SABATON - Bismarck (Official Music Video)

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The official Music Video for "Bismarck" by Sabaton.
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Directed by Matthias Hoene
Produced by Wargaming
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======== "Bismarck" LYRICS =======
From the mist a shape, a ship is taking form
And the silence of the sea is about to drift into a storm
Sign of power, show of force
Raise the anchor battleship plotting its course
Pride of a nation a beast made of steel
Bismarck in motion king of the ocean
He was made to rule the waves across the seven seas
To lead the warmachine
To rule the waves and lead the Kriegsmarine
The terror of the seas
The Bismarck and the Kriegsmarine
Two thousand men, and fifty thousand tonnes of steel
Set the course for the Atlantic with the allies on their heel
Firepower, firefight
Battlestations, keep the targets steady in sight
Into formation, the hunt has begun
Death and damnation, the fleet is coming
He was made to rule the waves across the seven seas
To lead the warmachine
To rule the waves and lead the Kriegsmarine
The terror of the seas
The Bismarck and the Kriegsmarine
At the bottom of the ocean the depths of the abyss
They are bound by iron and blood
The flagship of the navy the terror of the seas
His guns have gone silent at last
Pride of a nation a beast made of steel
Bismarck in motion king of the ocean
He was made to rule the waves across the seven seas
To lead the warmachine
To rule the waves and lead the Kriegsmarine
The terror of the seas
The Bismarck and the Kriegsmarine
To lead the warmachine
Rule the waves and lead the Kriegsmarine
The terror of the seas
Bismarck and the Kriegsmarine
To lead the warmachine
Rule the waves and lead the Kriegsmarine
The terror of the seas
Bismarck and the Kriegsmarine
Recorded and mixed at Black Lounge studios by Jonas Kjellgren.
Mastered by Maor Appelbaum at Maor Appelbaum Mastering - Los Angels -CA -USA www.maorappelbaum.com.
Sabaton is a registered and protected trademark.


Published on


Apr 22, 2019




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Comments 100
Sabaton Year ago
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kolby stuart
kolby stuart 4 days ago
Interesting that after the Bismarck was sank that sister ship “Tirpitz” become part of the Atlantic Wall and eventually was hunted and destroyed in a fjord in Norway.
aaron poe
aaron poe 5 days ago
That was my 3 year old son. He loves the Bismarck
Woody Woodman
Woody Woodman 6 days ago
Some incredibly Hot chick truck driver who drove ya around during your tour on youtube introduced me to you! Love it!!! From one sailor to another!
aaron poe
aaron poe 6 days ago
Модный Медведь
кровь из глаз, зачем я это УГ смотрел!)))))
Adam Krokowski
Adam Krokowski 3 hours ago
True pirates of the Northern Ocean !! You rule the winds ! Not kriegsmarine
Ronan C. Gelvoligo
Ronan C. Gelvoligo 4 hours ago
This is the Power of Swedish Rock band and German Engineering.
Drakos of random
Drakos of random 4 hours ago
probably one of the only things came out of the Nazis were there massive war machines but then again it was mainly the higher ups of the ss and the ss itself that committed the atrocity's those not in the ss were just those fighting a rich mans war
Pedro Velosa
Pedro Velosa 4 hours ago
movie name?
Antonia S
Antonia S 5 hours ago
This looks so real, how do you do it?
Tacticion 5 hours ago
L M 8 hours ago
seen these guys in Seattle with Amon Amarth, they stole the whole damn show. actually seen Joakim walking the streets earlier in the day. maybe the best live show ive seen
Hilal TyfR
Hilal TyfR 8 hours ago
Rowan Vithanage
Rowan Vithanage 9 hours ago
Obama Prism
Obama Prism 12 hours ago
Song officially starts at 1:13
Pattayakorn Inpan
Pattayakorn Inpan 13 hours ago
I LOVE Bismarck
Борис Жирдяев
Он утонул из-за того кота.
DU_NUT_TUCH_ME 14 hours ago
Bismarck, AKA "I detonate your pride"
czdowe studio muzyczne
Ok, but did he find the boat
Isiah Arellano
Isiah Arellano 17 hours ago
Tryhard Bismarck mains in WoW be like
Nikolay Skvotsov
Nikolay Skvotsov 21 hour ago
Krigesmarine power!
onion alchemist
onion alchemist 22 hours ago
The reason Bismarck armor is powerful is because he was Forged in Valhalla by hammer of thor
Industrial Zone
Industrial Zone 23 hours ago
I got a question. Why the singer do that hammer style? Confuse....
