Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Impressions: Underrated!

Marques Brownlee
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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is definitely already a candidate for phone of the year. What a monster. Enjoy this first hands-on!
Also - there's 4 colors, not 2: Black, orange, blue, lavender.
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Aug 9, 2018

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Comments 16 909
axshxn 4 days ago
What color is better? Violet? Blue or Black? Thank you!!!
AD Shafiqul Islam
AD Shafiqul Islam
Manfred Elsing
Manfred Elsing Month ago
I´m using the N9 now for two month,it is a monster and i never had a better Note(2,3,4,5)!BTW,nice video,thanks Mr.M.B!..-)
Ahasan Habib
Ahasan Habib Month ago
Need one 😣 giveaway one 🖤 plzz can give me one 😣😔
Haru 321
Haru 321 2 months ago
Don't forget headphone Jack 😌 Love samsung since 2012
Legit-Like-Lazy 3 months ago
which should I upgrade to from note 4? Note 8 or Note 9?
Sentinel Ex
Sentinel Ex Month ago
Note 10 is coming but I got the note 9. Best phone I ever had by far.
pastelflwrz 3 months ago
Legit-Like-Lazy note 9 because it’s going to be faster, had a bigger battery, and has more features.
Silverripples 3 months ago
On the Samsung UI camera they have removed the Dual camera Mode which I used frequently. Hope they bring that back soon with a software update :-(
Kou Takumi
Kou Takumi 4 months ago
Just bought the 512GB/8GB over the S10+, no hole punch or anything blocking the screen. It's beautiful.
Sentinel Ex
Sentinel Ex Month ago
I got the 128GB. I can't believe I almost got that hole punch s10+ SMH. Note 9 is all screen with solid specs can't go wrong with it.
young fool dmyzio
young fool dmyzio 4 months ago
Apple users have had the same phone for 10 years💀💀💀
Dominik Aleksić
Dominik Aleksić 4 months ago
I have the note 9 and it's not really that big for me
World Record Egg
World Record Egg 4 months ago
Note 10 is similar but awesome!
aaa 4 months ago
Who else coming here to check how the note 09 screen looks against Samsung s10's
bhaumik pawar
bhaumik pawar 4 months ago
Getting used to marques's fingers other youtubers feel like they have dwarf fingers
Viraj Naik
Viraj Naik 5 months ago
Note 9 is so good I Love this phone..
Depak Naik
Depak Naik 5 months ago
wolf hunter
wolf hunter 5 months ago
Is the camera as good as the pixel 2 xl
Rahul Vikram
Rahul Vikram 5 months ago
2:09 will smith
Hasan Al-Saedi
Hasan Al-Saedi 5 months ago
Aditya Rasaily
Aditya Rasaily 5 months ago
Hands down to Samsung. They literally make the best phones...
Eddie Baggett
Eddie Baggett Month ago
Jeremy Mccoy
Jeremy Mccoy 5 months ago
Yep it's tax time
ingenious 5 months ago
I like to buy that also
Azam Khan
Azam Khan 5 months ago
I need this phone please help 😖
bashar jarrah
bashar jarrah 5 months ago
2:08 Wallpaper available on Theme Store " Colorful fluid" welcome
mAx_LD 4 months ago
Thank you!
Vishal Mishra
Vishal Mishra 5 months ago
Watching on my Galaxy S4. Who is with me?
DR1PC1TY 14 5 months ago
Dp dude perfect
Kobby David Somuah
Kobby David Somuah 5 months ago
Amazing phone
Yo Star {Mysterious Person}
I want it
Porogami 5 months ago
This phone is anything but underrated
Devashish Athawale
Devashish Athawale 5 months ago
Watching on the blue note 9 lmao
阿里Ali 6 months ago
Not a gaming ph? Which one is gaming ph
Willy cast
Willy cast 6 months ago
What more you can put in a phone? To me is not a phone is a laptop
Kaveman Saltsman
Kaveman Saltsman 6 months ago
This phone is totally worth it in the end
AHMED SM 6 months ago
Amazing specs but that phone is just too big
Ketul 6 months ago
Typing this with my note 9
varman's viewers
varman's viewers 6 months ago
Watching from india in tamilnadu in coimbatore especially your big fan
Stefan Spangenberg
Stefan Spangenberg 6 months ago
What wallpaper is that, i want it please
picsordidnthappen 6 months ago
Gifted the phone to my dad for christmas based on this video's review. I've never met a happier person in my life. Cheers Marques!
Coco El quatro
Coco El quatro 6 months ago
Im having note 8
sɧεƙнαƦ Ɍαʝ
Who only see mkbhd in 1080p
Bewar Aziz
Bewar Aziz 6 months ago
Dear Marques, can you please make a comparison between S9+ and Note 9? Which one do you think is better in regards of everything..? Thanks in advance! 😊
Samr Khan
Samr Khan 6 months ago
Any one gft me plz i have No money
Elechain 6 months ago
Makes iOS look like shit.......
Lee Sandanamary
Lee Sandanamary 6 months ago
Number one fake company donot buy
Ramon Zimmermann
Ramon Zimmermann 6 months ago
Completely overhyped phone!
Tahir Mujahid
Tahir Mujahid 6 months ago
I'm planning on getting one soon.. Just waiting for that price drop.
Mohammad Shariq Abideen
... and stereo speakers ! Hard to beat this phone... yet.
2-BiG 6 months ago
I want Note 9! Badly
Ramon Zimmermann
Ramon Zimmermann 6 months ago
Between 6GB RAM and 8GB RAM are no differents😂😂😂😂😂😂
Vatsal Patel
Vatsal Patel 6 months ago
Is it worth to buy galaxy note 9 now or wait for galaxy s10+?
Ayman Hassan
Ayman Hassan 6 months ago
i just bought one
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