L 25 days ago
the tmobile plug all over the video ruined it.
Paul Hord
Paul Hord 25 days ago
I'm getting a clear case with my prism white s10 plus.
Noel Pena
Noel Pena 26 days ago
Yes the S10+ is a great phone. How much is the car Wrap though? If they are taking your car apart and wrapping it and then putting it back together i'm assuming its over a grand.
Socity 13
Socity 13 26 days ago
I love your channel but you making too much money to be out here with the bigen. 🤣🤣🤣
Eirik Orjasater
Eirik Orjasater 26 days ago
how is Snapchat on this phone? are the pictures that you receive still in bad quality?
Eirik Orjasater
Eirik Orjasater 26 days ago
Really loved this video. The phone looks too damn smooth
OutLander 00
OutLander 00 26 days ago
Can you do a review of the ones,us 7 when it comes out on May 13-14
Techtonic Tips
Techtonic Tips 26 days ago
I definitely noticed the weird shift in brightness when watching HDR content in my unit,I thought I was the only one,pls do an update on any info you find or a fix,great video bro!
Loading . . .
Loading . . . 26 days ago
Anyone know what that wallpaper at 12:48 is? Its dope and I want it on my s10+ lol
John Doe
John Doe 26 days ago
Only you get confused by the settings when it's literally been simplified lol
goodboy 27 days ago
Can someone is kind enough to give me link to those wallpapers.
Cody Horton
Cody Horton 29 days ago
Can we talk about how the average consumer in no way has granite countertops and has to decide which color to wrap their Tesla?
Bajan mitch
Bajan mitch 29 days ago
From the looks of your car how comes you have the prism white? Why you didn't go with the 512 ceramic or 1tb
Malik Dammada
Malik Dammada Month ago
My man is driving a mf TESLA😍😍
Alvian Efendiwijaya
S 10 plus or P30 pro??
Bama Made
Bama Made Month ago
T-Mobile you mean T-Maybe
isaac Lee
isaac Lee Month ago
i like it whenever you eat you always sleep after lol
Chizao theGreatAndPowerful
Where do you get these awesome wallpapers for your phones??
Natalie Tanner
Natalie Tanner Month ago
Tbh this jacket of yours I love. What's the brand ? I will buy this jacket immediately.
george p
george p Month ago
Brightness has a problem on the s10+ that's the only thing I found that I don't like
greenranger2482 Month ago
Note 9 vs S10 plus
greenranger2482 Month ago
One plus 6t close battery life but chipper price
Tazzzines Month ago
Can't get my eyes off the scuffs on his rims
Agon Krasniqi
Agon Krasniqi Month ago
How can i get this wallpaper for my phone
Bella m
Bella m Month ago
Who Tf cares about finger prints, 90% of people who get this phone will put a case on it lmao
ShaitaX Month ago
Like a champ
NSGamingTube Month ago
5h 6m on s10+ i get 6h 32m on my s8 on screen
Epicprankingtv Month ago
You must watch hunter x hunter if you name your car killua
scampbell21 Month ago
Does anyone know if you can change the size of the icons w/ S10 Galaxy series? They are way too huge, and I'm not feeling it.
IBurnInTheSun Month ago
Nice curbed wheels
parallel optime
parallel optime Month ago
I love it bro, but I really wanna see the samsung galaxy s10e Real Day in the Life! I'm planning on buying it and your opinion could really help me out! Thanks
conswello hunt
conswello hunt Month ago
Fire alarm need battery
QueenYumYogi Month ago
Question: would you and your GF do a sms message video comparison? Like you send her a video and compare the video quality through her phone's SMS app and the S10+ SMS app! I have yet to see that video. Seems like RUvidrs are staying away from that comparison for some odd reason. 😳🤔
Alex Ra
Alex Ra Month ago
"This video is sponsored by T-Mobile" no way :O
Sycron XIV
Sycron XIV Month ago
Wait a second, is the Tesla's name Killua? Holy thats good shit
Jacob Teets
Jacob Teets Month ago
I love how much he plugs Team Mobile
Universal Rize
Universal Rize Month ago
The front camera adjusts the screen brightness according to your lighting your in, you went through a tunnel so it adjusted the screen brightness
MR. Darknight
MR. Darknight Month ago
Gor my s10+ last week and so far, I am in love with this phone.
Liam Dale
Liam Dale Month ago
I’m lucky to get 3 hours of screen on time with my Note 9. Mind you, I have location services, wifi and Bluetooth turned on all the time (and the screen resolution is turned up).
SH Shanto channel
Do Another video day with s10 ✌
jason born
jason born Month ago
this is the type of dude i would beat up in school lol
Rexaurdaapeking Month ago
Why tf you blurring the car logo
doesn't ur tesla have GPS? and autopilot? u just doing it to see with the battery ???. good vid.
UFCMMA93 Month ago
P30 Pro pls. 😊
Jack Hackett
Jack Hackett Month ago
Will you be doing a real day in the life with the standard s10?
Kingcole42 Month ago
where did you find that wallpaper
Teremy Jackson
Teremy Jackson Month ago
Dope video..actually showed a lot of things other reviewers left out. Now, I'm definitely getting one. Thanks bro!
japinder sidhu
japinder sidhu Month ago
Damn u named ur car killua pretty dope. Hopefully hunterxhunter returns.
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