Samsung Galaxy S10 Impressions!

Marques Brownlee
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Galaxy S10 official hands-on and first impressions!
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20 фев 2019

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Maria Louisa Andritsou
Maria Louisa Andritsou Час назад
Let's see how apple will copy Samsung again bc there is no way not copying this state of the art phone
unleashed618 Час назад
So where did they put the sensors
SKZEY™ Час назад
Fuck it bought today an Iphone XS Max...
Aditya Hazarika
Aditya Hazarika Час назад
I want this thing
Scrubbanator Час назад
If this shit sends green texts I’m not getting it
YoTube Час назад
Hey Marques! A new TV just came out- Samsung 8K! When are u gonna cover this? I mean, all your videos are in 8K...
It's Demetri
It's Demetri Час назад
I found a way to share phone power with the samsung usb connector which I guess they made a way to do that without using it but it's weird cause I only did it to show my friends that my phone can charge other stuff.
Ryan Mathews
Ryan Mathews Час назад
Gonna switch back to Samsung from iPhone if Apple doesn't do anything good to their phones in at the most 2-3 years. Deadline.
Low Distortion
Low Distortion Час назад
I would love to have this phone unfortunately my back account says otherwise
bob roger
bob roger Час назад
Samsung always leaves a chin thats ugly. Why dont they make it as thin as the besels?
Ken Guidry
Ken Guidry Час назад
Why do I feel like there was no hype around these? Lol...usually my RUvid is bombard with leaks and other news, but I haven’t seen anything on my feed ...didn’t even know it was released tbh
Hari Nair
Hari Nair Час назад
Waiting for my kidneys to be sold
F.06 ZPO
F.06 ZPO Час назад
*I'm still stuck with the s5.* 😣😣😣
Pidong Gaming
Pidong Gaming Час назад
Wutt S10 just got 100 mAh more than a Galaxy J4+ and J6+
Andrews Ferreira
Andrews Ferreira Час назад
sticking with my Xs lol...just can't deal with a $1000 phone that gets laggy and hot after a year of use
I StM I Graphics
I StM I Graphics Час назад
James Harden
James Harden Час назад
I am so happy this came out after Valentines day.
flammableedits Час назад
Woah finally a goof #1 trending video
TechnologyGamerツ Час назад
Alot of new features, like it 👍
OP Ivan
OP Ivan Час назад
Subscribe to my channel and ill sub back ♥️
oui Qujla
oui Qujla Час назад
I've just got the s8, ffs
Zahidul H. Tipu
Zahidul H. Tipu Час назад
Aaaaaah that's Hot !
ScreamingLlamas Час назад
6:10 Don't you mean storage?
Jonathan Sawatzky
Jonathan Sawatzky Час назад
I don't get why apple fans are waiting for apple to do stuff like this just move over to android like wtf grow some balls
Harshil Patel
Harshil Patel Час назад
$2000? I prefer to buy new Mac or iPad than Samsung 😅
baba g ko chori ma
baba g ko chori ma Час назад
Apple left the chat 😂
MannyFresh1x Час назад
😶 they let Saff hold a 5G wtf
Marion Willis
Marion Willis Час назад
He's look like hey arnold freind..
Kabir Gautam
Kabir Gautam Час назад
My laptop is having a 12gb ram😧😧😧😧
p nesshead
p nesshead Час назад
So thats why my s9s time is now on the left pissing me the fuck off
I StM I Graphics
I StM I Graphics Час назад
*_The camera is not centered with the corner_* Can't unsee it now
Gustav Baskoro
Gustav Baskoro Час назад
Am i the only one who still use s7 Edge?
Victoria Oh
Victoria Oh Час назад
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Rahul Ahirwar
Rahul Ahirwar Час назад
Please make a separate and deep video on Samsung's One UI 🖤
Pineapple x RAGE
Pineapple x RAGE Час назад
Oh yeah yeah, it's Markass brownlee
Akinleye Deborah Oluwaseun
Akinleye Deborah Oluwaseun Час назад
I want the S10😪
love cats
love cats Час назад
I like how the wallpapers change but I also love my note 9
Emmanuel Час назад
12 gb ram and 1tb of international storage. Hmm
Shamar Coke
Shamar Coke Час назад
Samsung at it again
Aadel M Navas
Aadel M Navas Час назад
s10 plus have *Ceramic back* instead of glass back?!.... hmmm... You know what? *NOKIA 7 PLUS* already have Ceramic Back. ✌😎
love cats
love cats Час назад
What about the s10 5g???
iNNoCeNttDReAMs Час назад
900 dolla for a phone. no thanks
Satyam Dwivedi
Satyam Dwivedi Час назад
*apple left the chat* Samsung and OnePlus will have Monopoly in their respective service area in the future....
Savana Hoskins
Savana Hoskins Час назад
F*** Apple...
evita dwipayana
evita dwipayana Час назад
I regret buying an iPhone the camera sucks
Trigger Happy School Shooter
When your wallet is looking like spongbob outta water and you're still on the s6...
Phillip Roccisano
Phillip Roccisano Час назад
Triggered_Atheist Час назад
But can it take pictures?
Lydia C
Lydia C Час назад
*Who else clicked as soon as they got the notification🙋💓* *Btw I hope to hit 5k this year any support will help💓*
woolfel Час назад
oh lord, who is gonna come out with 4 camera's next? I have a smart phone, but I don't do selfie. I don't feel a compulsion to take photos every minute. I don't even really use 2 back cameras, so this camera escalation is beyond me. then again, I don't buy the newest phones on release date. there's no reason to update every year or every 2 years. people are better off investing that money towards a 401K, Roth IRA or a savings account.
