Sailing across the Pacific on a Lagoon 67 S (full doc)

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COME WITH THE WIND - Sailing across the Pacific on a Lagoon 67 Sport (full documentary).
Sailing a Catamaran from Florida to Tahiti!
Production - AP Visuals ruvid.net/u-APvisualarts
The Signal Soundtrack- Good Luck
R.L. Brunside- Someday Baby
Anamog- No Other Name
Anamog- Returned Prodigals
Oblivion sountrack- Starwaves
Anamog- Revival
Mr. Little Jeans- The Suburbs
Anamog- We wish it was never light


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Aug 18, 2015

Documentary (TV Genre)WindSailing (Sport)pacific crossingCOME WITH THE WINDCrossing the Pacific Full DocumentaryOcean sailingBoatCruiseTahiti (Geographical Feature)Pacific Ocean (Body Of Water)french polynesiaFrench Polynesia (Country)Sailing across the Pacific on a Lagoon 67 SportAP Visuals




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Comments 792
michael young
Dorado was the Best fish I ever ate!
Apache Whitecrow
Incredible, but the background music sucks!
SXL Wang
SXL Wang 4 days ago
awesome film, great music too
Frankly Frank
Frankly Frank 4 days ago
Did he give that fish vodka???
Приколы на любой вкус
Круто больше бы таких видео 👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿
fattyz1 5 days ago
I would like to have seen her taking More weather if you had any. The speed is so impressive.
Heidi and Franny's Garage
That was very good! Thanks! I just finished watching Gone With The Wynns' journey. Really fun to see some of the same sights! Even Kent from Just Catamarans! Safe travels!
Dark Jager
Dark Jager 7 days ago
That was amazing
brook bilney
brook bilney 7 days ago
Good movie you made. Thanks. I want to go to The Marquesas
Joe Mccallum
Joe Mccallum 8 days ago
Such a shame that ur paradise is radioactive water....thanks japan,....fucking brilliant to build a nuke power plant right on the ocean....fuckin genius!
Joe Mccallum
Joe Mccallum 8 days ago
I imagine a toll has to be paid....how much to get through Panama canal?
Cirby Smith
Cirby Smith 9 days ago
That was great. Thanks!
SoCalFreelance 9 days ago
I made the same type of journey: Mayport FL -> Panama Canal -> San Diego -> Pearl Harbor, Hawaii -> Sasebo Japan Some amazing sights when out at sea for sure.
FiddleStick's bessette
Girtis Holland
Girtis Holland 8 days ago
They are on a two month journey. The fuel is for situational means such as the canal was engine traversed or periods of no winds, storms, etc. They are using their sails predominately during this crossing.
Melvin Gitau
Melvin Gitau 14 days ago
Hey999888777 15 days ago
My favorite parts were the fishing ones. Only thing missing were some hot young babes to accompany the men ;)
Chris Wallace
Chris Wallace 15 days ago
For all the sun you saw your all so pasty white. SPF 1000?
patriotpioneer 15 days ago
That guy made $100 delaying you for the DEA...
קסם הפליז משה קסוס
אזה אישורים צרייך לבנית סירה אלמנייום
Roel Bucio
Roel Bucio 17 days ago
Niceeeee.😙😙😙😙👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😎😎😎😎keep safe travel enjoyyyyyy
Mora9a ?
Mora9a ? 18 days ago
25:21 What is the name where can I buy it !!!
AceofWizards NephElite
Outstanding job on the documentary. Loved the transitions
Bongo 08
Bongo 08 19 days ago
professional crew, professional filming, a great tour! Thanks that I was allowed to be there via RUvid !! when is there more?
Bill Stedman
Bill Stedman 19 days ago
The only reason I gave this a bad rating is because RUvid felt that you needed one to two commercials every five minutes during the whole video. The bad rating has nothing to do with the video and everything to do with RUvid GREED!
