Samsung Galaxy S10 Impressions!

Marques Brownlee
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Galaxy S10 official hands-on and first impressions!
Galaxy S10E Impressions: ruvid.net/video/video-iy1z3ZVASCg.html
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Feb 20, 2019




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Comments 80
Nemidoonam 69
Every single F*cking comment is about Samsung being better than apple. Do you think that apple fans give a f*ck? We all know that Samsung is better but most of us still buy apple
Janaale 2 days ago
The video is about Galaxy S10, it is 10 minutes long and is recommended to me at 10 million views.
Creeper Kid
Creeper Kid 4 days ago
2:17 Valentines day wallpaper: hello Marques Brownlee: *laughs nevously*
RANSILU 5 days ago
This phone has a shitty battery...1 hour pubg = takes 25% battery..typing on a s10 plus...dissapointed me...samsung..
Sandi Hermana
Sandi Hermana 5 days ago
Wow 10milions of viewers on this videos, this is very incredible than youtube video about iphone 11 Pro
Anna G
Anna G 14 days ago
This video is just a huge advertisement sponsored by Samsung, not a genuine review of the product.
TECH UNITY 15 days ago
Marques brownlee is the best
muad'dib 18 days ago
Finally my laptop matches the RAM on this phone.
Mostafa Ahmed
Mostafa Ahmed 20 days ago
Please, could you please say from where you get your wallpaper
Joel Smith
Joel Smith 21 day ago
Just upgraded from a s9 plus to s10 plus am so excited
Constiff 2.0 BETA
Constiff 2.0 BETA 23 days ago
Justine Rain FC
Justine Rain FC 25 days ago
Samsung S10 unboxing in 10 million views
john varela
john varela 26 days ago
Just got a new condition s10 off market place for $350. I would have preferred the s10+ but couldn't pass up the good deal 👍💯😃
Diego Nei de Brito Santos
04:00 So familiar with that smudge fest...
niqizzhere 26 days ago
S10 series impression with 10M views 👏
Gaming Kamboj
Gaming Kamboj 27 days ago
Warm greetings, stranger whoever is reading this, I hope you are fine and wish you a great life ahead................. and it would be very nice if you sub to my channel.
Asma Month ago
Been using the S10 for the past year and it's a gem! Worth every penny.
Daniel Santana
Daniel Santana Month ago
Amazing review bro
Nebula gaming
Nebula gaming Month ago
Plzz comparison bet... S10 and iPhone xs plzzzz
Erika Medina
Erika Medina Month ago
They need to come back with the Actives
Brandyn Valenzuela
Guys I'm from the future, the virus known as covid-19 will destroy our economy. It will be here in January of 2020, only you can warn the world to stop it.
K Doherty
K Doherty Month ago
My LG Thinq7 had the finger sensor for 2 years now and it works perfectly Right in the back
azeem azeem
azeem azeem Month ago
Which phone is better for games like pubg, call of duty etc in Samsung (s10 or s20u)
ERRR55 Month ago
What about the curved screen display?? Is it durable?
Mostafa Ahmed
Mostafa Ahmed Month ago
2020 and iam still amazed by the s10
This is Cutie Ringo Joy
And it’s alr 20 under 1 year?
Abdel Fr
Abdel Fr Month ago
I'm still on note 5
Noah Shaw
Noah Shaw Month ago
What in the world is that video Marques is watching it looks cursed
Nichen Fauster
Nichen Fauster Month ago
My fingerprint sensor is slow and never works properly, and the display is lifeless and dull.. I hate my s10,
Thom Month ago
My experience filming 4K video with the s10 is that software stablization leads to noticeable stuttering/skipping frames. It's difficult to notice playing back footage on the phone but when blown up to a full monitor it's really apparent.
Fidel Nuniez
Fidel Nuniez Month ago
although expensive, s10 surely packs more than iphone
Mike Month ago
I have this phone
John H
John H Month ago
Awesome reviews man thanks!
Zane Thind
Zane Thind Month ago
Thank god that Apple has now the ultra wide lense on 2 out of 3 of their phones
Zane Thind
Zane Thind Month ago
I'd get the S10 Plus with that huge 1tb internal storage and the better cameras but I owikdnt mind the S10 and S10e
Bishop Kalliko
Bishop Kalliko 2 months ago
Is there a way to "Like/dislike/etc" messages on the group text with my Galaxy S10 as those with Apple phones in the group text are doing?
Franco Barrera
Franco Barrera 2 months ago
Still picked the S10E. I prefer having the fingerprint sensor in the power button
M. N M
M. N M 2 months ago
I'm loving the intro music
Sohan Gs
Sohan Gs 2 months ago
Can you giveaway any phone for me ?
mahaday channel 1
mahaday channel 1 2 months ago
I m going to buy today
Maikel Sewraj
Maikel Sewraj 2 months ago
Who's here after the s20 came out
Josiah Roberts
Josiah Roberts 2 months ago
Would the s10 plus be a good option in 2020.....not wanting the newest flagship but also considering the mid rangers that samsung as that does everything u need it to do.....like the a71......
Sub Zero
Sub Zero 2 months ago
Nice vid!
