Samsung Galaxy S10+ Hands On

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· Perimast ·
· Perimast · 5 hours ago
This is my phone lol
InFiD3ViL Day ago
Mine comes tomorrow , Prism Black. Man I cannot wait. Thanks Lew.
Bluetooth is useless for fast paced games. You need to hear those footsteps precisely. While my Galaxy Buds has delays
slappy.b0y 2 days ago
why tf is everyone like "who wears wired earbuds nowadays" my nibba im broke
Shayer Zarif
Shayer Zarif 2 days ago
When i first watched this video back in february, never in a million years did i think i would actually end up buying this phone. So here i am, watching in my galaxy s10+ that i bought just today. Alhamdulillah.
Jesus Gonzalez
Jesus Gonzalez 2 days ago
Thanks I brought it
Carlos Lara
Carlos Lara 2 days ago
Make a video about the Sony Xperia 1
Project Wide Body Prelude
Is that honeycomb backing stock? Where can i get that model?
Morgan rowland
Morgan rowland 3 days ago
Can you do review on some of the a series Samsung phones please
A Random Youtuber
Ok alot of people are saying the headphone Jack is for "outdated people". The problem is is that if we connected our earphones to bluetooth charging or battery will go quickly.
SayreHarder 4 days ago
gotta plug dem links! Its not the most egregious channel ever, its not bad. The phone however as stated or would have been stated if you were allowed to all things being equal, is HOW the HELL do they mess up such a nice phone with a silly notch? Much prefer mechanically raised cameras. Think you stated that. edit: I believe Samsung to be way too sensitive to such criticism, as they have to plug dem screens lol. Ya know. They should have made one of their 500 models a mechanically raised one by now, mainstream. My purpose is not to grill here: I am willing to forgo a phone without a camera or sensors on the front. All-screen, baby!!!
Armando Lopez
Armando Lopez 5 days ago
Does anyone know if it has a SD card slot? I googled it,trying to find its main features but I couldn't find out whether it has it or not
Dani Uzumaki
Dani Uzumaki 5 days ago
Will this be a good phone to have after having the galaxy S7??
mehrsa bahrami
mehrsa bahrami 3 days ago
In my opinion it would be a really big change for you (I'm switching from a A9 to S10 plus )
Lucas.l 5 days ago
Now that you have used many other phones, what do you think of the S10+ to this point ?
Valery Boisrond
Valery Boisrond 5 days ago
LMFAO he tried to look "...as pretty as possible.." LMFAO
Ottmer Moapati
Ottmer Moapati 3 days ago
No shit
Benedikte 01
Benedikte 01 5 days ago
I had a Samsung Galaxy S5 for 4 and a half year. I recently got a Samsung S10, so for me, it`s a big difference, and I love it
A. Anonymous
A. Anonymous 5 days ago
Watching this from my S6 because im too broke to buy a new phone right now
MegaBlueMoon88 6 days ago
The radiation is so high, that fingers start to tingle and the phone is unusable. Forgot to mention this small bit.
Crimble Cakes
Crimble Cakes 3 days ago
Finger tingling isn't even a symptom of radiation poisoning...
Nateroo11803 6 days ago
Just got this phone and I am loving it!
Victor Rykowski
Victor Rykowski 6 days ago
I love Samsung for keeping the headphone jack cause i have an iPhone 7 and its driving me crazy when I’m in the car and i forgot the damn dongle which happens a lot
Bamwitirewa Peter
wow thanks so much for that information have been watching many videos of yours and i like them so much i really appreciate. but can i win or get a samsung galaxy s10+ pleaseeeeeeeee.......
Yu Kay
Yu Kay 6 days ago
man..srsly... i really want to change to s10+ but my s5 is still working great!!!! that means i don't have an excuse to get a new one without any guiltiness... :(
Name less
Name less 5 days ago
@Andy CR S5 will fetch hardly a 100 dollars while you need 800 dollars for the S10
Andy CR
Andy CR 5 days ago
Why can u just sell your s5 and buy a S10+ ?
Saltie 7 days ago
TBH, your the place to go to unbox
Valter Diallo
Valter Diallo 7 days ago
Sorry Terrapy what is your watch?
Darryl daniel george Bish
Do 5g phones gave you cancer
gyl_ot_LoMa 9 days ago
10:41 that's Jesse James - Legend
Nice Usеr
Nice Usеr 9 days ago
Wallpaper from my Note Edge on preview lol
JOKER *DED* 10 days ago
The best phone ever we all know that Samsung the best company ever
Abhishek Mondal
Abhishek Mondal 10 days ago
Should i wait for the note 10 or should igo for s10+
K to The E
K to The E 8 days ago
Abhishek Mondal s10 all the way
KING_ ANONYMOUS 11 days ago
10million views 👏👏👏👏👏
Dave F
Dave F 11 days ago
9:34 why not just flip the phone so the cameras are on the bottom right? Much less noticeable in that orientation IMO.
