Samsung Galaxy Fold Hands-On Review: Digging Deep Into The Fold

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Samsung’s first-ever foldable phone feels like it’s from the future, but also stuck in the past. The Galaxy Fold is packed to the brim with all the latest, and it works seamlessly - but the thick design and chunky bezels around the front reminds me of the T-Mobile Sidekick.
That’s part of the trade-off that comes with a phone this different. It’s unlike any other, and it will drastically change the way you use your phone. Foldable phones will usher in a new world of multitasking on the go, and though its design isn’t perfect, Samsung’s first step is promising.
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Comments 100
Digital Trends
Digital Trends Month ago
Are you interested in buying a foldable phone? What do you think of Samsung's?
Faiz Hussein
Faiz Hussein 6 days ago
I want to but I can't afford it.Please give me one so I can give my wife as a gift for our 16th wedding anniversary.Thanks
Optillian 20 days ago
The Fold is the superior device.
Chepoi Izzy
Chepoi Izzy 25 days ago
Huawei folding phone is better.... far more better than samsung. sorry samsung fanboy!!!!
Dave M
Dave M Month ago
parsona nan grata
Too exp.
taffgriff69 6 days ago
Did anybody else see the table rising as he unfolded the big box, just to reveal the little box😂😂😂he's a "simple man" afterall😩😊 This guy has got a boner just opening the box....humanity is fucked!
Clouden λLΞχιś
reallyyy.. that's a next genreation product bro! dont unbox it this way. im heart broken.
LovesTheGash 19 days ago
Retarded phone
Kay Hud
Kay Hud 23 days ago
Some reviewers are weird!!! Dude is dropping everything inside box and is reviewing the box like it's the product... Get on with it bro, we know what's in the box the usual books and s**t!
duvallkid1991 23 days ago
I was super excited for this phone. It's flimsy and will break in half too easily , DUD
Richie Rich
Richie Rich 25 days ago
Ah this guy is the worst youtuber ever . This is a piss poor review! Use someone else next time.
Serubis 27 days ago
that ugly notch killed it for me when you open it up to watch movies lol huawei mate x #1
Merritt Olsen
Merritt Olsen 27 days ago
you can see blue/white waves moving diagonally on the big screen.
Apollonia Lambertus
Would Cricket works?
Not Andrew
Not Andrew 27 days ago
Thanks for saying "let's put the case on it" and then never putting the case on. Great.
Re Pe
Re Pe 28 days ago
A waste of money IMO. Ok it folds but so what?
Pavle Pavlovic
Pavle Pavlovic 28 days ago
so now display wont brake from fall now it will brake from folding
Mad Max
Mad Max Month ago
Looks like 2 phones of different color bind together.., it's so bulky..looks like radio handset too.. Nice haircut BTW....,lolz
Jasmine VJA
Jasmine VJA Month ago
i would love this if there was a way to make it durable. I dont even mind the crease, but for anything i spend money on, it better last. 2Gs is steep as all hell but i can see myself doing it on a finance plan like all the phones ive ever had. Ive always wanted a note, but wanted to be able to fit it in smaller spaces
Only Serious Content
Best unboxing yet! Even better than unbox therapy channel, which didn't even see or unbox the included 2 part case. Good Job if you ask me!
Priya Natasha
Priya Natasha Month ago
This is what happens when you upload video more than 10 minutes lmao 😂 so see there 👉🏻👉🏻 u got alots of hater
mushedroom's toy box
everyone is saying the screen is soft and plastic. is it reminiscent of the palm treo touch screen? is this a resistive touch?
Benjamin Jordan
Benjamin Jordan Month ago
I hate the tiny folded screen, no way. I think it would have to be at least the size of the s10 to consider buying.
