Sadie Sink Talks Max & Lucas’ Romance on ‘Stranger Things’ Season 3

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“Extra’s” Terri Seymour spoke with Sadie Sink at the premiere of the third season of “Stranger Things,” where she dished on Max and Lucas’ budding relationship.
On the show, Sink plays Max Mayfield, opposite of Caleb McLaughlin, who portrays Lucas Sinclair. Sink said, “They respect each other’s space. They have their arguments, but it’s all fun. It’s a realistic middle school/high school relationship that you don’t see on TV a lot.”


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Jul 1, 2019




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Comments 331
brittanylane38 26 days ago
I've been shipping caleb and sadie for a while now, but they never actually confirmed there relationship,but I wished they freaking DID. Like come on when all know they like each other
Elias Baez
Elias Baez 27 days ago
Lo puedes poner en sub español? ☺
I love her. (I am around her age, don't call the FBI). Also, her voice is so calming, she should do some audio books.
artvtry Month ago
sadie sink owns my heart
MendesRysky -Games
The shoes
RaphaCool Johnson
RaphaCool Johnson 2 months ago
Maddy K
Maddy K 2 months ago
I’m mad about some of these comments the interviewer has lupus give her a break!
Sips Facts
Sips Facts 2 months ago
Xtrqydez 3 months ago
Beatfiul Sadie Sink ❤️
Michael Chimdike Atuegwu
She just explained that she just see Caleb as a friend! 1:00
Sumi S
Sumi S 3 months ago
She sounds like Kendall Jenner ..
Irene 4 months ago
I just can tell everyone that I love sadie with all my heart and all I want right now is to hug her
Declined 5 months ago
i wish i was in the cast of stranger things.
Courtney * Mondler !! *
i love sadie.
Sanaa Helper
Sanaa Helper 5 months ago
Nobody noticed that she said it was sad for the season FINALE
Miream Coello
Miream Coello 5 months ago
Hey miss I think you need some water
E. K
E. K 5 months ago
Shut the fuck up
proper leader
proper leader 6 months ago
Gaten in the background
Dashed 011
Dashed 011 6 months ago
Gingy hair Sea blue eyes Tasty
Elroy 6 months ago
Shame she can't act worth a shit.
Melis 2 months ago
you sure we watched the same actress?
Doodle bob
Doodle bob 6 months ago
Why does the person interviewing her sound like she has a golf ball in her throat
Zaki Again
Zaki Again 6 months ago
She has lupus...
Pixel Gamer
Pixel Gamer 6 months ago
Like for season 4 Btw I’m pretty sure hopper is alive because the jail scene with the demogorgan (demo dog) the Russian government man said,”not the American”
Lyyli and Immy Vlogs!
Okay okay..is anyone..ANYONE going to talk about how Dacre looks bomb in the background or what?
artvtry Month ago
Lyyli and Immy Vlogs! yes omg ahah
cindy 6 months ago
man leave the interviewer alone she has lupus and it nearly killed her and her voice has been different ever since. no need to comment about it why cant yall just talk about stranger things .. which the video is actually about
cristy dalisay
cristy dalisay 6 months ago
i like caleb and sadie they hve real chemistry in the show even off camera..just my opinion..love caleb goodluck in your career continue being humble and respectful...
Quackers 6 months ago
Cough drop
Messy Frenzy
Messy Frenzy 6 months ago
She litterally just called Caleb Lucas 😂😂
Meet The LEGO
Meet The LEGO 6 months ago
The lady's voice is scary 😂
ParodyChannel 5 months ago
That’s messed up man, she has lupus
Zaki Again
Zaki Again 6 months ago
She has lupus
Jiminssi arts
Jiminssi arts 6 months ago
So wait she said season 3 finale does that mean there's no season 4? OH NO YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME
Jack Coppa
Jack Coppa 6 months ago
Omg I also see billy in the right corner.
Jack Coppa
Jack Coppa 6 months ago