AP Visuals
AP Visuals 19 days ago
I cant remove the commercials, since i don't have the rights to the music... its very annoying. I'm tempted to remove this video, but some people still seem to appreciate it.
Rudla Zatloukal
Rudla Zatloukal 20 days ago
Mike Kelly
Mike Kelly 21 day ago
Outstanding! Enjoyed every minute.
S Lit
S Lit 21 day ago
I thought it only took 37:13 in to get to TAHITI....
joel huebner
joel huebner 24 days ago
A bit advertising heavy!
Peter Hill
Peter Hill 24 days ago
I don't know what your other viewers watch but from a photographer's viewpoint the video was appallingly amateurish with the editing even worse. As a sailboater what a shame such a great trip was not documented as it should have been
harddazeknight 29 days ago
2:35... early comment on music -- fcuk yeah!! One can only hope that you manage to work in 'It's Bad You Know' somewhere.
Zebra tom
Zebra tom Month ago
God that music sucked .
john whitesnake
john whitesnake Month ago
the captain's wife was Mabel and by god was she able to give the crew their daily screw upon the galley table!
Craig Monteforte
Badass boat ! Looking foward to more videos of this adventure as. Ive done. Quite a few boating adventures myself and grew up only a few minutes from the marina you are at in the video
ArkaelDren Month ago
2 minutes in..... adds lets see how this $H!t is going to go? As I thought, this was not a good watch. Starting to believe I am one of the few people alive that doesn't offer up compliments unless they are actually deserved. Generation raised on getting a "Good Job Johnny" when you don't trip over your own shoes, or cooks "Toast" at the age of 15.
Tomas Vargas
Tomas Vargas Month ago
Beautiful video, congratulations.
Jasonm Gavitt
Jasonm Gavitt Month ago
Do y’all worry about rogue waves?
DEA was like anydrugs on board well can you take this suitcase with you just drop it off when you get there give it to big Franky your government loves you thanks
Giovani Manetta
Giovani Manetta Month ago
Good song, good sailing winds, beautiful places. Show.
Stephen Newman
Stephen Newman Month ago
this could be one of the most interesting and well produced videos I have ever seen on this topic. to bad its ruined with all of the ads?????? 2 video ads in the first 2 minutes and they just kept coming what the hell is going on????? and please don't say its youtube that does it. its your video and your channel and you can make it what you want. you want money. very nice. sorry to say I wont be back
AP Visuals
AP Visuals Month ago
@Stephen Newman thanks, yes indeed I wish I had picked copyright free music, I edited this during that voyage and had no internet, I just used the music available onboard. I still think youtube is abusing the ads a bit too much.
Stephen Newman
Stephen Newman Month ago
thanks for the response. didn't mean to sound so cranky but I just get crazy with the amount of ads. no info on how to remove ads. only thought is to use "free music". you can find tons of it on icloud. that way you are not at the mercy of the record label, only the artist themselves. most of the time they require nothing more then a mention in credits. once again your video work and editing was amazing. thanks
AP Visuals
AP Visuals Month ago
This video is not monetizable since i do not own the rights to the music, therefore I did not put those ads on the video, youtube is doing it and i cannot find a way to remove these ads. If you know of anyway to remove them, please tell me. thanks
jerry wicker
jerry wicker Month ago
To many adds so didn't bother watching
bill bergovoy
bill bergovoy Month ago
trivia question for the nautical geeks. 1. When a ropt not a rope? (or at what point does a rope become a 'line'? 2. there are exceptions to all rules. where can you find a 'rope' on a boat? I'll give answers (if there is any interest), on or around 5/10/19
Michael Brownlee
@bill bergovoy there is lots of neat traditions that you can learn from boating, unfortunately it appears nobody is left from those days or no one cares anymore with all the great technology available. It was alot of fun taking people out and making sure that everyone was safe and happy and feeling competent with training and experience. Glad to see there is a sailing community out on the oceans cruising around.
