Sabrina Carpenter's 10 Minute Makeup Routine For Natural Light | Allure

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Singer and actress Sabrina Carpenter shows us how to pull off her beauty look for natural light in 10 minutes. Sabrina takes us through every step of how she captures a soft glow using her Laura Mercier concealer and Charlotte Tilbury contour duo. She also shares the lip balm she simply cannot live without.
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Sabrina Carpenter's 10 Minute Makeup Routine For Natural Light | Allure


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May 21, 2020




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Comments 100
Rythm A.
Rythm A. 5 hours ago
She needs makeup?
heba ali
heba ali 7 hours ago
No one is going to talk about her perfect nails?
YUKIE 9 hours ago
Imagine being THAT pretty.
Asritha Sajith
Asritha Sajith 10 hours ago
Honestly she’s so beautiful without her makeup, her skin is the definition of natural beauty. I really want her skin care routine so I can follow it 😌
Graciela Barrionuevo
she's everything I'm insecure about
Sophia Torrejon
Sophia Torrejon 12 hours ago
She said she has a BAY WINDOW did anyone else freak out ?!?
Kerensa Spencer
Kerensa Spencer 13 hours ago
She really do be makin me insecure bout myself😂but so pretty without makeup
Elora Borkristl
Elora Borkristl 14 hours ago
Emily Poteet
Emily Poteet 16 hours ago
wow boyfriend steeler #RUDE @Sabrina Carpenter
MizzleMay 19 hours ago
No ones hating on her here. The comments saying, “Anyone that’s hating on her” should shut it.
Willow ___walsh
Willow ___walsh 23 hours ago
omg i am a big fan hiiii omg hiiii yayyayayayyayayayya
Shiloh Gaviria
Sorry but it had to be said, Joshua did something bad, but he choosed the best one
Azue Zeliang
Azue Zeliang Day ago
She doesn't even need to make up her face she is beautiful in natural
bouchra hatem
me be like there is 1 more second
lala jean
lala jean Day ago
I wish im that pretty when i walk up .
Issabelle Aggett
so eveybodies saying they wouldnt even wear makeup if they looked like her but i bet if they looked like a victorain super model without make up they still would what i dont understand is why the cant be happy with what they look like i know makeup makes you feel good about your self but com,on you should b happy the way you look dont make yourself look like someone else you are perfect way you are
pretty lilay
pretty lilay Day ago
Noelia Day ago
she’s so cute omg 💕💕💕
Honey Comb
Honey Comb 2 days ago
And when y’all start talking about sabrina for her talents>>>>>
Noah 999
Noah 999 2 days ago
She s not that pretty
Natalie’s Art
Natalie’s Art 2 days ago
who’s here after she tried to roast olivia 🤣🔪
Natalie’s Art
@rowan goodmann yes she did. look it up
Matylda Mickiewicz
I think no one cuz it didnt happen
rowan goodmann
rowan goodmann 2 days ago
@Natalie’s Art she didnt even shade olivia... get tf outta here
Natalie’s Art
Natalie’s Art 2 days ago
@Dontsub Pls wdym?
Dontsub Pls
Dontsub Pls 2 days ago
I'm here after Olivia tried to support online bullying
ASMR Slime
ASMR Slime 2 days ago
Y’all are talking about her beauty and driver’s license drama. All I can focus on are her nails... they look so good!!!!
Emma Daniels
Emma Daniels 2 days ago
I love her makeup
Leah’s Channel
Leah’s Channel 2 days ago
Girl your eyebrows are like magic! Like I NEED to know how u get eyebrows like that.
Matylda Mickiewicz
They natural
Nila12 Nila12
Nila12 Nila12 3 days ago
I think that she don't need a blush...😍
hannah 3 days ago
the blond gurl
zenaida reyes
zenaida reyes 3 days ago
who came here after the ''drivers license'' drama ;) just me, ok :(
Chaya Fedick
Chaya Fedick 4 days ago
3:37 girl story of my life
Chaya Fedick
Chaya Fedick 4 days ago
ahhhh stop your so prettyyyyy
Izy Sanddy
Izy Sanddy 4 days ago
I was shooketh when she brushed her hair!! Ohhhh so much volume, so fluffy and soft looking!