Rafaela Luna
Rafaela Luna 11 days ago
You're a bad I hate you
Jade Graff
Jade Graff 11 days ago
Does the regular S10 have that beauty mode? I tried messing around with it but I couldn't find it
Bilal Rana
Bilal Rana 12 days ago
Watching this from my S10+. Best phone ever!
Buckfutter _12
Buckfutter _12 12 days ago
Beautiful majestic piece of technology.
Jed Nagel
Jed Nagel 13 days ago
Dunno if it will be worth the upgrade from my s9+ or not.. ugghhh decisions decisions
theunderdog102 13 days ago
Notice how the middle smartwatch button is digging into his backhand 10:18
Thomas Heydrick
Thomas Heydrick 13 days ago
Had one since launch day. I really don't mind the front camera. It disappears during videos and games, so it's not noticeable in the most important activities. I did have the cell chip in my first one overheat to the point of failure, but Samsung warrantied it.
Loihky 13 days ago
I just ordered one after watching this, very excited to see it in person
Loihky 7 days ago
After about a week it's a very good phone everything works just as should and very well,totally worth the price but defo need a good case for it.
Maximo Bistoyong
Maximo Bistoyong 14 days ago
It doesn't matter if there is a whole punch, much better than the NODGE DISPLAY in iPhone.
Christopher Cox
Christopher Cox 14 days ago
“Moves it to a less utilized portion of the screen real estate.” You mean ... the top right corner which, since the beginning of smartphones, has ALWAYS housed the battery and signal icons? How is that less utilized? It has been utilized heavily since the beginning of the industry. Lol. This dude says completely random things.
Morgan Brooks
Morgan Brooks 15 days ago
You use a bunch of phones, so what do you normally use to transfer all your data from one to the next?
Alvin Henry
Alvin Henry 15 days ago
I don't know why I I'm always watching these reviews when I know I can't afford one 😂
mecca6801 4 days ago
You never know, anything can happen
Archfiend K
Archfiend K 7 days ago
Awww 💗
J the Existentialist
How is it possible that people are fooled? The galaxy phones have basically been the same since s6. The only difference is now finally the galaxy is moving from 4gb ram to 6 GB ram. The note 9 can do 8 GB ram. Ram is really what your paying for. When your phone is figured. The type of screen and the amount of ram determines the price range separation. I swear just look. S6 had 1440p. It had 4 GB ram. The only difference is generation of chipset and generation of oled screen. The cameras on Samsung have always sucked. We all know that. If you want a good camera get a phone from a company that specializes in cameras. Like Motorola phones or lg phones. But if you are able to update your s6 or s7 to current android version you will notice no real difference other than the edge is not made anymore and all phone by Samsung have an edge screen now.
HARMR هارمــر
اكو عرب بالطياره اذا انت عربي لايك واشتراك
paschaDE 15 days ago
My Backgrounds dont black the holepunch out 🤷‍♂️😑
The Liftedlegend
The Liftedlegend 16 days ago
He didint talk about how tbe fingerprint is in tbe screen tho wtf
tiredrummertube 16 days ago
This is truly the fastest charging phone I"ve ever had; best keyboard too.
Grammar Communist
Grammar Communist 17 days ago
Headphone jack? Buy AirPods lol broke ass Samsung users
Why Tho
Why Tho 17 days ago
I think the gap is to make it seem kind of less there instead of far upright
MyrVin19 18 days ago
Please unbox the xioami redmi K20 pro sir. The best one plus 7 pro killer with half the price of it.
Zeshan Rahman
Zeshan Rahman 18 days ago
Only reason I want the plus version is bc i have big ass hands. But the regular would work just as fine lmfao
Logan Cagle
Logan Cagle 19 days ago
Review the S10 5G
Shak Tanem Miah
Shak Tanem Miah 19 days ago
Bought this for my mama today! she loves it haha
Tery Kazuari Tam
Tery Kazuari Tam 19 days ago
Honestly the camera isn't as good as it seems
elite kill
elite kill 20 days ago
i will wait for s11, so the s10 get cheaper, and i could finally go for the s9 to take a look, and purchase the s8!
howsweet2907 18 days ago
zaid admin
zaid admin 21 day ago
Rip iphone
jade gauran
jade gauran 21 day ago
Kurt Russel Roa
Kurt Russel Roa 21 day ago
Do the samsung galaxy g10 plus hands on
Luke Dalanhese
Luke Dalanhese 22 days ago
Should I just wait for the note
Robert Ciantar
Robert Ciantar 23 days ago
Which one should I go for s10 or s10+ ? (Currently using s7)
AV 19 days ago
I have an s7 too and I'm getting s10+ in a month. Go with the +
Vernando Tan
Vernando Tan 23 days ago
Definitely s10+
Nasser Abinal
Nasser Abinal 24 days ago
It takes almost 2 hours to fully charge this phone. Is there any update or solution.
