SABATON - In Flanders Fields (Official Lyric Video)

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The official lyric video for In Flanders Fields by Sabaton.
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====== In Flanders Fields Lyrics =====
In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.
We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields.
Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.
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Nov 11, 2019




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Comments 80
Sabaton 7 months ago
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NotoriusBEN1 Month ago
I love your music, but this just cemented you as an all time favorite. The respect you guys have for those that fought in war is unparalleled. Your own songs bring up how amazing these men were, and you show utmost deference and respect with works and poems that you borrow. Its been a long time since I've found a band that is legit.
bjorn hermans
bjorn hermans 7 months ago
Pleas make a song about the fortres of eben-emael
AR Smith
AR Smith 7 months ago
Please make a album about the USA'S civil war
Ужасный ужос!
"Lady Death" ruvid.net/video/video-Mf47gONZ_hk.html
Stoudtminer1 7 months ago
Also, since when did this channel get reactivated?
EclipsePhoenix EP
EclipsePhoenix EP 9 hours ago
They shall never grow old, we shall never forget, the sacrifices made by the fallen are a lesson to all, may the dead rest for their battle is over.
johnny davies
johnny davies 3 days ago
Lest we forget thank you our comrades American,French,british,russian yall really backed us canadians up without alot of you we would be under german control thank you for your service may you rest peacefully knowing you saved us from certain death.
Chrille Björk
Chrille Björk 4 days ago
I salute You great Canadians !!!!!!who fight fore freedom !!! Now is the new fight in Canada... Alberta get there freedom soon...Love you Alberta...
B A D T I M E 4 days ago
Poppies are red, My friend tells me lies, Can we take a moment of silence, For those who have died.⚘
Triangle Man
Triangle Man 5 days ago
We are the dead, short days ago We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow Loved, and were loved,
Boogaloo Bill
Boogaloo Bill 6 days ago
We broke faith and betrayed everything they dreamed of.
Scunt 6 days ago
People be like to this poem Respecc ++
DeepFriedAsianKid 10 days ago
I know I'm 7 months late, but I just realized this was uploaded on my birthday. let's just say this was the perfect birthday gift that I needed.
Wombat Spartan 117
We share a birthday friend.
time traveler
time traveler 12 days ago
in flander fields, noobody died. They all became heroes
Diego Farre
Diego Farre 12 days ago
"we are the dead, short days ago we lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow, loved and were loved, and now we lie in Flanders fields..." I can imagine the fields, now silent and peaceful, riddled with bomb craters, filled with muddy water and blood...and all the ghosts from all the soldiers ( German, French, British, and the rest of the countries), standing silent, no more foes but brothers united in death, with a sad look on their faces, realizing that all was for nothing.... I hope they are in peace now, and every Christmas they play football on those fields, and sing together like they did on 1914.
Thecourier5555 8 days ago
extremely underrated comment
Grace Alvarez
Grace Alvarez 12 days ago
Lest We Forget.
Thatonememe 14 days ago
Who tf choppin onions in here
Lola1171 16 days ago
greetings from Flanders
Sabaton 15 days ago
Greetings from Falun!
David Perrier
David Perrier 26 days ago
War is Hell. Ask the Infantry, ask the dead.
Belgian Boy
Belgian Boy 27 days ago
RIP to my people that died back then
Maki Žnj
Maki Žnj 27 days ago
I can't stop listening...
Steve Repa
Steve Repa Month ago
In Flanders fields the poppies blow Between the crosses, row on row, That mark our place; and in the sky The larks, still bravely singing, fly Scarce heard amid the guns below. We are the Dead. Short days ago We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow, Loved and were loved, and now we lie In Flanders fields. Take up our quarrel with the foe: To you from failing hands we throw The torch; be yours to hold it high. If ye break faith with us who die We shall not sleep, though poppies grow In Flanders fields.
J.H. Goodsir
J.H. Goodsir Month ago
Didn't think Sabaton could make me cry. But here it is.
Random Month ago
Why you have 2 official lyrics videos ?
dimapez Month ago
RCRallyEVOX911 Month ago
Man I gotta say, we really got banged up real good in Flanders, in my village, our churche got bombed 3 time's. Huge respect to the men and women that fell in all wars, I have a coupe family members that died defending my country and I couldn't be more honnored to live here in Belgium!
Catlux Gaming
Catlux Gaming Month ago
This has a better vibe than the original
normal störd
normal störd Month ago
concho sewing
concho sewing Month ago
the wave of sadness.. im not crying, you are We shall not sleep, though poppies grow In Flanders fields.
KGMetalOne96 2 months ago
What an emotional and beautiful tribute... It's a no brainer that we should all thank and honour our people who serve us and our country for when we are in need of a hero. I am actually weeping a little right now, i'm not joking.
SomeFurryGuy 2 months ago
The real monster isnt the soldiers the real monsters are those who send them to fight
Stayros Paparunas
Stayros Paparunas 2 months ago
Πόσα πολλά μπορώ να γράψω από αυτό το ποίημα... σελίδες, ίσως και ένα τετράδιο λέξεις...
Stayros Paparunas
Stayros Paparunas 2 months ago
Κράτα την Δάδα ψηλά να φωτίσει το μονοπάτι
Stayros Paparunas
Stayros Paparunas 2 months ago
Πόσο πόνεσα στα χαρακώματα,για μια αγάπη για ένα γράμμα, Τρίτη 28 Απριλίου
Jacques 2 months ago
I was not prepared not this. I must congratulate Sabaton because this is how you end a timeless album
The Halo Scrolls
The Halo Scrolls 2 months ago
Watching rise of evil after this... it just hits differently
Aeterna 2 months ago
which two faced bitch would dislike this??
