Samsung Galaxy Fold Review: A fragile, uneven step toward the future

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Every once in a while, I’m lucky enough to pick up something that feels like it came straight out of the future. This is one of those times -- sort of. I've been living with Samsung's Galaxy Fold for a week now, and I can’t understate how important this thing is. It represents a new way of THINKING about smartphones and almost single-handedly changes what we should expect from them. It's a device that is absolutely worth celebrating, but buying one? For $2,000? I’m not so sure about that.
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Apr 21, 2019




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Comments 1 223
Tom Bering
Tom Bering 4 months ago
"samsung told us we could not..." and there goes the trust for this review, when the vendor tells you what you can and can't do, then you won't get the full picture, only what "they" wan't you to hear.
Abhijit Meti
Abhijit Meti 4 months ago
Here is a thought as foldable phone become a norm the apps will become tablet mode compactable.. and Android tablets may become a thing..
Angrynoodle 1
Angrynoodle 1 4 months ago
You mean overstate?
James Hahn
James Hahn 4 months ago
Your review is the best so far. That Marques Brownlee dude is becoming more and more whiny. I think his head is swelling up bigger than ever before.
friedrich nietzsche
friedrich nietzsche 4 months ago
I don,t trust Samsung Company, and Name too!!! I don.t liked Samsung!!!
Johnny Fire
Johnny Fire 4 months ago
a 2000 euro demo? hahha no sammy keep to yourself
Bond James Bond
Bond James Bond 4 months ago
The Samsung Galaxy Fold would have been a pick pocket's dream. Stick that long ass phone in your back pocket and she's gone in 3 seconds flat.
PLATINUM Computer 4 months ago
i dont like the gap at hinge, between 2 side of screen, just too big gap. The best so far .... i think comes from Huawei
RacerC45 4 months ago
Who on earth would want to by a phone with no headphone jack?
paul Bae
paul Bae 4 months ago
Samsung was rushing to get it out in the market before its competitor.. hope it would fix the issue when it's out again.
Joseph Atnip
Joseph Atnip 4 months ago
$2,000 is ridiculous I can seriously go out and find a 2002 Chevy cavalier and a boost Mobile phone and pay for a year of service and still have money to put in my pocket
msfklfl123 4 months ago
Honest Review that's not focused on bashing one segment of the product.
Catflap 4 months ago
Rather buy a laptop if I wanted a bigger screen, and who the fuck is using the tiny front screen when it's a double screen phone? I play crossword and sudoku apps on my oneplus 3, and I like the fact I can play it one handed. Surely if you wanted a two handed gaming device you'd get a switch. If you wanted to do work on your phone you'd have a laptop. I really don't know why you'd buy something so fragile that's 100% fucked if dropped. Not worth the money in the slightest.
Bobby Lloyd
Bobby Lloyd 4 months ago
2 reasons why i switched to samsung s10+ vs. holding out for galaxy fold 1. $2000 is wrong for an uneven first gen and when in normal position (not in the full display)is a piece of crap 2. the other generations will be better so ye. i like the idea, but it needs improvising.
Marcus Wong
Marcus Wong 4 months ago
'A few compromises'?? it breaks before you can test it out after couple days lmao... Waiting for Samsung to recall / refund all of them and give out free S10 for those who were the 'guinea pigs' testers for their prototypes.
Bring Me Bangtan seonyeondan
Great informative video、very detailed imo. Love the inclusion of blackpink ! I personally couldnt see myself spending 2k on a phone. I have a note 8 and things are fine for me. But i highly think in later models of the fold、it could be a great phone
Dave Barrack
Dave Barrack 4 months ago
I have zero faith that this thing won't develop noticeable scoring along the fold after a few months, and eventually crack and break. The most important review this device can receive will be a year from now.
Christopher Boolean
Christopher Boolean 4 months ago
people is never happy with nothing
Xerator 4 months ago
I dont even care what some incompetent reviewers has to say, Im rooting for new technology so Im rooting for Samsung
Matthew Alner
Matthew Alner 4 months ago
@ 5:53 what app is this?
Simon Beeson
Simon Beeson 4 months ago
They should just sell this through Chanel at $200,000 a piece.. they'll make more money.. and those ppl won't break it or complain publicly if it does!
Roo Ster
Roo Ster 4 months ago
For the money this costs you can buy a proper camera, a good tablet, a good smartphone and a decent laptop. And all 4 will be performing better and longer than this piece of crap ever will. This is not an item for people with an IQ over 65.
KmanAust 4 months ago
Cant't wait until Apple does this properly
alwaysarcastic** 4 months ago
An actually detailed review!
lets get this bread
lets get this bread 4 months ago
Ayyy I see black pink🖤💗
Nysro1640 4 months ago
Between the obvious dent that runs through the middle, the uneven close and most importantly the cheap looking OS... pass, I'm sticking with the gorgeous iPhone XS and the beautiful iOS.
haminh nguyen
haminh nguyen 4 months ago
Acid Blood
Acid Blood 4 months ago
anyone who bought this will regret it in about 3 years time guaranteed
Casi Epico
Casi Epico 4 months ago
Most useless phone in decades. The things i can buy with $2000. A high end tv. A super gaming computer. 4 new ps5. You gotta be a complete moron to spend 2000 on this.
