Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ Hands-On: Display and cameras take center stage

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Reviews Editor Cherlynn Low takes a first look at the new flagship phones from Samsung.
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Feb 20, 2019

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Comments 622
Shailesh Yadav
Shailesh Yadav 2 months ago
Still most beautiful phone is samsung galaxy s6 edge plus
Chocobo Kei
Chocobo Kei 2 months ago
too much makeup and for that..im out!
Brianna Johnson
Brianna Johnson 2 months ago
Cant wiat for mine. 14 days!!
megau 2 months ago
1:02. you're welcome.
Luis V Mendez
Luis V Mendez 2 months ago
Samsung S10 a game changer
joey flores
joey flores 3 months ago
Dude... I'm gonna say it now, a punchout is JUST as bad as a notch.
Ali Jaguar
Ali Jaguar 3 months ago
I’ve had both S9 Note and now the iPhone XS Max. Both amazing phones but I was tired of turning all my friends’ iMessages green, and there’s zero lag on the iPhone while sometimes the Samsung chokes, even if it was for a split hair second. All in all, I find it comes down to the OS, and for me, the slight win goes to Apple.
Farshid Jamali
Farshid Jamali 3 months ago
what happens to it if it falls on the ground?
foxroano9t 3 months ago
Love her videos, great start to the year. Samsung brings the bang.
DOMINILOCO 3 months ago
I have yellow fever
Levi Smith
Levi Smith 3 months ago
Been an iPhone user for 10 years, leaving it all behind for this phone 😍
LostinOC 3 months ago
you answered my one and only question, which is, is it worth getting the s10+ just for the extra front camera, because I do want to be able to take those background blur type photos with the front camera. still I hope to see comparison photos soon.
Moscowian Shoob
Moscowian Shoob 3 months ago
The s10 is my favorite. The 10+ is 100 dollars more, has a depth sensor on the front which takes up more room on the front screen and seems a little to big.
Troy Martyr
Troy Martyr 3 months ago
Definitely getting that Prism White. Normally I go for the blackest one you can get but something about that shade of white is just bae.
Urvashi Sharma
Urvashi Sharma 3 months ago
Oh dear why you, please Engadget not this reviewer
Madoucc 3 months ago
What kind of cases did you have at 4:00? Because those looked awesome
Marcus Freeman
Marcus Freeman 3 months ago
How many are waiting for the 5G galaxy 10? 😎
Carlos Rodriguez
Carlos Rodriguez 3 months ago
Yaaaaaaaaaawn......oh she stopped talking. Perfect! What did I miss?
Manish Verma
Manish Verma 3 months ago
6t or S10?? 🙄
Junghoon 3 months ago
Amazing Samsung !!
904. Brycen
904. Brycen 3 months ago
It looks like the picture is on the back side since the camera is in the corner
surya rao chowdary koduri
Samsung never had a notch to get rid of. The only company never had a notch and didn't remove the headphone jack
Chaika Gaz
Chaika Gaz 3 months ago
S10 doesnt have the s pen so... not flagship phone. Also charging other devices when it only has 3400 or 4100 mAH is pretty stupid because power banks exist
Hulices Iglesias
Hulices Iglesias 3 months ago
Samsung never had a notch, so it couldnt have gotten rid of it.
Donna Peroche
Donna Peroche 3 months ago
With ni make-up you look like a total boat person
jennifer crosby
jennifer crosby 3 months ago
5g variant is 6.7 inches, so I wonder how big the next note will be
Joewen Bragasin
Joewen Bragasin 3 months ago
galaxy s lines are not worth it, just wait for a couple months and buy NOTE SERIES
ceaser williams
ceaser williams 3 months ago
so only tha s10+ has portrait mode????
TagMeBack 3 months ago
I laughed so hard when they showed that toys and colors video! 😂😂😂
silver 3 months ago
how much is the 5g model? didn't hear she mentioned the price
Dwinell Sample
Dwinell Sample 3 months ago
Just upgraded from the s4 that I had since 2014
Dwinell Sample
Dwinell Sample 3 months ago
Soon as I get the s9 plus here comes the ten 😂😂😂😂😂
spooky electric
spooky electric 3 months ago
But Cherlynn.... I didn't guess it. :(
life is Boring
life is Boring 3 months ago
Never really liked the white color but damn it looks sexy on the s10
Abud Alsada
Abud Alsada 3 months ago
Delta-Tech 3 months ago
we can buy A used Chevy S10 for the same amount.
mustard roshi
mustard roshi 3 months ago
Holy.. She is so beautiful 😍😍 Like a porcelain doll
Hunter Brittell
Hunter Brittell 3 months ago
I seriously don’t get the Android vs. iPhone wars. I have a whirlpool refrigerator but I’m not going to fight with someone who has a Frigidaire refrigerator. They both do the same thing, it really doesn’t matter which one you use. Nobody cares which refrigerator you bought, which model car you drive, and who cares what operating system someone else’s phone runs.
s10 plus with a slighter holes.
