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Salty Food Vs Sweet Food Challenge With The Prince Family
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Nov 14, 2019




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Comments 80
THE PRINCE FAMILY 7 months ago
Watch Our 2nd Video Of The Day Here: ruvid.net/video/video-QhSsbARIKnA.html
Kia Martinez
Kia Martinez 4 days ago
Kia Martinez
Kia Martinez 4 days ago
Ilia Wallace
Ilia Wallace 18 days ago
i love y'all
Lirmacho tv
Lirmacho tv 19 days ago
I love you guys
gabriel washington
gabriel washington 25 days ago
Bianca and Damien
Sireen Hmaidy
Sireen Hmaidy 54 minutes ago
I really like your videos 😻😘😻😙
Kelvin Verena I was 4G and I will be a
Team biannca 😍
Verlinda January
Verlinda January 19 hours ago
I snore every night.
JR_ Resendiz
JR_ Resendiz Day ago
Im a fan and u should make more amsr challenges
Nabila Kamara
Some times damion is groos
John the gangstr
Some times Damian is discussing
Maria Ramos
Maria Ramos Day ago
Nicole Williams
Nicole Williams 2 days ago
Ethan Haynes
Ethan Haynes 2 days ago
Team Damien all the ay
Claydon Smith
Claydon Smith 3 days ago
They make me hungry
Kaylee Jones
Kaylee Jones 4 days ago
Yt_ethan_ttv 4 days ago
Team damien
lupita3337 4 days ago
Eww damon
William Okyere
William Okyere 5 days ago
Love you b
Anna Jones
Anna Jones 5 days ago
Team Damion for Eva
Maria Duenas
Maria Duenas 5 days ago
Zionna Moore
Zionna Moore 6 days ago
you guys did not say turn on all postnotifacation shout outs
Maria Duenas
Maria Duenas 5 days ago
Up to the one that I could go with me to the one that you gave
Zionna Moore
Zionna Moore 6 days ago
hey salty and sweet are just like u guys in person biannca is sweet and damien is saltyy
China Nicholls
China Nicholls 7 days ago
I love your team Damien and Bianca
China Nicholls
China Nicholls 7 days ago
Strawberry Shortcake is good
Braylen Robinson
Braylen Robinson 7 days ago
That is nasty
Loretta Blackwell
I’m not a fan until I’m
kadinesebastien 8 days ago
I love y'all team biannca
L Williams
L Williams 8 days ago
I love y'all team Biannca
gislianny reynoso
why damien be chomping on that food like that
Young Bling
Young Bling 9 days ago
I ate those they are good he hating bruh
makayla123 Walker
Teen Bianca all day everyday no team Damien team Bianca
Tiffany Renee Walker
try Vanilla vs Chocolate challenge
Tiffany Renee Walker
try Vanilla vs Choolate challenge
Queen Kamille Cutie
Hi Bianka and Damien I am such a big fan of you and your children
Kelly Clark
Kelly Clark 9 days ago
Shamarion Sacus
Shamarion Sacus 10 days ago
Damien should causious of how much cheese he put in his mouth
ITS ME KORRI J 10 days ago
First of all it’s taste BUDS
slogo man
slogo man 10 days ago
Chese bro don't eat lilke that
slogo man
slogo man 10 days ago
Yo both is bad
Anthony Carozza
Anthony Carozza 10 days ago
This is how many calories the consumed in this video 👎🏼
Johnnie Colegon
Johnnie Colegon 11 days ago
I think damin to he cute as hell😜😜☺☺💖💖 be with me
Johnnie Colegon
Johnnie Colegon 4 days ago
And yo mama a bruh
Johnnie Colegon
Johnnie Colegon 4 days ago
Ima just playing
Johnnie Colegon
Johnnie Colegon 4 days ago
Leave me alone b
Emily Barahona Argueta
Bruh 🙄🙄🙄 he married you see that weeding ring jeez
GunnerXa 9 days ago
Ali Berisha
Ali Berisha 11 days ago
Team diamon
Juicciii C
Juicciii C 11 days ago
He eat slopy
Johnnie Colegon
Johnnie Colegon 11 days ago
He do
ClutchLay 23
ClutchLay 23 11 days ago
Put it as 720p60 quality and 2x speed
Jocelyn Henderson
Jocelyn Henderson 11 days ago
Moon pies are good
Jenna Oxley
Jenna Oxley 2 days ago
Those ain't moon pies
Jocelyn Henderson
Jocelyn Henderson 11 days ago
I like strawberry shortcake Twinkies
Jocelyn Henderson
Jocelyn Henderson 11 days ago
