Samsung Galaxy S10 Impressions!

Marques Brownlee
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Galaxy S10 official hands-on and first impressions!
Galaxy S10E Impressions: ruvid.net/video/video-iy1z3ZVASCg.html
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Feb 20, 2019

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Comments 26 976
Zelepher Hour ago
lol i use apple mostly but i can see they just want money now you can see it.A monitor stand that is the same price as the I Phone X. Features that were on other phones years ago definitely switching to android
TTT King-Shehab
TTT King-Shehab 13 hours ago
This is the first time I'm saying this... Watching on my S10😁
Rodney Spartan
Rodney Spartan 2 days ago
I have the S10 PLUS as my secondary and media phone and the S10 5G as my main phone
maryam 2 days ago
how are the snapchat and instagram camera's on the s10 phones?
Keith 3 days ago
Like: iPhone XS Dislike: Oneplus 7 pro Reply: Samsung s10
Derwin Rodriguez
Derwin Rodriguez 4 days ago
Why do people not understand that wanting a headphone jack isn’t about clinging to the past, but about having freedom of choice. Why be forced to use Bluetooth headphones or a dongle when smaller phones have always had room to include it. Jerryrigeverything explains why apple really removed it. It just sucks that other companies followed it.
Fluffy 5 days ago
Do you often *clean* the fingerprints on your phone? 😂😂👌👌
iiElysium x
iiElysium x 5 days ago
I love how Samsung spent the good part of a year mocking Apple for there notch and now Samsung have what is essentially a glorified notch
My OCD can't take that hole punch
Alisha Wilkins
Alisha Wilkins 3 days ago
Get note 10.
Arman Ali
Arman Ali 6 days ago
Samsung: Kind To Your Wallet. Apple: REALLY RUDE TO YOUR WALLET!!
Undesirable Gaming
Title: s10 Thumbnail: s10 plus Me:🤔🤨
Asja :3
Asja :3 8 days ago
the only thing i miss is the home button :(
Abdullah Alotaibi
Abdullah Alotaibi 10 days ago
I bought my s10 for around 666$ and its retail price is for 1000$ literally around 4 months from its release date
Jairese McCoy
Jairese McCoy 8 days ago
Because the note is around the corner 👀
Marwan Joundi
Marwan Joundi 10 days ago
Do i need an extra stand for this or what?
Gold_2K -Ski-
Gold_2K -Ski- 10 days ago
Samsung is doing such a better job than Apple
Bastijn Vos
Bastijn Vos 11 days ago
Samsung: look up to 1,5 TB storage Apple: how about we do that as well... But with RAM
Hashtag Little Lemon
Weird flex 0:40 😂
TeChNo P4NdA
TeChNo P4NdA 11 days ago
android 4 kurd
android 4 kurd 11 days ago
galaxy s10 best camera
COOL WORLD 12 days ago
Please help for buy a phone 😭
Guadalupe Rivera
Guadalupe Rivera 12 days ago
Samsung has the best screen going more than 2 years.
The Majestic Bull Dog
Thats the s10+ not the s10
Judit Obrusánszky
Judit Obrusánszky 13 days ago
Nice. 😍
George Hilder
George Hilder 13 days ago
mark ass brownie
SKYFALL 14 days ago
hole punch, no dnt want. no removable battery. note 4 still wins.
TeChNo P4NdA
TeChNo P4NdA 11 days ago
SKYFALL ha.. can’t remove mostly all newer models of phones.. you’ll need to realistically see that soon. The hole punch is pretty cool also. Notch? No thanks, multi purpose hole punch? Yes please.
Bas Vermeer
Bas Vermeer 16 days ago
Background of s10 please
DragX Gaming
DragX Gaming 19 days ago
Someone help me. $300 off with a deal. I have a galaxy s8+ rn. Do I get the 10 for $600 or 10+ for $700
Jairese McCoy
Jairese McCoy 8 days ago
Trade it in s8 and get note money snd get the s10 plus.... Unless.... U want to wait for the NOTE 10 plus
Faiz Muhd
Faiz Muhd 23 days ago
Apple has left comment on here #
takeshi696969 25 days ago
Fuck,this guy's FAST!
Zaburgh 25 days ago
just got mine and holy smokes its a beauty! ive never owned such a premium looking device... makes my note 8 look ancient.....
Jairese McCoy
Jairese McCoy 8 days ago
Note 10 enters the chat
Edwin 26 days ago
Would you recommend switching from and iPhone X to the s10?
Jairese McCoy
Jairese McCoy 8 days ago
Or get the note 10
maldita peppas
maldita peppas 22 days ago
Cryptonical 24 days ago
Tony P
Tony P 26 days ago
The in the glass fingerprint scanner sucks and it's slow as hell
Victor Brehmer
Victor Brehmer 27 days ago
Marc ass brownie
Mohamed Hdeib
Mohamed Hdeib 27 days ago
Does anyone have wallpaper for the S10 at 1:14?
كيوي للتقنية/kiwi tech
Samsung phones are ugly 0:44
maldita peppas
maldita peppas 22 days ago
i dont like the camera layout but once you have it in your hands it feels premium like if someone did a diamond necklace that kind lol ive held an iphone before and it doesnt feel premium it may be because there i less detial on the edges buttons chargers etc
kevin mashru
kevin mashru Month ago
Is he using the Exynos or snapdragon version.
Exploration Pug
Exploration Pug Month ago
Anyone watching on their s10, s10e or s10 plus? I am on my s10.
one dolla snake
one dolla snake Month ago
Exploration Pug in two years I will
Aldrich 2307
Aldrich 2307 Month ago
Used it for month..m the Indian exynos version is really shit... Really disappointed... With battery n performance
LeoBoss_Gameros YT
Can i get one s10 for free ? xD
Syed majid
Syed majid Month ago
Paul M
Paul M Month ago
No one mentions if they got rid of the edge or not and hard to tell but looks like finaly did thank God is it true no edge
ahkh Month ago
i bought s10+ you can fix this annoying edges with app in galaxy store wich change it unsainsitives.
rajan rajan
rajan rajan Month ago
2019: 12 gb ram. 2022: 256 gb ram.😮😮😮
rajan rajan
rajan rajan Month ago
2019: 12 gb ram.
sogs bilby
sogs bilby Month ago
It has a chin. I hate chins.
Syed majid
Syed majid Month ago
U don't have one?
R N A Month ago
“So that’s nice”
Urban Noise도시소음
S10e best size for me 😊👍👍👍
ExpertCobra1911 Month ago
They should have the cutout all the way In the corner instead
Nik Veeram
Nik Veeram Month ago
2025 Samsung phones: We kept that same hole punch design from 6 years ago and a headphone jack. Give us your money
Sragvee Satluri
Sragvee Satluri Month ago
That phone literally has more RAM than my computer
Mark Bloxham
Mark Bloxham Month ago
Fantastic phone but completely ruined by the fingerprint scanner not because it's not very good but because it visible in daylight on a light coloured or white screen and until they remove it i will not buy one again as it ruins the epic screen.
Lordic Month ago
9:20 you can make the icons mutch smaller and you can have wunche room at the display home screen and all stuf
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