Samsung Galaxy A80 - ROTATING CAMERA Hands-on Review!

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The new 2019 Samsung Galaxy A80 Smartphone is here, with a rotating triple camera! This is my hands on review of the smartphone.
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Comments 100
Mrwhosetheboss Month ago
Who else thinks this is a genius idea? But will it beat the OnePlus 7? 🤔
Sajan Abhilash M
Sajan Abhilash M 6 days ago
Making a case for this will be hard
Himanshu Vashishtha
No it can't beat oneplus 7
Ritu Gautam
Ritu Gautam 13 days ago
No way. One plus is the God of all phones
Dharshan Moorthi
Dharshan Moorthi 14 days ago
Shivank Srivastava
Shivank Srivastava 19 days ago
Sweekar Patil
Sweekar Patil 8 hours ago
Asus zenfone 6 is better than this
Alessandra Giovanna Asali
A80 vs s8, what do you think?
333 peacher
333 peacher 17 hours ago
flipping camera is a terrible idea.
Mystic Gamer
Mystic Gamer 21 hour ago
this camera rotation looks weird
wence garces
wence garces Day ago
how much is samsung a80???
RedmiNote5Pro Gaming
*Zenfone 6* 👌👌👌
RedmiNote5Pro Gaming
+ollie gray yes you van download the app Amazon / Flipkart and search .
ollie gray
ollie gray Day ago
+RedmiNote5Pro Gaming prebook for Australia?
RedmiNote5Pro Gaming
+ollie gray you can check on Flipkart it says coming soon you can pre book .
ollie gray
ollie gray Day ago
+RedmiNote5Pro Gaming please say
ollie gray
ollie gray Day ago
+RedmiNote5Pro Gaming how long till it's released
selw0nk Day ago
Is this Samsung's first phone without the headphone jack?
Aveion Wilson
Aveion Wilson 4 hours ago
Would've been the Fold but yeah, it's the first officially released.
Uzma Tafseer
Uzma Tafseer Day ago
Image stabilization?
Cobwal 2 days ago
Good luck creating a case for this
Seyha Gaming
Seyha Gaming 2 days ago
This phone is full screen.
The Angelz Team xxxthecoolxxx
Cover case?
Shamsher Razzak
Shamsher Razzak 3 days ago
This was perfect for me, i dont even care about the headphone jack, but no OIS will make crappy jerky videos
vlad iordache
vlad iordache 3 days ago
What I personally think about these technologies, is that are like when the fist rotating camera like the LG back in the 2005 with the video call experience, with time,they break, so personally I would never buy such a smartphone, at this point, better the notch, or what I love, Sony 3-4 year old design
Irfan Hilmi
Irfan Hilmi 4 days ago
Imagine a gcam mod on this
TheKawaiiCookie 4 days ago
I'm still rocking the Samsung galaxy s8 plus and it works fine for me :) battery still good on mine
Sovan Phay
Sovan Phay 4 days ago
Phone case: I'm gonna control this world. Samsung A80: I'm gonna end this man whole career.
joab rey
joab rey 4 days ago
ip rating???
Wrathinside 4 days ago
3700mAh in a 6.7" device? That's nowhere near a good battery.
Aveion Wilson
Aveion Wilson 4 hours ago
The charger is super fast though. 25W.
Danny S.
Danny S. 5 days ago
Am I the only one who saw supersaf in the background?
Sean Briggs
Sean Briggs 5 days ago
Watching the camera flip made me cringe. Looks like a shitty transition
Anders 5 days ago
0:08 and no headphone jack and no micro SD
shemshamer 5 days ago
Does it have optical image stabilization?
Mahdy Fouad
Mahdy Fouad 5 days ago
no head phone jack folks
MrDigit420 5 days ago
Let me take a selfie. 15 seconds later
gunasegar s
gunasegar s 5 days ago
You can buy OP 7 at this price and can expect 2 years guaranteed software update.. many of those who think to buy Samsung can wait for another month to fall in price.. Samsung is such a cheap they will charge high and bring it to low... Any how better luck to those guys who are hard core Samsung Fans..😊
SpaceRock 5 days ago
Freaking expensive though
Wwind Ddaroui
Wwind Ddaroui 6 days ago
oppo F11 PRO
belal tabish
belal tabish 6 days ago
Zenfone 6 with flip camera has done this too. It's amazing.
Xarrak Khan
Xarrak Khan 6 days ago
Would it be crazy to say that I thought of something like this 2 years ago?