Ilena Starbreeze
it is said that the british never sank her, that the crew scuttled the ship form the inside so they couldnt tow it to port
Ilena Starbreeze
Ilena Starbreeze 12 hours ago
@The Sorge oh absolutely the entire upper deck that was reachable woth shells was basically gone. Its just .. Amuses me that the british coulsnt sink her. And yes they would have eventually but juat that her own crew scuttled her before theye could as kinda an f you
The Sorge
The Sorge Day ago
She was scuttled, yeah, but because the Brits had basically reduced her to a burning hunk of scrap metal above the waterline. Scuttled or not, she was all but destroyed and likely unsalvagable.
Alpha Wolf
Alpha Wolf Day ago
I found my new song to play World of Warships well using the Bismarck 🤘🤘🤘🤘💂
Hengebobs Day ago
Ah yes, finally a counter view point to Johnny Horton's "sink the Bismarck"... Oddly, I like both
Liancortes Bustrom
i watch almost the entire thing
Chicano Jackson
listen to you guys for the first time, i really like your lyrics...history is important for the future
Tim Twait
Tim Twait Day ago
Good song, very well done video, heavy metal. Yeah I am a new fan. GJ Sabaton!
Евгений Серков
С ЛК Бисмарк были спасены всего 110 моряков, из них ни одного офицера. На борту было 2500 матросов, унтеров и боцманов, и более 300 офицеров, включая весь походный штаб адмирала Г.Лютьенса.
Евгений Серков
Но несмотря на ошибки, видеоряд отличный. Про бой ЛК Бисмарк вообще стараются не говорить, это очень сильно противоречит нынешнему раскладу сил в мире.
Евгений Серков
Ошибка видеоряда, и немецкие, и английские моряки носят спасательные жилеты современного гражданского типа - с прямоугольными пенопластовыми блоками плавучести , причем предназначенные для пресноводных бассейнов (реки, озера). В то время спасательные жилеты были другими, похожими на русские телогрейки)), пошивались из капки - легких волокон капкового дерева. либо из сизаля - похожих волокон некоторых африканских пальм, и плотного брезента
Евгений Серков
Ошибка видеоряда 5-33, матрос из боцманской команды английского корабля выбрасывает спасательный трос без навязанных мусингов (узлов на тросе), это крайне затрудняет для спасаемого подняться по тросу. Вообще режиссеру стоило пригласить в консультанты моряка))
a fucking shordfish torpedo runer..........
Евгений Серков
Ошибка видеоряда, немецкий матрозен-сигнальщик постоянно в белой парадной форме)). Повседневная форма матрозена кригсмарине была темно-синего, почти черного цвета.
Евгений Серков
Ошибка видеоряда, финальный торпедный залп в бою был произведен с HMS Rodney. Этот ЛК вообще принял на себя незавидную роль добивателя противника, до того расстреливая уже не отвечавший огнем корабль из 406-мм орудий на малой дистанции (на ЛК Бисмарк к тому времени закончились все боеприпасы, и лишь только велась борьба за живучесть корабля)
Евгений Серков
Ошибка видеоряда - немецкие индивидуальные жетоны в 1940 г. изготавливались методом штамповки-вырубовки из дюралюминиевого листа, следов кругового шлифования на них не могло быть в принципе. Это для кино фрезернули из листа, это неправильно.
Евгений Серков
Еще ошибка видеоряда - 3-29, показан английский ЛКР типа "колония" - Фиджи, Тринидад, Ямайка и пр., эти корабли не участвовали в операции. ЛКР Шеффилд, выполнявший роль передового разведчика, выглядит совсем иначе))
Евгений Серков
Видеоряд не отражает исторической действительности, первым был обнаружен HMS Hood с крейсера Принц Евгений, и сразу был взят под обстрел крейсером, потом присоединился ЛК Бисмарк
Nikilass Day ago
Сейчас бы под это музло бумажный кораблик в лужу пустить:3
Евгений Серков
Поход ЛК Бисмарк и ТКР Принц Евгений это пример высокого профессионализма планирования и тактики штаба Кригсмарине, отличной выучки и героизма немецких моряков. до самого конца успешно боровшихся с невероятно превосходящими их силами английского флота. Этот бой до сих пор изучается в учебниках военно-морской тактики. Буквально пол-шага отделяло от невероятной победы, успешного потопления двух английский ЛК в одном бою без своих потерь, чего не бывало никогда до того и не было до сих пор.
Kenndarth Games
glory to Bismarck and those who perished in fighting to the end
Steamed Day ago
“Nooooooo you can’t just blow up the pinnacle of German naval engineering with planes of the last decade! Noooooooooooo” “Haha swordfish go brrrrrrrr”
Hue Brasil
Hue Brasil Day ago
I don't know why some people feels bad when they hear Bismarck, Exocet or George Washington.
lloyd watkinson
You would think that history would teach people not to take on the British Navy
илья васильченко
Where's Sam the cat?