Stop eating like that
Jocelyn Henderson
Jocelyn Henderson 11 days ago
Team Damian
Bella Forever
Bella Forever 11 days ago
Team Bianca
Marquise Pinkett
Marquise Pinkett 12 days ago
•Rxiney Clxouds•
Team Bianca All day Everyday gang gangg😌🔒💕
Cecily Graham
Cecily Graham 12 days ago
Damien snores
Xavier Moore
Xavier Moore 12 days ago
Did you know if you it that with serger. It is very seat
Ardley Calixte
Ardley Calixte 12 days ago
I like chocolate twinkies
Leonidas Zervos élève
Team Bianca and Damien all day everyday
Michael Reynolds
Michael Reynolds 14 days ago
All day cheese..... That's gross 😨
BlueBerries Forever
BlueBerries Forever
Ikr. it used to be my favorite but I don't like it anymore, I don't know why tho
Zaniya Mitchell
Zaniya Mitchell 15 days ago
Alexus Monroe
Alexus Monroe 15 days ago
All that cheese 🤢🤮
BlueBerries Forever
Ikr. It used to be my favorite but I don't like it anymore, I don't know why
Jamaal Robinson
Jamaal Robinson 15 days ago
Jahmira Browne
Jahmira Browne 12 days ago
Woman why🙄
Kylie Williams
Kylie Williams 15 days ago
That is good on round three 😂
Kylie Williams
Kylie Williams 15 days ago
Cheese it is good
Gchfhc Hvhfhc
Gchfhc Hvhfhc 16 days ago
ilove you 😍 G
Mariah Marquette
Mariah Marquette 16 days ago
The pork skins and called chicharonas and it’s for Mexicans and they bomb
Jairusandkitai Moore
Owen Domoraud
Owen Domoraud 12 days ago
Jairusandkitai Moore bye
BlueBerries Forever
Aa'Brianna Hill (Student)
damien showing out like if u agree putting all that cheese
cheyenne and robert
Strawberry shortcake rolls are my favorite
Nikki Sturnialo
Nikki Sturnialo 17 days ago
Love veggie sticks yum
BlueBerries Forever
I like the salted ones
BlueBerries Forever
Kianna Gangoo
Kianna Gangoo 17 days ago
Team biannca
Ilia Wallace
Ilia Wallace 18 days ago
i love Bianca hair and team bianca all day everyday
Maddkali Boi Allen Jr
all vegie sticks taste good
Dacovah Johnson
Dacovah Johnson 17 days ago
Tioluwani Babarind
Tioluwani Babarind 18 days ago
Jaia Groves
Jaia Groves 19 days ago
biannca fat shamed damien and he not even fat.just because he said the snack made him happy,it taste good why not.@9:09
iman mustapha
iman mustapha 17 days ago
Jaia Groves he actually is
Amber Smith
Amber Smith 19 days ago
Why did you know that do you Bianka
Natasha Parkin
Natasha Parkin 19 days ago
U spelt her name wrong it’s Biannca
Jaylon McCarter
Jaylon McCarter 19 days ago
Kaeb Getachew
Kaeb Getachew 19 days ago
I dont like the ferst chalenge
Jerrell Ramnarine
Jerrell Ramnarine 20 days ago
Bbbbiiiiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanc (:
Jai'meri Price
Jai'meri Price 20 days ago
Why do sometimes Damien be sounding like von
Michael Honrado
Michael Honrado 20 days ago
Damien stop over reacting 👎🏾
Jimmy German
Jimmy German 20 days ago
Now ma boiii got that gold as teeth
Reneilwe Moraka
Reneilwe Moraka 21 day ago
love biaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanca! biggest fan
ALYSSA Sparks 22 days ago
Lol damian used to be skinny on the first few youtube videos but now he is.......ya! Chubby/....YA! Sorry but truth hurts lol! My friends make fun of me somtimes and (VERY LITTLE) things they say is true but i mean my friend is chubby/....YA!
Danielle Cross
Danielle Cross 22 days ago
Sorry Bianca I am your biggest fan but I'm on team damien with the strawberry shortcake rolls 🎂🍰🧁🍬🍭🥧
Alexis b
Alexis b 22 days ago
In the first round
Merrazilady Smith
Merrazilady Smith 23 days ago
veggie chips are good
Rachael Hofer
Rachael Hofer 18 days ago
Earlianna Farmer
Earlianna Farmer 20 days ago
They are
kamila montes
kamila montes 25 days ago
if you are teem Damean you are a cheeter teem Bancca all day
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