Нови Сад Србија
Sony XZ Premium my next phone
Griggle Wriggle
Griggle Wriggle 6 days ago
1:37 Is that SuperSaf on the right??
x-_-x D4NG3R x-_-x
4:30 supersaff 😂😂😂😂
Madhavie Herath
Madhavie Herath 6 days ago
good luck finding a case
Jason Chan
Jason Chan 7 days ago
0:12 SuperSaf!
Amir DAR
Amir DAR 7 days ago
C'est pas mal mais je préfère la caméra rotative du Galaxy A80. C'est plus joli à mon goût
Troy Truong
Troy Truong 7 days ago
Too big n long. Low specs. Asus zenfone 6 is better!!!!!!!!
VK B 7 days ago
Anyone else here after watching ZenFone 6 rotating 📷
Anthony Canney
YUP. The A80 might end up having a better display.. but the ZenFone 6 takes FULL advantage of the rotating features to allow for additional features AND is designed in a manner that would still allow for it to have a phone case. I feel like Samsung got a little carried away with trying to make the phone rotation feature "unique" rather than functional and multipurpose. Who would ever create a phone with a rotating camera.. that can't function WHILE it rotates... good job Samsung!
vrushank tankaria
+Wrathinside No. i said apart from amoled display zenfone 6 is outstanding... Also look at the price difference...
Wrathinside 4 days ago
+vrushank tankariaYou mean amoled display A80 makes IPS display Zenfone 6 look like a joke?
vrushank tankaria
accept amoled display zenfone makes A80 look like a joke.
Ionut 7 days ago
It will be a massive fail.
Sourabh Borkar
Sourabh Borkar 7 days ago
Anyone here after new Zenfone 6??
adeN 7 days ago
Cases: Samsung: Im about to *end this mans whole carrier* Cases: wait n;,.-;;,;:..;,
Mustafa Ekinci
Mustafa Ekinci 7 days ago
frustated student
No headphone jack *Zenfone 6 join the chat
Maaz Ali
Maaz Ali 7 days ago
Samsung - Check my innovation . Zenfone 6- Hold my Bear !
Lu Silk
Lu Silk 7 days ago
top marks
Safa Adam
Safa Adam 7 days ago
That phone is..... THICCCCC!
TabraizTZ 8 days ago
Samsung A80 vs One Plus 7 pro (I still think the one plus wins😂)
jdeid sjdjd
jdeid sjdjd 4 days ago
Flagship vs midlerange, it’s just no sense
AshOvOBanks 7 days ago
Yet you can't afford any of those 2 phones
Irfan Pervaiz
Irfan Pervaiz 8 days ago
where is this mobile available
radib r.
radib r. 8 days ago
About the half of the price you can get a snapdragon 845 device. And to me performance is everything
fargeeks 8 days ago
no headphone Jack!!! yeah I'm not settling with ear buds that will require replacing in the future
Admiral Ackbar
Admiral Ackbar 8 days ago
1:15 who saw supersaf?
Admiral Ackbar
Admiral Ackbar 8 days ago
Why not snapdragon 855 😫
jdeid sjdjd
jdeid sjdjd 4 days ago
Admiral Ackbar it doesn’t matter to have it considered that the snapdragon 730 will consume less the battery than the 855. In another hand, with the 730 the a80 is perfectly fluid. So in my opinion it’s a good choices.
Islamic Stuff
Islamic Stuff 9 days ago
Join this chat.whatsapp.com/H6H72tL7Y3WGhJ51VgZXzp
blitzzz75 9 days ago
"nO HeAdpHoNe jAcK" Translation: Am a poor pleb that can't afford a wireless sound solution, yet looking at cutting edge and possibly expensive mobiles, so I have to hide my uncool inferiority somehow as I can't afford that phone anyways.
Wrathinside 4 days ago
Indeed. Especially since the the audio quality of an iDAC is basically similar to wireless, so people with anything above 500$, even 300$ - should really move to a BT5 cable, TWS or a Shanling M0-like solution.
nasc rmascheduling2012
how much?
Huz Ibr
Huz Ibr 10 days ago
I like this phone. Full screen
ManishRaj singh Tomar
Samsung guys needs to chill now, This kind of showoff is brutal ...
Jamie Jmz
Jamie Jmz 10 days ago
Will this come to the US market and if so which carrier?
