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Unboxing the new Samsung Galaxy Fold. The Galaxy Fold is the first folding smartphone I've ever tried. The Galaxy Fold is the most futuristic smartphone I've ever tried. How does the Samsung Galaxy Fold stack up against the other flagship devices like Apple iPhone, Huawei Mate X and others? Are foldable smartphones the future of smartphones? Computing devices in general? Enjoy my Samsung Galaxy Fold hands on video.
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Apr 15, 2019




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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 7 days ago
Galaxy Fold or Mate X?
chan chan
chan chan 5 days ago
mate x
떡볶이 5 days ago
100% Fold
XCarmeloX 5 days ago
Jimmy Jimmy
Jimmy Jimmy 5 days ago
Mate x
Unbox Therapy mate x!!
Faris Birrawi
Faris Birrawi Hour ago
Mind hit like bottom please. Thank u
Neuralyd :D
Neuralyd :D Hour ago
wait isnt there $14 000 on this single table there?
bill parnell
bill parnell Hour ago
this is cool don't get me wrong but i think its a gimmick and it won't be that much different in a couple of years or more
Trezur Oof
Trezur Oof Hour ago
2008 ppl: I think in 2019 there's going to be flying cars 2019: *Galaxy folds* 2020: unfolding car
Tankboy 07
Tankboy 07 Hour ago
Samsung: Makes fold-able phone Apple: F*CK!
Ranshur Matrix
Samsung: We have a 1980$ foldable phone My Wallet: I'm gonna be empty for the rest of my life
Fix It
Fix It Hour ago
Looks like it doesn’t fold together properly
Kimberly Langford
Kimberly Langford 2 hours ago
Sorry, but I don’t know if I’ll ever get with this trend.
EP Beatz
EP Beatz 2 hours ago
Case makers join party Samsung joins party Case makers leaves party
Roy Brinkman
Roy Brinkman 2 hours ago
Samsung Galaxy S1 Till S10 is Samsung Galaxy 55!!!
The Thing you ate last night
Did they just bring back a flip phone?
MrWhoevr 2 hours ago
No mention of the film gate? If the factory screen protector is damaged or peels the screen will turn to black. Samsung is putting a warning label to warn the public. Hmm. No mention of it during the review. I guess he doesn’t want to upset his supporters.
Robert 2 hours ago
@Lew I'll take this second hand when you are finished with it. No joke either. What do you do with these phones after you review them?
Alex Van wezel
Alex Van wezel 2 hours ago
Who The Hell on the phone like that it still a product type not even finished a Thing for the prices crazy
Some Player
Some Player 2 hours ago
Wow, excellent video. My name is Shawn Wang, this is awesome, right?
CdnDolly 2 hours ago
My first concern.... how do I put a screen protector on that?!?! LOL
Omer Avni
Omer Avni 2 hours ago
CallMeZaniix 2 hours ago
Watch apple finna come out with an iFoldable
ROBDEWAND 2 hours ago
i soo want this but it really is not worth the 2k euros nope that 2 months working, tbh it is almots the price of the omen pc i bought XD and i let you know it has a rtx 2080 sadly it has a ryzen 7 but i can play anything pretty much XD also at 10:00 then that individual is still of cheaper buying a tablet and a phone, seriously you can even get both apple brands if you wanted to and it would still cost less
Yoonki GachaGamer용해온
Travis Floyd
Travis Floyd 2 hours ago
I hope apple doesn't catch on to this...
Tiny House Developers
No thank you.
Lucky Saini
Lucky Saini 2 hours ago
Nice day
Rafael França
Rafael França 3 hours ago
7:30 Best part
Donut Gamer
Donut Gamer 3 hours ago
Umm.. It’s weird how they bring back the old fashion folding kind of phone and adding 2 Samsung phone together to make a folding phone Btw peoples got excited too 😐
Rudy Buyung
Rudy Buyung 3 hours ago
your jacket so cool... what brand? and where I can get it.
wanderer 1972
wanderer 1972 3 hours ago
It was life unwrapping a babies diaper full of shit.
tufan dogan
tufan dogan 3 hours ago
Samsung: we made a foldable iPhone Phone case makers: I don't give a f*ck
Davide Graffieti
Davide Graffieti 3 hours ago
Ok so notches were bad to this guy until this thing kicked in and now it's completely ok to watch a video with that portion of missing pixels just standing there the whole time which you can't even get rid of like you'd do with an iPhone X. Fanboy much?