Toxin Shadow
Toxin Shadow 3 months ago
when is it coming out
Tierre Jevon
Tierre Jevon 3 months ago
Yeah....think I’m going to select the Flamingo Pink for $1000 please.
Inglourious Buster
Inglourious Buster 3 months ago
No thanks. No fucks given about 3 cameras. The phone still has a camera bezel, which makes upgrading pointless. Samsung obviously didn't have much to offer for the 10 Series.
Liery 3 months ago
Thank you for testing the front depth sensor! Looks like it's not worth much for selfies. I think S10 is the better choice.
Hel Mac
Hel Mac 3 months ago
I never thought I would say this, but I find the punch hole camera to be worse than a small notch. Because it really interrupt the continuity of the display more than a notch since it's inside of the display. I would prefer a motorized camera. I guess the 7T will be my phone. Plus it should cost less as well.
James Wisrik
James Wisrik 3 months ago
THE US WON'T LET US HAVE 5G. USA is scared and isn't smart enough to detect spyware . So we will be stuck w/ 4G forever!
firm1z 3 months ago
What sucks is the pixel XL camera is still better than this camera. Hopefully the Note 10 can match the Pixel XL.
Vignesh Balasundaram
She is beautiful.......WOW
Max Moore
Max Moore 3 months ago
Does it still have a headphone jack or did they remove it?
Your Nightmare
Your Nightmare 3 months ago
Samsung and apple make phones fastest every year like shit
FI 3 months ago
Galaxy $10(00)
NEWYORK BOSS 3 months ago
It makes me wana get s10 instead of note 9
Billy Anderson
Billy Anderson 3 months ago
still not better than the i phone
kalunda 3 months ago
Can this record at 4K 60FPS.
Kush Yadav
Kush Yadav 3 months ago
Steve-O54 3 months ago
great review but I'm a Note lover I'm waiting for the Note 10
Lester Cui
Lester Cui 3 months ago
Can't wait for JerryRigEverything to open this one up and check how it holds up to his bend test as well.
Christopher Gordon
Christopher Gordon 3 months ago
I hope the fix the note 10 and take away the stupid holes, watching a video with a hole in it just breaks the experience. The whole was a really bad idea.
nino -aka
nino -aka 3 months ago
The phone is nice but i hate android systems
Metaforically Speaking
what is that at 3:59 ?
pheenix1976 3 months ago
Getting rid of the notch? Samsung series have never had notches
muhammad ridhwan
muhammad ridhwan 3 months ago
bring back the engadget blue for your website
Brian Camacho
Brian Camacho 3 months ago
Just saying, if Apple doesn't have a fingerprint scanner and at least 2 new actual useful features then I'll be switching back to a galaxy. Been holding on to my 7plus because no phones have actually caught my attention. But this one has gotten all it now.
Delta Beta
Delta Beta 3 months ago
She likes to grip her hand around a hard rod for a long time, she must be very good at giving hand jobs!
jesus delgado
jesus delgado 3 months ago
Switched to the one plus from s8 & not disappointed. The battery is way better than Samsung phones besides being bigger it manages apps better. I can go 2 days without charging. With my Samsung I was lucky to go a day without charging.
Delta Beta
Delta Beta 3 months ago
Just like her name! She's low grade and low quality reviewer!! 🖕
prasanth joseph
prasanth joseph 3 months ago
Huawei mate 20 😆
Ramel Robinson
Ramel Robinson 3 months ago
Why is she always hung over?
Scott Vanderzanden
Scott Vanderzanden 3 months ago
Hqrd pass the s7 im using is just complete junk battery was dying on it in just a couple of months and it's lagging like it's got no reception in good bar's areas both cell signal and wifi and if it wasn't for the case id hqve a hard time holding on to this hot potato of a phone im done with Android anything im going back to apple like my family has
Davideo Jockey
Davideo Jockey 3 months ago
go ahead talk about how expensive they are like you did ALL L the previous years and with all the iphones right?(sarcasm)
Pyae Phyo Maung
Pyae Phyo Maung 3 months ago
You guys record this video on 13th feb ?