bill bergovoy
bill bergovoy Month ago
ok, thanks for waiting... a ROPE is on a SPOOL. Again, assuming the rope was mfg for the purpose of ultimately being used on a boat, the second you cut the rope from the spool it becomes a LINE. someone will need to finish the construction/preparation of the line for it's final use. but, not all ROPES are lines. some end up being sheets etc. but, there are several ROPES ON A BOAT. (NO, NOT SOAP ON A ROPE) 1. BELL rope.(to ring the bell) 2. a bolt rope (tied to a grommet or hole in the edge of a sail, used to tighten/taught the sail) 3. a foot rope (on old square riggers for the sailors to stand on while reefing or furling the sails) 4. tiller rope (to temporarily hold the tiller and keep the boat on course) you can google ROPES ON A BOAT to research more. but, figured I would give this trivia, cause i thought it interesting.. I have heard and used BELL ROPE and tiller ROPE. but, forget about it when asked this question... im guessing most will say similar. Ive never heard anyone refer to a bell rope as a bell line. but then again, I never heard anyone mention the little string/rope hangin off the little bells most of use at all. its not normal to SAY, grab that bell rope and ring the bell.. we just say ring the bell, or SOUND THE BELL. ANYWAYs, I hope all will have a great weekend and find some trivia to share with the rest of us.
bill bergovoy
bill bergovoy Month ago
@Michael Brownlee i think the halyard is not limited to one side of the boat or the other. you can use any rigging to raise intl communication flags. (ie think boats that dont have sails)
bill bergovoy
bill bergovoy Month ago
@Michael Brownlee nope. btw, sorry for the delay. my jeep was stolen yesterday. a 29 year old jeep, stolen from my apt carport.. my landlord just installed a bunch of security camera over the last month, and they were just turned on three days ago. PERFECT TIMING. they got great video of the people but no one recognized them. they cut the drive chain to the parking lot gate to gain access and allow them to drive off. I had comprehensive insurance and hope I have stated value for the jeep as the blue book is around $1500, but you can't find a jeep for that price anywhere. anyways, I'll answer the trivia question shortly. thanks
Michael Brownlee
@bill bergovoy when the boat leaves the slip?
Zeon Ballantyne
Zeon Ballantyne Month ago
I think they searched the boat because of the flag you guys had up 🇻🇨
Steve Mick
Steve Mick Month ago
Expensive trip.. Looks amazing
tztxz80 Month ago
18 knots, beautiful . . . What a blessing that sail must have been. The owner of that boat is truly Blessed.
FlyBaby Month ago
They finally became Shellbacks by crossing the line. At least they disn't get their asses tanned like the Navy used to do.
kevin Month ago
I couldn’t get into the video because of all the commercials sorry stopped watching
FlyBaby Month ago
Get Nano Adblocker and you wont watch another commercial ever again.
Bob Americana
Bob Americana 2 months ago
audio is pure shitlord
Tomas Charles
Tomas Charles 2 months ago
Wow beautiful scenery very interesting good documentary.
Music Islife
Music Islife 2 months ago
Wow, what an adventure! I would love to do something like that! Spectacular footage and excellent editing. Thanks for sharing.
Viking 2 months ago
Looks like a copy of a Gold Coast Yacht!
polygamous1 Sozou
polygamous1 Sozou 2 months ago
I only spend 5 days in the English channel n the channel islands, plus 2 days during cows week Heaven when all the blokes are working as one the sense of Freedom is hard to explain Best wishes to you ALL guys
Kevin Lemcom
Kevin Lemcom 2 months ago
All Oceans are connected togeather.
Mitch Kader
Mitch Kader 2 months ago
Thanks for putting the original sound track back on......it is really great....just finished spending 2 days on board indigo with Jay, what a great guy..... Praying we will be able to purchase indigo and take her to philippines.... Hope you can come also.....
AP Visuals
AP Visuals 2 months ago
Hey Mitch, yes Jay is a great Captain! I hope things workout in your favor. Another voyage on-board Indigo would be wonderful!
