Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus vs Note 9

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G vs Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Full Comparison including hands-on Size, Design, Display, Cameras, Battery & Price.
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The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 features a 6.8 inch Dynamic AMOLED Infinity O Display, 12GB RAM, 256/512GB Storage with MicroSD, IP68 Water & Dust Resistance, Quad rear cameras, Primary, Telephoto, Ultra Wide, TrueDepth, 10MP Selfie Camera, Qualcomm Snapdragon 855/Exynos 9825, Samsung DeX, 4300mAh battery with 25W/45W fast charging, Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor, Wireless Charging 2.0, Android Pie with One UI Wireless PowerShare and S Pen with AirActions.
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Aug 11, 2019




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Comments 2 527
SuperSaf Month ago
Hope you enjoyed the video. A few notes: 1. The Note10+ frame is Aluminium as described in the video NOT Stainless Steel, this has been confirmed by many sources now (Google it) 2. The Note9 has a SuperAMOLED display as I mentioned at @1:28, I forgot to update the text however 😂 3. My Note9 has not had the update to Android Pie, I know some models in other regions have had the update and this is noted at @2:47
joek money
joek money 9 days ago
Why the fuck would we want to downgrade 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑 we don’t want the use a dongle
joek money
joek money 9 days ago
The note 9🤤🤤🤤🤤😍😍😍😍😍 for the win. It has a headphone jack to🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. The note10 and 10 plus looks like shit. It’s looks like color is inverted ass trash 🗑 plus you made some mistakes the note 9 cam the same things you said the 10 can do.
Federico Jordan
Federico Jordan 20 days ago
@R. Daniels you're absolutely right. Judging by your reply, negativity definitely has no place here. Go back to your hole and have a great day
R. Daniels
R. Daniels 20 days ago
@Federico Jordan Really? I specifically looked this up to see if I should upgrade from my Note 9. Now, listen to me, snob. I'm not going to upgrade to the Note 10 Plus. You know why? Because I watched this video and a few others. So it helped me and judging from the comments, it helped many others. So take your negativity elsewhere, fool.
Cosmin Chiranus
Cosmin Chiranus 2 hours ago
Soo .... You get more ram , 10% faster on games and 2 more cameras for just 1100€ , don't know if this is a joke but sure sounds like it......they should stop making new phones every freaking month and start optimizing and updating the old ones.
Diego Motta
Diego Motta 7 hours ago
im using Note 4 since 2015, featuring 32GB + 64Gb card and taking advantage of the replaceble battery. Im upgrading to Note 9, thinking its the best value per money. Watching the coments, i see that i did the best choice here.
Jensar Joey Sayson
Jensar Joey Sayson 17 hours ago
To bad that punch hole camera is ugly
Himanshu Goswami
Himanshu Goswami 20 hours ago
No Headphone Jacks.. 👎🏻 Going to stick with my Note 9.. 😊
MILES GAMING 2 days ago
Uh........... you have three hands in your thumbnail.......
Emanuel Watson
Emanuel Watson 2 days ago
Thanks for the information 💯💯💯
Holz Jae
Holz Jae 2 days ago
I was with Apple since the very first phone very year I'd get a new Apple phone. My last apple phone was the x.. Because I hated the notch and the lack of not having a head phone Jack. So I went to note 9 do not regret it at all. The fact that the note 10 has the camera on the screen is just the same as having the notch anything on screen is annoying because as I'm trying to watch something I focus on that an the note10 does not have a headphone jack huge turn off. Gonna remain with the note 9 as long as I can. 1 year in with the note 9 an just the best phone ever. Perfect in every way I do miss siri because bixby is dumb. But that is the only thing. Solid decent stable beautiful phone. Note9 ❤
Monowar Hossain
Monowar Hossain 3 days ago
A very comprehensive description, great!! Thank you!!!
B'YACHAD 5 days ago
Note 9 all the wayyyyyyyy
Spitfire Last
Spitfire Last 6 days ago
"Note 10 wins more features than Note 9" Result: " *Note 9 wins* " Note 10: wtf wait a second!
zz zz
zz zz 7 days ago
Remember the good old days when people complained about the note 8s finger print scanner due to its location? Now tons of people are all gung ho about the in screen scanner? Good times.
Hubert Jadczak
Hubert Jadczak 7 days ago
Yeah... Note9 has 3.5mm HeadphoneJack, so I will stick with this one. And will wait for the Samsung to go back and pick up his brains, because they dropped it when they decided to get rid of this feature. Note series is about the possibilities, not modern gimmicks restricking it.
RiverGrenade Arts
Are you outdated? Note 9 has one ui
Poonamchandra Dewangan
I've already ordered note 10 + with exchangeof note 9. I'll live with no headphone Jack. Lets see how much I'm gonna like note 10+.
