Samsung Galaxy Fold Impressions!

Marques Brownlee
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Samsung Galaxy Fold. Forget the crease, folding phones just took a step up. This is dope tech.
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Comments 80
Mattimus Maximus VIII
thanks mark ass brown lee.
Jordan Austin Owen
How have I never heard about this phone
ra ra
ra ra 2 months ago
Why does this guy have Fox News on his phone?
Ryker Meyers
Ryker Meyers 2 months ago
🔥🔥 1:08 🔥💃💗🧡 👇👇👇👇💟
Steven_The_Moose 3 months ago
I wish I actually had money!
Fatin Athirah Mohd Hanapiah
what de fawk is this
Amanda Moreira
Amanda Moreira 4 months ago
Só chega aqui no Brasil em 2050 kkkkkk com o valor de 10.000,00 😂😂😂😂
Michelle 4 months ago
Окей мир сошел с ума
Shilpi Sarkar
Shilpi Sarkar 4 months ago
Very nice 👌👌👌❤❤❤
Md.minhaz Uddin
Md.minhaz Uddin 4 months ago
dobu no9 bordclosing
HoeForYuta *inserttongueemojitoshowhowthirstyiam*
I actually think this is great. Would be nice to have diversity in terms of shape and stuff, I also hope rich people will buy so that the profit can be fueled for research on how to improve it’s weakness. A lot of people are saying itms unecessary but tbh at the very least this is different than any other phone
lemonskee doo
lemonskee doo 4 months ago
It looks like a remote🤣
S Utopia
S Utopia 5 months ago
bro i thought some white guy was doing a commentary review over your video
Rountree1985 5 months ago
I’m an iPhone user and I still want this phone.
Rishi Sachar
Rishi Sachar 6 months ago
Impressive review👌all the best👍and🎸enjoy✨
Drake Haarper
Drake Haarper 6 months ago
Samsung comes out with innovative products and then Apple executes them better - Samsung released the world’s first phone with an MP3 and a year later Apple unveiled the iPhone. Samsung tends to stop supporting their previous products after new products - and Google’s Android is so fragmented. Samsung makes good hardware but without reliable running os and update supports for the devices after a couple years.
Robbos 6 months ago
The 'Thunk' is the sound of your screen slowly dying :P
Storm Entertainment
Storm Entertainment 6 months ago
I just don’t like how when it’s closed the screen is so small, if the screen was bigger instead of a lil mini screen then I’d buy
Kyron Baxter
Kyron Baxter 3 months ago
Tbh it's not so bad. I rarely use the front screen
kilemoon 6 months ago
Most expensive dont buy
3 plus 6 equals
3 plus 6 equals 7 months ago
Does it work at concerts? then it will be the best phone ever made... if not then it just like all the others that don't work at concerts
Epic Terry
Epic Terry 7 months ago
people would get this as a flex.. if we could afford it
Alex Bartha
Alex Bartha 7 months ago
Let's root it guys
lourdes jimenez
lourdes jimenez 7 months ago
lenra aliuga
lenra aliuga 7 months ago
That is one ugly smartphone.
TheWilcoxExperience 7 months ago
Can I open and close it 2000000 times?
냐르 7 months ago
2009 - wow I don't need to fold my phone 2019 - wow I can fold my phone now :)
Reggie Turner
Reggie Turner 7 months ago
Mine wouldn’t charge and got very hot!!!!! RETURN!!!!!!!
udit sharma
udit sharma 7 months ago
Today I got whole shocked when this video was shown in my sociology lecture in university. I had butterflies running in my stomach that let me speak on that video I saw it pretty well and many times. I even have subscribed thay dude professor let me speak on how this guy came out as the review king on RUvid. 😄
Jenova Loz
Jenova Loz 7 months ago
12g’s of RAM? Daymn!...too bad it’s a flawed concept :(
Jenova Loz
Jenova Loz 7 months ago
Just buy a Samsung Tab or iPad...who what’s this??
Jenova Loz
Jenova Loz 7 months ago
If mastered, it’d make a great kids tablet, and that’s not a insult....actually nevermind it’d break with the first hour within a child’s grasp lol ditch the fold Samsung! Just focus on a totally bezel-less phone, 100% edge to edge OLED screen with a super powerful and optimized version of whatever Android OS you use
Art Smith
Art Smith 7 months ago
Nice presentation. Thanks. Especially helpful to hear the price.
Too young to be old
Too young to be old 8 months ago
I want a folding tablet, without the phone malarkey.
Too young to be old
Too young to be old 8 months ago
I wonder if after a lot a of usage, the folding screen just tears down the middle.
Denice Bautista
Denice Bautista 4 days ago
@Bartholomäus Allen yeah man you're right haha, but I don't do that so in my perspective not much haha
Bartholomäus Allen
@Denice Bautista It's long enough that people will upgrade their phone in a few years and throw the old one away.
Denice Bautista
Denice Bautista 4 days ago
@Bartholomäus Allen that's not much ...
Bartholomäus Allen
Bartholomäus Allen 7 months ago
Samsung says the fold mechanism and screen is rated for 200,000 openings and closings.
