Salvage Title Cars: Bargain or Nightmare?

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We all dream about owning some of our favorite cars like the Nissan GTR, Subaru WRX STI, VW GTI, BMW M3, and the list goes on and on! Chances are you too have stumbled across the cherry-perfect “For Sale” ad on the internet for your dream car. The price is perfect but the title is 99% of the time SALVAGE! Is it really worth purchasing a car with a salvage title and what are the consequences?
WheelHouse answers all the questions about the automotive world you never thought to ask. Nolan Sykes looks at the history, sociology and psychology behind the cars you love, and the features you might overlook.
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Nov 18, 2019




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Comments 80
Donut Media
Donut Media 7 months ago
What salvage car would you buy to fix up?
Wyatt Camacho
Wyatt Camacho 14 hours ago
camaros, nissan 350z 370z, mustangs etc
Nevircaton69 3 days ago
Unknown Verses
Unknown Verses 13 days ago
2012 Camaro SS out with the new, in with the old.
CrimsonGaming YT
CrimsonGaming YT 15 days ago
5th gen Mustang C8
random dude
random dude 16 days ago
Honda nsx
SwipingA Giving
SwipingA Giving 2 hours ago
My mustang salvaged and gives me no issues besides wen it heads towards a crowd of ppl
Dirty Autobot
Dirty Autobot 7 hours ago
Only put liability on a rebuilt title
alan eichelberger
alan eichelberger 11 hours ago
Bought a rebuilt 2012 maxima for 9k with 23k miles on it back when a clean title would have cost 20 grand. I've put 100k miles on it and its still my daily :) I think it heavily depends on the specific issues the vehicle had and who did the work to correct it.
gangstalishis 17 hours ago
What about rebuilt titles?
DenvilX 17 hours ago
7r is expensive for mustang? Lmao, unless it's from 2000, it costs at least 35k€
Jose Serna
Jose Serna Day ago
I bought my 2006 HONDA accord salvage title and it's been 5 years and still driving good
David Mansfield
A buddy of mine totaled his car. It wasn't actually all that bad. All the airbags went off and the value of the car wasn't all that much. So, he bought the car back and fixed it back up. However another friend of mine bought a salvage titled Corvette. That thing was a nightmare. So, you do never know.
AndreAllDay 2 days ago
I have bought several salvage cars.. In 2009 i bought a wrecked 07 scion tc (27 miles) for $500.. put 2K to fix the damages owned it for 3 years with no issues and sold it for 8K.. not one person knew it was salvage until i sold it to a guy. My chick bought one used car with a clean title and 3 days later the engine siezed. Luck of the draw i guess.
VineApple 2 days ago
"only 5000" Ye..ehah haha..... My country is gonna charge 20000 as tax for a car over 1.8 litre engine
Wavee 2 days ago
salvage and a/c blows ice cold salvage or die
*Large* *Jesus*
*Large* *Jesus* 3 days ago
Find your car in a bid that has a few hours left and get it for $100 with minor damage and none to the engine
Trenton Moonias
Trenton Moonias 3 days ago
I couldn't stop laughing when I heard "REV UP YOUR ENGINES"
blazin blade
blazin blade 3 days ago
Nothing wrong with it just the insurance thing... that’s the only downside and like you said if it’s a known rebuilder with a good rep then it’s chill
Matthew Germanus
Matthew Germanus 4 days ago
Look man I restored my beetle on my own, that thing was really bad but I just did it, however I’m not an actual mechanic or anything I’m not “verified” but people still offer me exorbitant amounts for it😂
Coby Finger
Coby Finger 4 days ago
My brother’s 2013 Cruz was totaled from hail damage, but he bought it in 2015 or 16 for only $5500 or so with a salvage title. Absolutely no mechanical damage, just dimples all over the body and they aren’t even noticeable unless you’re looking for them.
pbkayakyer 5 days ago
Dorian Felton
Dorian Felton 6 days ago
Lmao, what accident
Jose Canizales
Jose Canizales 6 days ago
The Scotty Kilmore Intro killed me 😂
Its a Rome Thing Everyday
I bought an 03 Park Ave Ultra that has a Prior Salvage Title, the car itself is in near perfect condition and runs n drives great, not sure why it's prior salvage tho
spenc k
spenc k 7 days ago
Scotty kilmer is such a douche. How does someone profit on youtube from ads when at the same time they are paying to have their video spammed into my feed as an ad itself.. I seriously cant STAND that old bastard. His videos aren't even that good. I constantly click to remove his videos/ADS off my feed yet another one will pop up. It's literally one of the most spammed channels i see, and I just don't get how he can afford it or even break even to have his videos shoved down my throat so vigorously.. Old twatter
Salvage is the way to go just don’t be stupid when buying and make sure everything looks and drives good
Erick Mata
Erick Mata 10 days ago
After watching this video it. made me realize that I have a salvage care that got a washed titles
Qrow Ok
Qrow Ok 10 days ago
My dad got a flood damage f150 for $1,500. Had no problems for another 50,000 miles. Even them it was the engine and transmission.
