SABATON - Bismarck (Official Music Video)

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The official Music Video for "Bismarck" by Sabaton.
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Produced by Wargaming
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======== "Bismarck" LYRICS =======
From the mist a shape, a ship is taking form
And the silence of the sea is about to drift into a storm
Sign of power, show of force
Raise the anchor battleship plotting its course
Pride of a nation a beast made of steel
Bismarck in motion king of the ocean
He was made to rule the waves across the seven seas
To lead the warmachine
To rule the waves and lead the Kriegsmarine
The terror of the seas
The Bismarck and the Kriegsmarine
Two thousand men, and fifty thousand tonnes of steel
Set the course for the Atlantic with the allies on their heel
Firepower, firefight
Battlestations, keep the targets steady in sight
Into formation, the hunt has begun
Death and damnation, the fleet is coming
He was made to rule the waves across the seven seas
To lead the warmachine
To rule the waves and lead the Kriegsmarine
The terror of the seas
The Bismarck and the Kriegsmarine
At the bottom of the ocean the depths of the abyss
They are bound by iron and blood
The flagship of the navy the terror of the seas
His guns have gone silent at last
Pride of a nation a beast made of steel
Bismarck in motion king of the ocean
He was made to rule the waves across the seven seas
To lead the warmachine
To rule the waves and lead the Kriegsmarine
The terror of the seas
The Bismarck and the Kriegsmarine
To lead the warmachine
Rule the waves and lead the Kriegsmarine
The terror of the seas
Bismarck and the Kriegsmarine
To lead the warmachine
Rule the waves and lead the Kriegsmarine
The terror of the seas
Bismarck and the Kriegsmarine
Recorded and mixed at Black Lounge studios by Jonas Kjellgren.
Mastered by Maor Appelbaum at Maor Appelbaum Mastering - Los Angels -CA -USA www.maorappelbaum.com.
Sabaton is a registered and protected trademark.


Published on


Apr 22, 2019




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Comments 100
Sabaton 2 years ago
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Александр Галкин
Why do U write the title in Russian? Just interesting. 'Cause I am Russian. My friend is your fan. I am fan of another swedish band. Hail to Sweden!
Engineer Mike
@ Sabaton: A parody of this song could be written about the modern-day chinese fishing fleet. The bullies of the seas, they ram and sink Phillipine's fishing boats in int'l waters, refuse to recognize int'l maritime law concerning economic exclusive zones (EEZs), and overfish the sea from the Phillipines to the Arginstines, seeking to catch 1/3rd of all fish caught annually worldwide.
Sales Gasper
Sales Gasper 4 days ago
Gaston Robles
Gaston Robles 9 days ago
Epic batle blaz de lezo general 1741 Cartagena... . 1800 spain soldiers vs 28.000 england soldiers . SPAIN VICTORY
Gaston Robles
Gaston Robles 9 days ago
Epic batle castelnuevo 1539 . Spain soldiers 3000 vs 55.000 turkish muslin otoman . Spain victory
Iskandar Supian
yep tahat song nice
Vety Burr
Vety Burr Hour ago
Now i just wanna see them make a song for every great warship from WWII
Music101 Ligh
Music101 Ligh Hour ago
Good as you want them to be
Michelle Wilt
Michelle Wilt 3 hours ago
I only discovered you guys last year, and I quickly became a huge fan of your music and loving every minute of it, and learning new things in the process. I'm a huge history buff and a metalhead. I want to thank you for making awesome music about history. It's honestly the coolest thing I've ever seen. Thank you.
Niranjan Prakash
Niranjan Prakash 5 hours ago
First time listening to Sabaton. I just wanna say, Fuck Yeah!!!!! \m/ now to go through the whole discography
Admiral Limit
Admiral Limit 6 hours ago
For real i wanted to learn for my History test in school and i found this hahahahah
Power983 8 hours ago
NI0VATN 8 hours ago
I remember when this came out. Fucking hell, just as epic today as when I first listened to it.
ToxikDouche 8 hours ago
This is the coolest music video i have ever seen.
freddi 9 hours ago
еба Вы красавчики! Уважаю вас парни!