Alb San
Alb San Month ago
cyberfennek Month ago
Packaging costs a lot these days XD
KEN BEE Month ago
"I'm a simple man.....and that excites me"
Zz G
Zz G Month ago
“看!那个生物长得真丑,真奇怪!” 两年后, “哦,原来那是螃蟹。” 若干年后, “这螃蟹真香!老板,再来一盘。” "Look! How ugly and strange that creature is! Two years later, "Oh, it's a crab." Years later, "How delicious the crab is! Boss, another plate." "보세요.정말 못생겼어요. 정말 이상해요." 2년 후에, "아, 게가 게였구나." 몇 년 후, "이 게는 정말 향기롭구나!사장님, 한 판 더 하세요. 「ほら!その生き物は丑くて、変だ!」 2年後 「ああ、カニだったんだ」 数年後には 「このカニは本当においしい!マスター、もう一皿。」 "Regardez! Cette créature est vraiment laide et étrange!" Deux ans plus tard, "Oh, c’est du crabe." Quelques années plus tard, "Ce crabe sent si bon! Patron, un autre plateau." --Mr.GZ
Dave Hammond
Dave Hammond Month ago
well at least you didn't peel off the confusing 'proterctive' screen which breaks the screens device it in the first week like most other reviewers seem to have done ;-)) . SERIOUS FLAWS with this folding screen / protector that is not removable - need to watch other reviews before spending TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS on a beta device that is so flawed
Sky Fall
Sky Fall Month ago
space for your apps? haha you can do that on a tablet
Sky Fall
Sky Fall Month ago
dnt like the front display. they cheaped out on the front one.
deanc2000 Month ago
I would consider getting the second or 3rd generation of this. Make the front screen larger, and how about an e-ink mode?
Sandra L.F.H.
Sandra L.F.H. Month ago
Waiting for the galaxy fold Note
banana mango
banana mango Month ago
The longest opening of all those boring Boxes.. Feel sleepy...already.. Are we there yet??? 🤭 ..... 😒Will somebody fire this guy 6:17 NOoooo!!! Dumb Ass!! DON'T PELL THE FRONT PLASTIC ...!!!😱😰👺
Obi Dark
Obi Dark Month ago
Don't peel the protective layer it may break. Don't try to close it the wrong way it may bulge. Don't keep the phone on because this ultra thin amoled will burn in quick. Just don't buy 😂
Berk Can
Berk Can Month ago
if it comes with buds on retail it is like 1.8k which seems fair for the 1st gen.
Good guy Greg
Good guy Greg Month ago
6:58 wipe it 20:09 drop it Prooopaaaa reviewed 😭🤣
S Al
S Al Month ago
Shitty unboxing
alcylon Month ago
Why all the hype about a folded phone? We had folded phones i 2008 like Nokia 6650
Blxck Jezus
Blxck Jezus Month ago
This video is long for no reason. Just fast forward to 7:15
Romain DUPUY
Romain DUPUY Month ago
The front screen is ridiculous.
door droo
door droo Month ago
thats good samsung
Marcus Zarafonetis
i will say, this is a very cool unboxing experience. but too many problems and not really a finished product. I'll stick with my Galaxy s10 510 gb that hasn't broke yet
Living Stones
Living Stones Month ago
Terrible lighting....more training needed :)
LIAM ENEUK Month ago
23:18 turn out it is late enough to tell how durable the hinge is, so sorry for Samsung.
Lilly Padgett
Lilly Padgett Month ago
Get a top down cam y'all
Father Finger
Father Finger Month ago
C Love
C Love Month ago
Sound like a kid talking to a girl for the first time.. all jittery and nervous.
Charles Mallory
Charles Mallory Month ago
There's no way these can stand up to kids. So don't have any kids!
Loading now
Loading now Month ago
It’s no wonder these phones have been malfunctioning judging by the way this douche handles it
Diego Assandri
Diego Assandri Month ago
So boring this man !
Salim 90
Salim 90 Month ago
Bezels...fatter...than...your...mom 🤮🤮🤮🤮
The case is made out of "two separate peaches" 😂
basdfgwe Month ago
Does the one ui look dumb with this form factor ?
basdfgwe Month ago
I'd really like to get a foldable phone, but over the last year Ive cracked the screen on three phones so I don't trust myself. What I'd like to see is the folable phone with spen.
Adigun Forest
Adigun Forest Month ago
Has he not heard about the fucked up.screen?