MRGOODMAN86 8 months ago
I am on my Samsung Galaxy s10 I will stick with this one but team android mfer 😂😂😂👍
JDIV Media LLC 8 months ago
Bro!!! Why you’re using a RED to record a Vlog!!! Over kill lol. Great video.
sue kirsh
sue kirsh 8 months ago
Phone with magnets, probably not good for people, like my brother, with a pace maker
Arcadia 64
Arcadia 64 8 months ago
gonna follow the golden rule of new tech: Wait a generation or two before you buy it.
Michael Chavez
Michael Chavez 8 months ago
So Samsung made their tablets foldable? That's cute.
Husain Aljamal
Husain Aljamal 8 months ago
This is my favorite intro of 2019!
D Mer
D Mer 8 months ago
For the price of this stupid shit, i can get a regular phone and a high quality silicone sex doll. No thanks.
Ozzie Alarcon
Ozzie Alarcon 8 months ago
More gimmicky crap from Samsung. You'd think they'd be smarter about investing in silly gadgets like this by now. But then again, they can afford to take the gamble even though it'll probably flop.....
Jean Clover
Jean Clover 8 months ago
What in the hell is a goddamn bixby button?
iamkoreaboo 8 months ago
Good video thank u bro
AndrewLifts 8 months ago
This phone does not really make sense unless you really don't want to carry a Tablet with you ..
Olga Alvarado
Olga Alvarado 8 months ago
Where can I purchase it?
Henning Gu
Henning Gu 8 months ago
And it's coming back :D Excited
MarVFV 9 months ago
How do you make a tpu cover with a phone like this?
my life is horrible
my life is horrible 9 months ago
Jerryrig should do a bend-test on this one😂😂😂
To Yeet Or To Be Yeeted
What is the point of this...
gacha life hayatı
gacha life hayatı 9 months ago
Ellerinin beyaz olması gerekmiyormu
GATURKS 9 months ago
RUvidr GATURKS says: Something about this just doesn't strike well.... hmmmm
imicca 9 months ago
Why are you referring it as a phone? Its not a phone
Husnain Waleed 364 BSCS Fa 18 Sec I
Hey anyone, which is the car racing game he were playing.
Reinhart Sieger
Reinhart Sieger 9 months ago
so in terms of aspect ratios we finally got back to 4:3 ;) ...imagine how many times you will have to fold one that comes in 16:9
Exa 9 months ago
JerryRigEverything might be able to fix the Galaxy Fold
tannerchase19 9 months ago
This phone is completely stupid and unnecessary. Clear to me since it's two thousand fckin dollars that Samsung will be raking in cash from the phone itself and repairs. Wow, they're turning into apple.
SMKMODGAMES 9 months ago
Where can I buy it I need the link pls
bonobonospy123 9 months ago
In a month Samsung will sell galaxy fold. I cant decide buy folde or note10. What do you think? Which one is more comfortable usable thing?
Dooge 9 months ago
Finally I can watch CS:S frag movies in full screen.
Danny Knapp
Danny Knapp 9 months ago
Good Job. Awesome review
Tianxu Ma
Tianxu Ma 9 months ago
Edd0000001 10 months ago
Is the outer screen glass? What case would come with that?
James Armijo
James Armijo 10 months ago
I hope this phone is a good idea, I'm seriously considering getting one in September. 😘🤔
Nate DS
Nate DS 10 months ago
To be fair when you have a phone like this you can kind of excuse the headphone jack
Omar Eshtiwi
Omar Eshtiwi 10 months ago
Beautiful phone,man it's future,I love it definitely got to get one but when gets little cheaper.thank you
John 10 months ago
Laugh if the magnets blown up the phone and the battery drain cus of 3 screens
slepx 10 months ago
I would be just as impressed to see people manage to make cases for this phone
torture.io 10 months ago
slepx ya
Felix Balata
Felix Balata 10 months ago
wow nice bro!
The Cereal Guy
The Cereal Guy 10 months ago
karolak kolo
karolak kolo 10 months ago
Wait a second, isn't this basically a flipphone version 2.0?
john molnar
john molnar 10 months ago
iPhones have become a joke. Even at the AT&T store where I got my S10... the salesman even told us that iphones have gone way downhill. He said in the beginning they were innovative and always was coming out with something new. Now they're just copying Samsung all the time. The iPhone doesn't change enough to justify spending money on the new model every time one comes out. I had the very 1st iPhone when it came out and I thought it was absolutely unbelievable. Now...you couldn't give me one for free. They have just become a gimmick. A lot of people that get them now as a status statement. They want to show off that they have the newest Apple phone on the market.
steve plonka
steve plonka 9 months ago
Iphone is better.
Pratyush Kumar Sahu
Pratyush Kumar Sahu 11 months ago
Magnets + lip + notch 4380mah and multi Window are solid features for sure, smartbwork Samsung. MKBHD is elaborate as a usual
Antwane Walker
Antwane Walker 11 months ago
Outside screen should've been bigger for the price tag
Gian Lucas Cardoso Corapi
The front screen seems horrible
Miaa Carina
Miaa Carina 11 months ago
too thick and too wide for me.
nick nick
nick nick 11 months ago
A7 Samsung
nick nick
nick nick 11 months ago
Adrina The Great
Adrina The Great 11 months ago
Another piece of junk for the must have generation of halfwits, oh look I've got a folding tablet big whoop
C11 11 months ago
6:51 LOL
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