Ali Aoun
Ali Aoun 19 days ago
1 hour 40 min as advertised. It does take to to charge but the battery lasts for a long time and i only get to charge it oncee a day which is very sufficient
Tenzack YOGI
Tenzack YOGI 24 days ago
SM-G975U (USA) this is USA version of Samsung GS10+.
Miguel Fernando
Miguel Fernando 24 days ago
Where did you buy your case?
Colleen _Fox
Colleen _Fox 25 days ago
Lol I'm watching this on a galaxy s10+
Colleen _Fox
Colleen _Fox 19 days ago
@AV oh ik lol
AV 19 days ago
@Colleen _Fox don't listen to him he's scamming you
Colleen _Fox
Colleen _Fox 23 days ago
I got it now meh name is Colleen_Fox
Colleen _Fox
Colleen _Fox 23 days ago
Mk. Downloading
ツRischFN 23 days ago
Colleen _Fox i replied to you with the steps on how to get fortnite
Md Meraj
Md Meraj 25 days ago
Nice s10+ big screen big RAM
Herath banda Wanninayaka
Slug Tripping
Slug Tripping 25 days ago
I hate the hole punch. I wish Samsung would make a version without the front camera
Ryan M
Ryan M 26 days ago
What case is that ?
Asian guy with a heart attack
It's a Skin not a wallpaper
Exotik Inc
Exotik Inc 27 days ago
He protecc He attacc But most importantly, He keep the headphone jacc
Richard Adepoju
Richard Adepoju 27 days ago
That is so cool Samsung galaxy s10 plus
EliVlogsz 27 days ago
Apple is better
AV 19 days ago
Lmao STFU sheep s10 beats all iPhones combined
Demon King
Demon King 28 days ago
I've found that if you choose the night theme on the s10+, then you tend to forget about the shrapnel wounds that is the front-facing camera. Other than that though, the s10+ is one of the greatest phones I've ever owned, and I'm glad I gkt it.
Connor Williammee
Connor Williammee 28 days ago
FoR AlImItEd TimE GeT ThE AWeSomE IpHoNe Xr oN Us TmObIlE
Robert Correll
Robert Correll 28 days ago
Are you going to unbox the s10 5g?
Awesomeness 345
Awesomeness 345 28 days ago
This whole hole punch feature is like the only way to have a rear facing camera now. Time to catch up apple.
F B I 29 days ago
APPLE USER- Finally A update to fix everything becuz I'm lazy. ANDROID USER- Ew Update let's change every preference to my taste.
Sean Smith
Sean Smith 25 days ago
Your the one that is lazy enough to say becuz
kayla myers
kayla myers Month ago
What about watching a youtuber who puts there face on the corner of the screen where the cutout is? Hmm
kalyan teja
kalyan teja Month ago
4:25 ofcourse man its a korean tech giant..... what more would you expect. koreans need it xD south korea = plastic surgery. change my mind. im waiting
John McCain
John McCain Month ago
My Samsung quit working after trumps tariffs. I'm buying an apple.
AV 19 days ago
Quit lying
Kaiser Wilhelm II
I feel like the slide thingy might be the way to go. Motors might still be a little unreliable and notches... they were a temporary solution.
Anthony Sotelo
Anthony Sotelo Month ago
Just bought the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G and it immediately has connectivity issues with Verizon's Network. I cannot receive phone calls. Verizon Advance technical support only has released a Master Ticket in their system with Critical Level 1 Priority. Blah..
Institute Scientist
Just got the Galaxy 10 and Galaxy watch today.
ツRischFN 23 days ago
Institute Scientist do you actually have it?
sandy dash
sandy dash Month ago
S10 plus or one plus 7 pro
sandy dash
sandy dash Month ago
Okay!! Cheers🤸
Pometri Month ago
@sandy dash they both have the same processor but the s10 has more ram, a bigger battery. and a better camera the s10 is much better in my opinion
sandy dash
sandy dash Month ago
Okay put aside the price for some time Wat abt the processor? Is it worth buying S10+??
Pometri Month ago
i would say s10 plus but the one plus 7 has a better price
M H Month ago
I have the s10 (not the plus and it's just one camera in front) and I love it ! I mean u just forget about it like it's not there! And obviously it is better than the notch!!!!!
