Sailboat Shopping & the Almost Perfect Catamaran

Gone with the Wynns
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Today we set off to view what seems like the perfect cruising catamaran for our needs, but there is a GIANT "but".
After the searching everywhere for the past month we've narrowed our search down to an Owners Version and we're on the hunt. Today we're checking out a Leopard 43, Lagoon 410 and a Fontaine Pajot Belize 43.
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Our Cameras Used in THIS Video:
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Sony 18-105mm f4 G lens amzn.to/1QW7UFK
Tripods & Selfie Stick:
Joby GorillaPod SLR with Ball Head amzn.to/1JRlYz1
Sony Gun Zoom Mic ECM-GZ1M amzn.to/1U3bn8X
Gutman Windscreen for Sony Zoom amzn.to/1Q6AHVs
MSI GS70-096 Crimson amzn.to/1U3bYaC
MSI GS60 Ghost Pro 002 amzn.to/1Qv3O87
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Apr 5, 2016

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Comments 629
bogdan steiu
bogdan steiu 11 days ago
Hello guys, please let me know whecan i buy those side widows flipping covers :-) Cheers& thanks, Bogdan bogdan@ambotech.com
MJ P 13 days ago
10:00 I love mature women ! Whatttttttt
Take a stride or Step aside
Oh my GOSH are you GORGEOUS...you are truly an absolutely BEAUTIFUL woman...WOW...congratulations to your man...lucky guy...your demeanor is wonderful which adds to your beauty
Alex Nikolich
Alex Nikolich 27 days ago
She clearly has no idea what elements of a cruising yacht are more important. The realtor obviously shows his practical knowledge and points out more crucial items, or lack thereof (in a humble manner).
G Henrickson
G Henrickson 27 days ago
I am late to the party but its fun to go back and see what your search was like. Thanks for documenting this fine day.
Thomas Lewis
Thomas Lewis 27 days ago
Repairs and maintenance are almost always overlooked. Broken, masts, rudders have filled the oceans with millions of dollars of sailboats. A lot of the hardware, electrical, hoses, etc seem to be questionable on a lot of boats. You really need an expert to protect yourself, sadly not everyone is your friend.
marcia bettger
marcia bettger 29 days ago
That cat :)
michael d
michael d 29 days ago
Sold yourself the Boat! Great choice!
Whaceone Month ago
I need sails for my Macgregor 26 D. Lost mine in a fire. Sheets, too. If you know anyone ...
Parrish Floyd
Parrish Floyd Month ago
Do y’all ever look back at these? We just purchased our first sail boat. We will be joining you guys soon!!
Gone with the Wynns
Congrats & fair winds!
LivelysReport Month ago
While the first boat may have been 150k over.. I would with the sails and rigging, look to get a nice discount for that because it will have to be replaced at some point.. I would also put in an offer which included that detail.. maybe 120k or so above the budget.. that is taking 30k off the price.. so you take out a loan for that 120k.. while it may not be ideal, you are getting the boat you want.. there is no bones about that.. Your enjoyment will be so much more, making you both so much more happier.. and you might figure out a way to perhaps make a little extra money using a laptop on the boat with some internet type income.. or some type job you can normally do from home.. The first boat in comparison to the second.. is like night and day..
LivelysReport Month ago
Also the idea of being patient has some rewards, it also has some draw backs as well.. known as, if you snooze you loose.. because someone will make an offer on that first boat and it depends on how motivated the seller might be.. I would make a low ball offer and let them know its a standing offer.. so you can be both patient and have in an offer..
Ronald Reagan
Ronald Reagan Month ago
Good luck youse guys. So sad this boat will spend most of its life in a marina?
Gone with the Wynns
Keep watching!
Ted Carruthers
Ted Carruthers Month ago
Another escapee from the fabulous Rainbow Nation
dgeorge852 Month ago
Blistering of the fiberglass = PASS IT UP!
dgeorge852 Month ago
Needs a lot of work = PASS IT UP!
Keith Moser
Keith Moser Month ago
Spot on Ian, now we know why the haters are so invested in lothing everthing about their lives and must pass it on to others.