De Lorni
De Lorni Month ago
But who is going to remember about the unboxing experience few months down the line? Probably nobody. Me, personally, I would be annoyed having to take so much time unpacking to get to see my 'new baby' 😉
De Lorni
De Lorni Month ago
+KEN BEE why would you put a box in another box? Then that box in another box and so on. It does not make any sense whatsoever 🤷‍♂️
KEN BEE Month ago
And the first products for this new policy? All the S10 series of phones....and the Galaxy Fold
KEN BEE Month ago
+De Lorni And it turns out its you that's been under a rock.... So I guess you never heard? That samsung are now using fully sustainable packaging across ALL their products. Not just phones but TVs, Fridges, Tanks and whatever else Samsung manufacture....all the way down to their chargers
De Lorni
De Lorni Month ago
+KEN BEE you must be living in some parallel world we have no access to. Don't be selfish and think about the environment. Unboxing experience is good for children at Christmas time, not for adults when they buy an item. It applies to any product made and packed on this planet. Open your eyes wider. Anyway, they propably managed only to make the good box, not the phone itself. The phone lasts only about two days. SHAME ON YOU SAMSUNG!
KEN BEE Month ago
Lol Calm down First of all... The unboxing experience is one of the best parts of picking up a new phone. It's a special edition phone, the experience is supposed to be special and that's what they give you here. And a first time unboxing is a very lasting impression
Victor Tran
Victor Tran Month ago
I don’t want a foldable phone. I want a hologram phone watch just advance as in the movie predator in a Apple Watch form factor
Kim Jong Un
Kim Jong Un Month ago
This dude doesn't even to unbox a phone 😆
Hernan Ortiz Jr.
using magnets on any phone messes up the phone
KEN BEE Month ago
What are you talking about...?
Hernan Ortiz Jr.
you just messes up the phone by taking off the 'black plastic' which was part of the screen
samo beats
samo beats Month ago
I'm definitely gonna buy gen 2 or 3 of the fold
Cityboy Month ago
Please don't let this guy do anymore unboxing.
Clarence Lim
Clarence Lim Month ago
Phillip Pugh
Phillip Pugh Month ago
Dude stick to Apple products gezz please read up before you try to review a product
VRK Month ago
I find this phone beyond ugly😱😱😱😱 Good review though 👍
lilgman191 Month ago
that's a total douche hairdo bro
Pawel Wityk
Pawel Wityk Month ago
what an utter waste of packaging material, just for the purpose of looking 'cool' when unboxing which will then inevitably thrown away instantly afterwards... shame samsung
Lamar Taylor
Lamar Taylor Month ago
A day later reports are piling up on Twitter showing broken screen on the Galaxy Fold. Lots of hype flooded RUvid but now everyone is quiet now that issues are popping up.
Frank Merfalen
Frank Merfalen Month ago
Horrible,negative review!
sparkes44 Month ago
Clearly an apple fan he slates it consistently
Chris Matson
Chris Matson Month ago
Maybe because he doesn't like it? The crease just kills it for me and they can do so much better with that front screen.
M I C H Month ago
Fanboys getting angry because the reviewer isn't a fanboy, this isn't a place for sheep so move on idiots. Mate x has a better design more futuristic.
Will Shrop
Will Shrop Month ago
People complaining about the "negativity." Maybe....just maybe....his opinion of the phone doesn't line up with yours. Maybe.
I LightenStar I
I LightenStar I Month ago
I like how you took your time to unbox the Galaxy Fold.
frag8570 Month ago
This guy is shit
Jay Bugatti
Jay Bugatti Month ago
This unboxing was just shitty. Took away from the unboxing experience.
Hani OT
Hani OT Month ago
is it dual sim ?
Music Lover
Music Lover Month ago
00:59 This clown needs remedial education. You know his type: you let 'em borrow things and they return it all grubby - stop giving him products to review!
Can it be used with Samsung DeX docking cradle for Galaxy phones?
Giuseppe Pipitone
Deficiente.....!!! Una presentazione del cazz....
Jefferson Diaz
Jefferson Diaz Month ago
Well my Samsung Galaxy friends I guess you gonna have to get used to a 4.6" screen again lol
Jefferson Diaz
Jefferson Diaz Month ago
If Apple made something like this people would go nuts criticizing it and calling it some kind of gates but it Samsung so they're giving it a lot of passes
camaro69 Month ago
We get it, you're retarded. Now stop spamming.
