Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Impressions: Underrated!

Marques Brownlee
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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is definitely already a candidate for phone of the year. What a monster. Enjoy this first hands-on!
Also - there's 4 colors, not 2: Black, orange, blue, lavender.
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Aug 9, 2018




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Comments 16 798
Thekeyman1 19 hours ago
I'm glad I brought this phone. It's simply the best flagship smartphone I've owned
Baron T. Mckinney
Baron T. Mckinney 2 months ago
It also has a foam ball pit inside for Ants.
MK73DS 2 months ago
Protip : do not skip this phone because it's the last Note you'll buy, Note 10 does not have a headphone jack :c
King Carter
King Carter 2 months ago
Literally just bought a Note 9! 🤗 It's the weekend, so it'll ship Monday! Excited! Been using a regular Galaxy S6 for a loooong time now, held up fairly well. This is going to be a nice HUGE upgrade. My first Note too! If you work hard, why not spoil yourself once in awhile! 🙏🏽
quirky mermaid28
quirky mermaid28 2 months ago
watching note 9 videos cause planning to buy one now that it's cheaper. Which is better to buy galaxy s10e or note 9?
Ahmat nazri zakiruddin
Love note 9 2019
Falennor 3 months ago
Came here after the Note 10 video and man a lot of people were roasting Apple for the headphone jack
Manel Costa
Manel Costa 3 months ago
This is better than the note 10.
Martin Košec
Martin Košec 3 months ago
Who is here before note 10
Carlos 3 months ago
Ah. Should I get a Note 9 or a Google Pixel 3a? Honestly it's a hard decision due to the specs of both. And the camera
Osama Albadani
Osama Albadani 3 months ago
watching this from my s7 edge in 2019 I haven't seen that much of difference in the recent years sooo....I will stick to my phone
alley cat
alley cat 3 months ago
i was convinced to buy s10 later this year but this review give me much more things to re consider
axshxn 4 months ago
What color is better? Violet? Blue or Black? Thank you!!!
AD Shafiqul Islam
AD Shafiqul Islam 4 months ago
AD Shafiqul Islam
AD Shafiqul Islam 4 months ago
Manfred Elsing
Manfred Elsing 5 months ago
I´m using the N9 now for two month,it is a monster and i never had a better Note(2,3,4,5)!BTW,nice video,thanks Mr.M.B!..-)
Ahasan Habib
Ahasan Habib 5 months ago
Need one 😣 giveaway one 🖤 plzz can give me one 😣😔
xNeo Magic
xNeo Magic 6 months ago
Don't forget headphone Jack 😌 Love samsung since 2012
Legit-Like-Lazy 7 months ago
which should I upgrade to from note 4? Note 8 or Note 9?
Sentinel Ex
Sentinel Ex 5 months ago
Note 10 is coming but I got the note 9. Best phone I ever had by far.
pastelflwrz 7 months ago
Legit-Like-Lazy note 9 because it’s going to be faster, had a bigger battery, and has more features.
Silverripples 7 months ago
On the Samsung UI camera they have removed the Dual camera Mode which I used frequently. Hope they bring that back soon with a software update :-(
Kou Takumi
Kou Takumi 7 months ago
Just bought the 512GB/8GB over the S10+, no hole punch or anything blocking the screen. It's beautiful.
Sentinel Ex
Sentinel Ex 5 months ago
I got the 128GB. I can't believe I almost got that hole punch s10+ SMH. Note 9 is all screen with solid specs can't go wrong with it.
z io
z io 7 months ago
Apple users have had the same phone for 10 years💀💀💀
Dominik Aleksić
Dominik Aleksić 8 months ago
I have the note 9 and it's not really that big for me
World Record Egg
World Record Egg 8 months ago
Note 10 is similar but awesome!
aaa 8 months ago
Who else coming here to check how the note 09 screen looks against Samsung s10's
bhaumik pawar
bhaumik pawar 8 months ago
Getting used to marques's fingers other youtubers feel like they have dwarf fingers
Viraj Naik
Viraj Naik 8 months ago
Note 9 is so good I Love this phone..
Depak Naik
Depak Naik 8 months ago
wolf hunter
wolf hunter 9 months ago
Is the camera as good as the pixel 2 xl
Rahul Vikram
Rahul Vikram 9 months ago
2:09 will smith
Hasan Al-Saedi
Hasan Al-Saedi 9 months ago
Aditya Rasaily
Aditya Rasaily 9 months ago
Hands down to Samsung. They literally make the best phones...
Eddie Baggett
Eddie Baggett 5 months ago
Jeremy Mccoy
Jeremy Mccoy 9 months ago
Yep it's tax time
ingenious 9 months ago
I like to buy that also
Azam Khan
Azam Khan 9 months ago
I need this phone please help 😖
bashar jarrah
bashar jarrah 9 months ago
2:08 Wallpaper available on Theme Store " Colorful fluid" welcome
mAx_LD 7 months ago
Thank you!
Vishal Mishra
Vishal Mishra 9 months ago
Watching on my Galaxy S4. Who is with me?
DR1PC1TY 14 9 months ago
Dp dude perfect
Kobby David Somuah
Kobby David Somuah 9 months ago
Amazing phone
Yo Star {Mysterious Person}
I want it
Porogami 9 months ago
This phone is anything but underrated
Devashish Athawale
Devashish Athawale 9 months ago
Watching on the blue note 9 lmao
阿里Ali 9 months ago
Not a gaming ph? Which one is gaming ph
Willy cast
Willy cast 10 months ago
What more you can put in a phone? To me is not a phone is a laptop
Kaveman Saltsman
Kaveman Saltsman 10 months ago
This phone is totally worth it in the end
AHMED SM 10 months ago
Amazing specs but that phone is just too big
Ketul 10 months ago
Typing this with my note 9
Stefan Spangenberg
Stefan Spangenberg 10 months ago
What wallpaper is that, i want it please
picsordidnthappen 10 months ago
Gifted the phone to my dad for christmas based on this video's review. I've never met a happier person in my life. Cheers Marques!
Corentin Thomas
Corentin Thomas 10 months ago
Im having note 8
sɧεƙнαƦ Ɍαʝ
sɧεƙнαƦ Ɍαʝ 10 months ago
Who only see mkbhd in 1080p
Bewar Aziz
Bewar Aziz 10 months ago
Dear Marques, can you please make a comparison between S9+ and Note 9? Which one do you think is better in regards of everything..? Thanks in advance! 😊
Samr Khan
Samr Khan 10 months ago
Any one gft me plz i have No money
Elechain 10 months ago
Makes iOS look like shit.......
Lee Sandanamary
Lee Sandanamary 10 months ago
Number one fake company donot buy
Ramon Zimmermann
Ramon Zimmermann 10 months ago
Completely overhyped phone!
Tahir Mujahid
Tahir Mujahid 10 months ago
I'm planning on getting one soon.. Just waiting for that price drop.
Mohammad Shariq Abideen
... and stereo speakers ! Hard to beat this phone... yet.
2-BiG 10 months ago
I want Note 9! Badly
Ramon Zimmermann
Ramon Zimmermann 10 months ago
Between 6GB RAM and 8GB RAM are no differents😂😂😂😂😂😂
Vatsal Patel
Vatsal Patel 10 months ago
Is it worth to buy galaxy note 9 now or wait for galaxy s10+?
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