Samsung Galaxy S10 Impressions!

Marques Brownlee
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Galaxy S10 official hands-on and first impressions!
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Feb 20, 2019




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Comments 26 984
Web. Strong
Web. Strong Hour ago
Legendary Samsung way better then apple phones amazing when I'm listening to this, how does a phone has more ram then your average pc/laptop that's crazy.
Alex S
Alex S 21 hour ago
I work with buddy from college on 3d modelling after work and we share our designs from computers and upload them to a cloud so that we can view and manipulate the models on our phones during down time at the day job. The RAM helps with programs like that
Ali 3 days ago
Shit phone. It can be unlocked by anyones fingerprint lol
Stuff 2 days ago
lmao, and it'll probably take 6 months for verizon to send out an update for my s10+
Max Martinez
Max Martinez 3 days ago
Koragh 4 days ago
so many videos putting picturws of s10+ on their thumbnails lol
ravindra mali
ravindra mali 5 days ago
Love you
Giovanni Gonzalez
4 phones (5G)
Roshan Shah
Roshan Shah 8 days ago
This video of mkbhd has the highest views of all time!
i Mal
i Mal 8 days ago
How comes you don't review the samsung A series
i Mal
i Mal 3 days ago
@Mark Robby they are
Mark Robby
Mark Robby 4 days ago
Cuz they are not known.
Mzwandile Harmans
Am only impressed by the design hands down its a beautiful phone with nice screen
زياد رفعت
What is this Wallpaper called ?
619 4 life
619 4 life 13 days ago
Loving my S10. Getting the S10 5G next week.
BABY FLOWER 13 days ago
Here on my S 10+
BABY FLOWER 13 days ago
How far will Samsung go. Soon hand held phones will be a thing of the past and on to the next lvl.
Gamer Boy
Gamer Boy 14 days ago
Can you make a video about s11
Chad JDS
Chad JDS 16 days ago
Samsung needs to change the Camara, and put the camera in the middle.
Clash with Billy
Clash with Billy 17 days ago
I still got my s2 lmao
Nancy Diebkilé
Nancy Diebkilé 17 days ago
Watching this on my new S10 thanks to this video
Sandeep Jain
Sandeep Jain 19 days ago
i like your videos you are the best youtuber in thw world
john fields
john fields 20 days ago
Watching this on my s10 plus 😎👍
Evan Corman
Evan Corman 20 days ago
Or we could just follow Andrew Luck and use a flip phone.
Nick 20 days ago
Everyone who's sad they can't get a phone like this, when you're an adult just put money aside every week for a new phone. Someday!
Hashim Jamal
Hashim Jamal 17 days ago
Nick nah man wish you all the luck and hope you prosper soon bro
Nick 18 days ago
Nice job, dude. I'm way too young for a phone like this, but that's my plan for the future. Nice to see!
Hashim Jamal
Hashim Jamal 19 days ago
Nick I’m 19 and used my part time job money to buy myself the s10 and it’s the best decision I’ve made
suhan abdullah
suhan abdullah 21 day ago
Is s10 worth buying
Nick 20 days ago
If you can afford it, I'd think so. It looks like one of the best smartphones out right now.
Sammy Piraino
Sammy Piraino 21 day ago
Nick 20 days ago
d4unit 21 day ago
Here I was, dogging on the plus for just being the same phone in a bigger form factor. I might just get it for the longer battery life, but at the same time is it that substantial?
Robin Durrant
Robin Durrant 22 days ago
What about the 5g?
Dayan Rai
Dayan Rai 22 days ago
Say something about bezzel of phone also
Zammurad Sajeel
Zammurad Sajeel 23 days ago
While spoilers in my school be saying androids trash
AZ Entertainment
AZ Entertainment 25 days ago
Still waiting for Mate 30 pro review.
Brutus ofTroy
Brutus ofTroy 27 days ago
It's a shit phone. The glass breaks as soon as you even look at it. I'm never getting a curved edge phone again, they are so fragile. My one took a small impact on the screen and it stopped working. I don't like Iphones but at least they keep working when you crack the screen. I got the phone repaired under insurance and this morning the bloody thing slipped out of my hand, i took the impact with my toe so technically the phone fell from about an inch from the floor, corner smashed on phone immediately - such garbage. Due to the fingerprint sensor and the sugar glass it's made with i'm never buying a shitty Samsung again
Brutus ofTroy
Brutus ofTroy 25 days ago
@Kristófer Orri Tell me about it. The point I'm making is that this is not a strong phone.
