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Sabrina Carpenter
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Lyric Video Created By: Jessica Severn (@j3ssica7) & Chris Shelley (@create) for Deadhappy
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Jan 21, 2021




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Comments 100
Hasangi Chandrasena
Hasangi Chandrasena 41 minute ago
Don't you dare say she didn't write this about Olivia. The lyrics are super obvious and this is just a cheap way to get attention and turn all the spotlight towards her. Sabrina just hated the way Olivia was getting so famous and that's why she wanted to put this out. To make the situation about her. Clout chaser 😒
Ignacio Augusto
Ignacio Augusto 2 hours ago
I love her voice 😍
Mergirl playz
Mergirl playz 3 hours ago
I want Josh to make a song now...
Lucia Rodriguez
Lucia Rodriguez 6 hours ago
Not the lyric video having more views then the music video
melanie fam
melanie fam 8 hours ago
Stop hating on Sabrina “skin” and “driver license” are both really good songs stop sending hate comments Sabrina was just afended of what Olivia put in her song she is at the moment she is about to kill her self because everyone keeps on telling to die and it’s not very nice stop it leave all of it to Olivia and Sabrina just leave both of them alone ok please
Mediterranean Chicken
Who honestly cares it’s just that both are expressing their feelings that’s all there’s no need for drama
Tere Ludeña Granda
Tere Ludeña Granda 12 hours ago
Sabrina you are the best
Tere Ludeña Granda
Tere Ludeña Granda 12 hours ago
We are already 5 million I remember when we were barely a million
Sierra 13 hours ago
Girl I hear you💙
• Amber •
• Amber • 13 hours ago
Is it just me that thinks that the girls need to drop Joshua before he causes more drama and stick up for eachother?
Lolo Lolololo
Lolo Lolololo 13 hours ago
Guy let them settle this on their own your just making it worst btw I love this song
Claudio Francisco Romero Mendoza
Hannah E
Hannah E 14 hours ago
I just like the song can someone explain the drama to me??
Kim Girrafe
Kim Girrafe 14 hours ago
Kate Scott
Kate Scott 21 hour ago
this lyric video reminds me a bit of call it what you want it by taylor swift , not the song but the way this video is made , you know , only me?
Nicole Arlert
How about you and Olivia make up and make a song together?
Nicole Arlert
Joshua ain’t worth this 😭 Drivers license wasn’t even about you it was about Olivia missing Joshua. 😒💥🔫
dizhoon white
Why say "he under mine" thats just sooo petty!!!!
Cassia Bandorovskaya
This is so stupid. Nobody even knows the real story. y'all are spreading hate to either of the girls and blaming them for something u don't even know what u blaming them about. It's none of their fault. They are only expressing the way that they feel and their is nothing wrong with it!!!
Jennifer Rodriguez
u sing soooooooooooooo good
girole haiti
girole haiti Day ago
well these songs got those girl career boomin
Ramiza Ashraf
LMAO all of this is soooo funny to me for literally no good reason🤣🤣
Melissa Cortes
I love this song! Good Sabrina
Jes is a Mess
Music is a creative way to express how you feel. its an artist's way of talking. and it can mean and be interpreted in so many ways. people should have the freedom and safety to express their emotions in a harmless way without getting backlash and death threats. Sabrina, your music is amazing, I've always been a fan. You caught my breath with one of your first original songs, keep doing you. Love you!!
Avery Eklund
Avery Eklund Day ago
A bunch of people kept telling me that this song is terrible but now that I am getting around to listening to it, it is actually kinda good ngl.
Jennie is a bad bitch dont be mad
idk why but the lyric video just hits!
NL GL Jurias
NL GL Jurias Day ago
I first heard the song, than saw the commens and was like: "Wait... hé?"
