Samsung Galaxy S10 lineup hands-on

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Samsung announced the Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus, with bigger displays, faster processors, bigger batteries, and more cameras than ever before. The S10 pair succeed last year’s Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus, and are also accompanied by a new Galaxy S10E model. Here’s everything you need to know about Samsung’s latest lineup of phones.
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Feb 20, 2019




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Comments 80
Mario Haro
Mario Haro 9 months ago
Watching this video on my S10 5G 7 months later lol
Robert Salyers
Robert Salyers 10 months ago
Get the Note 10 plus
Justin Mikell
Justin Mikell 11 months ago
Wheres the active!? the best phone for the working man..
Jopaxx 11 months ago
They have a headphonejack. Only where is my Active Version?
scifiguy 25
scifiguy 25 Year ago
I have the s10 e I think it's really cool
Time Loop Caleb
im an apple users and imma come to my senses and say these phones look absolutely amazing im gonna consider switching
Gaurav Ramasani
Get out Apple because Samsung gave us a headphone jack!
Johnny Blaze
Johnny Blaze Year ago
Watching on my galaxy s10+ 🤪
imahemmo Year ago
I'm watching this on my S10 plus
Max Year ago
Where's the accessories for the S10?
Max Year ago
Nice! Do you need a dock station for using Samsung Dex and the S10?
SecretWebsite Year ago
Headphone jacked... i'm sold. I have a Google Pixel 2 which I like but if they continue to follow in Apples footsteps, i'll be switching to a Samsung.
Vladimír Ganzar
Could you please tell me where can I get the wallpaper 00:20
oof sushi1925
oof sushi1925 8 months ago
NTH THN Year ago
God damn those bezels are TINY!!!
Liam Dale
Liam Dale Year ago
In Australia, Telstra is offering customers a free upgrade to the 5G Galaxy S10 once it’s released. Seems kinda pointless to get the S10 now if the 5G model is coming out in a couple of months though. The 4G version isn’t futureproof.
Jacques Nomdefamille
The S10e is the best looking one by far. I don't like curved screens, also don't like top and bottom bezels with minimal side bezels, it makes everything look even more unsymmetrical.
Haru suzuki
Haru suzuki Year ago
Is samsung S10+ has white colour?
Jehoiakim Jade Esgana
Bring back David Pierce please
Michael Year ago
s10 = the iphone killer. chop its head off and throw it in the bucket
i Tube
i Tube Year ago
Can you pls giveaway S10+ for me
A Y Year ago
Perfect time to buy the s9
A or Z
A or Z Year ago
A Y no
Gusparagus Year ago
Those chins tho
DOM Year ago
Why everyone is only reviewing the white ceramic? Show the black ceramic version! Cheers
Ashfaq Ali
Ashfaq Ali Year ago
Would have been much better if the camera holes were on the left rather than the right.........the status bar icons look extremely unsymmetrical and tat kind of ruins the whole look
Madeline Tang
Madeline Tang Year ago
I just upgraded my phone to note 9😭
Aditia Year ago
3:27 is that David Pierce?
shubhankar munshi
the scanner not working well with screen protectors is kinda crazy given that samsung had years 2 to perfect it all this crazy 3D blah blah makes no sense if after so much R&D u still have to work with manufacturers to make it work well Apple didnt go to glass and hat makers to adapt their products work well with Face ID
Yuu Anime
Yuu Anime Year ago
wow... i got samsung ad on samsung review.. 😪
Gage Heilman
Gage Heilman Year ago
Watching this on my s9
dany manchster
anyone know if there is gona be any bogo deals with tmobile again?
Hazim Abron
Hazim Abron Year ago
all is love but samsung's instagram is very low quality comparing it to iPhones
wadafefe Year ago
Great they kept the headphone jacks
Kevin Devara
Kevin Devara Year ago
It could be possibly the first 5G smartphone, eh ?
Jonni Armani
Jonni Armani Year ago
Edge to Edge Cash ~ 2K ? ya No
Aleph Year ago
Wheres ur hairline lollll
Singh Saab
Singh Saab Year ago
i will buy The galaxy Fold
Josep Year ago
So... S10 5G doesn't exist 🤣 They just wanted to beat Apple
Ikscdm Degi
Ikscdm Degi Year ago
They burned the notch bridge
jõřğəñ Þøýöđą
I still dont see the point of upgrading my s8. Still nothing that makes me wanna upgrade. I wish the samsung fold had slimmer bessels. Then i wokld have bought it. For sure
GalaxyNexus1 Year ago
The Verge is the Bixby button customizable? Can I change it to activate Google Assistant? Or anything else?
nomad93 Year ago
I really wanted to upgrade to one of these phones but I just can't do the holes in the screens. It is all I see when looking at them.
doctor ayesha
doctor ayesha Year ago
woow perfect phone
Lord Aizen
Lord Aizen Year ago
what are those three white icons at the bottom of the screen for? sorry, im a OnePlus user and havent seen them...