Kristófer Orri
Kristófer Orri 25 days ago
@Brutus ofTroy wow you're unlucky 😂
Brutus ofTroy
Brutus ofTroy 26 days ago
@Kristófer Orri It had a case on it the first time Kristo
Kristófer Orri
Kristófer Orri 26 days ago
Dude, literally every problem you have with this phone can simply be fixed with a case. Didn't you learn anything after the first drop?
iSiP Toronto
iSiP Toronto 27 days ago
It uses sound waves too the finger print sensor... the two front are different the one on the left is the selfi cam the one on the right is for RGB depth cam...for AR some youtubers well all has never talked about it or mentioned it
Ali I
Ali I 29 days ago
For a fast fingerprint recognition, register only ONE finger!
Lilmanbambam 29 days ago
These headphone jack comments aged well huh?
Franky De Cicco
Franky De Cicco Month ago
My Iphone 8 broke so I decided to change team since 5S ios user I bought the S10 3 days ago and sold it 1 after to go back to ios and bought the xs. The feel of android phones is just cheap. The last premium feel was the M8 I had.
Ali Aliyev
Ali Aliyev Month ago
I use 8gb ram phone but 3 gb ram pc😏
IEJ7to1 *IEJ7654321*
Too bad the S10e didn't get too much spotlight. :(
IEJ7to1 *IEJ7654321*
I have the prism white S10e :D (Got it July 5 2019) Huge upgrade from my old phone, which is a piece of garbage. (LG Stylo 2)
ayalin64 Month ago
Still looks waaay better than the iphone 11 or worse, the 11 pro
Sasank Sharma
Sasank Sharma Month ago
does s10 support 25W fast charging???
Manzoor Tabasum
Manzoor Tabasum Month ago
Marques brownlee: I wish apple has 3 cameras Me: no you don't.
William Wikberg Schatz
Sold on the s10🔥
aarav rajbhar
aarav rajbhar Month ago
Right , I like this phone
Kitsune Ken
Kitsune Ken Month ago
I am from the future, iPhone has attached a fidget spinner at the back now.
Samsung: we kept the headphone jack! *cries in Note10*
RB DGR8 Month ago
Still far better than iphone 11 and 11 pro
Jake Gutteridge
Jake Gutteridge Month ago
The software is exactly the same on the much cheaper Galaxy A10. Camera, fingerprint sensor, display is better on the S10 but what else?
HU ViDs Month ago
Beautiful smartphone
A C Month ago
These phones are getting ridiculous in price and performance. Time to go back to a flip phone.
zbtb4l Month ago
The battery on the S10 is awful
Chirag Makhija
Chirag Makhija Month ago
Why are the colours so washed out in front cam selfies? I see they lighten immediately after clicking, not only on the default app but also the Instagram and Snapchat cameras! How can we change this setting?
Gothboi K
Gothboi K 22 days ago
Chirag Makhija Unfortunately you can’t...it’s Samsung’s ridiculous camera processing & which is the main reason I switched to the iPhone 11.
Demon Apocalypse
I got the s10 and the ikonik in fnite
Akerby 758
Akerby 758 Month ago
Just got my galaxy s10 over the note 10
Maariah Month ago
Just purchased the S10+. So far so good.
TurnDownFor What
Earrape intro
judai Month ago
A30 is also good!
Anup Kaulgud
Anup Kaulgud Month ago
Your vlogs are cool & speak quality. Good job
varga 2049
varga 2049 Month ago
I've been using an S10+ for a few weeks now and I'm so satisfied with, actually it's perfect. The screen, the speed and the battery is an absolute win and it seems like I won't be switching anywhere soon, since the later flagship mobile dropped the Jack...
M Martinů
M Martinů Month ago
1:50 what is this video?
K1DD KYRIOS Month ago
Its so funny to see all these apple users have these lame ass jokes to defend not having a headphone jack on a.........wait for it......... SAMSUNG review video. Like imagine having the time to look up a rival phone company review video then scroll through the comments only to get triggered by an "iPhone joke" just too come up with a irrelevant joke of their own..........Sad really🤣😂🤣😂🤣
imicca Month ago
says ultrasonic is faster, is litteraly slower
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