Jefferson Diaz
Jefferson Diaz Month ago
This is so retarded I can do the same thing I can grab my iPhone 4 and read something on the website and am I want to see that a bigger screen I pull out my iPad Mini wala
romain h
romain h Month ago
25 min 😔 u could have done this in 3 min with time to spare 🤦‍♂️ I’m just say🤫
Shank Adams
Shank Adams Month ago
Shivam Sharma
Shivam Sharma Month ago
Honestly, this is just a money grab for Samsung and for Samsung sheep to say they did it first even thou the implementation is very poor. The 4inch screen on front is useless but it folds? Just get a small tablet for a fraction of the cost and then a Samsung S10
Eiceys Month ago
Worst review
Oliver Dante Fabian
The words he uses when he held the phone the first time: ugly, weird, ridiculous, very dusty (and I was amazed he has a cleaning cloth ready!) And then talks about all the negative stuff he can say just within his first encounter. Good job 👍
Nothing 2 do
Nothing 2 do Month ago
Im really afraid that the Galaxy Fold will not be successful enough. The 1st gen is always the least refine, and i really want one instead of the note now. But i cant afford it currently and afraid Samsung might discontinue this in the future.
S Al
S Al Month ago
Nothing 2 do why r u afraid? Did u buy one? Fool
Robert Johnston
Robert Johnston Month ago
What? In the land of the free you can't buy a phone and choose any carrier?
Lovelle Stinnette
Why is it that you don't realize that the smaller screen is not meant to be used as a primary screen, it's secondary, that's why Samsung designed it that way, they want you to open the phone more, than focus on the outside screen..... That would defeat the purpose of the phone if you had a very big screen externally.
KEN BEE Month ago
I mean, sure they could want users to open up that inside screen more often But that's not anywhere near the main reason they had a tiny display on the outside
KEN BEE Month ago
That and the internal form factor pf the phone as it's made. A screen on the outside, many camera modules, another large (folding) screen on the inside, two large batteries....
KEN BEE Month ago
+Lovelle Stinnette I don't know about Samsung wanting users to open the device up more.... I guess they probably would But the reason the outside screen is so small is because of costs. The "phone" costs a ruinous amount as it is now, theyd have had to slap on an impossible asking price if it alao had a full 6 inch something Amoled screen on the outside as well
Lovelle Stinnette
+KEN BEE and the reason being? Regardless of the reasoning, it doesn't negate what I said about the inside screen
KEN BEE Month ago
That's not why it's small....
steven teoh
steven teoh Month ago
Julian please get a better hairstyle
Mojo Month ago
Folding phones, well never take off... They are a failure Already
Gecko Month ago
You honestly know nothing.
SavageArfad Month ago
Apparently tablets wouldnt take off either, not.
TheDjstart75 Month ago
I disagree I like a bigger screen but not all big and wide in my pocket so folding it in half is a perfect idea...look at the big wide iPhone that thing is so big in people pocket I know what kind of phone it is before they pull it out lol
Imran Khan
Imran Khan Month ago
you are just a total mess man!!! what's wrong with you? 🤦🏻‍♂️ everything just slipped from your hand!! 😑😑 your mistakes makes this video more uncomfortable to watch!! 🙄
Jay Bugatti
Jay Bugatti Month ago
Imran Khan it's cringy to watch.
Mark Month ago
LOL, why did he open sideways? Isn't it natural to open upward?
Oliver Dante Fabian
He’s a simple man 1:19
thebluray Month ago
Looks like a mini tablet. I do not think this phone will sell as well as they expect it to. First generation for $2k. Apple ipad -iPad Pro and their PCs are cheaper. I really think the price will be a deal breaker.
Salim 90
Salim 90 Month ago
+Leon Jimenez and they'll all be recalled because of that hinge 😂
Leon Jimenez
Leon Jimenez Month ago
It will sell out. They stopped taking reservations after the first day.
De Lorni
De Lorni Month ago
It's a joke! People, just look how much paper/cardboard has been wasted to make these boxes 🤦‍♂️
Waleed Khalid
Waleed Khalid Month ago
+De Lorni lol nice example .. I agree one will do like what they do with their other premium devices. I guess it's their way this time to give you a special unboxing experience. Again it's echo friendly materials so that's still a positive thing I guess.