Peter HILL
Peter HILL 2 months ago
I'm looking too invest in a 70ft sailboat. But I'm a mechanic would love too go on this trip. Nice , I learned a lot. Need too find someone too teach me more about a trip like this.
Jean Claude Rambert
Peter HILL Hi peter if you want her she is waiting In Barcelona For a New owner . If you are interested contact me captainjaysea@gmail.com
mrwallace1 2 months ago
Was the first fuel stop Great Inagua?
Jean Claude Rambert
mrwallace1 yes it is
SYC Video HD
SYC Video HD 2 months ago
thank you, the video is very useful for me. help me in the development of my channel.
Mitch Kader
Mitch Kader 2 months ago
Ahhhhh....Let me guess.....RUvid copyright Bull%*#!.....????...Right ? The narration was really great and helps tell the story so well. You have a great layed back docu style that's very hypnotic. out of the 800k+ views....i've probably done 750k of them.......hahahahahaha....thanks...keep shooting....
Les Sd
Les Sd 2 months ago
Why no narrative?
Carl Collins
Carl Collins 2 months ago
Get some black friends...Jeez! And maybe a woman or two to break up that pale ass sausage party.
Jan Peter Tamminga
Jan Peter Tamminga 2 months ago
Whats with the music? Somebody died?
Mitch Kader
Mitch Kader 2 months ago
What happened to the original sound track ? And narration ?
Sjemmie Sjemstra
Sjemmie Sjemstra 2 months ago
lovely... thanks so much for sharing!! hope you are an example for all the like 'n subscribe junkies out there! so relaxing, so beautifully and peacefully non fx edited...! happy sailing guys;
Mariusz Zbrzyzny
Mariusz Zbrzyzny 2 months ago
such a great video, well done guys.
Duncan Dyer
Duncan Dyer 2 months ago
Great job on the visuals ... absolutely terrible job on the audio! Why was the video released like this? I'm giving up at the 22 min mark as my neighbor's banging on the wall
Nana Nugroho
Nana Nugroho 3 months ago
I am curious how to sailing/drive the ship to the west if the wind blowing to the east? Somebody can tell me how it be?
coco loco
coco loco 2 months ago
@Nana Nugroho East wind means the wind is blowing from east to west thus pushing the boat to the west.
Nana Nugroho
Nana Nugroho 2 months ago
coco loco I mean how to drive the boat to west if the wind blowing from west to east?
coco loco
coco loco 2 months ago
East wind means wind FROM the East...pushing the boat to the West.
Michael DePaula
Michael DePaula 3 months ago
What’s the pump at 25:21?
Richard Doire
Richard Doire 3 months ago
Une tres belle machine pour votre voyage ,soyer safe.
Jean Claude Rambert
Richard Doire merci Richard
Sri Yantra
Sri Yantra 3 months ago
Sri Yantra
Sri Yantra 3 months ago
Ronald Reed
Ronald Reed 2 months ago
Not all that cool at all.
Sri Yantra
Sri Yantra 3 months ago
Cigarmann 3 months ago
Wow, This Lagoon is a speed machine, thin hulls......what happened to Lagoon today....
Jean Claude Rambert
Cigarmann hahaha. ... Thats true
Bill William
Bill William 3 months ago
35 feet above sea level when the lock was full the sea was also level!Water finds its own flat level- fill a glass with water oil gasoline and turn the glass to an angle but the liquid is flat level-
Bill William
Bill William 3 months ago
Sound was perfect-I can go down decibels easily- And up is never issue when it is recorded loudly! love it! Boy is the sea level-
david pollitt
david pollitt 3 months ago
what year is this lagoon
Alessio Leone DJ
Alessio Leone DJ 3 months ago
raineer tundag
raineer tundag 3 months ago
I have experience in swimming in the dark blue. It was like being pulled down to nothingness i enjoyned it motionless less going down
Scooter 21
Scooter 21 3 months ago
less than 3 minutes in the music kicks and i quickly realize we've got an excellent mate for this trip!
