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This is the new Samsung Galaxy S10
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Feb 20, 2019




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Comments 28 397
Flip De Riviera
Flip De Riviera 7 hours ago
Its actually so sad seeing some smartphones manufacturers with “Max beauty” features, it’s nothing but fake. And some vulnerable people will buy it trying to look what they are not, The world we live.
voltaspeeder17 2 days ago
Yes, they kept the 3.5mm jack. WELL DONE SAMSUNG!
Mystery SO2
Mystery SO2 6 days ago
"Mom i want this phone" 2 DAYS LATER Im in my room on my j3 2018 watching this video saying (i wish) 😥
Imaan Hussain
Imaan Hussain 6 days ago
2020 anyone..?
Dredger76 6 days ago
Never had a Samsung. Gave up when he started on about hole punch. WTF?!?
Nobody 7 days ago
and now apple introduce new iphone which is the exact same like the last one with half performance than this new samsung and they want for it almost 2k USD :-)
iRestMyCxse 4 days ago
Where u get 2000 from?
iMMortster 10 days ago
I got an S10 and this sure was useful to understand my device better. Thanks!
John kenneth Laure
John kenneth Laure 12 days ago
Give the one for me
khayam ali
khayam ali 12 days ago
would totally buy this if it came with 5G
NVC-assassin AMV
NVC-assassin AMV 13 days ago
Watching on the s10+ finally
Eli Jones
Eli Jones 14 days ago
Watching this after 6 months, phone cuts down 50% price. Just snagged one up myself, well worth the wait.
Daniel J
Daniel J 3 days ago
Onyeka Nnajiego
Onyeka Nnajiego 14 days ago
Black friday sales for another 50% and trading in my s9+ to get more buck
peach 14 days ago
Im planning to buy it, Is it worth it?
Omar Ahmed
Omar Ahmed 11 days ago
@Eli Jones from where
Eli Jones
Eli Jones 14 days ago
peach yes in my opinion, i just ordered one myself. This phone is overall just amazing, also way cheaper now. Payed £545 for mine.
akshay koul
akshay koul 16 days ago
I got it today,awesome👌
Fuck Of
Fuck Of 16 days ago
If wireless is the future why dose apple give you lighting earbuds 😂
SJT 17 days ago
Samsung stole the camera design from Apple, Apple pantented the in screen camera and Samsung stole it, smh
Bryan Mertens
Bryan Mertens 17 days ago
Watching this video on my Samsung Galaxy S10+
Latesha Renee
Latesha Renee 18 days ago
This phone set the BAR. I love it!
zXkîllér bîlzXz
@LSCT its really fragile
LSCT 5 days ago
@Ray H 🙌🙌
Ray H
Ray H 5 days ago
@LSCT i just ordered one today. I have the S9+ and I was torn between wondering if the improvements were worth it.
LSCT 5 days ago
@Ray H it's totally worth it
Ray H
Ray H 6 days ago
I'm planning on buying one today. Is it worth it?
Shawn Britton
Shawn Britton 19 days ago
I want that phone so bad the galaxy s10 plus is better than the new iPhone I don't like the phone it sucks
wes spangler
wes spangler 20 days ago
Can someone please tell me what case or cover is being used in this video? Thanka for your time!
Caleb Conde
Caleb Conde 22 days ago
Im 16 yrs old and i have saved enough money working my job at a grocery store to buy either the s10 or s10+, and at the store i work at which is a huge coprate grocery store , inwhich they have a partnership with samsung . I get like 30% of phones so instead of paying aus 1.5 k for the s10+ i get it for 978$ and i get the s10 for 879 dollars. Just have to decide if the s10 plus is to big , so i gotta go to a store and check them out. Can't wait!!! will be my 2nd phone. My parents bought me the j5 pro
hector R.
hector R. 22 days ago
Pro mode in the ONE UI update is horribly designed. Oreo version for the camera was better cause pro mode had filters Which you could've based many of your post edits off from. ONE UI doesn't let you save presets that you can can easily go to when you're in different lighting. So Your forced to change your manual lighting setting EVERYYTIME when you're setting up a shot or stay using the normal photo setting. Which sucks cause it's not like you can change the light effect. The filters that come with the phone and the ones you can download the only thing you can do to them is change the intensity or make the corners darker. And that's what why I believe the program sucks because your Confined in a small box. And you cant use all the lens in pro mode. Everything is just a gimmick. Real photography and photo editing is in pro mode. But what else can I say... It's just a phone right
incog99 SKD
incog99 SKD 23 days ago
Ever since the CD, people have been fed crap sound. Now it's become endemic. Today's music junkies don't even get it.
incog99 SKD
incog99 SKD 23 days ago
Wireless sound will never be better than wired headphones. Audiophiles understand this. Apple does not.
Omar Ahmed
Omar Ahmed 11 days ago
Get an adaptor
NRobbi42 16 days ago
Audiophiles use DACs tho.
Ticky Lafitte
Ticky Lafitte 18 days ago
WesIncredible 23 days ago
I'm just here trying to figure out if buddy had a dip in while he was doing the review.