Qrow Ok
Qrow Ok 10 days ago
Seems good for a first car. Want a new car for the price of an 80’s car. Get a salvage. Just make sure you look at the vin number to see the damage.
jeff jackson
jeff jackson 11 days ago
A 2013 Challenger RT for 13k isn't a great deal, esp. with a salvage title...one with a 392 maybe.
Losh 12 days ago
I crashed my car and it got a salvage title because the insurance company didn't know that it was a special version of a normal car that's worth more. The damage wasn't even enough to be more than the cost of the car. Now I own a salvage car. Such BS.
tylerwilkeylol 12 days ago
I love how y’all used Mike and Avery at 2:19
Basic Prodigies
Basic Prodigies 12 days ago
I’ve had my ‘07 wrx tr for a year and some change now, ofc a salvage title. Everything front end is brand new considering the damage was : hood/headlights/frontbumper. It ran and drive at the time, went to see it in person and no frame/mechanical damage. Got in contact with previous owner and a branch fell on it. If you know you’re going to keep the car forever or a very long time, its worth it. You WILL save a lot of money with patience in looking for a good one, copart is a very good place to look for steals. Follow my insta to see the car @lavishhawkeye ... its currently getting 6speed swapped ;)
Ali Mohammed Dib
Ali Mohammed Dib 13 days ago
Salvage cars rool
Aego uwu
Aego uwu 15 days ago
I have a salvage 2011 mustang. Never had any issue. BUT the car was in a collision and only had cosmetic damages. No mechanical issues.
Aego uwu
Aego uwu 15 days ago
Got it for $3,000 usd.
scoobycrush 15 days ago
My 97 Saturn SC2 is a salvage car. I've never had major repairs on it yet and I've had it 15 years. The mileage is low at 97,000. It runs strong.
Akkar_Unbekannt 18 days ago
Spends 5k less for a salvage car and spends 4K to rebuild it. Then spends more for insurance and can’t sell it until the price of that model reduces a lot. So it is just better buying a used car or a new one.
Schniebel 18 days ago
I just recently bought a salvaged car. And the biggest damage was done by the previous owner (he bought it unknowingly it was a salvage though) who installed a cheap subwoofer and a questionable droning muffler. Saved a ton of money that way since it was an import USA--> Europe
sharpemang 19 days ago
I've had my 2014 370Z with a salvaged title because of a front end damage. Found out it was just the crack in the radiator and the bumper fell off. Now I have a car with 14,000 miles that I only paid just over 15k for lol. It's almost 1000 per mile ratio
Daniel Nunez
Daniel Nunez 20 days ago
You shouldnt get the insurance claim if the vehicle is going to be considered rare eventually. Youll regret getting that rumble bee ram salvaged in 20 years
Modded Garage
Modded Garage 21 day ago
I got a 2013 srt8 challenger for 14k. I looked the vin up and found the original copart listing. So i got to see why it was totalled. Description and photos. Like nolan said nobody wanted a car with a salvage title. But i always wanted a newer challenger and a 392 with the 6 speed and i do not plan to sell it anytime soon. For me seeing a rear quarter panel replaced and a front fender that was damaged was ok as i would have probably bought this car to fix myself. Been a year. And i love it. Need to get back to work on my rwd v8 tc though haha.
Wicho Rios
Wicho Rios 22 days ago
I just bought a 07 A6 rebuild for $10g and is a rebuilt but it drives great, and everything looks great
John Col
John Col 22 days ago
The plastiy dip car
TheYellowDart2 22 days ago
Before even considering buying a salvage you need to call your insurance and see how much they charge for the car with vs. without a salvage title... if not careful your savings on the front end can get eaten up in insurance payments
Tyler Stone
Tyler Stone 22 days ago
Showing up late to the party. Anyways - salvage titles are good for fun projects. Wanna make a stupid lifted Miata with offroad tires and a roll cage, because it's hilarious? Salvage title! Want to slap a rattle-can paint job and overfenders onto a '67 Stingray and drift it because you love watching purists lose their minds? Salvage title! If you're gonna rip the ac, the electronics, the seats and whole interior out of the car anyway - if you're gonna cage it, if you're planning on swapping the engine, cutting the fenders, replacing the fuel system and all the jazz that it takes to build a dedicated racecar, why NOT buy salvage title? Save the good quality cars for collectors on down the line. If you're going to "ruin" a car, buy a ruined car. It saves you money, and you don't feel bad flogging the hell out of it.