Davide Graffieti
Davide Graffieti 3 hours ago
Ok so notches were bad to this guy until this thing kicked in and now it's completely ok to watch a video with that portion of missing pixels just standing there the whole time which you can't even get rid of like you'd do with an iPhone X. Fanboy much?
Lee Ping
Lee Ping 3 hours ago
Do Reno!
Harry Topper
Harry Topper 3 hours ago
The phone is as smooth as the armpit of female celebrity!
rakesh acharya
rakesh acharya 3 hours ago
None. Its a stupid application for technology. I vote for flip phone with foldable screen. That would mean, smart phone becomes really small and more portable. Unlike this, which is not doing anything, tbh.
N. W.
N. W. 3 hours ago
should have done no notch and used the rear camera with the smaller display for selfies (would have made the phone cheaper too) but thats just my opinion
BAFFOUN بفون 4 hours ago
Give me one of those
Chelsea Maxwell
Chelsea Maxwell 4 hours ago
Original Loaddkz
Original Loaddkz 4 hours ago
Iphone=lamborghini Huawei=Bugatti Samsung=Ferrari
Slot Addict Slots
Slot Addict Slots 4 hours ago
I found out last weekend,I have a foldable dick..My fat gf wanted to ride this D and got a lil crazy..Let’s just say I can’t fuck for Atleast 2 weeks
RIN WITH A WHISK 4 hours ago
Samsung: The first flippable phone! Flip Phones: am I a joke to you?
SlimyDog 4 hours ago
This is actually incredible
sanjiv rai
sanjiv rai 4 hours ago
It’s shit waste of money
Ben House
Ben House 4 hours ago
Am I the only one who is not impressed with this in terms of practicality. The folding screen is an impressive technical feat don't get me wrong. But it looks garbage and I don't really see the utility in the combo..
Timmy Franke
Timmy Franke 4 hours ago
Watch any other reviews other than this one. He kissed Samsung's ass the whole time! Didn't talk about it being extremely thick or about the crease in the center. Literally showed no camera angles showing it! Just kissed Samsung's ass. Watch any other reviewer and you will see!
fish 23
fish 23 4 hours ago
1:50 little did he know, he sealed his fate
Kunal Mhatre
Kunal Mhatre 4 hours ago
I am happy with folding my laptop!
crazy gamer
crazy gamer 4 hours ago
that magnet can destroy the screen
AirbusA350 4 hours ago
메이트 X는 출시해도...... 답이 없을듯 가격이 싼것도 아니고.......
lenovo gabby
lenovo gabby 4 hours ago
queenzz 4 hours ago
2019 has alot of crazy shit
Nadim Shekh
Nadim Shekh 4 hours ago
Real me 3pro unboxing please
queenzz 4 hours ago
Wait, u don't always hold it with both hands?
Riley Bo
Riley Bo 5 hours ago
anyone noticed when you fold it the screen is really small and the phone is so big. which pocket/pants are so big like wtf
dudu2zel13 gamer e vlogs
give me one
King 5 hours ago
reminds me of gameboys and DS
Dave Law
Dave Law 5 hours ago
Whys everyone moaning about phone cases? They just built a foldable phone. Pretty sure the can build a foldable phone case.
Ricardo Rosado
Ricardo Rosado 6 hours ago
Just a question what case do you buy for this phone?
小李子他爸 6 hours ago
search huawei mate x,youtube Recommend me Samsung,Samsung is Garbage.