Костя Капранов
Это шедевр! Сабатон, вы лучшие!Привет из России😎
Forris Vourvopoulos
Forris Vourvopoulos 11 hours ago
"When Past becomes Future, Presence reveals its self" They stuck back there these guys, ignorent of the fact History does not repeat itself. Is Time- Gravity- Motion, does manipulates Space- Time Constant. 500.000 War veterans along in America's, are "On the wrong side of Heaven and the right side of Hell". And still these people immortalize the Austrian drop out! Good job.... keep up! 😠😠😠
Forris Vourvopoulos
Forris Vourvopoulos 11 hours ago
The greatest, biggest, heaviest, most lethal battleship was Yamamoto! And for the good luck of the Yankees he didn't toke part at the legendary battle of Midway. It, simply end up as a seating duck in the middle of the Atlantic. If was to be part well....
LoiteringKevin 11 hours ago
3:26 I really feel that.
Csaba pintér
Csaba pintér 15 hours ago
Ez melyik film? Van ilyen film a Bismarck-rol?
Dgoni Keetsvill
Dgoni Keetsvill 16 hours ago
Уши радуются от такого звучания Thank you very much sabaton
Sabaton, a question for you. What was it like filming this entire thing?
Joel Dizon
Joel Dizon 21 hour ago
Girls in music video: *cute and enjoying their self* Boys in music video:
Marigold Republic
Marigold Republic 22 hours ago
you are a legend
Дима 22 hours ago
М-да немцы тогда могли создать такого монстра.
Soviet Pigeon
Soviet Pigeon 22 hours ago
Sabaton, I know you probably won't even see this, but what do you have to say to people who call you disrespectful of your subject matter?
Soviet Pigeon
Soviet Pigeon 14 hours ago
@Sabaton very good ones as well tbh
Sabaton 14 hours ago
We take no part, we're just storytellers.
Dragomir Vasilev
William Miller
Just a reminder: Chtulhu lies sleeping in Ancient Ryleh. Know what’s keeping him there? The Great Lady Bismarck. Then, brothers. Then the real war she was made for will begin. TO LEAD THE WAR MACHINE AND THE KRIEGSMARINE!!!
Arkadii Sadovnikov
Гордость крингсмарин потопили деревянные суордвиши.
Slaven Че
Slaven Че Day ago
Bdon Dino
Bdon Dino Day ago
Holy shit, this is movie level shit
Richard Mängelmann
I do love that they can music about that kinda stuff without being disrespectful
Ian Carter
Ian Carter Day ago
One query, the refer to the ship as "He". I thought ships were referred to in the female. Is it a German thing?
kantenklaus 14 hours ago
The (das)ship is neuter, the(die) ships are female, the(die) Bismark is female, so the Germans went to war with a fat woman😁
sean brown
sean brown Day ago
No the bismarck was a special case as hitler said that it would be called such even against tradition and superstition
Herman The Brawler
It only took the entire of the British navy to silence the Bismarck at last :)
Роман Романов
thanks from Russia!
Герр Шмидт
1:46 Вот так вот плывешь на рыболовецком суденышке, по Северному морю, а из тумана Бисмарк...
Grzesiek M
Grzesiek M Day ago
SAbaton najlepsi
Romanian Patriot
0:33 is that a flag?
Krystyna Raczyńska
A gdzie mowa o Rosjanach, którzy wbili nam nóż w plecy!!!
Shenaniganz Day ago
Goosebumps all over my body!! Epicness OVERLOAD!!!!! "The terror of the seas Bismarck and the Kriegsmarine" Hell YEAH
Arpit Rajiva Ibakkanavar
“The terror of the seas”
KMS Bismarck
KMS Bismarck Day ago
Quirinus Day ago
auth-right be like
el brados
el brados Day ago
I tried to make a replica of the Bismarck for a DIY boat race with some mates, unfortunately my boat shared the same fate as the Bismarck
Mirko Chmie
Mirko Chmie Day ago
J. M
J. M 16 hours ago
Google Translator?
Alprixx0 Day ago
Germany: *busy building Bismarck* Britain: *TEA TIME*
moose9c1 Day ago
My kid is totally using a sabaton song for a history project when the time comes.
moose9c1 Day ago
My kid is totally using a sabaton song for a history project when the time comes.
Ryzer 1 hunnit
Ryzer 1 hunnit 2 days ago
Man, this is amazing. I feel absolutely honoured to be able to experience this. Thank you Sabaton!