Mad Mike0082
Mad Mike0082 2 months ago
I can’t wait to see what you settle on because it doesn’t seem like it’s possible.
b1itsjustme 2 months ago
Amazing that you ended up with this glorious yacht (1st one). Nikki still has the same sunglasses in Fr. Pol!! I've learned so much from you guys, I can't thank you enough.
elizabeth b
elizabeth b 2 months ago
So the 2 smaller heads don’t have separate shower stalls? You have to pick up the faucet from the sink and stand there in front of the toilet to shower? How doable is that?
Sailing Blue Moon
Sailing Blue Moon 3 months ago
Wow! 3 years since you guys were shopping around. Love your videos!
David 3 months ago
What kind of weed did you two smoke before you decided your broker could get you a 45% price reduction?
Kelly-Jean Johnstone-Byrd
First I would like to say that I am sorry Jason for calling you Justin🙁 But I would like to say that after looking at all the boats especially that very last one that was 'pitful' one you guys did a fantastic job in choosing Curiosity.. I loved this video it was very fun to walk through the the boats.. again sorry Jason... stay safe and keep having a blast love to you and Nikkie also Singa and Cleo💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖🛥
IL Scrapple
IL Scrapple 4 months ago
She got a hot little body - built for speed
Rodger B
Rodger B 4 months ago
Jesus they keep the 2nd boat to get you to buy the first. You half to maintain your boat and that takes $$$$$.
Christo Dabraccio
Christo Dabraccio 4 months ago
Hey man, I really love you guys and your attitude. My GF and I may be setting sail sometime soon, and I have been looking at some low to mid 40' Catana boats, mid 90's to mid 2000's. We want the speed factor, which your Leopard seems to have. I know you are bombarded with these comments daily, but do you have any insight? Supposedly Catanas can do the speed of the apparent wind. Is there a reason you did not choose a Catana? Broadblue also seems to be a nice combo of quality, room, and speed.
Christo Dabraccio
Christo Dabraccio 4 months ago
@Gone with the Wynns Great to know, no broadblue. There is this one for $300k that seemed nice, quality build, but I am going to save time (possible headaches)... So the Catana I keep hearing about is the 471 (looks like the 2006), has clocked 25 knots speed, and right now a couple are priced at $360-400k (one in FLA for $360k), with 2 others at upper 400's. www.yachtworld.com/boats/Sail/Catamaran/Catana/471 Your Leopard 43 also looks very nice and I hope it is treating you well. May I ask your top speed sailing and average-ish if decent wind of 10+ knots? Maybe someday we can all meet. :)
Gone with the Wynns
Gone with the Wynns 4 months ago
Older Catana's are great. There is a specific year and size that's known for it's quality and speed. I can't remember exactly anymore but I think it was the 50' from the early 2000's. We considered the Catana but quickly realized they were out of our budget at $100k+ more expensive than our Leopard. We considered Broadblue but we were told to steer clear by several people that we trust, so I can't give you any insight on them. Good luck, there are a lot of options out there.
MusFuzZ 5 months ago
Buy your way in, meh i like knowing what i can fix when it breaks.
John sweda
John sweda 5 months ago
Why didn't they make the sliders black then you could block out the Light. Plexiglass is the name
Lynn Dirk
Lynn Dirk 5 months ago
It would be neat to see a follow-up video on all the ways you've changed this boat!
wil hallman
wil hallman 5 months ago
"But, there's a big butt".... dude you are so omoho
wil hallman
wil hallman 5 months ago
There's a really big butt says ya lady... me thinks she likes the sandwich ghays eh matey?
Thomas Novakovich
Thomas Novakovich 5 months ago
Kip W
Kip W 5 months ago
Try hurricane damage boats. Find high end boat repair. One way to knock price down.
Mfanawemkosi Fakudze
I think you should take some sailing lessons to learn the terminology and how to sail a boat before you own one.
Gone with the Wynns
Gone with the Wynns 5 months ago
we'd recommend the same...even though it's not how we ended up doing it.
geoffthefarmer 7 months ago
Wow, you have come so far in such a short time.