Taehyung's tongue Jimin's hair
Someone please help me, This is my first samsung phone. The message that people send me on the built-in message app wont show on my home screen. I had an iphone before, when people message you while youre using the phone, the message would pop up at the top so that you can read a few words of it. You could also swipe down to reply. But my galaxy S10+ wont do that. The messages would show up on my lock screen but wouldnt pop up on the home screen. The home screen only has the icon of the messaging app on the status/notification bar (whatever is it) on the top. So in order for me to view the message, i would actually have the open the app, which is annoying. I contacted Samsung support chat but the what he said makes absolutely no sense. Yes the notifications are on. Yes the pop-on is on. Yes the preview message is on. Everything is on! 😫 *also not just the message app, but other apps in general
Asian guy with a heart attack
I recommend using messages by google.
Kunal Talande
Kunal Talande Month ago
Its realistic notch...and futuristic yaa
Devin Bowling
Devin Bowling Month ago
I got the iPhone XS And I regret it I should’ve waited for this
Insidiouz BlaxkByrd
Watching this on my Galaxy S10+. You don't know luxury like I do.
XxToptankxX 18 days ago
@ツRischFN yeah. I just got mine a day ago
AV 19 days ago
@ツRischFN quit scamming people and STFU
Retr0 Games
Retr0 Games 21 day ago
@Insidiouz BlaxkByrd yeah, that's just what I thought too
Insidiouz BlaxkByrd
@ツRischFN For what?
ツRischFN 22 days ago
Insidiouz BlaxkByrd can you download fortnite on your phone?
daishi15 Month ago
I got it for 899
AndreasH900 Month ago
1550$ here 1TB Model
Habib Zazai
Habib Zazai Month ago
S10+hwi mach pris
king khozame
king khozame Month ago
people say in the comments who still use wired headphones ok dickheads how about stereo speakers that uses aux cable or maybe cars or ur laptop or desktop and so many things. oh people living in the past wtf wtf. this made me super fucking mad i bought the phone because it has a fucking jack. why buying 200 dollars wireless headphones and u need to charge and one day u gonna loose one piece of the left or right bud. i hate wasting my time but this really pissed me off
Tobias Posth
Tobias Posth Month ago
I trade nu S10+ and bought the p30PRO, the Huawei is way better, you can do more cinematics video with the Huawei, better stabilization, Vidhancepowered technology👻💕, better in löjligt and zoom
MA2 Month ago
Huawei is better than buggy Samsung but problem is the privacy and security so I'm stuck with apple.
Dagge Badak
Dagge Badak Month ago
Does the fingerprint sensor works even the screen is protected with tempered glass?? 😕
Izael Johnson
Izael Johnson Month ago
A screen protector is installed already. If you buy a case with a screen protector it has to be compatible with fingerprint sensor
younes Lmerdi
younes Lmerdi Month ago
I'm stupid but,
I'm stupid but, Month ago
Huawei left chat Apple left chat Lg left chat Oneplus left chat Umidigi left chat Nokia joined chat Nokia: drops phone Samsung left chat
Uchiha Madara
Uchiha Madara 10 days ago
@Pearl Infinite wow thanks for taking time to explain that!!. Nice
Pearl Infinite
Pearl Infinite 20 days ago
@Faizan Hussain ur welcome 😊
I'm stupid but,
I'm stupid but, 20 days ago
@Pearl Infinite yep
Faizan Hussain
Faizan Hussain 20 days ago
Pearl Infinite cheers bro
Pearl Infinite
Pearl Infinite 21 day ago
Faizan Hussain I think why they r tryna say is that all these companies can't compete with Samsung so they "left the chat" but then Nokia came in and dropped a phone showing that the one thing Samsung can't compete on is the dAmage when a Samsung phone falls. We all know Nokia is the greatest at this and so Samsung left the chat.
iJamz85 Month ago
I recently switched to the S10+ from my Pixel 3 and I love my S10+, but I noticed it does a smoothing effect on pictures. The Pixel 3 takes crisp photos and I miss that a lot. So much so I installed the G-Camera APK on my Samsung..
Harrain Month ago
Anyone know the song @11:10 ? I NEED THIS BEAT, PLEASE HALP
Harrain Month ago
@Amirabbas Tamizi thank you kind sir
Amirabbas Tamizi
Chi Jesse James
ken5336 Month ago
People wasting money 💵 and being game by top cell phone companies like Samsung Apple and others I seen galaxy 10s $689 on Amazon and 10e for $509 on eBay to day 5/6/2019 and all people have do is play the waiting game. This madness smh 🤦‍♂️ 🤦‍♀️ 🤦‍♂️ 🤦‍♀️ 🤦‍♂️
ken5336 Month ago
Paying the price just to have the latest smartphone first smh 🤦‍♂️
James W
James W Month ago
All these notches and hole punches are retarded. Sticking with my S9+ until Samsung or Apple comes out with a pop up or slider camera.
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