Jean 3 months ago
did we realy need to see her holding a mic. feels so old
james perez
james perez 3 months ago
Ima pass on that 5g
Robert Breda
Robert Breda 3 months ago
Dose it have the coloured notifications lights
John D
John D 3 months ago
Just got a new condition S9+ for $400 off market place. Wait a year and price will reduce near 1/2 price of retail 💯👍😎
SnapDragon 3 months ago
im...Sorry But Cut down on the makeup mate I was literally giggling like a twat for the entire video
Rishik Mourya
Rishik Mourya 3 months ago
What's wrong with the sound at 2:07
وقاص احمد
وقاص احمد 3 months ago
I want to buy S10 but I love my kidney. 😂😂😂
Pedro Pedrito
Pedro Pedrito 3 months ago
Great phones. Too bad their costumer service is complete shit.
G - Revolution
G - Revolution 3 months ago
Uhh 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 sooo soooo gorgeous 😘
boycool coolboy
boycool coolboy 3 months ago
I want to see Huawei P30 pro .Please try Huawei P30 pro .show us how great Huawei is:)
boycool coolboy
boycool coolboy 3 months ago
I want to see Huawei P30 pro .Please try Huawei P30 pro .show us how great Huawei is:)
Darrion S
Darrion S 3 months ago
Samsung didn't get rid of something they never had (the notch)
REEF X mr 3 months ago
Still doesn’t have iMessage
Abram Anguaino
Abram Anguaino 3 months ago
No a fan of the punch hole
tingokuman 3 months ago
SAMSUNG mic drop
Kristi !
Kristi ! 3 months ago
This is great! And anyone with the Note9 is just as lucky.
Joseph World
Joseph World 3 months ago
They said the new chip would record 4K 120 FPS, y'all remember? When they unveiled the chip at the end of last year, so why is that not true? All tech channels said that
HolyBoredom 3 months ago
Ok who is going to tell her that her hair cut, color, and style are not reading well on cam. In person under different lighting it might look alright, but on cam its looking stringy. She's a good presenter, but who at engadget is handling hair and make up for their presenters? Alright. Bring on the hate. Lets go. I'm douched and ready for it.
HolyBoredom 3 months ago
+Fox That's what i figured. I've seen too many presenters on this channel both male and female who literally could use a spotter. I'm not trying to rag on them too hard, but its the little things like making sure you look presentable and professional on cam that adds to the aesthetic of the channel as a whole. It's a tech channel i know, but if you look sloppy then that informs the viewer on how they should perceive the info. Sorry. This is one big rant. I like her! Just at least match your moisturizer (with a bronzer) to your chest if your going to wear that type of top.
Fox 3 months ago
She probably chooses her own hair and makeup.
Powerstroke nation 6.7
Watching this on my s9+ thinking damn should just waited to upgrade because that phone looks Sharpe 😍😍😍
Armando Cortez
Armando Cortez 3 months ago
What do you think of the flamingo pink? it looks more orange then pink. What is your opinion from looking at it in person
ChawletMelk 2 months ago
+mjlv123 Youve seen them in person? Which do you think is your favorite of the bunch?
mjlv123 2 months ago
flaming pink looks awesome , and just like you it looks more orange than pink. my favorites colors are green ,flamingo pink and prism blue
ChawletMelk 3 months ago
I was thinking this also, it looks more Peach than Pink. I'm deciding between Flamingo Pink and Prism White, but I need to know how it looks in person. I like the Peachy look, if it looks that way in person I'll get it. If it looks proper Pink in person I'll probably get White.
kingofkingz235 3 months ago
Watching this on my Samsung Galaxy s8+ one more year with this phone and then I'll upgrade it still works like a charm 🙂
Dead Inside
Dead Inside 3 months ago
I WANT I'm, but I'm broke af....
Waffe 3 months ago
Something I wish they could do is have some different models where there's no selfie camera. I rarely/never use it. I just want a neat and clean full display with no distractions.
Stigs Ukrainian Cousin
Just preordered this loved my Note 9
B M 3 months ago
diesel mic
diesel mic 3 months ago
Just pre order mine soon it will be sold out... i did my trade in saving up for the fold samsung got us excited this year..
Mohammed Hassan
Mohammed Hassan 3 months ago
I'll not update from note9 until they nailed the design again, I don't like this ugly punch hole and it still have the chin bessel
Mohammed Hassan
Mohammed Hassan 2 months ago
no, I prefer thin bessel like my note9 rather than punch hole
My dick is extremely small but ,
that chin is the same size as the iPhone x, the side makes the chins look bigger. illusion. and u would actually prefer a notch?!
CinnTech 3 months ago
This is going to make my next phone purchase a tough choice. I was 100% ready for the LG V40 to be my next phone, but this is some tight competition...
D- Sean
D- Sean 3 months ago
Cant believe that shes still employed as a phone reviewer. Everyone is complaining that s10e is 750, meanwhile when you trade in your galaxy, iPhone, pixel, or even your LG phone, you gonna get 200-300$ discount. Smh. No matter what saamsung does, ppl still complain
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