Sailing across the Pacific on a Lagoon 67 S (full doc)

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COME WITH THE WIND - Sailing across the Pacific on a Lagoon 67 Sport (full documentary).
Sailing a Catamaran from Florida to Tahiti!
Production - AP Visuals ruvid.net/u-APvisualarts
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Aug 18, 2015

Documentary (TV Genre)WindSailing (Sport)pacific crossingCOME WITH THE WINDCrossing the Pacific Full DocumentaryOcean sailingBoatCruiseTahiti (Geographical Feature)Pacific Ocean (Body Of Water)french polynesiaFrench Polynesia (Country)Sailing across the Pacific on a Lagoon 67 SportAP Visuals




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Comments 923
william Arnold
william Arnold 7 hours ago
I like home movies like this. Very cool trip you took. 18 knots! Wow, that's amazing! Have fun and thanks for sharing this.
Beau Kuebodeaux
Beau Kuebodeaux 10 hours ago
I really enjoyed this video. The content was interesting on its own but the great choice of music made it a blast to watch! Really romanticized sailing. Great job!!
DaToNyOyO 2 days ago
Where exactly are you sailing to? Can you be more... ...Pacific?
llOPPOTATOll Day ago
DaToNyOyO get out
Sebastian Watson
Sebastian Watson 2 days ago
Why you didn’t show the cabins?
maffimuk 2 days ago
I didn’t know they offered pilots on the PC. I wish I knew that the first time I went through. It was chaos and I pissed off a lot of mates. I hate the PC, too damn expensive, thieves everywhere, the Navy are a bunch of crooks looking for a big tip, the mosquitoes come straight from hell, and the area is absolutely filthy. 5 times through and never again. I’m sticking to the Atlantic.
Henry Christensen
djdestroyer 2 days ago
The dolphin at 25:50 is pumping so hard then other dude comes in and isn't even pumping at all?
Brandon Lee Sanders
The volume fluctuation in this video is more epic than the journey...
DUDE...volume up, volume down, blaring music, jesus use line leveling or something to even out your audio. Had to mute this after 2 minutes.
Roy 3 days ago
Very nice video, but audio levels are a bit erratic.
G S 3 days ago
Very well done, sir.
thelocustemperor 4 days ago
DEA got nothing better to do, do they honestly think that a sailing vessel stopping for gas would be stupid enough to have drugs and whatever it is they're looking for? Life is never easy...
Bluewater Sailor
Bluewater Sailor 5 days ago
Any true Bluewater sailor would never sail a multi-hull vessel. You capsize, you die! Try righting a turtled cata(moran)/tri-(moran), good luck & kissyourassgoodbye! Better off hanging at the plastic boat yacht club, with all the other yachties😎
slackerprince1 6 days ago
Good doc. Pretty much a luxury cruise compared to this: ruvid.net/video/video-yUi0gsxVHZM.html
Rakan Fahad
Rakan Fahad 7 days ago
12:14 this guy is literally smoking next to a gas hose with hols in it
Rusty Shackleford
Turn the fucking music OFF
Daniel keirstead sr
Allow for some fuel expansion when you fill those drums.
brian eiland
brian eiland 9 days ago
Do you know if the owner had any association with the original 65' cat Indigo designed and built in the Caribbean by a friend of mine? I see where your vessel is named Indigo also. Here are a few pics of that original vessel,... runningtideyachts.com/design-references/design-references-1.php runningtideyachts.com/design-references/design-references-2.html ...and a reference to my unusual rig design for a 'fishing-under-sail, cruising catamaran www.runningtideyachts.com/ Brian
Phillip Slocum
Phillip Slocum 9 days ago
I really wanted to thumbs up this but constantly having to turn the volume up and down kept me from doing that.
Cecil McCrary
Cecil McCrary 10 days ago
G Money
G Money 10 days ago
If you were trying to show how fucking loud and obnoxious sailing is, you we're successful.
Carlos Hafner Sailing Around The World Project
Nice video :) im starting my own youtube show if anybody wants to follow
Carlos Hafner Sailing Around The World Project
Nice video :) im starting my own youtube show if anybody wants to follow
C U 11 days ago
Outstanding job. Thanks for letting me watch this for free.
bubba watson
bubba watson 11 days ago
Is it hard sailing, up the side of ball earth? And easy when your going down on the ball earth? Sure. We live on a ball, its easy, water is always flat. While gravity holds those great oceans down, it lets u cut right through the water moving it in any direction...all while being held against the inner core...sure...sure it is...