Jaeger Schtulmann
mmm I would have a Yamato battleship any day over the Bismarck!
barrel of owls
"So, did you find the boat"
Comrade Josef Stalin
wait, what's that explosion noise outside...?
NorthMeme Day ago
*Looks outside*
Михаил Горонок
Have you every heard a tragedy of battleship Bismarck the wise?
NorthMeme Day ago
No tell me
lighthouse01 Day ago
It's not a story the Royal Navy would tell you.
Сергей Чернышов
Харизма это ваше все,крутые постоянно на кайфе от ваших песен)
T3nZ88 Day ago
Sabaton coming to iceland when? :)
Steffen Day ago
Song on the Wilhelm Gustloff, one of the biggest attacks on a ship, with 6000-10000 german refugees dying, that were trying to escape east prussia shortly before ww2 ended, when?
And Mol
And Mol Day ago
Love, playing WoWS.
Julian Friedrich
Die Bismarck sank nicht durch Feindbeschuss oder Torpedos. Sie wurde von der Besatzung Selbstversenkt damit sie denn Briten nicht in die Hände fällt.
snoparts 3
snoparts 3 Day ago
what the actual fuck is this
05-1 Of The 05 Council
My girlfriend said to turn it down Now shes single and living on the street
Scp:secure contain protect The O5 council
My great grandpa took place in ww2 in the navy and was at Pearl Harbor when it was bombed
Scp:secure contain protect The O5 council
We have a ww1 scp called the smiling man or the young man
Александр Алекс
Great song!🤘 Main melody - sample from iron maiden - the sign of the cross.
Nicole 2 days ago
Love it
Tony Ryedale
Tony Ryedale 2 days ago
Thank You for keeping Heavy Metal alive I Adore You
god christ
god christ 2 days ago
these guys are anti facism right lol?
Brian 22 hours ago
They're pro-history
KECHUPUTUT Bg 2 days ago
Арсен сыночек пр
Азамат Файзуллин
скажу просто, привет из России!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lukas Johansen
Lukas Johansen 2 days ago
Sabaton is the reason why I fucking love ROCK !!
Nomad S T A L K E R
да и я Русский и я боюсь! мы всегда боимся того что на нас надвигается а после уничтожаем это! и сейчас я боюсь Европу! задумайтесь!
Vitaly Tom
Vitaly Tom 2 days ago
Уважение Из Москвы
Nomad S T A L K E R
интересно как ощущали себя те кто встретился с ним??? хотя нет не интересно!! знать не хочу и надеюсь не когда не узнаю!!!
some boi
some boi 2 days ago
It's okay guys, with the amount of metal in this video he can fix his knee.
Comrade Josef Stalin
yeah, Joakim's knee is indestructible
The Crimson Phoenix
So Wargaming... Wheres my Sabaton themed Bismarck skin? Make it more unique by playing this song when a player gets a kraken unleash (6 kills).
jouer universelle
Wow sabâton do you created a song of the French resistance? (I'm french)
Cx_2E 2 days ago
I was listening to this while building my minecraft naval fleet. That world got blown up by a friend. RIP my 7 probably very weak ships This songs brings back memories :)
viperMarzz 2 days ago
When was this set because if the fishing boat captain is the kid on the Bismark, those timelines dont add up to me lol. Idk why i think of this stuff
Declan Hayes
Declan Hayes 2 days ago
How did they do the vid where the ship comes in
Whyami Alive
Whyami Alive 2 days ago
my imaginary friend: So, what kind of music do you listen to? me: Well..... BISMARCK AND THE KRIEGSMARINE!!
Jony Depp
Jony Depp 2 days ago
I don't need history lessons I need sabaton
RoaldJ 2 days ago
Oldskulenerd's reaction to this video is epic. A 35 min long video i have seen twice 🤣 Hilsen fra Norge. 🤘
Backwheel Pete
Backwheel Pete 2 days ago
best comedy ever
Non Applicable
Non Applicable 2 days ago
Come to Bremerton please, we have big boats to play a show on! but no guarantee the Navy won't be bitches and keep us off em........ there is always The Charleston!
We keep it 100
We keep it 100 3 days ago
I think sabaton has surpassed link fliyd as technically my favorite band(i classify it onamount of songs i like). They are completely different though which is odd
Sabaton 2 days ago
Thank you for your support!