Weylan DeBoard
Weylan DeBoard 2 months ago
Also got a headphone jack lads
akshay kumar
akshay kumar 2 months ago
Its cheaper now and still better than SE2.
Len 2 months ago
I used to have a j3 but now i have an s10. When i used to have a j3 i would put it on do not disturb & the screen would wake up whenever a favorite would text but on the s10 if your favorite texts you,you only hear an alert. Is it possible to get an s10 to wake up the screen on dnd when a favorite contact texts you?
EARL KNIGHT JR. 2 months ago
adam hunter
adam hunter 2 months ago
So u can’t take selfies
Pizza pizza pizza
You can
David Woo
David Woo 2 months ago
anyone else think even after watching a bunch of review videos, it's still really hard to tell with certainty which to buy? need free try-before-buy programs so we can compare and experience at home first!
PARADOX 818 2 months ago
It's really not that hard. Just know your needs on a phone and then the budget your on
Mahmood Shuvo
Mahmood Shuvo 3 months ago
Riju Das
Riju Das 3 months ago
Marques: MKBHD here Captions: Kim PhD here
Svilen Konac
Svilen Konac 3 months ago
F... That Ikea sofa in background because of glue smells on a cat's piss! I got one and throw it away...
John Robinson
John Robinson 3 months ago
What wallpaper on the s10 is that
kurdi stan
kurdi stan 3 months ago
Brandon Yeo
Brandon Yeo 3 months ago
9.90 Million Views!
Tomzid Ahmed
Tomzid Ahmed 3 months ago
Achut Landge
Achut Landge 3 months ago
What is price of samsung s100
PARADOX 818 3 months ago
If you mean s10 then it is ranging from $600-$800
dolan dark
dolan dark 3 months ago
Watching on my s10+ still agreat phone
Mlondi Hadebe
Mlondi Hadebe 3 months ago
Finally my s10 is coming today
Mlondi Hadebe
Mlondi Hadebe 2 months ago
@Tomzid Ahmed tell your sister and fat mother I said hi
Tomzid Ahmed
Tomzid Ahmed 3 months ago
Wow! You are so outdated! Get the s20. Fuck off !
o e
o e 3 months ago
Papii Chuloo
Papii Chuloo 3 months ago
Should of had a light around the camera cut out as a battery life option.
Dhiven Govender
Dhiven Govender 3 months ago
Hi guys, I can only afford to buy the following phones here in SA. Huawei P30 and Samsung Galaxy S10. Due to the google ban, I’m hesitant to buy the Huawei. I currently have the P20 Pro. What other phone could I buy in the price range of the S10?
Mike Hawk
Mike Hawk 2 months ago
check out oneplus
David Richardson
David Richardson 3 months ago
I can't wait to purchase the phone by my birthday. For my local carrier I know it's gonna be at least five paychecks I have to save up for. Then again, I want the Samsung 20+ 5G and that'll probably take like a year or so. It's long overdue.
Probably TheAmaziiingTim
The front cameras have ultra wide
William Lee
William Lee 4 months ago
Just got my white s10 I love it so much🥰🥰🥰
Daniel Rad
Daniel Rad 4 months ago
I am looking for the wallpapers from your video. The road wallpaper and from s10 plus wallpaper with that buble
Carlos L
Carlos L 4 months ago
* curve your meme theme song starts playing and getting louder* 5:50
Japh Tv
Japh Tv 4 months ago
You are so smart brother
Welsh Lad
Welsh Lad 4 months ago
S10+ Best phone of 2019 and still rocking in 2020 for an unbelievable price.
Hashir Productions
Hashir Productions 4 months ago
I don't know why I'm watching this when I've got a iPhone
ANONYMOU$X7 4 months ago
Apple: Removes headphone jack Samsung: keeps headphone jack Apple: *WAIT THATS ILLEGAL*
Singh P
Singh P 4 months ago
Sam...s10..is a Perfect and good mobile
Meme Lord
Meme Lord 4 months ago
Can anyone please provide me the link of wallpaper at 3:17
Chris H
Chris H 4 months ago
Is it just me or was the S9 better than the S10? Iv had it for a month and it hasn't taken me yet, ill give it more time and Samsung is still the best, but I loved loved loved the S9, for many reasons but strangely the new finger print reader just isnt for me, I miss the sensor on the back, like, really badly
Hector Tio Salamanca
It's great when it's Snapdragon. When it's that piece of shit exynos it stutters like hell
kung puk
kung puk 4 months ago
Just bought an s10 today. They were on sale cause the launch of the new one. I'm happy..
MrPackers2012 4 months ago
I said bye bye to Apple at the end of 2018. And will always go with Samsung Galaxy from now on! Currently have the S9.
Yes 5 months ago
Goodbye headphone jack you held out your best but in the end you simply couldn’t stay around.
Trevon Lang
Trevon Lang 5 months ago
This phone alone kills the whole IPhone series hands down I am deciding between S10 or OnePlus 7T which phone you get
Lokk J
Lokk J 5 months ago
The Samsung is you can afford it, if you are on a budget get the OnePlus
Francis Mora
Francis Mora 5 months ago
Incredible phone!!😍
Gacha jordan
Gacha jordan 5 months ago
Who's watching this on a s10 lol
Rohan Khatri
Rohan Khatri 5 months ago
Right before S20 event?
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