Mansi Thapa
Mansi Thapa 4 days ago
She doesn't need any makeup
Marwa Kashif
Marwa Kashif 5 days ago
Who's here after drivers licence
Dontsub Pls
Dontsub Pls 2 days ago
Not me
chloe !
chloe ! 4 days ago
Raeesha 5 days ago
she's basically a natural beauty
Issabelle Aggett
Issabelle Aggett 5 days ago
love you in clouds
Pawan KC
Pawan KC 5 days ago
So anyone here after drivers license
aubrey k
aubrey k 5 days ago
I'm in love with her laugh
Sibahle Mkhize
Sibahle Mkhize 5 days ago
She stole Olivia’s mans 😩
Chaya Fedick
Chaya Fedick 3 days ago
umm actually it was never confirmed that Joshua and Olivia were dating, and he could've just moved on
passe leegum
passe leegum 4 days ago
Grow up lol
Sibahle Mkhize
Sibahle Mkhize 4 days ago
They where caught kissing in a car
chloe !
chloe ! 4 days ago
she can’t steal something that already belongs to her ❤️
Dontsub Pls
Dontsub Pls 5 days ago
Hear skin written for u
Estelle Lau
Estelle Lau 6 days ago
Her eyebrows looks so cringe 😂
Chaya Fedick
Chaya Fedick 3 days ago
Ummm actually they're really pretty
passe leegum
passe leegum 4 days ago
Um why
Dontsub Pls
Dontsub Pls 5 days ago
Like ur comment
Cici Sierra Rblx rp
Why is her eyebrows darker than her hair?
Chaya Fedick
Chaya Fedick 3 days ago
it s cuz she is a natural brunette :)
Dontsub Pls
Dontsub Pls 5 days ago
Her hair roots are actually brown,
Madds Muse
Madds Muse 5 days ago
Sometimes lighter haired people have brown/darker eyebrows. Sabrina’s eyebrows are just fuller than most.
Cici Sierra Rblx rp
Every video that ive watched that she has been in and jve never noticed that her eyebrows are darker than her hair but im jot hating on it
Rose Q.
Rose Q. 6 days ago
I just really love how simple her makeup routine is.
Jenna S
Jenna S 6 days ago
She is such a doll face and love how she likes being herself and doing what makes her happy .. I don't wear make up but love watchng vidoes on it I am so weird lol 😂😂😂😂❤❤❤❤😍😍😍😍😍.. I am a busy mommy and put on a tinted moisturiser with sunblock and lip gloss and run out the house but love how pretty the make up looks and brings a out the eyes etc ....
Owen Wade
Owen Wade 7 days ago
The aware rod interstingly detect because theory lily found worth a filthy uncle. tall, teeny guide
tremaine young
tremaine young 7 days ago
Awwwwwww you're are so good babe and I loved you so swee like that you're very happy for
dristanta agro
dristanta agro 7 days ago
It looks like she is wearing lipstick already
Fudjdjdjejdj Yegevrhdidj
If you watch my video and comment, I will send you a gift and you get to pick the gift, it could be money, it could be something else. Just don't make it as expensive as a car l O l.
Darla Bell
Darla Bell 8 days ago
"I just want cake" lol samee
Rumessa Qureshi
Rumessa Qureshi 8 days ago
Sabrina: puts on mascara without doing the face Me: O.o
Dab Beast
Dab Beast 9 days ago
She had the little accent
ina kempt
ina kempt 9 days ago
Like it!!!❤️😀
Tamijeh Hale
Tamijeh Hale 9 days ago
“we all have some sort of Rihanna product in our lives” nope but i have vogue vanity products go follow @vogue._.vanity on ig
jadapaige 9 days ago
Her nails are so distracting😂 omg they are so bright I love them
KlAl B23
KlAl B23 10 days ago
Eww put a freaking top on lol
chloe !
chloe ! 4 days ago
@KlAl B23 she’s 21 years old, it’s a shirt babe 💀
Keng Kay
Keng Kay 5 days ago
@KlAl B23 lmaoooo of course it's a morning routine bruh
Madds Muse
Madds Muse 5 days ago
She can where whatever she wants. Also everyone in the industry wears stuff like that. If she likes to wear something, she should be able to where it.