Montana Schulatz
She a copycat but cute song 😬😘
Hedwig 10 hours ago
copycat? please elaborate
Emily Rosales Tzunun
thats a rude response to olivia rodrigo
Hedwig 10 hours ago
I think it was actually very graciously done
Blue Mellow
Blue Mellow Day ago
“Don’t drive yourself insane, it won’t always be the same” hits different.
gatita Day ago
Less Sabrina much less! In Brazil we call this “falta de vergonha na cara” It's kind of ashamed in the face
jeanchi Marak
These two pretty girls be fighting for a dumb version of Shawn mendes 😤
1999 cm
1999 cm Day ago
i love your song Sabrina You always gave me hope Sabrina Carpenter is our QUEEN
Devika Day ago
guys, sabrina did nothing wrong. she is literally getting so much hate for nothing. why do you guys hate her so much when she is such a good person with a lot of talent. if you guys hate her then tell the reason, uk which actually makes sense. I don't think you all could think of any reasonable reason to hate her cause there is nothing to hate her about.
Genie Girll
Genie Girll Day ago
dont "drive" your self insane
Genie Girll
Genie Girll Day ago
do u think she is singing this towards olivia
Potton Scy
Potton Scy Day ago
this lyric video looks a lot like taylor swify's 'call it what you want' lyric video. why have to copy tho?
Jasmine Silva
Why fight over one fish in the sea? Olivia needs to find her fish and call it a day lol 😂
EK craz
EK craz Day ago
Your voice is very very good I really enjoyed the song Honestly, it's amazing .
Nurul Jauregui
*Olivia & Sabrina should date each other drop dat walmart Shawn Mendes already.*
Nurul Jauregui
*Dramas aside, i love this song.*
Athéna •
Athéna • Day ago
I'm still confused why Olivia isn't addressing the situation at all ? I'm pretty sure she's aware of the hate Sabrina receiving bc of her song, even if it's not about her she should at least clarify that cause people assuming to much things and Sabrina being attacked for nothing.
Hedwig 10 hours ago
agreed dude
Eunice Segura
Eunice Segura 2 days ago
i love your voice cuando escucho tus canciones transmites la emoción sigue así
zainab 2 days ago
so everyone's talking about that "maybe blonde was the only rhyme" line but i see no one talking about the "i just hope one day we can laugh about it" line. why? bc y'all want drama and y'all weird for that. idc
KristiLara Bee
KristiLara Bee 2 days ago
I love this song as the song not the potential drama that comes with it I’m also a fan of drivers license
Ariana Olvera
Ariana Olvera 2 days ago
Devika Day ago
who is "she"?
Ariana Olvera
Ariana Olvera 2 days ago
Ur so mean he's Olivia's bru so stop
Devika Day ago
omggg, this whole song isn't even about Olivia. at least think before commenting on something lol. btw she did nothing which was "mean"
Johanna Samuel
Johanna Samuel 2 days ago
Joshua is probably getting so many death threats
Johanna Samuel
Johanna Samuel 7 hours ago
@Devika ikr
Devika Day ago
even sabrina is oof, ppl really need to stop sending death threats
Dancer Girl
Dancer Girl 2 days ago
I’m recording this to make an edit and all these people are just commenting all the drama like no
RumerWillisChin 2 days ago
What if Sabrina and Olivia discover they are pansexual and transgender and then they transition to males and become a gay couple who adopt 5 kids and move to Wyoming
Ali Gonzalez Kerns
Joshua Basset Is nothing she is way better with out him and hope Olivia and Sabrina become friends
Areevaa Arora
Areevaa Arora 2 days ago
Himanshi Jasthol
Himanshi Jasthol 2 days ago
Love this song
Zoeya Nazir
Zoeya Nazir 2 days ago
I finally understand the meaning of “ blond was the only rhyme”. She didn’t mean it in a shady way or anything. Her haters/fans were bring up the “ probably with the blond girl” a lot. So this what I think: The word “brunette girl” doesn’t fit the song “blonde girl” seems more smoother. So, Sabrina is trying to say that it was just a rhyme and y’all haters are comparing that verse with me. So, this whole song is about how the haters take things seriously. I think she used “ blonde was the only rhyme” as an example for the haters.