Kaptain Kid
Kaptain Kid 7 months ago
You're not looking for a boat . . . you are looking for a house that floats. You call lines "ropes" you call a stateroom a "bedroom". You didn't ask about anchors, navigation equipment or anything that makes it a sea-going vessel. And the BIG BUT is your worst enemy. You really have no idea what you are doing.
b1itsjustme 2 months ago
And yet they've sailed the Pacific on their own, and are now in French Polynesia. Most people never leave their home waters, so pffffttt to you.
Emmanuel Samaras
Emmanuel Samaras 7 months ago
Like your cats.
Gone with the Wynns
Gone with the Wynns 7 months ago
mee too. :)
Forex Trader
Forex Trader 7 months ago
I want one...
carl krebs
carl krebs 7 months ago
id enjoy having that boat and her....
muya 7 months ago
u people have the wrong broker a good one shouws u boats in your budget!
Sam Krieger
Sam Krieger 8 months ago
Did you her her 2:09 "and boss you around" She needs counseling. And mouse boy needs stifle her every time cougar does it!
Englishman inFrance
Englishman inFrance 8 months ago
Please tell me where you got your haircut. I will know where to avoid. And you must stop your wife breathing helium. You spoilt little rich bitches
Explorking 8 months ago
Our experience with Just Catamarans was NOTHING like your experience. We even tried to reach out to Kent, but never heard back. Really, our experience was pretty terrible. We are happy with our catamaran, but the entire process was a disaster - we're just getting some service done by Just Catamarans, it has been bumpy, but we are patiently waiting to see... Did you guys get sponsored by Just Catamarans?
Explorking 8 months ago
Oh, look, it's a reply - so honored, I know you two get too many comments to even read. Yes, the "get a quote before you say yes" bit is oh-so-true. We clued into that last week. It is pretty difficult to get a quote, just because they are so busy, but oh well. I'm sure that, by the end of it all, we'll be happy and get on our way. We have Maz Ocean coming by on Monday to program our AIS, if they do a good job, we may have them help us with some other bits. Keep up being awesome! K
Gone with the Wynns
Gone with the Wynns 8 months ago
Bummer guys. Our videos were not sponsored or paid for. They are genuinely our experiences. We shared our Just Catamarans Service experience in another video. It wasn't all perfect but we're generally happy with the service we received. The biggest takeaway was "GET QUOTES BEFORE SAYING YES TO ANYTHING." This video you've commented on covers shopping, and that process was about as perfect as one could expect...especially since we knew (almost) nothing before we walked in the door.
Aron Jorge
Aron Jorge 9 months ago
you need to learn how to keep your volumn level...i can't stand it.
Scott Squires
Scott Squires 9 months ago
Great video and I want that kitty with the big mouth,He is awesome.
Gone with the Wynns
Gone with the Wynns 9 months ago
Singa is the best worst cat we’ve ever had. What a handful but full of love and personality.
Jerry Cates
Jerry Cates 9 months ago
Buzz Sargent
Buzz Sargent 9 months ago
The cats are cool. Who is the noisy one?
Buzz Sargent
Buzz Sargent 9 months ago
Do the cats seem to like being out at sea?
Gone with the Wynns
Gone with the Wynns 9 months ago
Cleo will talk, but Singa is the one you hear most of the time. He is very opinionated & bossy!
Josh Bishop
Josh Bishop 9 months ago
SV Curiosity has changed so much from this video! 😀
mrjl barrett
mrjl barrett 10 months ago
I ended up buying a Selene 68.
mrjl barrett
mrjl barrett 10 months ago
When you are boat shopping you have to be willing to pull the trigger . When you see what you like . Others are looking too. Me i am nit a Sailboat captain haha Motor yachet
mrjl barrett
mrjl barrett 10 months ago
It took me 2 years to find my power yachet. I am a RV er my self I have a Newmar King Air . I found it on the West Coast in Seattle. I paid 200k more than i wanted .The owner would not come down . He new what he had . And i would one anu better
Mike Stone
Mike Stone 10 months ago
Be glad when you learn the nautical terms.
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