Samsung Galaxy Fold Unboxing: Magnets!

Marques Brownlee
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What's in the Galaxy Fold's $1980 box, plus demoing its super strong magnets!
Galaxy Fold First Impressions: ruvid.net/video/video-0Z8J3axc0oY.html
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Apr 16, 2019




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Comments 10 785
ScarletStrUckZ YT
ScarletStrUckZ YT 8 hours ago
So This Phone Price on Philippines almost a Hundred Thousand
Daiju Xiang
Daiju Xiang 11 hours ago
Fito Centurión
Fito Centurión 17 hours ago
Tu video es jenial aunque no entendí un carajo
The Pheonix
The Pheonix 20 hours ago
Galaxy fold : need a phone BOOM fold me and you have a phone fold me again BOOM you have a tablet best ripoff of OG flip phones Little 1989 phones : hey dude what about me ain’t I a flip phone Galaxy fold: yeah but you ain’t a touch screen fold 😎
Rycen pH
Rycen pH Day ago
All I can say is wow
Yem Yorng
Yem Yorng Day ago
I want it
Brock Lesnar
Brock Lesnar Day ago
who_the noob
who_the noob Day ago
Who can subscribe to my channel 😔😔😘 love you guys
Park jimin
Park jimin 2 days ago
I am going to get the version after that🤣 couse that model doesn't work that well😪 But it will be expensive af luckly my parents are gonna buy it. (I'm a child) AND MY FRCKNG S10+ WAS STOLEN BY BAD PEOPLE AND NOW I HAVE FOR A WIHLE NOKIA and I have to say, it isn't bad its quite good.👍
WhatsApp Videos
WhatsApp Videos 2 days ago
Rahul M Prathap
Rahul M Prathap 3 days ago
You're making videos interesting. Thumps up
Èđùåřđ 3 days ago
La asta nu poti sa-ti pui folie
jeremy_gonza1028 _dismal
I swear I just want the sick box
Meige Street
Meige Street 3 days ago
Medo Medo Mataz
Medo Medo Mataz 4 days ago
Medo Medo Mataz
Medo Medo Mataz 4 days ago
انا عجبني جدا
Toni Setiawan
Toni Setiawan 4 days ago
Gif me
Rohman Buluk
Rohman Buluk 4 days ago
Sesok tumbas 😁😁
Brandon Tran
Brandon Tran 4 days ago
They should add a pen Also it looks like a Nintendo ds 😂😂😂
Element 115
Element 115 3 days ago
20 percent like it
mohamed medj
mohamed medj 4 days ago
Georgiana Oprea
Georgiana Oprea 5 days ago
Jv Rojo
Jv Rojo 5 days ago
I wish I have that Phone can u give me that'd
Gokul P.U
Gokul P.U 5 days ago
what a phone I like it very much love it l😍😍
• Delirium •
• Delirium • 5 days ago
It's like having a mini Samsung tablet.
Rith Nob QB
Rith Nob QB 6 days ago
Arsham Tamimi
Arsham Tamimi 6 days ago
احمد ايمن
تليفون رووووووعه
صديقت القلب
بيش السعر بالعراق بي محافظة
Əliko gaming
Əliko gaming 6 days ago
Maksymilian Skrzypczyk
Samsunga galaxy fold 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎😾😼
Black Raven
Black Raven 6 days ago
You might consider wearing gloves while unboxing, your black hands are an unseemly sight.
Slit Wrist Misfit
Apple ain't shit. LOL! Go Samsung!
baterdene Lhagvasuren
It is very long
hadosha colin
hadosha colin 7 days ago
Paras Kochale
Paras Kochale 7 days ago
Just in middle then you have two phones
mrs Ali
mrs Ali 7 days ago
I just bought the xr but now i want this....
wassim classic
wassim classic 8 days ago
tank you
PAULITO CHO 8 days ago
Yup definitely taking it
Mahim YT
Mahim YT 8 days ago
Can we play pubg
Moonlight Dexie
Moonlight Dexie 8 days ago
It will break for 2 days
Jericho Galido
Jericho Galido 8 days ago
Imagine if you have a pocketful of metal stuff and your Samsung fold in it.
Dankest Dave3870
Dankest Dave3870 8 days ago
*_How To Get a 2 Phone with only one Money_*
Bethany Martin
Bethany Martin 8 days ago
I don’t really like it 🤷🏼‍♀️
MrTscott Gaming
MrTscott Gaming 8 days ago
Just bought an S10, this foldable thing doesn't look worth it in my opinion
Dair Cabrera
Dair Cabrera 8 days ago
Good job.
SilentShadow 8 days ago
Who's watching this on a samsung phone?
Jeremy Bayate
Jeremy Bayate 8 days ago
Catalin Catalin
Catalin Catalin 8 days ago
Il présente Samsung mais il est fans du appelle
Sarnandu Dutta
Sarnandu Dutta 9 days ago
Your all videos are amazing and informative 🇺🇸🇺🇸☺️☺️☺️
Binsamil Jerry
Binsamil Jerry 9 days ago
I love it.. But i dont have money to buy it
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