Ali Abr
Ali Abr 2 days ago
85k dislike lol
Srishti Sinha
Srishti Sinha 2 days ago
It's so hard not to sing along ngl...love u sabby
Lillian Gove
Lillian Gove 2 days ago
anyways *Plays drivers license*
That fishy シ
That fishy シ 2 days ago
this boy not worth it
Alicia-mai 2 days ago
I love this song
edweyy dee
edweyy dee 2 days ago
"Dont drive yourself insane." hmm ok.
Jericca Bell
Jericca Bell 2 days ago
olivia for sure u took joshua
Jericca Bell
Jericca Bell Day ago
@Devika yea listen to her lmao
Devika Day ago
@That fishy シ Sabrina is not a psychopath, can you please think before commenting something cause that's a really mean thing to say to someone who you don't even know personally
That fishy シ
That fishy シ 2 days ago
no, she did not this Sabrina girl just a psychopath
Roblox mxnia
Roblox mxnia 2 days ago
i came here for the comments :)
elsaplanet. 2 days ago
she's so nice tho
Makensey Day
Makensey Day 2 days ago
honestly if olivia and sabrina wrote a song together it would be AMAZING
It's Izzy
It's Izzy 2 days ago
i bet theres watching this and not noing whats oin on your obisvisliy talking about oliva and josh
Amweta 2 days ago
O.M.G i love it your so good and i wish i could meet you one day
Vidhi S
Vidhi S 2 days ago
"You're putting me under spotlight but I've been under it all my life"
I need a pet!!!!
I need a pet!!!! 2 days ago
The song is a bop ... I am so obsessed with this song🤭😅
jay poole
jay poole 2 days ago
Hedwig 10 hours ago
?? Do you not like the song?
jay poole
jay poole 2 days ago
Hate it when you sing because you suck girl is better than
jay poole
jay poole 2 days ago
Breaking your bones by me
jay poole
jay poole 2 days ago
and the other girl why are you all making songs and I am the one who loves the sun is down because you suck
jay poole
jay poole 2 days ago
Why are you fighting over at ugly little boy
TEETSMAN 3 days ago
A lot of you guys are talking shit on the guy you’d guys drop everything to have a chance with🤷🏽‍♂️
Christian jesus Badillo guerrero
Y los latinos fans de sabrina?
Athéna •
Athéna • 3 days ago
Looks like Maya and Riley still fighting for Lucas
Allie Oehler
Allie Oehler 3 days ago
oliva for damn sure
Ana Ferreira
Ana Ferreira 3 days ago
Everyone talking about the love triangle that is Joshua, Olivia and Sabrina. And in the end, maybe Sabrina and Olivia will stay together. The music is inscredible and beautiful! And that is what matters!
Vanessa Cardenas
Vanessa Cardenas 3 days ago
Sabrina your a horrible person
Devika Day ago
are you talking about yourself? cause sabrina is an AMAZING person
Sarah Gade
Sarah Gade 2 days ago
Tumelo Molelekeng
I’m just busy scrolling down reading the comments and I’m so confused 🤷‍♂️😭
fatema islam
fatema islam 3 days ago
What is the tea???!!!
arrashiro 3 days ago
!!!IMAGINE THIS!!!! -HIGH MUSICAL VERSION- Gabriela sings “Drivers License” Troy sings “Lie Lie” Sharpay sings “Skin”
Jasim Zaib
Jasim Zaib 3 days ago
lovely song. olivia you will never beat this girl and sab will never listen to your haters bc you and your haters are losers
Danica N. Smolyar
THANK U!!!!!!
ash whitney
ash whitney 3 days ago
Guys " maybe blonde was the only rhyme" means that, even if Olivia just wrote one verse 'bout Sabrina in her song and Sabrina wrote almost a whole song about her, it really refers that " even if Olivia just has said 'blonde' refering to Sabrina, sabrina wants to answer that only rhyme too.