Why does it sound like the interviewer has been smoking for 59 years straight.
Teebauer MSP
Teebauer MSP 6 months ago
She has Lupus, give her a break
maddie ward
maddie ward 6 months ago
She had lupus
Schuyler Savage
Schuyler Savage 6 months ago
So pretty
xXSky HighxX
xXSky HighxX 6 months ago
Just ask for a cough drop Jesus....
xXSky HighxX
xXSky HighxX 6 months ago
@Teebauer MSP im aware of that.
Teebauer MSP
Teebauer MSP 6 months ago
And I Oop She has Lupus, what’s you’r problem
Maria Paula Coello
Maria Paula Coello 6 months ago
I wanted to see more Max and Lucas scenes together just like eleven and mike
art girlzz
art girlzz 3 months ago
Maria Paula Coello yes!
v i v i a n a
v i v i a n a 6 months ago
I had one eye in Sadie and the other one in Dacre
Aj Rocks
Aj Rocks 6 months ago
Honestly I’d definitely like to see Sadie Sink and Dacre Montgomery in one movie at the same time.
Melis 6 months ago
yess i want them to play characters who actually get along because their dynamic is amazing and they have a strong sibling bond behind the scenes
Theloveofyourdreams 6 months ago
Br3ndan6 6 months ago
Annnnnnnd lets capture the shoes........ Oh wait........ 🤦🏻‍♂️
iiiKxaliaa 6 months ago
When Episode 9 comes out I want Max and Lucas to Make out in a scene. (Im not weird okay xD)
ItzBlackMatty 5 months ago
Faze Clorox episode 9 of season 3 retard
Chance the rappers Lawyer
What episode 9 retard
Most Dope
Most Dope 6 months ago
raelyn “I’m not weird okay” 😭😂
LD Loopy
LD Loopy 6 months ago
Max+Lucas=Mucas Lmao
Yohanna Duarte
Yohanna Duarte 6 months ago
Sadie ♥
Giovan Kier Cardenio
Ganda naman ni crush😂 I mean you so beautiful ❤
Gloppin Boopin
Gloppin Boopin 6 months ago
Sadie should really do asmr
Regina Balch
Regina Balch 6 months ago
I'm finished with season 3 of the show and max pissed me off she always told ell what to do to Mike like bc Mike lied you'll know why and max made ell dump him and spy on him and make fun of him and I'm mad max fuck u bitch
- 5 months ago
Sigh Um I mean i guess and I agree that max was a better person in the second season but I didn’t full blown hate her for any of it
Sigh Um
Sigh Um 5 months ago
- ik this is a late response but she did see el almost die right in front of her so she should’ve known she isn’t as powerful as she thought
- 6 months ago
Sigh Um I think she just overestimated el because everyone hyped her up a lot and max was knew to the situation
Kamel Hund
Kamel Hund 6 months ago
No one: Sadie: LUCAS *in every single time*
Fallon Cho
Fallon Cho 6 months ago
I wonder in season 3 does her stepbrother Billy found out if she and Lucas are dating, because in the show he is a racist so I wonder if he is going to be after them again and maybe 11 and friends will have to stop him again.
Brynleigh Gilliam
Brynleigh Gilliam 6 months ago
I’m scared for the finale of the season now lol 😬
Nellie 14
Nellie 14 6 months ago
Me to the journalist : You know that you are allowed to cough ?
VivaToddVegas 6 months ago
Max and Lucas.... Mucas!
Fernando Reyes
Fernando Reyes 6 months ago
If Steve dies I’m deleting Netflix
boo boo
boo boo 6 months ago
why did they let her do the interview with that voice
wig 6 months ago
dacre in the backkkkk
Fernando_ 6 months ago
why does the lady sound like she has strep throat
Arro's Art
Arro's Art 6 months ago
Are they together in real life as well???
Lisaxs May
Lisaxs May 6 months ago
I haven’t even seen s3 nor know much about it but I’m already crying at the finally oml
Marquis de Lafayette
RusticBB8 6 months ago
I love Max and Lucas ship
David Acosta
David Acosta 6 months ago
She is so beatiful and cute 😍
Adan de Andrade
Adan de Andrade 6 months ago
Their both so sweet it seems like
Cerebrxll 6 months ago
Can someone tell her lucas’ name is Caleb
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