MQ Час назад
Sanjeev Aher
Sanjeev Aher Час назад
these companies have to stop soaring the prices of these phones manufacturing them is so cheap
Hi Bluetooth
Hi Bluetooth Час назад
Sweet S10
Miguel Ramos
Miguel Ramos Час назад
Honestly I just want to know where he got that sweater
Pidong Gaming
Pidong Gaming Час назад
Pls gimme one
leonard clarke
leonard clarke Час назад
Looks like there is a larger S10+ with 5G network. That must be the model you referenced for release in Q2.
Ioan Trufasiu
Ioan Trufasiu Час назад
This video has more views than the trailer lol
Miguel Ramos
Miguel Ramos Час назад
Phone 👏 review 👏
Tyler Smith
Tyler Smith Час назад
love the intro.
Anas Mouakkil
Anas Mouakkil Час назад
I'll buy it in 5 years
j Час назад
I learned my lesson with the s9 plus. Im waiting five months till i buy it for the price to drop by a couple hundred lol
Nikola Kostic
Nikola Kostic Час назад
Soo,can you play Snake on it?
Erin Kelley
Erin Kelley Час назад
Im a galaxy faithful follower. But im due for a new phone and im looking for the best possible camera. I want to know how the s10 compares to the iPhone 10
Satyam Gothi
Satyam Gothi Час назад
No *Headphone Jack Pun*? @Marcus is that you still?
TechBlur Час назад
Andrew Jones
Andrew Jones Час назад
Its ya boi Koko
Its ya boi Koko Час назад
Wow first on trending in Indonesia
memes_bigboi Q
memes_bigboi Q Час назад
*i want fortnite and mark ass Brown lee*
Morne Coetzee
Morne Coetzee Час назад
I will have to pay $2500 US in my country to upgrade from my S9+ 🤣🤣🤣 to an S10+ Cellphones has gone mad.
Blue Eyed Tech
Blue Eyed Tech Час назад
Have you seen the Galaxy Fold? It starts at $1980!!!
kevin toppin
kevin toppin Час назад
Does it still have the hard press home button on the screen like the S9/S9+
Goat Farm Productions
Goat Farm Productions Час назад
What does your librarian want you to do? *Read More*
Blue Eyed Tech
Blue Eyed Tech Час назад
Hahahaha 😂 I hit it again thinking my tap didn’t register
Mr. Stark
Mr. Stark Час назад
Oh yeah yeah
Goat Farm Productions
Goat Farm Productions Час назад
Let’s start a never ending argument *iOS is superior to Samsung*
Blue Eyed Tech
Blue Eyed Tech Час назад
I feel iOS is much more user friendly
jenborulez Час назад
Yahh it’s rewind time
Cytruz Helix
Cytruz Helix Час назад
Would love Jerry have a teardown of this phone
ClapTheTrap Час назад
This phone has more cameras than my apartment
Kang Eik Han
Kang Eik Han Час назад
one ui have lots of bug
Frederik Andersen
Frederik Andersen Час назад
What a waste of money
It's just Vlad
It's just Vlad Час назад
9:20 yeah, that's why they created themes a few years ago, so you could change how everything looks
KTSJOHN Час назад
Who’s here while he’s still on #1 on trending ????
Blue Eyed Tech
Blue Eyed Tech Час назад
I am
Tiffanie Jinnel
Tiffanie Jinnel Час назад
I really want this phone now but I need imessage !!!
Ludwig Agawin
Ludwig Agawin Час назад
Wait for the Note 10. That would be Cosmic! It would be so advance it could already kill you. Kill you with its Price!!
Jack Час назад
what samsung? you mean SΛMSUNG
Ol3am Droplets
Ol3am Droplets Час назад
Oh no! Fingerprint magnet again at 4:06.
mimipreis hyugarong
mimipreis hyugarong Час назад
Wow Nice
UltraKicker Час назад
i want fortnite and marquass brownlee
shakz Hasan
shakz Hasan Час назад
MaRkAss BroWnLee
Eoin Mordaunt
Eoin Mordaunt Час назад
This is not what I wanted, quit horsing around. You should have some of that jumpy music playing in the backround also.
Neraojebog Час назад
shit we dont need to impress people we dont like
Edwin Zaofery
Edwin Zaofery Час назад
12gb ram?is that real????!!!!heck
Yesnier Merced
Yesnier Merced Час назад
Bruh this looks crazy. Samsung and OnePlus ahead on the game in terms of design
16 gs RAM + DeX
Sasha Fierce
Sasha Fierce Час назад
I think the hole puch is soooo ugly omg
keto mom33
keto mom33 Час назад
Yay so excited for this!
Cristiano Sabian
Cristiano Sabian 2 часа назад
What does E stand for? Markiplier: 0:27
Cristiano Sabian
Cristiano Sabian Час назад
+Blue Eyed Tech i meant the E meme with markiplier
Blue Eyed Tech
Blue Eyed Tech Час назад
27 seconds into this video or a Markiplier video?
Tadeo Monsi
Tadeo Monsi 2 часа назад
Estoy viendo lo que nunca tendré :(
JJ Amaya
JJ Amaya 2 часа назад
This is so sick and is the first time I contemplated a Samsung product but I’m already too deep in the Apple hole with many products 😭😂😂
pizza hamburger
pizza hamburger 2 часа назад
Note 9 is still good, yes?
chicken legs TV
chicken legs TV 2 часа назад
6:39 "it'll be the first link below that like button" ohh sneaky Marq.
MrDannyArcher 2 часа назад
We really need to Read more
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