Zoeya Nazir
Zoeya Nazir 3 days ago
Here’s the thing. I’ve been seeing a lot of comments hating on Sabrina. Why tho?. WE DONT KNOW THE WHOLE GODDAMN STORY. What if we get to know that “drivers license” was never about josh. And was just a relatable type of song. Ik Olivia recently talked about how she wrote “drivers license” from real life experience. But Josh and Olivia said it about a million times it’s not about who you think it is. Btw, is it necessary that its gonna be Josh. And do we really know Sabrina and Josh are dating. Just because they we’re together doesn’t mean they are a thing. Plus Josh is a big Sabrina fan, so Josh might’ve contacted Sabrina. Even if they do have feelings for each other than let them. You haters don’t get to choose who he dates and doesn’t date. The fact people said that Josh waited for Olivia to be 18 but was impatient and went to Sabrina. Like WTH did he ever say that. No. Plz keep your unproved and ridiculous comments to urself unless you have a proof. We never know in the end this was never the case and the drama created just made both Josh and Olivia drift away. Imagine the awkwardness in making the season 2 of HSMTMTS. What if the ship we wanted could’ve sailed in the future but didn’t because of US that created useless drama. Even if the drama turns out to be true any day. But theres a chance for there friendship to be over. And I hate how everyone is supporting Sabrina and Olivia but leaving out Josh. Why does he deserve it tho. Even if it does turn out to be true that he was actually with Olivia and went to Sabrina than what’s the PROBLEM with that. He just MOVED on. His name is JOSHUA BASSET not some Walmart version of Shawn Mendez. He has his own name and respect that. “Joshua is not worth this beef” well you started it and dragged him in, and basically started this useless drama. So, who is here to blame. YOU or HIM. You guys are just concerned about the 2 girls and leaving him out. Without knowing what he might be going through. When these accusations turn out to be false the people craving drama and spreading drama better log off social media. And Olivia should address this situation before it gets out of hand. Josh and Sabrina are getting endless amount of hate and death threats which they don’t deserve. Olivia should address and end this drama for once and for all. It might just be about josh and she might be scared. But it’s better if she addresses about the hate they both are getting. I’ve seen a lot of people saying “she’s only 17”, yea ok so? She just has to address.
Deborah Moss
Deborah Moss 3 days ago
I love u Sab
Emily Martin
Emily Martin 3 days ago
i should not be listening to the but shit really good tf
Anjel' magic
Anjel' magic 3 days ago
Sabrina has something happened between you Olivia 😨
Anja Galevska
Anja Galevska 3 days ago
Lowkey i dont care about the drama anymore I Love these songs
Tillypop J
Tillypop J 3 days ago
She really said “screw being subtle “
Pilo Lilo
Pilo Lilo 3 days ago
Team Sabrina ❤️❤️
Mia Memetovic
Mia Memetovic 3 days ago
I hope joushua is worth it
Siimply Sabrinaa
Siimply Sabrinaa 3 days ago
Olivia: "I got my Drivers License last week" Sabrina: "dont drive yourself insane" Olivia: "and your probably with that blonde girl.." Sabrina: "maybe blonde was the only ryhme" Not these to girls fighting over one boy-
Phoebe camille
Phoebe camille 3 days ago
Sabrin or Olivia
Danica N. Smolyar
dark_noodle 3 days ago
When this song came out it really was a vibe like traveling in the rain in the middle of no where
Mecarii 3 days ago
This lyric video is so beautiful 😍 as well as the song. It gets me the first time I heard it. It's a brilliant response to Olivia's Driver's License but even if it's not, I still love it. I honestly enjoyed listening to this song despite the drama.
lecario ti
lecario ti 3 days ago
yes queen
Sarishaaa 4 days ago
i just went through olivia and sabrinas comments. why is sabrina the one getting hate, when she litrally got called out a slut in a national tv. and olivia is praising that. pls lets end this, and pls stop giving sabrina, who is way more talented than olivia, giving death threats. BECAUSE ITS NOT FAIR!
Devika Day ago
Vibe's with Kiki
Vibe's with Kiki 4 days ago
She a savageeeeee " he's all mine" that had me dead
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