C J M 22 days ago
I drive a Rebuilt E90, 30k miles since the repairs and no issues
Manuel Nuñez
Manuel Nuñez 23 days ago
I have the exact same hot wheels Type R in red lol
The Un-Known Musician
Philip Liew
Philip Liew 25 days ago
Mike and Avery from Rust Bros at 2:25
Eric Pectol
Eric Pectol 25 days ago
The alignment is the thing to check on a salvage car.
Armin hosseini
Armin hosseini 25 days ago
3:12 i like how its fwd the challenger lol
Ethan B
Ethan B 25 days ago
The insurance on my r-title truck is only $14 a month
Your Mom
Your Mom 25 days ago
Mathieu L
Mathieu L 25 days ago
My father had a business of selling salvage cars: he bought them salvage, had some good bodyshops fixing the cars and resold them. Since he managed only to buy "one of the kind" salavage mobels (ie: 2000 Mazda Miata SE, 2001 Mazda Miata SE, 2002 Miata SE), people wanted to own those cars but not able to pay the full price for a clean title ended up to buy cars from my father. Straight of the bat, my father always said the status of car (salvage) with all the pictures of the damage from all angles. When he ended up selling a car, he gave every single info about the repairs and also gave all the pictures of the car of his prior damage. Some people ended up to back a 2nd and 3rd car from my father because they trust him. My brother has an 2001 Acura Integra GS with the rebuilt title. My father bought it and fixed it. This Acura Integra still rolling the streets even after 20years after being wecked. Nobody can't tell that's a rebuilt car.
Carlos G
Carlos G Day ago
Mathieu L your dad’s a good person
Nick Roberto
Nick Roberto 26 days ago
camden b
camden b 26 days ago
I bought my dream car salvage dont regret it one bit
ivan sanchez
ivan sanchez 26 days ago
How much would your monthly car insurance go up by?
Joe Thompson
Joe Thompson 26 days ago
As with everything- it depends on the circumstances. Personally I’d rather be the one that rebuilt it. Then you KNOW if repairs were sketchy or even structural. If you are buying a project that will get a wide-body kit, carbon fiber, pre-runner fenders, etc then why NOT buy a rig that was creased down the side and needs those parts anyway? Slightly older cars don’t take much to total (often “totaled” just means the repair, using NEW, OE parts exceeds the price of the car. Not necessarily that there was structure damage). So get a parts car or junkyard parts. If you think you will EVER sell it- then take pictures of the damage AND how you fixed it. Most people are afraid the wreck was structural or cobbled together. Prove that both aren’t the case. (Because often they are)
MintyYeen 27 days ago
I just got my hand on a 2003 monte carlo ss: pace car edition and it is beautiful. 1 of 1,204 and I am in love with it. Got it for $2,800 and plan to keep fixing it up as I go. Never realized it was a rebuilt salvage they did an amazing job on it and having one of your dream cars at 20 is a car guys wet dream
G T 28 days ago
My first car was a 1990 Toyota Camry that I bought for $900...it was Salvage and that thing was a tank!!! Ran it with no oil for a week and I sold it to my buddy for $500 with 280,000 miles! He drove it for another 40,000 miles, threw some rims on it and then got pulled over and got a DUI and never took the car out the impound lmao. Rest in Peace little Salvage Camry! Miss ya, bud!
Edgar Acosta
Edgar Acosta 28 days ago
My gf works at a Subaru dealership. The subaru BRZ, the Scion & the Toyota 86 isn’t for a 6ft guy. Mind you, I’m 6’1 & 230 pounds, & my knee crashes with the front part
Drew Fisher
Drew Fisher 29 days ago
My Miata has a salvage-rebuilt title. From the surface, everything seemed to be done right and awesome, but as I repair stuff, this thing is a Nightmare. I'm In way over the value of the car, and I've only had it a year, but slowly it'll be fixed. Slowly, and expensively.
