Ryan Tries: Primitive Building - EPIC SNOW FORT

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Always been a fan of those primitive building videos and just wanted to give it a try! Welcome to the first Ryan Tries episode!
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9 фев 2019




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Комментарии 16 795
A Person
A Person Минуту назад
Dear Ryan: can you make a painting of the whole RHPC gang (including Sean)?
CLEOPATRA 16 минут назад
Real Content; doesn't even have to ask for subs they just come to him.
Kaushal Biradar
Kaushal Biradar 25 минут назад
Hey @ryan, bro the frozen 2 trailer released
Raiden-_-304 45 минут назад
I can’t believe they built all of that in only 10 minutes!
Loki 53 минуты назад
3:00 love these guys lmao
Rommel Vincent A. bolivar
Rommel Vincent A. bolivar Час назад
Im your big fan😊 Teehee
Flash JD
Flash JD Час назад
Awesome and funny
Flash JD
Flash JD Час назад
Awesome and funny
Hoa Tran
Hoa Tran Час назад
Once in a lifetime RUvidr
MCYellowSnow16 Games
MCYellowSnow16 Games Час назад
Can you do a "How it's Made: How it's Made"?
Amy Yang
Amy Yang Час назад
ryan and his squad are too good at everything
Tyler's place
Tyler's place Час назад
So it's this "Ryan tries" A serious thing I'm actually looking for an answer
Tiger DiMillo
Tiger DiMillo Час назад
Do an apex legends the movies vid
soggy bread639
soggy bread639 2 часа назад
Lmao something that boy scouts should try
Purple Berry
Purple Berry 2 часа назад
Is this a new series ? Hell yeah
Just Duck
Just Duck 2 часа назад
We found a new Patrick...
Breezilyer 2 часа назад
Omg More please
xXPrincessXx 2 часа назад
Let’s be honest, none of us expected it to be _that_ good Like can I buy it? Is it for sale?
ILovePuppies51 2 часа назад
we need more of these inflict more manual labor on yourself please
Arthur Fagumdes
Arthur Fagumdes 3 часа назад
Cool edit
Richard Nguyen
Richard Nguyen 3 часа назад
The only asmr I'm willing to sit through
Syafran Muflih
Syafran Muflih 3 часа назад
Dear Ryan, next please do Just Tryan Ryan goes ghost hunting
Richard Nguyen
Richard Nguyen 3 часа назад
2:50 me trying to play football
Timber Michaud
Timber Michaud 3 часа назад
I absolutely loved this video not because it’s a primitive vid, but because I can see how creative, dedicated, and motivated you are. I love ur guys content. Y’all always put so much work and thought into it while being extremely hilarious, and this videos no different. ❤️
Insta Prxdxced
Insta Prxdxced 3 часа назад
This was a way for people to say “This is like really good ASMR, you should try that.” So that he has more content. Good thinking Ryan 🤙🏽
Insta Prxdxced
Insta Prxdxced 3 часа назад
This was great 😭
justine espadilla
justine espadilla 4 часа назад
lel noice
JOJI 650
JOJI 650 4 часа назад
Hope this becomes an actual series.
Amy Zhu
Amy Zhu 5 часов назад
Ryan tries: to make a parody of trollhunters.
Sewmini Diyagama
Sewmini Diyagama 5 часов назад
ASMR tho
Calcium Callum78
Calcium Callum78 5 часов назад
You guys actually did a good job! 😅😂🙂😢😜😩😇😱😚😰☺️😳😌🤬😙😨🙂🤔🤪😦🤪😬😙😓🙂😳😗🤯🤪😡🙂😨😇😡😝😩😜🙁😘😢😜😢🤪🤬😚🤯😗🤯🙂🤬😚😨🙂🤬😅🤯😚🤬😘😩😇😫🙃🙁😌☹️😘😭🙂😣😌😢😗😰😝😦😛😯😘😧😙😮😦👍🤐🤞😦🤟😵✊🤒👏😧🙌🙄😽🙀🤔✊🙄🤞😮👌😑✌️😬🤟🙄🤛😬✊🤔🤔👎😐🤔🤔😐🤮😬🤧😬😈😬🤑😨👺🤫💩🙄💩🤫💩😨🤠🙄😰😟😰🧐😡🤩🤬😛😥😝😰😜🤬🤩🤩😰🤓🤫😔😬😣😟😐🤓😮🙂😟🙃😬🙂🤫🙂😝🙂😜😗😝🙂😝😇🤬😘🙄😘😟😇🤫🙂🤓🙃🤫🤣💩😜🤑🤔✊😛😈😥✊😔🤑💩✊😜😈✊😝🤑🙂😛😘😝😘😜😝💩😜😝😘💩😝😟😝🤫😍😗😟😝🤫😘🤫😘👎😗😗😘😁😘🤧😘🤧😘🤧😗👺😜😥😘💩😋🤤🤧👿😧🤭🤐🤔😮😐😮😐🤐🤒👿😦👻🤡👉🖐👊🖐👉👈🖐👊🖐👎🖐👦🗣👦👴👷🏻‍♀️👮‍♀️🕵🏽‍♂️🕵🏽‍♂️🤛👏🤝🙌🤝🙀✊🙌✊👊✊😺✊🙌✊😺🙀👏☠️🙀🤡😺👊👐👊🤚
Sam Lovell
Sam Lovell 5 часов назад
I love the sound on this. so satisfying
Hunter Kirksey
Hunter Kirksey 5 часов назад