KlAl B23
KlAl B23 5 days ago
At the beginning it was pretty revealing
Keng Kay
Keng Kay 6 days ago
@baguette ikrr they're literally will do anything to hate on her
Trell Godinez
Trell Godinez 10 days ago
yall can on hate sabrina for as much as you want but it only shows how problematic yall are lmao
Pavan Kaur
Pavan Kaur 10 days ago
plot twist: she's sponsored by Charlotte Tilbury...
Iris Herstel
Iris Herstel 10 days ago
aエム 11 days ago
Please tell me the part number of the CHANNEL lipstick.
Adi Lavi
Adi Lavi 11 days ago
We all like to look like a glazed doughnut..
임Meji 11 days ago
I don't get it....I know I sound dumb but whats the difference between Alure and Vogue? I mean except for the spellings of course🤔
She's so prettyyyyyy
Tali J
Tali J 12 days ago
Sabrina is so beautiful
nikad. 12 days ago
I can't stop staring at her hair
jana xo
jana xo 12 days ago
she’s so beautiful without makeup oh my god-
August Blue
August Blue 14 days ago
It's extremely disappointing how people hate her because of Driver's License, without actually knowing Sabrina. I've been a fan of her since the release of Eyes Wide Open *AND SHE'S ONE OF THE BEST WOMEN OUT THERE*. I mean, come on, she can dance, sing, act, and she's so sweet and genuine. How can people actually hate her?
Random Person
Random Person 14 days ago
Sabrina carpenter and Emma Watson is are both my #1 idol and I would love to meet them but I never will cause my family can't take me to any thing that they might be at they're both so talented smart beautiful and strong I want to be just like them when I'm older
nad Tal
nad Tal 14 days ago
I HATE U~ nah just because of the song
chloe !
chloe ! 4 days ago
are we supposed to care?
Dontsub Pls
Dontsub Pls 13 days ago
Hoang Katelyn
Hoang Katelyn 13 days ago
Kyah Travis
Kyah Travis 14 days ago
Who else Loves her better without Makeup?
Melissa J05
Melissa J05 14 days ago
They should do one with Megan Thee Stallion. I'd love to see that.
GRACE E PGE 15 days ago
This has more views than her vogue video
Harish Kumar Parmar
in love with "skin" ❤️ (Sabrina's newest single)
miss 10 days ago
@nad Tal you are so stupid
Teodora 10 days ago
@nad Tal i did and Olivia didn't say Sabrina stole Joshua, she literally just said that he's now with her
nad Tal
nad Tal 11 days ago
@Teodora no drive's license
Teodora 11 days ago
@nad Tal of "skin"?
nad Tal
nad Tal 11 days ago
@Teodora go check the song lyrics
La Chlo’
La Chlo’ 15 days ago
Dude I want her eyebrows
Jaja Ram
Jaja Ram 15 days ago
I really love her since then 🥺♥️ her LAUGH at the end 🥺🥺🥺♥️♥️♥️♥️
Emma McLaughlin
Emma McLaughlin 15 days ago
Jesus Saves Romans 10:9-11! Ephesians 2:8-9! Philippians 2:10-11! Repent before it’s to late! Amen!
lecario ti
lecario ti 15 days ago
just naturally stunning
Jamie 15 days ago
she’s actually so pretty wth
nigar mn
nigar mn 15 days ago
Makeup was good but I don't like your brows it needs little make
nigar mn
nigar mn 12 days ago
@Hoang Katelyn why did you think so?
Hoang Katelyn
Hoang Katelyn 12 days ago
@nigar mn u have ocd
nigar mn
nigar mn 13 days ago
@Hoang Katelyn what do you want to say?
Hoang Katelyn
Hoang Katelyn 13 days ago
@nigar mn oh so ur saying u have ocd??