Just Dance Chase 56892
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Joshua Hall
Joshua Hall 23 days ago
I have the S10+, with the hole punch you ignore it without realizing it. Very rarely do I find a game or video where it interferes. I have absolutely no regrets about getting it. Everything about this phone is amazing.
Ashton and Paula
Ashton and Paula 27 days ago
Why not do a video over the Samsung galaxy s10e
Keith T.
Keith T. 28 days ago
What is he talking about do he know
Christina Salazar
Christina Salazar 29 days ago
A catfishs' dream
Andrew Lukenbach
I just had to re subscribe to your channel. RUvid is starting to irritate me
Pernando Rinando
Can you please make a comparison between the s10+ and note10+
Michael Decker
Michael Decker Month ago
I liked this when it first came out now this comment is made on my S10+. Love it (EDIT, Guess I was baked as to my first part of my sentence made absolutely no sense at all
D Combs
D Combs Month ago
Shoulda titled the vid, hands on with S10 camera, 90 percent of the video is just the camera
DeeDee T
DeeDee T Month ago
Where do we get that skin/backing for the phone?
Roxanne Tan
Roxanne Tan Month ago
Dbrand probably
Prashant sharma
Prashant sharma Month ago
Can anyone help me out by telling the name of that song when he test the dolby atmos surround sound. Please and ya if there is 2 songs then both.first song starts at 10:43 and second at 11:09.
Prashant sharma
Prashant sharma 10 days ago
@CabbagePatch Doll so sweet of you thank u very much.
CabbagePatch Doll
CabbagePatch Doll 11 days ago
(Jesse James) Legend - Legendary 90's Zelda Type Hip Hop Rap Instrumental Beat & Chi is the name of the second one by JesseJames also. He is on RUvid.
Prashant sharma
Prashant sharma Month ago
Can anyone help me out by telling the name of that song when he test the dolby atmos surround sound. Please and ya if there is 2 songs then both.
Rowdy Rascal
Rowdy Rascal Month ago
Nice phone I am your big fan
Hoff Month ago
I love my new Galaxy S10, but I think Samsung really fucked up by removing the LED notification indicator. That's a huge miss in my book.
Suzana L
Suzana L Month ago
Today I ordered 2 S10+ 😻 I think tomorrow I'll have it 😻😻😻
Joshua Brooks
Joshua Brooks Month ago
David Is Awesome
I wish I have a Samsung Galaxy S10+
Gurmeet Singh
Gurmeet Singh Month ago
On my s10 plus when I shoot using wide angle in low lighting conditions and cream background I can see yellow artifacts in corners this is really annoying
Bajan Boo
Bajan Boo Month ago
I'm still using my Samsung S5....wow....talk about being cheap 😂😂
Christina Salazar
Christina Salazar 29 days ago
I had the S5 for 5 years, and I have the S10. Worth the wait, because I got it at best6for $766 that means $200 off, because they're coming out w/a new phone
Rafix Kay
Rafix Kay Month ago
Yeah well I'm currently using my S5 neo for the 5th year already, next week I'm upgrading to an S10+ monkaW
Dilip Kandel
Dilip Kandel Month ago
Do Samsung s105G
Goreon Month ago
lol jokes on you guys, I am here rocking with paper flip-phone
Jose Aikee Fernandez
Who came here after watching the note 10 unboxing... 🖒
Sirius Black
Sirius Black Month ago
3lmo 11080
3lmo 11080 Month ago
Same here
John Smith
John Smith Month ago
You left out the pen.
GEG17 Month ago
@John Smith I have the s10 plus and there is NO pen. There IS a pen for the Note 10 tho.
John Smith
John Smith Month ago
@GEG17 Yes, there is.
GEG17 Month ago
There is no pen
Raidr FN
Raidr FN Month ago
When unbox therapy skips the unboxing part Me: REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
keep thinking
keep thinking Month ago
it's so funny that you ate just finding beauty mode after 5 yrs
Super Politics
Super Politics Month ago
Watching on my S 10 plus 👌😍
GEG17 Month ago
Me too
Pratyush Kanojia
which song is he playing when he was turning dolby atmos on and off?
CabbagePatch Doll
CabbagePatch Doll 11 days ago
Jesse James- Chi
CrossX95 Month ago
”Thats pretty wide, I‘m into that.“
Joel Williams
Joel Williams Month ago
I said the same thing about Gina Carano's athletically sculpted calves & hips!
Donniecaison Month ago
I really don't like the hole punch :( I hope they come up with a better solution for the S11
Soaring Doge
Soaring Doge Month ago
Apple joined chat Apple: flexes the notch Samsung left chat
devil zone
devil zone Month ago
I so jelous i only have a s10e
Delflo45 Month ago
I prefere the s10 plus céramique because it feel more solide more heavy it feel good in the hand compare to the regular s10 plus it s to light i don t like it i need to feel that money 😅😅😅
Delflo45 Month ago
@Anoel Silliw 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Anoel Silliw
Anoel Silliw Month ago
Delflo45 “I need to feel that money” I’m dead😂😂
Magical Gravity
Magical Gravity Month ago
switched from the iphone xs max to the s10+ switch. do it. plz
Mason Ford
Mason Ford Month ago
The other S10 hole punches are great, but this one is just obnoxious
Anthony Month ago
Can anyone tell me what watch he is wearing??
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