Samsung Galaxy Fold Unboxing: Magnets!

Marques Brownlee
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What's in the Galaxy Fold's $1980 box, plus demoing its super strong magnets!
Galaxy Fold First Impressions: ruvid.net/video/video-0Z8J3axc0oY.html
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Apr 16, 2019




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Comments 80
10k subscribers before 2022
When youtube recommends it again in 2020..
stay safe
stay safe 12 hours ago
Please bro can u give me your tab for free because I subscribed you
10k subs before 2021
Dobie SaurusPro12
How many price is this? Anyone can tell this price?
HARERAM 8 days ago
Maki 9 days ago
It’s been a full year since this thing came out yet we still haven’t seen any thing better looking than this
Tariq Khan
Tariq Khan 10 days ago
Samsung 👍👌 Apple👎👎👎
Test IQ -on MY CHANNEL for fun-
Random Tech
Random Tech 10 days ago
Marques's fault...
Jinny Suh
Jinny Suh 10 days ago
whose here 2020?
PH03N1XQc 10 days ago
its a good companion if your ther persson who allways loose your keys
Shamu Chowdhury
Shamu Chowdhury 13 days ago
Oh goodness,if I put it in by bag it will be attached with my safety pins!!!🤣
Zainab Munir
Zainab Munir 15 days ago
I am here to see what BTS actually worths and I realized "I am broke Army" Lmao
Excel YT
Excel YT 15 days ago
samsung's shipping Folds with included Galaxy Buds, I wonder what Apple's gonna do.
magical glitter sparkle too much
What is the Cost in Indian rupees
captain tsubasa
captain tsubasa 18 days ago
How much it
Aftab Hossian
Aftab Hossian 22 days ago
broo 1 geve me
Aftab Hossian
Aftab Hossian 22 days ago
wow broo
Cookie Plays-
Cookie Plays- 23 days ago
I know that if i buy that phone . That phone is gonna break in a week or month plus i bet imma lose the ear buds 😕😧
Khodeza Khatun
Khodeza Khatun 23 days ago
I have this phone but different colour
Amina Meheli
Amina Meheli 24 days ago
I want to buy this phone just because Jhope uses it but I like the Z flip more...
Rainbow Chaser
Rainbow Chaser 25 days ago
I can't afford even the box
Coolio tech
Coolio tech 25 days ago
Good sir, if you still have the box may I please have it
viviktha Vujagiri
viviktha Vujagiri 26 days ago
So this is the phone Hoseok used in that video... Ok..
R jk bts
R jk bts 28 days ago
روعة حلو كتير واكو هم واحد لاخ
Accelerator imagine
WOW,It's awsome
priyasantosmart 28 days ago
My only dream phone
JER1CH0 Month ago
Imagine some guy robbed your keys by putting this phone slowly in your pants and back out
Ahmad Mustafa
Ahmad Mustafa Month ago
i wonder how would your react if this phone had an apple logo on the back. :D
Elisabeta Moldoveanu
Elisabeta Moldoveanu
iPad ok men jag har glömt bort det här med henne om jag kan jobba idag
White Wolf
White Wolf Month ago
Can you give away
Yosvian Elinnobela
Apa kau tidak ingin memberikan nya padaku.
Bobby Jeff
Bobby Jeff Month ago
Wow, it’s been a year already
Lord De Vill
Lord De Vill Month ago
What's the make or model of the keyboard at 4:49 ?
Ekaterina Chikova
Много е хубав.
Zaza AR
Zaza AR Month ago
1990: Wow I can fold this phone! 2019: Wow I can fold this phone!
Bình Trịnh
Bình Trịnh Month ago
supercharge 45w available?
Fabio's Sportsclipzz
if I were to control rewind I would want marcase brownlee -will smith
Qayra Otw
Qayra Otw Month ago
i like givaway
Yuniko Asmr
Yuniko Asmr Month ago
Nice ☺ I really want it 😘 Thank you 🤗 If you read my comment please answer me 😇
Zehra Ben krdşmm
Uzay mekiği oglimmmm hıammınaaa
punith kumar
punith kumar Month ago
I love my Nokia 1100 ❤️
bestman ever
bestman ever Month ago
Is this a ipad
Ahmed Belghmi
Ahmed Belghmi Month ago
Gauri gupta
Gauri gupta Month ago
The life Of jahmeik
Hay is that phone out yet omg that phone is so cool i really need to get one
RCN phaze
RCN phaze Month ago
Do the wireless earbuds come with the phone if you buy it by its self or do you need to pay extra please respond
Shiela Mae Morga
I tried folding my tablet and i broke it and im grounded
Vignesh V | AVN Ayurveda |
Sotha vithralam
Miftakul Tong Soon
Badaoui Chrif
Badaoui Chrif Month ago
Very nice😉😉😉
Thảo Lê Minh Thảo
باسم باسم
اكو عراقين
Muhammed Fares
Muhammed Fares Month ago
Thats FUNNY!
Thats FUNNY! Month ago
Toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo expensive
Sokrul sok lslam
vDaBest Month ago
Marques after 1 week of marriage: “So I’ve been trying this wife for a week now”
Ana Vera Carceles
Esto es realmente caro!!! Pero lo tengo! :)
peace everyone
peace everyone Month ago
i believe he is regretting after buying this phone cz look at it... its not a comfortable phone with a huge size
Layla Layla
Layla Layla Month ago
Messi God
Messi God Month ago
BanaanAchtbaan Month ago
What a discusting phone
Deniz Aydin
Deniz Aydin Month ago
Yasmin seus hobbies pop e kpop
xKenis Month ago
Is no one going to talk about how cool the main box was when opened?
TOP 123
TOP 123 Month ago
Senen Alejo
Senen Alejo Month ago
Can you buy me a that thing for free thank you so much
Virgilio Canton
Virgilio Canton Month ago
Can i have that for free please
dark demond black diamond hide
Super amazing
Abaid bhatti RAJPOOT
Please price in pakistan
Asari Harish
Asari Harish Month ago
20 million views
I am Ice cream
I am Ice cream Month ago
Youssef Minion
Youssef Minion 2 months ago
Best intro man
Gaurab Bijukchhe
Gaurab Bijukchhe 2 months ago
"Now i will shut up for a mi ite to take the plastic off" Not the hero we need but the hero we deserve
l rfjfj
l rfjfj 2 months ago
Rodert Ignat
Rodert Ignat 2 months ago
Can the screen break if you fold the Fold to hard?
swetha malarmannan
swetha malarmannan 2 months ago
Bro u do giveway
Ferid Cavadov
Ferid Cavadov 2 months ago
Azerbaycanli vaar ?😂😂😂
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