Owen Loh
Owen Loh 4 months ago
lol i know this is stupid but what the cartoon that was playinf at the beginning
Fasoliagemista 4 months ago
Muddy Funker
Muddy Funker 4 months ago
Looks like an expensive solution to a problem that doesn't exist. This will go the same way as other pointless tech fads like curved tv's and 3d.
seinundzeiten 4 months ago
Too early, the screen has all sorts of defects with it...
Kshitij Pujari
Kshitij Pujari 4 months ago
A good unbiased review by Engadget unlike iVerge.
Zero Cool
Zero Cool 4 months ago
Please don't use 24 fps. It should never ever be used for online content. The majority of monitors have a frequency of 60 hz. Since this isn't a multiple of 24, there will be video judder (non-smooth motion) when displaying 24 fps video. Therefore you should never use anything but 30 or 60 fps.
elijahthesamurai 4 months ago
Why on earth would i want a phone that folds and gets larger? I have no use for this. My main concern would be how fast your battery gets drained while having that large screen open. Interesting how this guy watches large women working out.
HGST 4 months ago
This is courage
secretshadowgov 4 months ago
that crease looks horrible
pitthepig 4 months ago
I don't get why the unusually high dislike ratio. This review seems well balanced to me. Maybe that's the problem for the fanboys?
Chevaughn Bennett
Chevaughn Bennett 4 months ago
Most persons don't like the phone itself
Ahmad Nurzid Rosli
Ahmad Nurzid Rosli 4 months ago
Not quite there yet...and with that price and its UGLY.
AngryKoala Insane
AngryKoala Insane 4 months ago
a few words: HUAWEI MATE X.
belchmelch 4 months ago
google glass v2 by other OEMs is the future IMO. and maybe control it with voice and gesture on your watch/phone. isn’t that “continuity” app a term used by Apple linking all its devices... the crease is sill annoying to me... $2K phone that comes with BOTH an offset notch and crease. i think Google should not have given up on its Glass... i’m guessing Amazon, Apple, and Google will do something with Eyewear... and will skip a foldable tablet...
mekman4 4 months ago
I wish the fragility wasn’t an issue then I could see foldables becoming more than a gimmick.
d b
d b 4 months ago
Oh c’mon...it’s an answer in search of a question. It’s the Swiss Army knife - sure it has scissors and a knife blade but they’re both pretty inadequate
Gabriel Klein
Gabriel Klein 4 months ago
This is an alpha product.
FatheredPuma81 4 months ago
Your $2000 Tablet phone that probably drinks power has 2 2000mAh batteries for a total of 4000mAh meanwhile my normal $200 phone has a 5000mAh battery... that's Samsung for you.
This is my personal opinion on this thing, the Samsung galaxy fold is very innovative and creative. However, it lacks durability because of the screen being damage once the individual folding/unfolding multiple times. There are videos on RUvid showing the screen cracking and bulging on the edges of the phone and inside the folding mechanism. It's not even worth $2000 dollars, to be honest. It's too fragile and it must be handled with a sound touch and care. So, I will wait for a more advanced version of the Samsung fold.
ADK 46er
ADK 46er 4 months ago
Android fanboy
ADK 46er
ADK 46er 4 months ago
Your a joke
Atul Gupta
Atul Gupta 4 months ago
Waiting for Apple to come out with the real thing.
GoldenChicken 4 months ago
This is a very biased review of a ground breaking electronic device.
Intelligence Injection
Foldable phones are like Kinect. Everyone thought it’s cool but nobody will actually want to own it
Amazing Family Adventures
Does it play Pokémon Go? Lol that is the question lol
Brian your tech friend
Lo lo loooove it! 🙂🙏
PRIVATE SECTOR 042 4 months ago
Hahaha🤣 the fake ball Earth at the intro.. yep brainwashing at its finest.. But nobody's paying attention as usual. Be sure to leave your hate comments below.
selw0nk 4 months ago
When the ifold comes out i'm gonna stick clay in the crevices, try to peel the screen off and drop the phone......then rant on Twitter about how Apple failed and watch people sh#! on the whole project......just ridiculous.....
Mason Plank
Mason Plank 4 months ago
It sucks that they missed the mark so bad on this, the tiny screen and uneven form factor are hard selling points, then the price... and now the internal screens breaking..
Lynn 4 months ago
I could never afford this price for a phone. Hopefully, if this become a standard for phones, it will get cheaper and more affordable. With new technology, give it time for companies to improve it.
8Bit Gamer
8Bit Gamer 4 months ago
Lol he makes it sound like it's an exciting phone but everything he said was always paired with a negative. For two grand I'm going nowhere near it.
Your Destroyer
Your Destroyer 4 months ago
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