Jerry's Chronicles
Jerry's Chronicles 3 months ago
Im sad nobody yelled land ho
Spewedonyou 3 months ago
I thought cats were considered dangerous for ocean passages.
ian elliott
ian elliott 3 months ago
This is amazing work man, job well done. Looking forward to working aboard a yacht like that someday
William Lacombe
William Lacombe 3 months ago
25:50 to 26:10 that was amazing to see how those Dolphins could catch a break and coast without losing any speed I have no idea how fast that boat is but I would think 7 knots is an easy task. Anyway I would think some aeronautics guys could learn a thing or two about maintaining speed with particular shapes as I notice they all would go into this arched yet rigid body position, just wondering what dynamics it may create to produce forward deceleration without using energy
joe coquerre
joe coquerre 3 months ago
J'aurai aimé voir le découpage des MAHI et la préparation...Pas de BBQ à bord...?????...Avec le HALIBUT des mers froide,le MAHI-MAHI(Dolphin) est,je pense sont les meilleurs poisson,crue ou cuits......!!!!!....Du sashimi de MAHI ou Sushi est vraiment un délice.
joe coquerre
joe coquerre 3 months ago
FUCK THE"DEA",They never found my SHOT-GUN and Ammo on my boat(Slugs/Buck/And the best, Dragon-breath,12G)(300 Rounds)..Only question, was my 20 Liters of Acetone(to make Molotov Cocktails,(mixed)with regular Motor-oil)...If you ever sailed down and close to African coasts,a Machete won't do it, if you encounter Pirates,ALL LIGHTS OFF,engine and Sails on,A cocktail followed by a"Dragon-Breath shell" or flare,will scare the shit out of them or anyone.....And do horrible damaged on a Wooden -boat/people,but I could not think of sailing around the world,without serious" DEFENSE TOOLS"......!!!
joe coquerre
joe coquerre 3 months ago
13.34...???..Barnacles...??On the front Fin/Rudder...???Mussels.?......NORI...???
joe coquerre
joe coquerre 3 months ago
Why not duct the"prop"gives you much more Torque at low RPM and top protection in shallow waters,A Roll-On/double Rudder,would be a must,on this type of boat.....Especially for very slow maneuverability.......For long"voyage"prop and Rudder"protection is a must.....Powerful heat extractor fans is great too(on demand,with heat gages)most engine problems are because of over-heating,builders want to make silent boats,under engine power,but they neglect Air-cooling in the engine bay.
Pavel Pavlov
Pavel Pavlov 3 months ago
French are the best sailors by far..
Jeff Bensch
Jeff Bensch 3 months ago
Tabernac ... British Columbians say neh :)
Matt Walker
Matt Walker 3 months ago
music ruins this vid , can't hear the talking !!!! wtf
MyGolden30 3 months ago
SUSBOY B 3 months ago
this was were dutch and the gang were suppose to go :(
JMSeas 3 months ago
Any regattas in California? We have one Feva at our sailing club in Long Beach
fin screenname
fin screenname 3 months ago
Why does everyone of these sailing videos never put how much it costs? Like how much to get through the Cannel?
EbkTillTheDay 3 months ago
666 comments es no bueno. Here’s to 667! :)
Elton Carlos Alves
Elton Carlos Alves 3 months ago
Killers of fish
Kamaria Cox
Kamaria Cox 3 months ago
Who's the girl that randomly appeared out of know where?
The Privileged White Guy
Cheers pal 😀
Superhelix Visual
Superhelix Visual 3 months ago
What an enjoyable production on a fascinating voyage. Thanks for creating this. Must have been an incredible adventure to have been a part of.
Dyllan Fennell
Dyllan Fennell 3 months ago
Congratulations on Shellbacks🤙 looks amazing!
ajay hiremath
ajay hiremath 3 months ago
Bigger the boat complications are higher!!!!!
Richard Gleaves
Richard Gleaves 3 months ago
If videos were yachts, what would be the barnacles?
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