De Lorni
De Lorni Month ago
+Waleed Khalid it's still a joke. This packaging looks like russian Matryoshka dolls. One box inside another box. No need for that. Everyone should be going as green as possible nowadays. We all care about the contents of the pack, not about the pack itself. Plain single box wouldn't stop people buying a device if they want one.
Waleed Khalid
Waleed Khalid Month ago
Samsung has replaced plastic packaging with eco-friendly materials since the 1st half of 2019
I'm out of here after you did a douche bag drop out of the box, I'll catch a real unboxing on another channel!
Tamimi Ah
Tamimi Ah Month ago
Waiting for the Fold 2 with the side curve!
Richie Rich
Richie Rich Month ago
Honestly for something that's a brand new product I found this reviewer really negative! He went on and on initially about the crease. Then he whined about the bezels on the front of the smaller phone. Seriously! This is innovative game changing tech! It's in its infancy it will get better. But FFS give it a chance. Please use someone else next time. I didn't even watch it to the end as I was cringing so much. Everybody else has been so excited and enthusiastic about their unboxing and review . Well apart from this dude. And other thing ,tidy up the box after the video. It was like a while minute of this fella putting the box back together. I don't want to see that! Fantastic product. Really poor video
Harvey Grant
Harvey Grant Month ago
@UCKKqhkExbxdutqFDi83tklg "My point still stands, that if Apple had done it people (on the Android side) wouldn’t be giving it a pass." I know that, but I don't give a sh*t about that, My opinion still stands, even if it was Apple who came out first with this phone, I hate ALL fanboys, focus on the tech, not the maker. "If you’re magnanimous enough to overlook this Android based devices shortcomings" The "shortcomings" you're referring to are not shortcomings to me, you're acting like something is COMPLETELY wrong with the phone, of course there's no such thing as the perfect phone (in the case of all phones), but it looks very functional and durable (my only concern) to me, the price is disappointing, but the phone is not, in my opinion.
Harvey Grant
Harvey Grant Month ago
+Calvin Green My first, second and third smartphones were iPhones, and ALL of my tablets have been iPads, so? sorry, no "fanboyism" here buddy, so take that "biases" bullsh*t somewhere else, I hate ALL fanboys, thats why I wrote my first comment. I think the $2000 price tag is f*cking ridiculous, I don't like the crease, but it's bendable plastic (what did people expect, to have a totally flat bendable screen?) so as long as the crease isn't coming through while it's being used, I could care less, and all of the top dog reviewers (some major critics like MBKHD), had nothing but good things to say about the phone, they criticised it also but didn't "nitpick" every little thing like the guy in this video. The innovation of a "bendable" video screen that you can put in your pocket, is worth more than the petty "shortcomings" that you're referring to.
Harvey Grant
Harvey Grant Month ago
Yeah, this dude really sucks, complaining about petty sh*t the entire video. This dude has "Apple" written all over him, all of the top dog reviewers have given the phone praise (with constructive criticism also), and then this review comes along, you can hear the "I already don't care for Samsung" in his voice, if this was an Apple product, he would've been excited. This is why you don't let Apple sheep review Samsung products, because they try their hardest to find something wrong with the phone at every turn, to try to make the product seem undesirable.
Elias Benlahbib
Elias Benlahbib Month ago
2:26 : "I am going set this aside for just a second" You lied you set it aside for almost a minute
Richie Rich
Richie Rich Month ago
Ok let's set something straight right off the bat. A foldable phone WILL have a crease. It would be impossible to have a foldable phone without a crease. It's inevitable that the crease will be visible. There's nothing you can do about it. Hey let's embrace the crease and stop whining about it! It is what it is. Be thankful that Samsung is bringing something new to the phone market! As the market has gone stale!
Lars Dennert
Lars Dennert Month ago
Best review I've seen. Thanks for using the outside screen. Gboard sliding might work on the outside screen
Vernal Scott
Vernal Scott Month ago
My current phone is the very capable Honor Note 10 and I have no intention of downgrading it for some nonsense overpriced plactic-clad hinge called innovation.
Richie Rich
Richie Rich Month ago
Ok that's up to you!
Mateo Orlaineta
Mateo Orlaineta Month ago
Once you finish doing stuff with it can I get it?
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