Jacoby Alas
Jacoby Alas 9 days ago
Watching on an alpine white limited edition Note9 :)
Jaymes Hayes
Jaymes Hayes 9 days ago
I am keeping my 512gb Note 9 with my 3.5mm Jake
Jeff Miller
Jeff Miller 10 days ago
Will the new high power chargers work on the Note9?
Ab hy
Ab hy 10 days ago
Both have sexy dislplays
Dalton334 11 days ago
I've had the note9 for a year now and for the majority of the year I haven't had any complaints. Lately I feel like the battery drains quicker than it did before, that could be because I'm no longer using the OEM charger because mine eventually broke. That and one other thing I cannot remember at this moment are my only 2 complaints. So the 2nd thing must not be very important. Still a near flawless phone. As stupid as it may be I like to have the newest phone in the line up every year and I'm on galaxy forever with sprint meaning I can upgrade after a year so literally why not upgrade? I'm hoping the Note10+ battery works good for my needs. I'm a relatively heavy user depending on how busy I am at work. But overall for the note9, I'd give it a 9/10. Very little issues with this phone.
Dalton334 11 days ago
Is anyone else fine with a thicker phone for more battery? I mean even the slightest increase in thickness would be a few hundred extra mah.
Young Once
Young Once 11 days ago
9 the best compare 10
James Bullo
James Bullo 11 days ago
Note 10+ wirelessly charges faster than the Note 9's fast charging (cabled). But...I can't use my yellow SPen 😥
руслан адаев
Im a note8 user. Wanted to buy note 10plus but that hole on screen (who needs bigger screen with a hole lol?), no 90hz screen, and no 3.5 jack (adapter kills the quality if u have really nice iems). I think ill get note9 or just waite for a note 11.
Anouk Games
Anouk Games 9 days ago
I agree for the 90hz
Anouk Games
Anouk Games 9 days ago
You get used to the hole-punch and it is better than a huge noth or bezels
Anouk Games
Anouk Games 9 days ago
you have the money to buy a Note you can also buy a good pair of wireless headphones with are really good these days
Sweet ROSE
Sweet ROSE 13 days ago
I won't be upgrading my note 9 for this. Need my headphones jack😁
Anouk Games
Anouk Games 9 days ago
you have the money to but a Note you can also buy a good pair of wireless headphones with are really good these days. Btw all the new phones won't have a head-phone jack... fast bluetooth is the futur
Daniel Perez
Daniel Perez 13 days ago
Note 10 plus awesome phone12gb of ram and 6.8 inch screen compared to the note 9 6gb of ram and 6.4 inch screen slow. Keep up the good job Samsung. Apple is always trying to copy you with the iPhones.
Chilly Potato
Chilly Potato 13 days ago
New notes are more expensive and actually I don't see a high updates from hardware etc. They just changed look and added features nearly no one will use. But the price is TOO high.
edge2991 13 days ago
Still got the 512gb note 9 and it's still a powerhouse no thanks
joek money
joek money 14 days ago
The note 9🤤🤤🤤🤤😍😍😍😍😍 for the win. It has a headphone jack to🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. The note10 and 10 plus looks like shit. It’s looks like color is inverted ass trash 🗑 plus you made some mistakes the note 9 cam the same things you said the 10 can do.
Dre TrunkSlump Drizzah
I personally own a Note 9 and don't see a reason to downgrade 🤷🏾‍♂️.... The Note 10 is a beautiful phone but that's not enough to make the change...
Yaroslav Vykhovanets
still have my Samsung 7 edge, thinking for upgrade 'cuz my phone trying to say that it wats to go to retirement
Aaron Zed
Aaron Zed 15 days ago
I"ll stay with my note 9, thanks. :)
Jonathan Corrales
Jonathan Corrales 16 days ago
Lol I customized my Bixby button to have separate functions and my headphone jack is useful when I dont want to waste battery using bluetooth, I'm going to wait for a better note and this note 10 + is not it
Danin Johnson
Danin Johnson 16 days ago
Very informative! You probably already know, had one error that I saw, where you are describing the display differences and your information backdrop had "dynamic" as the description for both phones. I do have two questions, did you have a Note 8 prior to your 9? Are you going to stay with the Note 10+ or move up to the 5G version?
Danin Johnson
Danin Johnson 16 days ago
Sorry just read your post where you caught the display error!!! My bad!!! :-)
James R. Carter Jr
James R. Carter Jr 16 days ago
I thought about upgrading....but there is nothing wrong with my Note 8. You didn't mention an SD card slot....?
Chris 16 days ago
Samsung aint added much in a year so i'll be getting a note 9 when my contract ends
Compare Note 9 Note 10 on my channel.
D Dave
D Dave 17 days ago
Had my note 10+ for a week now. I'm missing my note 9 more and more now. Seriously considering to go back to the note 9...