Zachary Thompson
Zachary Thompson 3 days ago
This Rocking Heavy Metal song can literally build an Armada. 🤟 ⚓️
Thomas Weeden
Thomas Weeden 3 days ago
Every like is another ton of steel to build an Über Bismarck
Michał Kufel
Michał Kufel 3 days ago
There is no better music while buildimg this mighty battleship model !
Антон Кащук
Greetings from Ukraine :))
Sabaton 2 days ago
Greetings from Sweden!
Whitecaleb0 3 days ago
Sadly, why is no movie about bismarck :(
Squidward Burger
Squidward Burger 3 days ago
Fun fact for those who don’t know: The Bismarck was so large and powerful, that The German Navy referred to The Ship as “He” while most ships were “She”
The Sorge
The Sorge Day ago
That's not true. Her captain wanted to but literally nobody took him seriously about it and that's the only reason this myth exists today. Bismarck was a she like any other warship.
Yannick Sewing
Yannick Sewing 3 days ago
Im not actually sure about that, but I remember, that torpedos on planes were a new thing to answer big battleships. Especially the Bismarck and her sister. Because battleships wer heavy big and slow in changing direction it was a strong answer against that weapons. One torpedo hit the rudder and made her immovable, that’s the reason she couldn’t answer the Royal Navy as much as she would have done with the ability to move. The navy had to stop the Bismarck, otherwise she would have caused massive destruction to deploying routes. The sad part of all this is, that the Bismarck sunk. Sure it was an invention of nazi Germany, but she was a beautiful ship and a big part of naval history. But it’s like huge portions of Germans history getting destroyed in this senseless war driven by fascism. Sometimes I would like to visit that ship as a museum to rethink the past and building a better future without fascism. Because this is what history is about in Germany, having the knowledge of the past to build a better tomorrow.
Comrade Josef Stalin
yes, it's just history, there's people that actively destroy historical items 'because Nazi', how are they fine with other historical items?
C҉ r҉ a҉ c҉ k҉ e҉ r҉
Гитлеры приходят и уходят, а немецкий народ остается... (с) И.В. Сталин
Экстра Пряник
Utsab magar
Utsab magar 3 days ago
This song got me goosebumps
BLITZ MOTION 3 days ago
Battleship bismark :WAIT WAT U CALLING ME A BOAT !?
Jerome Cortidor
Jerome Cortidor 3 days ago
Imagine if germany is led by a napoleon like genius and not a psychopath hitler
Comrade Josef Stalin
we'd all probably be in German territory
MyNameIs SlimShady
Why does this song make me feel like the Bismarck is a fallen hero??
Comrade Josef Stalin
Because he is comrade
Maestro Gaming
Maestro Gaming 3 days ago
imagen be fishing and see this
Wickity Wack Jack
Well shoot looks like I am jumping overboard and climbing onto sabatons boat.
Sawyer Johnson
Sawyer Johnson 3 days ago
You know what, imma rebuild the ship, guns and all, and turn it into a mobile museum.
Faysus 4 days ago
This makes me want to drive a tank underwater and shoot submarines
Comrade Josef Stalin
@Sabaton I get it all the time
Sabaton 3 days ago
It's a pretty normal feeling
A brick
A brick 4 days ago
Actual ship battle going down Sabaton: aight so we gonna vibe or what
Cory Van Damme
Cory Van Damme 4 days ago
I love how this song finally brings attention to the Bismark, lmfao tho.. me 30 years ago listening to sink the Bismark by Johnny Horton.. lmao.. it's not metal, but it tells the story lol.
Anggra Utomo
Anggra Utomo 4 days ago
*2:32* my favourite part ❤️
Nino 4 days ago
where prinz eugan? the ship that escort bismarck
Nino 2 days ago
@David Abramczyk oh my god thank you
David Abramczyk
David Abramczyk 2 days ago
If I was to estimate, what we see in this video begins with the immediate tail end of the Battle of the Denmark Strait, with the Bismarck exchanging fire with HMS "Prince of Wales" before both forces break contact. The next verse is set a day or so later; by this point Lutjens has detached Prinz Eugen to continue the mission, and Bismarck is heading for Occupied France for repairs due to battle damage; the verse is thus focussing on Somerville's "Force H" and their part in the hunt for the Bismarck (along with a cameo of the Catalina flying boat that actually found the battleship), including their torpedo attack that crippled the steering system of the Bismarck. The instrumental interlude, final verse, and outro cover the last battle, (including the rarely remembered fact that a destroyer flotilla, including the Polish destroyer "Piorun" harried the Bismarck all night), ending with the Bismarck being scuttled and sunk.
Nino 4 days ago
make song about yamato QUEEN OF THE OCEAN
Dima 4 days ago
Николай Б
Царство небесное,парням,кто погиб,я Русский,это враг,был и будет,но так есть,так щас поют
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