SMFFL100 11 days ago
This is hardly sailing. Everything is electronic and the level of comfort on this boat, is over the top. I'm fully aware it's still not easy. Before anyone bashes me for my comment, I did solo from Denmark to Hawaii on a west sail, 32. It was the most difficult experience of my life. The quality of this video is amazing.
Cabo Scott
Cabo Scott 11 days ago
Great video, very enjoyable.
Martin Wiley
Martin Wiley 11 days ago
couldn't finish watching this. boring as f**k and then there's the ads by some right wing conspiracy theory idiot... Hillary Clinton is a pizza child molester or a robot or something.. Hillary who?
Cabo Scott
Cabo Scott 11 days ago
Stop being such a millennial puss.
mark L Chapman
mark L Chapman 12 days ago
Nothing beats money
MaurGB 12 days ago
One day i will do something like this, i dont know when but i will do it!
CrackerJack 13 days ago
A bunch of fat rich guys goofing around while their tax free portfolio pays for everything.
Matthias-Paul Albert
this adventure is very beautiful, you have a big chance, your not so big problem, thanks for share
Petercokes Francis
Petercokes Francis 14 days ago
Κωστας Μαρκοπουλος
What a wonderful documentary of this great adventure you did Sir.Thank you and greetings from Greece.
Andrew Labat
Andrew Labat 15 days ago
I know I'm late to this party, but what an epic voyage to be a part of. I can only dream that one day. Its defiantly a fast looking cat for sure..
Jahreel John
Jahreel John 15 days ago
This is so cool.😎😎😎
Reven327 16 days ago
Nice video..Great job..Congrats on your voyage..
Jamie Lancaster
Jamie Lancaster 16 days ago
Gorgeous boat! That propeller is creating a lot of cavitation! Cavitation is a drag on efficiency because of the increased friction. Even worse, cavitation can cause vibration because of uneven prop loads and damage the sail drive.
Daniel Hill
Daniel Hill 19 days ago
Enjoyed it!
Val Bosn
Val Bosn 21 day ago
what an adventure! great video and thanks for sharing :)
AP Visuals
AP Visuals 22 days ago
1 million views! that way more then I ever expected. Thank you for watching. If you liked this sailing documentary, here is another one: ruvid.net/video/video-uDQdjGbE7Iw.html
Charles Davis
Charles Davis 23 days ago
Why is the boat for sale? For $1,098,965.
shaenj 23 days ago
The music was just fine. In volume and sound. You'll find it easy to escape what you don't like, just jump the plank.
gervasio rossini
gervasio rossini 23 days ago
Thats was cool. Just dont understand how a guy waching a boat got 2.5 mil views while this one only goit 1 mil.
Larry Hartman
Larry Hartman 23 days ago
Thank you
Bob Hoskins
Bob Hoskins 24 days ago
The only thing I can think of to improve this is to subtitle what the French people are saying. We'd like to know!
Bob Hoskins
Bob Hoskins 24 days ago
That was simply marvelous. Such a relaxed camera attitude, not trying to impress, just capturing real life as it unfolds, in a unique and unpretentious fashion; it separates you from the mainstream by a large margin. There's some real talent behind this. Thank you for sharing.
Jack Taylor
Jack Taylor 24 days ago
AP Visauls Crew, WOW, A Beautiful Jam Packed crossing. I always wonder how many Drones are at rest on the Sea Floor, full of unseen Raw Footage. Much More than we Sadly ever Hear about, I'm sure. The film work made for an inspiring Epic Documentary of this Ocean Journey across the Wide Expanse of the Pacific Ocean. I congratulate the Entire crew, for making this such an interesting Display of Artistic Talent, Great Job.
seskipper806 25 days ago
Incredible video. The trip was amazing to see, but the extra footage and the superb editing made it absolutely stunning. Thank you for doing such a great job and making this so enjoyable to watch.
ZZP Zing Pheonix
ZZP Zing Pheonix 25 days ago
All that travel an no Tahitian women...