Luis Murillo
Luis Murillo 2 days ago
Girls: eww history it's so bored The Boys 😎:
Constable Constable
Enough metal and steel to raise and rebuild Bismarck 😎
Fast Cubing
Fast Cubing 2 days ago
played this to my chiuaha now he is a german shepard. (sry for my grammar)
Niels Racing
Niels Racing 2 days ago
Hunter Craig
Hunter Craig 2 days ago
Can we talk the USS Missouri into hosting a concert with Sabaton? That would be so fucking badass!
Jack Ivy
Jack Ivy 2 days ago
Will Sabaton reply to my comment?
Jack Ivy
Jack Ivy 16 hours ago
@J. M damn.
J. M
J. M 16 hours ago
Rock Never Die!!!
Sabaton is evolution of manowAr kkkk Great band
juergen mohrenz
juergen mohrenz 2 days ago
1.15 when they reach the spot and start the musik... gänsehaut pur....
Иван Борисов
Не за то они воевали. Псы
Hua Wey
Hua Wey 2 days ago
А комментарии по русски есть
Darth Ur
Darth Ur 2 days ago
Awesome video but I’d like to see them go head on with AC/DC’s Thinderstruck and the USS Missouri. Love it !!
Engineer Mike
Engineer Mike 2 days ago
In RL, Bismark and cruiser Prinz Eugen fought against HMS Hood and Prince of Wales. Hood was the flagship of the British, Prince of Wales was a new ship with unreliable quad-turret guns and had yet to pass a sea trial at the time of the battle. Bismark hit Hood in the magazines, blew Hood in 2 literally, all but 3 of Hood's large crew perished. Prince of Wales had gun malfunctions and withdrew. Before blowing up, Hood scored a hit on Bismark's bow at the water line, flooding Bismark's forward fuel compartments. Without access to that fuel, Bismark had to limp home at low speed to refuel and repair. Bismark and Prinz Eugen split up. Bismark was attacked by torpedo planes and hit in the rudders by a torpedo. Steering was virtually lost. The final battle was ship to ship. The brits hit Bismark in the guns and the gunning control tower early in the battle. Once Bismark's guns went silent, the Brits decided to torpedo Bismark because their shells were just bouncing off of Bismark's hull. Meanwhile, the Germans feared that their ship would be taken prize, so orders were given to scuttle Bismark. The scuttling charges blew the end of Bismark's stern off as Bismark was sinking from the torpedoes. Later in the war, Prinz Eugen was captured by the allies and was sunk in shallow water as part of the Bikini Atoll experiment. Divers like to dive Prinz Eugen to this day.
Wayne Evans
Wayne Evans 2 days ago
I love it I lost my great uncle on hood. Thanks for this they would be proud of this
Павел Моховиков
виктор иванов
путина и шойгу скотины позовитте!!!!! как вы заебаллм\и
виктор иванов
да ладно.... что за пророссимяйскаая уйння!!!
Xenau lite
Xenau lite 2 days ago
While as a Canadian am firmly in the Allies side, I do wonder what the Bismark and Tirpitz could have done together. Might have pushed naval doctrine in a different direction.
Zach Dillenger
Zach Dillenger 2 days ago
imagine just sailing around and out of the thick fog, Bismarck appears.
John Doe
John Doe 2 days ago
It's so epic!!! I like this...
Андрей Пачогло
Sabaton, я ваш поклонник, ви лучшие, у вас очень класние клипи и треки.
Leo Fuentes
Leo Fuentes 2 days ago
Imagine buying a boat and thinking to yourself, "It's so peaceful here, I had so many bloody metal bands in the woods by my cabin that I couldn't get any peace, but not out here on the ocean. Just a man against the sea." And then Sabaton floats on by.
Rubb3r Lizard
Rubb3r Lizard 2 days ago
Let us remember, a vessel can not merely be great by itself, for there must be men aboard to operate it. Let us not just remember these great vessels, but the brave men that sailed out into combat on them, knowing there is a good chance they may not return.
Jacob Lounsbury
Jacob Lounsbury 3 days ago
In other words long live the Navy from Super Cruisers heavy Cruisers light Cruisers Destroyer aircraft carriers battleships super dreadnought dreadnoughts and also submarines and all those who serve aboard each and every one of these ships
Jacob Lounsbury
Jacob Lounsbury 3 days ago
Long live battleships super dreadnoughts and dreadnoughts
Romuald Imbert
Romuald Imbert 3 days ago
Klent Tomas Reyes
wow so cool battleship
lucas armando nina castellanos
That song w video is broken!
lucas armando nina castellanos
i just reach page band and play the 2 videos most rescent u i guess. But not like too much. Greets from dominican republic again!this video and song is the best a heard from ya!
