Samsung Galaxy NOTE 10 VS SONY XPERIA 5

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If you are interested to buy the Samsung galaxy note10 chick this link;

Samsung Galaxy NOTE 10 VS SONY XPERIA 5
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Sep 7, 2019




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Comments 80
SEBUAH SYSTEM 10 days ago
Sony always... 👌🏻
afiera24 13 days ago
Sorry this question out of topic, what background sound did he used?
no signal
no signal 20 days ago
Сони лучше остальных
Saves Saves
Saves Saves Month ago
Dilon Dhemmei
Dilon Dhemmei Month ago
Samsung lover hit the like🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Waseem Mahmasa
Waseem Mahmasa Month ago
The note 10 has got sd slot
ansoritifli Month ago
it is seen from the specifications but don't forget the durability of the most important products, maybe Sony is better!!
Kelvin dos Santos
Note 10 vs xperia 5 II(new💥)
Saad Akram
Saad Akram Month ago
Андрей Рамонов
Только SONY !!! ☝️😎
Kimkang Đức Tú Bolero
Note10 tàu à gì mà Ram có 8G pin note 10 là 4300 chứ sao lại là 3500 vc hại lão.
kishan kumar Reddy
Sony is beast anything can't beat it
Nguyễn Sil
Nguyễn Sil Month ago
E D A Game
E D A Game Month ago
Para Qurbanbaev
Para Qurbanbaev 2 months ago
Sony zor
Vishnu B
Vishnu B 2 months ago
Mene 14 sony k phone use ki bhut ache nikle likin ek Samsung ka lia 3 din me hi fot gya kr chlne me bhi bekar
海賊 2 months ago
高橋雅一 2 months ago
Tae-Gyoung Kwon
Tae-Gyoung Kwon 2 months ago
지문인식도 안되고 카메라도 촬영하다가 꺼지고 먹통되는 소니를 왜저리 빨아대는것인가 ㄹㅇ 사서 써보긴했냐?
Vindi vindi
Vindi vindi 2 months ago
Sony Xperia best
Us Maida
Us Maida 2 months ago
Sambung galaxi note 10 lebih unggul dari sony xperia 5. Sy pilih samsung note 10
明日 2 months ago
Why is Sony out of the ranking? Lmao😂😂😂
明日 2 months ago
Sony is gay.
Dylan Smith
Dylan Smith 2 months ago
What a stupid video. Basically just read out the spec sheet.
Ajit Mishra
Ajit Mishra 3 months ago
Botj model equipped with Dolby atmos.
Amal Jinadasa
Amal Jinadasa 3 months ago
Samsung phones eating memory space,can not clean,always low memory message comming
Михаил Лядов
+ sony
Clarisse Ilaida
Clarisse Ilaida 3 months ago
Watching from my Experia XZ premium
Bro652 TecH
Bro652 TecH 3 months ago
How can u compare samsung note 10 to a experia 5 the samsung note 10 is way better then this not even a contest
Deky X
Deky X 3 months ago
Note 10+ is space shuttle for Xperia 5.
Alberto Rodriguez
Alberto Rodriguez 3 months ago
Considering you are comparing a Samsung flagship phone to a Sony non-flagship phone, the Sony phone stacked up very well. Should have used Xperia 1 for comparison.
cruz carchevy
cruz carchevy 3 months ago
Sony first to have the name ultra
Sanu Varghese
Sanu Varghese 3 months ago
Can you please say which bgm are you used in this video
Mutongoria Pekeee
Mutongoria Pekeee 3 months ago
am Samsung forever
Young Myk
Young Myk 3 months ago
Galaxy note 10 at 5.94in I don't think so. Nice try buddy show me the Carfax. Note line is pretty tall
My phone is Sony Xperia Z5 dual RS 50,000
sby X
sby X 3 months ago
Sony ia better, the Android runs better on it
Tolip Paimo
Tolip Paimo 3 months ago
stay tune SONY
August ZINE
August ZINE 3 months ago
sony always the best for me👇👇
академия смеха2
Что за бред, отдал голос самсунгу, у Сони всегда было лучше каиеры, на Самсунге не льзя снимать в формате фильмов, так что давай херню не неси