ZZP Zing Pheonix
ZZP Zing Pheonix 25 days ago
Why pour Vodka on the Gills? Gentile way to kill it?
Zeb Alford
Zeb Alford 25 days ago
What a bunch of crap the Gas then the DEA pops up in the Bahamas 🇧🇸 how did they even get the right that’s not America that’s about as silly as me getting in my old Paratrooper garb and going around playing world cop 👮‍♀️🚓
Timi hendrix
Timi hendrix 26 days ago
Why couldn't you show us the interior of the boat??
Ed Felty
Ed Felty 27 days ago
Why pour vodka into the fishes gills?
Ed Felty
Ed Felty 27 days ago
Is it normal for the screw to cavitate like that?
aizul Fikree
aizul Fikree 29 days ago
how much does it cost???
Jacky Amar
Jacky Amar 29 days ago
GOPRO always on focus compared to the canon out of focus a lot....
Gary Bourke
Gary Bourke 29 days ago
That music sucks . Redo the video without that annoying, shitty music .
Fly-Away Month ago
How can you put your life in someone's hands who, though he may know the craft well, does not have the judgment to realize that he needs a haircut? (low self-esteem???)
Max Rusvelt
Max Rusvelt Month ago
Very amazing 😍
Dynamic Solution
DEA...what a joke, making sure no one is competing with them. Wanted to just find .5grams of marijuana so they could confiscate the boat.
Josh Cook
Josh Cook Month ago
Is that an actual thing? Over user amounts of cannabis people are really getting their vessels taken?
Georges Gregorius
Music loudness is realy annoying.
Alex Month ago
Magnifique. Bien raconté, solide montage. Cheers
savagex466 Month ago
nice time looks fun thanks
savagex466 Month ago
song lyrics " got a good thing going mim mam moweing got heat throughing. Have a hip tossing cant stop flowing , now we all sowing , got a gurt got going hip hop mowing gonna get it gurp gop gameing "
Melinda Lara
Melinda Lara Month ago
These boats are super expensive but someone explain why do they need so much work ALL THE TIME. Really want to understand. These cats cost 800,000.00 I mean dam they should not need this much work when fairly new.
E620SE Month ago
its nearly 20 years old when its 800k
Miguel Salami
Miguel Salami Month ago
Great filming & narrating but that awful selection of blasting loud music gave me an earache!🤓
TheFuriousB Month ago
Absolutely stunning Film! Just Great! I hope you know how privileged you are to do a Trip like this. Thanks for sharing.
Sascha Sf
Sascha Sf Month ago
absolutely wonderful video of a complete crossing within 38 min. Thanks for sharing.
Omar Romero
Omar Romero Month ago
Wow !!!! simply amazing.
Alexis Caceres
Alexis Caceres Month ago
Vieron al Buque Escuela Esmeralda de Chile
garyofnyc Month ago
Jeez at 26:40 your man almost caught a lure in his knee. What an adventure. Lots of risk and many fun rewards.
Greg Damario
Greg Damario Month ago
This is just me I am sure but I value a boat that I can sale, well me and my wife. My adventure would not include a bunch of guys on the boat with me. To each his or her own.
Greg Damario
Greg Damario Month ago
sail not sale, of course.
oscar saavedra
oscar saavedra Month ago
23:41 the esmeralda WoW
M Maldonado
M Maldonado Month ago
Very nice video
Alistair Mcdonald
A beautiful catamaran Just catamarans I’ll remember that, how do you avoid a catamaran from capsizing ? They are so wide, like a small house on 2 hulls.
jochen peiper
jochen peiper Month ago
cheers from PADRE ISLAND TEXAS , very cool vid , i live aboard my SPORT FISHERMAN at the YACHT CLUB with my 2 classic CORVETTES , { i have 2 for redundancy } and also to CONFUSE x girlfriends, yall cats are hard core passage makers, im on the water constantly but its more like, up at the crack of noon, espresso onboard, taco at beach joint across the street, start drinkin bourbon, smokin ganja, catch fish at anchor in ICW, back to yacht club pool, grill fish REPEAT EVERY FEW DAYS
Christian Medek
Christian Medek Month ago
Absolutely beautiful. This video makes me want to start sailing.
Robert Joseph
Robert Joseph Month ago
Good job
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