1 1
1 1 2 months ago
Were is my good old primo victoria lads 😭😭😭 Edit: still a tear left my eye though.
Some Redditor69
Some Redditor69 2 months ago
M1911 skin
Mr. Gopnik
Mr. Gopnik 2 months ago
It's a terrible day for rain
TraMaChi 2 months ago
I mean we cant even comprehend what it has been like. Like most of us today dont even know how it is living in wartime. And some people lived through 2 actual World Wars and one Proto-World War. Maddening half of a century
Itte 3 months ago
Kama Pula
Kama Pula 3 months ago
Stupid Flanders
Danny Thomas
Danny Thomas 3 months ago
When Harry Shearer dies, play this at his funeral. He voices Flanders. Sure the guy’s annoying, but he has heart.
United States of America
ElTanko 3 months ago
Stunning song, very emotional and very respectful. Genuinely brings a lump to my throat every time I hear it.
Gangst3r4ever 3 months ago
Put those damn onions away!
Alex Popan
Alex Popan 3 months ago
For the ones who fell in the both of Great Wars. They showed me another face of war, the good one, where is about the people who die, about the soldiers who acomplished something that no one can do this today. You sowed and continue to show me the Great parth of Wars. Everythink is made with a reason.
Jackson Michelson
Jackson Michelson 3 months ago
edit:may those glorious soldiers on both sides that fought for 4 years in a giant mess rest in peace, and to those that are currently fighting and the long lost souls of today rest in peace. also thank you Sabaton for being such a amazing band your music has changed what i knew about history of wars and has helped me fight through my dark days in high school your music made me confident to give a whole speech from a poem i made for remembrance day before i graduated stay awesome you amazing Swedish band
Stephen Galindo
Stephen Galindo 3 months ago
"Loved and were loved" That got me hard
Coop 2168
Coop 2168 3 months ago
Those 374 dislikes are just from Australia
Dag_Will 3 months ago
The hair on the back of my neck is standing up, and come to think of it, my eyes are welling up
Quaynoid 3 months ago
Lest we forget
Steve Rambo
Steve Rambo 3 months ago
Is this the last album?
XAVMINATOR 3 months ago
They on both sides rest with brothers in arms and farthers and sons less we forget
영박태 4 months ago
The best way to end the albam about war.
Queen Wolfie
Queen Wolfie 4 months ago
This song should be a song that's played during the funerals of our fallen brothers and sisters in all wars. And a truly beautiful piece for a remembrance day
Queen Wolfie
Queen Wolfie 4 months ago
@Sabaton I deeply respect that gentlemen. And I look forward to listening to more of your future works and to someday go to a live concert
Sabaton 4 months ago
We always try to honor the heroes with our songs.
Kanbei 4 months ago
In a time when nationalism is once again on the rise do not forget what they died for
Little Dikkins
Little Dikkins 4 months ago
When the poem by John McCrae was first published in the newspapers here in the US, my grandmother cut it out and put it into a small book that is Omar Khayyam's Rubaiyat. I still have both and the book is still sitting on the same table that grandma had it on.
United States of America
Let not alliances nor morals tear apart human kind. Let the he men whom decide what to do with these orders form us.
John Muir
John Muir 4 months ago
I came upon this late. And I must say this is truly beautiful. As a vet I found myself tearing up. God bless all that served and for the fallen may their sacrifices never be forgotten!
Simon Hrušo
Simon Hrušo 4 months ago
Little story: Once when I had a presentatione on ww1 I have put In Flanders Fields in background. After I ended my presentatione some one said "What a lame song to put in presentatione." I have no idea who IT was but I woud kill him. (Realy sorry for my english I am slav and I am stil learning.)
Theodor Bochnovič
Theodor Bochnovič 3 months ago
You should have punched him.
TheMorticus 4 months ago
For those who fought for us....
povalco 4 months ago
we need the sheet music for this specific arrangement
Lukas Luna
Lukas Luna 4 months ago
This is easily one of the most powerful anti war songs I've ever heard
USA oorah
USA oorah 4 months ago
WWI was not a war, it was a tragedy, a slaughter. It was a tragedy caused by centuries of tension and hatred propagated by dying colonial empires, may all who lost their lives forever Rest In Peace and Paradise. Lest we forget.
Ranko Orović
Ranko Orović 4 months ago
Underground there is room for everyone it is above that is crowded.
Tom Forbes
Tom Forbes 4 months ago
Always gives me the chills
Jack Duggan
Jack Duggan 4 months ago
Press F to pay respect to our fallen men who kept us safe from this treachery called war
Boeing B-29 Superfortress
May those who died rest in eternal peace.
Wernher von Kerman
Wernher von Kerman 4 months ago
Only the dead have seen the end of War
Paul Steward
Paul Steward 4 months ago
Me: *expecting hardcore headbanging music Sabaton: Surprise! Me: *tears down* Beautiful.
kurt Knispel
kurt Knispel 4 months ago
Lest we forget. Do not let the great war be forgotten!
Chrille Björk
Chrille Björk 4 months ago
God bless you county of Alberta...
Furkan Ünal
Furkan Ünal 4 months ago
This is the perfect song for a funeral.
The Coughing
The Coughing 4 months ago
If Sabaton ever has a planned last Concert this song has to be the end.
Darth Morgoth 98
Darth Morgoth 98 5 months ago
I think we found heaven folks
Der Zed
Der Zed 5 months ago
I will never listen to this and not cry
juan cortapan
juan cortapan 5 months ago
U can't just listen this without crying Nobody decent can.
Cedric Leunen
Cedric Leunen 5 months ago
Ivana Novakova
Ivana Novakova 5 months ago
Massimo Foresti
Massimo Foresti 5 months ago
Unfortunately most people have broken faith with those who died
jacob 5 months ago
i vote to make this a church song
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