D Dave
D Dave 16 days ago
@Mia Welcome to the android family :D. Never had iPhone. I always felt like it will limit me for my needs... I hope you will enjoy it more than I do. I made up my mind. Going back on the note 9. I like like the slighter bigger screen on note 10+ but I bought anyways a Tab 6 so I guess that will do if I want a bigger screen. ;))
Mia 16 days ago
D Dave welp..... rn I’m making the switch from iPhone to android for so many different reasons. My main phone is an iPhone 7(still in the process of updating I just got my phone in the mail today) now I have the Note 10+
D Dave
D Dave 16 days ago
@Mia Merci. :) Btw. What smart phone are you using :-?
Mia 16 days ago
D Dave wow I’m real sorry. Hopefully your experience gets better :)
D Dave
D Dave 16 days ago
@Mia It is one that is compatible. It's not a simple one that you simply just put in one. I applied one with octa glue, the one you cure under UV light. And (~) one extra mm on top of the screen shouldn't be a problem as the fingerprint reader is using ultrasounds that suposed to work even with wet and greasy fingers...
Joyful One
Joyful One 17 days ago
I love my Note 9 but I wanted to check out the Note 10 Plus in person. I went to Verizon and Best Buy today to do a comparison. I played your video and a couple 4K videos on the Note 10 Plus and on my Note 9. I was disappointed in the sound quality of the speakers and call volume on Note 10 Plus. Note 9 sounds louder, fuller and better in my opinion. The screen is very nice on Note 10 Plus but don’t really care for notches or holes. I also use the headphone jack everyday so I’m not ready to go wireless just yet. In addition, my car stereo is not BT compatible with my Note 9 but it was compatible with my Note 8 and S7 Edge. I’d rather not use a dongle. The camera takes nice photos. I’m sure many people love this phone but I would miss the LED notifications, headphone jack, physical fingerprint scanner and SHealth HR/O2 sensor. I will wait for Note 11. Thank you for this video Supersaf.
Mohammad Darawsheh
Mohammad Darawsheh 17 days ago
Who else watches for fun. I don't even have note 8
Mike Wilson
Mike Wilson 17 days ago
More Samsung products not to buy
Bora Mustafa
Bora Mustafa 17 days ago
Note 9 still the best with no compromise.
Jack F
Jack F 17 days ago
An additional 300 mAh traded for no 3.5mm jack? Hmmm... think I'd do without the power as the 9 has 4000mAh already. Bad move Samsung. Looks like I'll be keeping the 9 until it dies. No purchase from me. Wait for the Nnote 11 when they bring back the jack. They're going to lose sales and then they'll cop on.
Dennis Ezinga
Dennis Ezinga 17 days ago
Love the explaining. Amd your voice is very nice to listen to. Thanx!
John Daniels
John Daniels 18 days ago
This was a good video, Saf!! 👍👍 I enjoyed very much. I have subscribed. 😉
Stephen Heling
Stephen Heling 18 days ago
I hate the notch :/
GOLD PICKAXE 18 days ago
Soooooo u live in Manhattan is the smog as bad as they say?
purana name
purana name 18 days ago
Supersaf world ranking num 1 channel
Tholle 81
Tholle 81 18 days ago
I dont like front camera position of Note 10, its look like Dajal..😂, I,ll keep my note 9..
Chart 18 days ago
I got a new update on note 9 today and they really reduce the speed of note 9... really horrible Samsung.. when A new S series come out they reduced the speed of previous S Series...today really obviously they reduce the speed of note 9 with update...
Romsky Svet
Romsky Svet 18 days ago
Will wait for note 12× 😀
Ronald kuo
Ronald kuo 18 days ago
I am waiting for NOTE 15PLUS anyone?
Emanuel Avila
Emanuel Avila 18 days ago
Still rocking my Note 8. Beast of a phone. Samsung can call me when the OS is not the same on every phone.EVERY...PHONE!🤨
AcePromark 19 days ago
Ray Jacobsen
Ray Jacobsen 19 days ago
"I'll give you my headphone jack when you pry it from my cold, dead hands"
The Scorer Boy
The Scorer Boy 19 days ago
Who did say that Note 9 has a Dynamic AMOLED ??????
Yousif Emad
Yousif Emad 19 days ago
You spend a $1100 and you don't get a headphone Jack, that's ridiculous 👎👎👎
Moses Bashaasha
Moses Bashaasha 19 days ago
supersaf, thanks for this in-depth analysis of these gadgets, I am an ardent fan of the Note phones. I will mos def go for the Note 10+.
Almtyhalfbreed 19 days ago
Don't forget note 9 has Headphone jack, Right???
David Myhr
David Myhr 19 days ago
Does anyone wonder how Samsung gets away with eliminating features and raising prices on their phones? Maybe it time customers reconsider their purchase decisions.
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