Wow Good
Tatenda Squad
Tatenda Squad 6 hours ago
Imagine folding it the wrong way
Anh Tú Nguyễn
Anh Tú Nguyễn 6 hours ago
When he tears off the plastic cover I'm like "Oh no no no ... " :)))
dom alty
dom alty 6 hours ago
galaxy earbuds, a tablet and a phone in one and much more, while i'm watching this with my old samsung
M. Y.
M. Y. 6 hours ago
*A built-in stylus would make this phone PERFECT* ❗❗❗❗❗
Oscar Hoad
Oscar Hoad 6 hours ago
Apple should call the folding iphone the I fold, have water resistance or water proof, special edition power beats ultimate or AirPods included you can choose what colour and power bears or AirPods, release AirPower , don’t have that peel off thing and they can give me 1 because I helped them
AJ Direct
AJ Direct 6 hours ago
The Apple fold would be much better quality in my opinion
RaginUnicorn12 6 hours ago
He missed the best pun, he could had named the video galaxy fold Unfolding
Vince Carlo
Vince Carlo 6 hours ago
apple punching in air rn
MARCHL. GAMES 7 hours ago
You can buy me one and follow me to Egypt and I will give you the money on my bank account
agg si
agg si 7 hours ago
samsung rn *uh oh
It's Lucid
It's Lucid 7 hours ago
The screen when it's folded looks like shit
Imsoong Rai
Imsoong Rai 7 hours ago
I prefer galaxy fold because it contains alot more addonscthan the iPhone x
Megen Lanham
Megen Lanham 7 hours ago
How do you put on a case?
Bone 7 hours ago
Are we just going to sweep the ZTE Axon M under the rug?
TheNommerz 7 hours ago
*Phone case makers left the chat*
Spooktheduke Fe4r clan
Wonder how they will make cases. Sasmusng: *makes food phone*. Phone case makers and everybody else: wait that’s illegal
Hasan Khan
Hasan Khan 7 hours ago
Apple has left the chat!!!
木槿花田 7 hours ago
Joseph Contreras
Joseph Contreras 7 hours ago
What if a drunk person folds it the wrong way and says why is this not working
japes789 7 hours ago
I don't see what the fuss is about, Apple have been making folding phones for years and everyone complained when they did it
lowkey playz
lowkey playz 7 hours ago
It looks like my old Nintendo DS
Felhek Lehrian
Felhek Lehrian 8 hours ago
Tablets are dead!! Samsung: hold...
rc0kesha ⵙᄌⵙ
rc0kesha ⵙᄌⵙ 8 hours ago
14 M when all of your subscribers saw your video
Nao TMR 8 hours ago
APPLE = copy and paste soon.
Dhruv Mehta
Dhruv Mehta 8 hours ago
*the phone is really expensive and he literally has 7 of them.
ArmyxXxBlink FOREVER
i know im broke but how much is the Samsung Galaxy phone?
heyitsAdil gaming
heyitsAdil gaming 8 hours ago
Is that a uk brick
Synicall 8 hours ago
lets just forget about the fact that if dirt gets under the front of the screen protecter it breaks the whole display
UndustedDash 8 hours ago
Finally a samsung phone that did not release with a fortnite skin
Arishna Rossi
Arishna Rossi 8 hours ago
That is FUTURE
maire 14
maire 14 8 hours ago
And you iPhone users stay making fun of people with androids
Corrie Vosspeter
Corrie Vosspeter 8 hours ago
Amazing phone....I want one
HetIsMijDavid! 8 hours ago
People: copying comments from random people Me: am I a joke to you?
sluthster 9 hours ago
hope it runs porn at 1080p
xForgotenx 9 hours ago
This videos views is the same amount of his subs
헤린송 9 hours ago
I got goosebumps from this
Cheshire Cat
Cheshire Cat 9 hours ago
Wayyyy too expensive for a everyday-in-use-item! I'll wait a few years until some Asian manufacturer will sell a similar phone for only a fraction of the price of this Samsung-phone!
Saisem75 9 hours ago
That's ugly! Look at the middle of the phone when you open it......
Ellis Horton
Ellis Horton 9 hours ago
I can see the fold mark in the screen
Lolman961998 9 hours ago
Anyone know the song at 1:49???
mimi mi
mimi mi 10 hours ago
Yeah... I prefer to go on a trip for this money. Or imagine how often you can have a masage for this money. 😂 No I will not buy this. I even think about getting rid of smartphones to see what I can do with my life, when I am not stuck in the internet
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