Siders Productions
Tell me again how the "budget" iPhone xr compares to the S10 e. Samsung always gives you so much more than Apple.
waz_goooddd Year ago
What's the music 4 minutes onwards someone link me up
Freak Aniket
Freak Aniket Year ago
These phones are ridiculously beautiful 😍
KRISOVA Tau Year ago
$750 with the chin?! Nah, pass.
Matthias Rambally
I like smaller phones like the iPhone se and iPhone 8 or pixel 3 hopefully the s10 is not too big in my hands
Furybeats Year ago
Just gonna wait for the note. I can aee it having a 6.8 - 7+ inch display. With the stylus hopefully.
Shanu Kaushish
Do they have a face unlock of any sort?
SMS Year ago
Bless you 1:22
Juicy J
Juicy J Year ago
Apple needs to step their game up.
Digital Dipak
Digital Dipak Year ago
Love SAMSUNG Hit like if agree 😉💯 Three things February famous for, 1. International Mother Language. Day.😃 2. Valentine Day. 😍💕 3. Super Samsung Lunching day. 😱. What's you guys think..
jdddskk Year ago
Samsung galaxy S10 plus it's too big :/
Alex Year ago
The little chin irks me tho ITS NOT SYMMETRICAL!,
HARM C W Year ago
Abdullah Alsaad
Should I switch to the s10e I have an iPhone 6splus?
F-22raptor Year ago
I'd get the s10 and it's worth it for $50 more. You get more features.
Jason Tung
Jason Tung Year ago
Now I know why my S9+ on Android Pie shows the clock on the left instead of the right where the front camera now sits.
Sorpresa Puta
Sorpresa Puta Year ago
Bixby is remappable this time though
Joacim Byléhn
No mention of the fold?
Cekrom Year ago
1:00 I think only Honor & Samsung has a infinity O Display =D
Benjamin Malave Jr.
Fingerprint scanner and hole punch are yet more gimmicks. Samsung, always adding useless features to phones. Despite seemingly impressive specifications they always have subpar performance and are late to receive software updates if they receive them at all. -iPhone XR user
infinity o is disgusting
Evenlyn poon
Evenlyn poon Year ago
YAS! Headphone jack is back
cesar arias
cesar arias Year ago
Please remember to use you wwjd band to avoid statics
_k00t Year ago
Woah woah woah... Is that phone white and gold?
{{{{Ké SiNGS}}}}
HATE curved edges.
Ali Saain
Ali Saain Year ago
Not that I hate this punch hole design but knowing Samsung if they have considered motorized front cameras they would have nailed the design and will definitely make it future proof, but nevertheless this still is really good way better than a notch might give it a shot during black Friday
Mo Basma
Mo Basma Year ago
Does it have iris Scan ?
Pablo R
Pablo R Year ago
Mo Basma no
Cody Formiller
1:23......*cough* coming from the background 😂😂
Ishmael Year ago
Too many versions of the same phone imo.
Piyush Shah
Piyush Shah Year ago
No one is talking about iris scanner..? Is it still present..?
Pablo R
Pablo R Year ago
Piyush Shah not present
Alex Vol
Alex Vol Year ago
Good one
Atlantic Noc
Atlantic Noc Year ago
I only want one phone endure more than one day.... still lithium battery?.. omg... more one year with my S8...
Liery Year ago
I don't care about screen sizes, I just want to know whether the selfie depth sensor on the plus is worth the extra dollars or should I just go with the regular S10.
Javier Barron
Javier Barron Year ago
Can I put an SD in it? I have so much picks of my son
F-22raptor Year ago
Yes. If they changed that everyone will be complaining
༷what Year ago
So will the Graphics be better than iPhone x?
Roberts Vimba
Roberts Vimba Year ago
Still don’t get the problem everyone has with the Bixby button. Don’t want it? Don’t use it. The same way you guys will be ignoring the reverse charging on the phone. Lol
Creed Bratton
Creed Bratton Year ago
Apple who ?
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