Matthew Blackwell
Matthew Blackwell 29 days ago
Salvage titles are the best, I got a 1998 MK4 Supra for $13,500 and spend $20,000 on repairs and upgrades and now I have a fully functioning MK4 Supra for $33,000
#52K Chris
#52K Chris 29 days ago
Should I buy dis 2019 Chevy Cruze with 8000 miles for 10k dis is the CARFAX on it 11/19 Illinois Motor Vehicle Dept. Waukegan, IL Title issued or updated New owner reported Loan or lien reported Vehicle color noted as Black 10/23/19 7,849 mi. Libertyville Chevrolet Libertyville, IL 847-362-1400 4.1 / 5.0 76 Verified Reviews Vehicle serviced Recommended maintenance performed Maintenance inspection completed Battery/charging system checked 10/27/19 Wisconsin Damage Report Accident reported Involving front or rear impact Involving front impact with another motor vehicle Damage to right front Damage to front Disabling damage reported Vehicle towed Front airbag deployed CARFAX Airbag Tips H15/19 Illinois Service Facility Vehicle towed Mechanical issue reported 1/22/20 Illinois Motor Vehicle Dept. Vehicle purchase reported 1/23/20 Damage Report TOTAL LOSS VEHICLE There are many reasons an insurance company will declare a vehicle a total loss. Have this vehicle inspected by a qualified technician before you buy. Learn more 1/23/20 Illinois Motor Vehicle Dept. Title or registration issued to insurance company 1/23/20 8,054 mi. Illinois Motor Vehicle Dept. Dundee, IL Odometer reading reported 1/24/20 Illinois Motor Vehicle Dept. Dundee, IL SALVAGE TITLE/CERTIFICATE ISSUED REBUILT TITLE ISSUED Loan or lien reported
thedtcke Month ago
That bespoke post box sucked
PYU Month ago
I drive BRZ and I wrecked it twice already. They weren't enough to get it totalled, but for once it was close. Got the job done at the right place and there's no paint mismatch and it still drives the same for another 45k miles after. I would prefer to buy cars with no accident history, but I did learned that cars with history aren't always that bad as people say. At least for asian cars.
alex042687 Month ago
My family has rolled probably 2 million plus miles on SAlVAGE cars. Can't think of one issue that was a result of prior damage. Cars were repaired properly and that's it. A "salvage" car is a nightmare if it's been flooded though. Should be illegal to sell a flood damage car.
Vincent Beall
Vincent Beall Month ago
I have had a few salvage title/rebuilt title vehicles. It’s hit or miss with them. If you’re mechanically inclined, it’s usually an easy fix and worth the money.
Rad Raad
Rad Raad Month ago
I got a 2016 Chevy Cruze with 20,000 miles on it for 8,000 because of salvage title and it’s amazing
PAKZ MF Month ago
Ay its Deebo
Christian Quan
Christian Quan Month ago
Bought an 03’ 350z salvage title straight out of high school about 10 years ago. Brought me countless hours of fun and served as my daily driver while commuting to college for four years. Had minimal problems the whole time - don’t regret at all.
Colby Taylor
Colby Taylor Month ago
Gotta love Scotty😂😂
RaqOnEd Month ago
Just buy one from action
Sebastian Haugland
If you need to watch this video to know if you should buy a salvage car or not, salvage cars ain't for you bro.
ян čevabčiči
What a load of bullshit commercials. Fuck that shit and fck donut for that geez
E G E T R Month ago
I think salvage miatas are ok. Almost salvaged by insurance always because its not worth fixing even small damages. I’ve owned 3 miatas so far. 1 salvaged na, 2 clean title nb and another na, all been great
Tony palichuk
Tony palichuk Month ago
This is literally a family business for me
Carlos Escobar
Carlos Escobar Month ago
Personally my family and I have only had salvage vehicles we have approximately 8 cars and they are as good as a brand new car! One main thing I have to say though is we buy them straight from the insurance and fix them ourselves, but I think it’s worth it getting a salvage vehicle.
Shrubchucker Month ago
Bought one for our daughters first car. Thank God we did because she hit everything. And if she wasn't busy hitting shit, people were always "running into her"
Daniel Cervantes
The Scotty Kilmer reference👍👍👍
Nathaniel Barraza
S K where are you?
KiLLZ Month ago
Lol I've had salvage cars my whole life they arent bad what so ever only thing that may give u issues is that if u plan on selling it it wont be full price obviously but hey its dope to get a car cheaper that works perfectly fine lol
Jordan Winders
Jordan Winders Month ago
I found a salvage cts v... Only 18000$. Manual transmission. I've been pondering.
Rigoberto Sanchez
I have a 2008 Jeep Liberty I got with 80,000 miles) (salvaged) for 8,000 and and after 7 years and 230,000 miles I have yet to do any major repairs ❤️
Jake Shingleton
Jake Shingleton Month ago
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