Joshpower57 3 months ago
The battery one is deceiving. The sony has a smaller battery, but the charging set up makes sure your battery lasts longer.
Daniel Issel
Daniel Issel 3 months ago
Joshpower57 they’re just going with specs
David Daniel Cinta Hernández
El mejor es Sony
IS Vardanyan
IS Vardanyan 3 months ago
Keyrol Vega
Keyrol Vega 3 months ago
sony is the best phone forever..no lag,best audio,best cameras ever..xperia z,z ultra,z2,z3,z5 premium,xz1 & xz3 in my collection..
K Guojing
K Guojing 3 months ago
21:9 Wow factor!
Thế Hiền
Thế Hiền 3 months ago
Trong này toàn fan sony 😅😅
jose cesar mamani nina
sony lo mejor
Gannamanthi Krishnaiah
Sony is best for ever
Zsiraf Ablak
Zsiraf Ablak 3 months ago
Sony is dieng
Malek Npj
Malek Npj 3 months ago
sony the best
Run Rach
Run Rach 3 months ago
My sony z5 with me all day since 5 years ago..long lasting sony..
Nick Mooney
Nick Mooney 3 months ago
I'm disappointed with the xz3 and I really do like the Xperia phones, looking at Xperia 5 next
Hdhshsg Bzbzbz
Hdhshsg Bzbzbz 3 months ago
Sony is good
vggfssthhvxxgg nggygxxxf
Sony 😍😍😘😘
Lynnet Sikankwanda
Lynnet Sikankwanda 3 months ago
I love my don't ever ❤️
Keep'It Roy
Keep'It Roy 4 months ago
We all know how the phone industry works 😉😉 Sony can make a good phone but they aren't allowed.....
Machine Man
Machine Man 3 months ago
what lmao
Phạm Văn Linh
Phạm Văn Linh 4 months ago
Videos as shit
Vong Taing
Vong Taing 4 months ago
I'll buy the Sony Xperia instead of Samsung.
valnetto1 4 months ago
Sony win
tamer elbadri
tamer elbadri 4 months ago
Xperia ❤
Tanti Tantos
Tanti Tantos 4 months ago
Sony win
Mina 4 months ago
👍🏼 for the background music thanks for the review
Sahil Rana
Sahil Rana 4 months ago
sony is a best brand . i love sony
Jaezmine Bahar345
Jaezmine Bahar345 4 months ago
Sony yes for me
Roman Ivanovich
Roman Ivanovich 4 months ago
Anyway xperia better because 21:9 ratio aspect
Николай Саратов
Сони круче фсех
Gameonefanboy 4 months ago
Samsung ist kacke xD nach 1 Jahr musst du es reparieren lassen weil Akku oder der USB Port kaputt ist 🙄 .... Preis Sony Xperia 5 = 799€
Agus Budi
Agus Budi 4 months ago
Song name?
ProGamingNation 4 months ago
SONY! 👍 I feel like the Note 10 copyed SONYs visual square style.
Machine Man
Machine Man 3 months ago
yeah because no one ever done that lmao
Misvaro Tallica
Misvaro Tallica 4 months ago
everyone like sony but buy samsung
Boris Zilberman
Boris Zilberman 4 months ago
Я все равно выберу sony
Sapienti Sat
Sapienti Sat 4 months ago
Sony ❤
Rinat Khasenov
Rinat Khasenov 4 months ago
Супер сравнение
Mizter FreakShow
Mizter FreakShow 4 months ago
Camera for sony is much better they use the new sensor. while samsung is using the old sensor why samsung win in terms of camera because of actual mp? 😂🤣😅
angnima4 4 months ago
Neag Aurentiu
Neag Aurentiu 4 months ago
Sony best ever
WhatsApp status
WhatsApp status 4 months ago
Sony Xperia nice
shojib khan
shojib khan 4 months ago
Sony number one in the world
OmaeWa Mou Shindeiru NANI?
People are just following the herd mentality. They are buy what ever that is being advertised on the billboard like a clueless sheep. Anyone that can think for them selves know Sony is the real deal!
Easy Gym
Easy Gym 4 months ago
sony best phone
Gintong Panalo
Gintong Panalo 4 months ago
may kulang dyan, pano ung tibay
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