GRACE E PGE 14 days ago
@nigar mn we call Sabrina sometimes miss eyebrows.
hey evy
hey evy 15 days ago
Lindaa de maiss
Gih Soüza
Gih Soüza 16 days ago
Adoro uma make mais natural. Sabrina é um neném.
Marilen Krüger
Marilen Krüger 16 days ago
Jz will ich wieder zum blond zurück 😑😂
Dawson League
Dawson League 16 days ago
Tbh I prefer her over Olivia but we needa stop all this hate ok
Shah Iffat
Shah Iffat 16 days ago
OMG her eyes and her smile reminds me of Ian Somerhalder and I'm a huge fan of Ian 😍😍
Rose Hearts
Rose Hearts 17 days ago
Stunning video
Kate's World
Kate's World 17 days ago
She’s a goddess she’s so pretty she dont even need a 10 min makeup routine 😍😍😍😍
Eyad Aboali
Eyad Aboali 17 days ago
Who searched for it after he saw I know iam awesome 500000qna
Mahitab khaled
Mahitab khaled 17 days ago
This is not natural at all pluss try to get some weight not pretty🙄
chloe !
chloe ! 4 days ago
she literally has the beauty standard body type and face, like model agencies would look at her and say yes. and she is very natural so you can stay jealous
Mini 5 days ago
Let's see what u look like
Hoang Katelyn
Hoang Katelyn 13 days ago
get a life
lecario ti
lecario ti 15 days ago
stay jealous bb
GRACE E 17 days ago
Wtf are u talking
Akshika Saxena
Akshika Saxena 18 days ago
the amount of times I've watched this video is unhealthy
Grace Clentine
Grace Clentine 18 days ago
tu fais trop ta belle stop it ont sais que tu es amerique sabrene sarpenta
Celine 18 days ago
Ay oh Sabrina why u take Olivia’s future husband like they are meant to be
Mini 5 days ago
Ur too young to be on youtube
Trell Godinez
Trell Godinez 10 days ago
Josh moved on and Olivia didnt. Sabrina was with josh and he and Olivia already broke up. So where's the "take" in that?
Dontsub Pls
Dontsub Pls 18 days ago
Wtf are u talking, who are u to control their life
Celine 18 days ago
Laugh out loud no ofence tho
Juhaina Sultan
Juhaina Sultan 18 days ago
8:58 i heard maya there
13964-Layal A.M. ELGhalayini
Uhhh how does she look so pretty when she wakes up without makeup-
electrictwilight 18 days ago
I have never felt so old before seeing these comments. Is the average age of Allure's viewers 15? Who is Olivia, what is Drivers License...don't tell me, I don't want to know.
Mini 5 days ago
😂 girl sameee all of Sabrina's comment sections are polluted by 10-14 year olds now its so wild
Trell Godinez
Trell Godinez 10 days ago
yes pls stay innocent the drama is chaotic and petty af
The masked photograph
Are the eyebrows natural
asdasd asdsad
asdasd asdsad 19 days ago
The detailed delivery alternatively excuse because rise coronally knot underneath a headlight. placid, hanging peen
Jessica Samson
Jessica Samson 19 days ago
I m sure when she was saying “I m going to focus on the eyelids “ We were looking at the mirror
Hazel Hope
Hazel Hope 19 days ago
She's literally so pretty her voice is like a princess she gives off that elegent vibe literally how is she so good 😶
baby wooya
baby wooya 20 days ago
شهد طالب محمود
Oh my heart she is so sweett
Dontsub Pls
Dontsub Pls 21 day ago
This is the most watched Allure video of their recent videos
chelsea Abel
chelsea Abel 21 day ago
“Goodnight allure”, “the sun is still out” 😂 she’s so adorable
Ebee Sif
Ebee Sif 21 day ago
Sis used like 78 different sharlet hill berry golden yogurt pillow talk pallets
I_Love Coffee
I_Love Coffee 21 day ago
"We're really just getting ready to get back in bed" "Goodnight Allure. The sun's still out😂😂" I related to these on a spiritual level😂
first game with MY SKIN