Matias Liern
Matias Liern 3 days ago
Ian Drew
Ian Drew 3 days ago
Bismarck is fantastic looking ship, fighting the mighty Royal Navy, Great song and video (did you really go to sea?). Respect to all crews who were involved in May 1941
Petr Havlát
Petr Havlát 3 days ago
i do really like it.
Majestiicc12 3 days ago
"Sign of power, show of force", good god the first time he sings those words, with the battleship coming out of the fog, the sheer passion comes through the speakers, gives me chills literally every single time I listen to this song. I've replayed that very part so many times. My neighbors also listen to Sabaton and that part of the song repeatedly.
Dan Lekin
Dan Lekin 3 days ago
Fazit: Krieg ist Scheiße, aber die Grafik ist cool.
Javi Villarreal
Javi Villarreal 3 days ago
Greetings from México, awesome video one of my favorite songs
Natuś 3 days ago
Otto Von Bismarck: Is this song about me Saboton: nope *sad Bismarck noises*
Mar cook
Mar cook 3 days ago
Since covid i have to homeschool my kids, taught them all sabaton songs. Now my kids are teaching the teacher lol. Thanks guys
Anti Weeb
Anti Weeb 3 days ago
The wife said it was either her or the kriegsmarine, god I miss her
Austin1723 3 days ago
*Scherzo of Iron and Blood intensifies*
Oliver Gs
Oliver Gs 3 days ago
Whenever I watch this, I feel an urge to watch Drachinifel's video on the first and last voyage of the Bismarck
KMS Graf Zeppelin
The kriegsmarine never existed
Peter x Peter James
The sweet grass neurochemically jail because print reassuringly dream qua a grumpy macaroni. beneficial, zany fog
Lord Beau
Lord Beau 3 days ago
Weezer and Sabaton are the 2 best guitar part players
александр зайцев
the clip is just a class it would be nice to still compose a song about the cruiser "Varyag" which alone entered the battle with the Japanese squadron refusing to surrender
Matthias Schultz
Matthias Schultz 3 days ago
Einfach geil!!!
Chris K
Chris K 3 days ago
I have had the privilege of seeing these gentlemen preform twice. They have an energy that you rarely see from groups preforming live.
smzr37 4 days ago
I think that people dont ask one very important question enough: what would Bismarck do?
lootninja ` ́
lootninja ` ́ 4 days ago
I love that Sabaton the comments from now read an give a comment there. So when you read this I'll say I love your songs and the music video's of them ♥️♥️♥️♥️
Grant Fleming
Grant Fleming 4 days ago
the KMS Bismarck is the most badass ship in my opinion the IJN Yamato may have been bigger, but it didnt go out with a bang like the Bismarck also, i like how they are jamming out while there's just ships shooting everywhere
Grant Fleming
true, yamato was pretty badass, it just needed more air-support i guess if the British had more carrier's they woulda just torpedo and bombed the Bismarck like the U.S. did to the Yamato
historical legends
Bro it's completely Atlantic fleet was battleship dominated Wheras pacific fleet was carrier dominated If yamato was in Atlantic theatre She would be a legend too
Roberto Rodrigues
Niña Bonita
Niña Bonita 4 days ago
Cancion para Graff spee acorazado de bolsillo
Niña Bonita
Niña Bonita 4 days ago
Sabatoon gracias de chile x la cancion me emociona escucharla y es orgullo tener el bismarck ,tirpitz y mi maximo orgullo le bismarck H 39 con artillería 406 mm los 3 el terror de los mares ,krisgemarine
Nafis Fuad Ayon
Nafis Fuad Ayon 4 days ago
Greating from Bangladesh
Валерий Сохранич
Кремлевское гадье к стенке!
Miss Cupcake
Miss Cupcake 4 days ago
Sabaton live was literally the greatest show I've ever seen 🙈 LETS HEAVY METAL THIS PLACE TO THE GROUND! 😂 just a powerful feeling and I loved it ❤️ greetings from Germany 😘
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