AG 2105
AG 2105 10 days ago
It should be called the a380 due to the size of it
Faran Ahmad
Faran Ahmad 11 days ago
1:42 saf boi in background
Carmela De Leon
Carmela De Leon 11 days ago
Aside from headset jack, please note A80 is NOT EXPANDABLE. So I still goes to A70 with sd card slot up to 512 gb :)
Ali Abid
Ali Abid 12 days ago
Waiting for built-in screen camera😋
Himanshu Vashishtha
Hey arun what is the screen to body ration
God 13 days ago
I dont know whether to get it or not because of the rotating thing i dont want to buy it for it to break after a year or so or because of cases not being good
penquin 13 days ago
no bezels great screen on screen fingerprint scanner 25w charger which is alright good battery life No headphone jack :(
Carlito De klerck
Carlito De klerck 13 days ago
Maybe im weird but i dont like the design because i get really smalll hands so when i take a selfie it is not so hard to steal my phone out of my hands
VIKNESH R S 13 days ago
Will this support wireless charging???
👌I can't wait to buy A80. 👌I love the Camera . 👌I love 6.7 Bezeless Display.
Bf 109 F2
Bf 109 F2 13 days ago
And I thought the Energizer Phone with the retractable Camera was cool....
Jesus Alvarez
Jesus Alvarez 14 days ago
So when is the release date on this phone I've been trying to look for it already and all I see is the Galaxy a 70
Cyber Hacker
Cyber Hacker 14 days ago
OMG!! Its even better than my New Huawei Y330!!! end my life pls
Will Crayford
Will Crayford 14 days ago
Isn't that phone from 2015 🤦
Darren Edwards
Darren Edwards 15 days ago
Will this get a U.S. release?
Gabz87 15 days ago
Love how smooth Aron's voice is! Makes watching RUvid a relaxing experience. Hate it when the phone reviewers scream like hyperactive baboons on coke.
xerg1o 16 days ago
Monday : Galaxy A50 review Yesterday : Galaxy A70 review Now : Galaxy A80 is now here
themucker15 Kai
themucker15 Kai 16 days ago
Who else really likes that wallpaper at 2:51? How do I get that?
Mica Bianca Olayvar
Jackmjedi 16 days ago
holy shit Samsung is innovating so much this yeah and last
Remote Access
Remote Access 16 days ago
does it have wireless charging?
paulo Fortin
paulo Fortin 16 days ago
Just you wait till Jerry gets his hands on this
Talha Irfan
Talha Irfan 16 days ago
Rajiv Malhotra
Rajiv Malhotra 16 days ago
Chinese smart phone makers: we beat Apple, now to beat Samsung Samsing: hold my 사탕무
Rajiv Malhotra
Rajiv Malhotra 12 days ago
And...Samsung sales were slow for the past 2 years and they still keep up while Huawei had a surge in sales. Samsungs 5g capability as well as a commercial ready folding phone will lead to a spike in sales again
Rajiv Malhotra
Rajiv Malhotra 12 days ago
+KeonXD 8%, which is still significant
KeonXD 12 days ago
Rajiv Malhotra I mean Huawei is literally 5% away from Samsung
Eugen Gavrila
Eugen Gavrila 17 days ago
i think i will go from smartphone to midrange because they lounch phones that are more and more incomplete
RakiArtsFX 17 days ago
Cant get watched anymore because youre putting your phone on the desk 😏
IcazoTheWolf 17 days ago
That camera is giing to break WAY too often.
Callum Balodis
Callum Balodis 17 days ago
Super Slovak
Super Slovak 17 days ago
Oh yeah im sure that will never break
Cynic 17 days ago
But a oppo device back then has this feature lol Edit: The model of the phone is oppo n3
xpert gamer
xpert gamer 17 days ago
Flip phones are back 😮😨🤯
Alex the hedgehog!
Alex the hedgehog! 17 days ago
man, this is awesome.....
vacate ms dhobi vacate achedin
Not one but two mechanical components
Vedansh Chauhan
Vedansh Chauhan 17 days ago
Watching via my Galaxy A50 🤦‍♂️
TheVerrm 17 days ago
Lol, 675$ and nothing better than Xiaomi Mi 9? Dead-on-arrival for me.
Captain Phasma
Captain Phasma 18 days ago
Available in NA?
rich Miles
rich Miles 18 days ago
Nah fuck that
SoftRedina 18 days ago
Better than fold
Boosted Doge
Boosted Doge 18 days ago
Can't wait until Jerry takes this phone apart
Mryourporn 18 days ago
Aaa a phone for those loser who want full screen bullshit :D
Daddy Devito
Daddy Devito 18 days ago
Imagine the bloody cases lmao
ThePeoplesChamp 18 days ago
I just take selfies while holding the phone backwards because I'm not a spastic.
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