I love Ryan’s new vids compared to the ones we were getting a few weeks ago
B4H 6 часов назад
minecraft fanboys are not impressed
Toxic Peanut
Toxic Peanut 7 часов назад
9:48 what the heck
日西ディエゴ 7 часов назад
That's Tryan
Antwone Miller
Antwone Miller 7 часов назад
Lol it looks better then my house
Toxic Peanut
Toxic Peanut 7 часов назад
That tapping a 6:58 was so satusfiying
Andrew Nguyen
Andrew Nguyen 7 часов назад
The fire starter is so cringy
Mohammed 7 часов назад
Anyone else notice that those tree branches were cut awfully cleanly? This may sound like a conspiracy theory, but I think they used a tool to cut those trees and I didn't see them forge an axe in this video. 🤔🤔 THEY CHEATED!😲😲
Marshal 7 часов назад
y'all are good at everything you do
Elias hedén
Elias hedén 7 часов назад
That is actually sick!
Ahmad A
Ahmad A 8 часов назад
Did anyone else wonder how they got their wood cut?
The Chicken Master
The Chicken Master 8 часов назад
2:45 Greg took a tumble
FitsMyFoot PvP
FitsMyFoot PvP 8 часов назад
Your so creative and smart can you like this comment.
Shahriar Ayon
Shahriar Ayon 9 часов назад
Wow .. I was waiting for there to be some kind of joke involved the whole video but nonetheless it was actually awesome ...
Bhavik Akshaj
Bhavik Akshaj 9 часов назад
Dear Ryan, Can you do a funny nerf battle?
Waddup M8
Waddup M8 10 часов назад
2:12-3:01 me when I think mom finds the poop sock and I need to check
Maria Q
Maria Q 10 часов назад
* watches two guys faceplant and rub their butts on snow instead of studying for a test* welp. this is my life now.
김SALMON495 11 часов назад
the intros was one of the funniest intros in youtbe
mariam al said
mariam al said 11 часов назад
Ur videos are hilarious 😂😂😂
Jons Joy
Jons Joy 11 часов назад
That was dope but you don't just get sorcery and crafted pieces of wood just like that 😂
GALACTIC ARMOR 12 часов назад
Dear Ryan, Can you prove that you are Ryan
Ronish Gurung
Ronish Gurung 12 часов назад
They were actually trying
Mistick 13 часов назад
next episode: ryan tries to drink his own piss
Bliss Girls
Bliss Girls 13 часов назад
too bad this is all gonna melt.
divark 13 часов назад
Brilliant, as always
Patricia Bernier
Patricia Bernier 13 часов назад
That's a sick snow fort dude
Adam Zambri
Adam Zambri 14 часов назад
9:57 hahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahaahhahhahahahahahahahahhshshshshshs
Adam Zambri
Adam Zambri 14 часов назад
Leon Lai Ngok Fan
Leon Lai Ngok Fan 14 часов назад
I like how they look dead on the inside
Scorpion Ss
Scorpion Ss 14 часов назад
Dear Ryan can speak arabic
Jade Ericson Adriano
Jade Ericson Adriano 15 часов назад
A rope is a kind of tool
SuperSilverJay 15 часов назад
Please do an ASMR video!
YouObviously LoveOreos
YouObviously LoveOreos 15 часов назад
*sped-up ASMR
ASHrules360 15 часов назад
walang kwenta
Fishy 15 часов назад
Very impressed
Ridzuan Ayman
Ridzuan Ayman 16 часов назад
My teeth hurt
Oh Yeah yeah
Oh Yeah yeah 16 часов назад
ryan those clean cutts of wood looks suspicious
Jerome Velasquez
Jerome Velasquez 16 часов назад
It sounds like an asmr video
Dylan Prasodjo
Dylan Prasodjo 16 часов назад
Hu is Ryan??????????????????
Jenny Sapam
Jenny Sapam 17 часов назад
My King ❤️
Umair Taha Umer
Umair Taha Umer 17 часов назад
3 days passed. House made. Ryan: Alright let's check the DSLR. *FIGURES OUT, HE FORGOT TO PRESS START* (°_°)
Finlay Goddard
Finlay Goddard 17 часов назад
I like the idea but I think you could loose the silence thing
iplaygame butnotagamer
iplaygame butnotagamer 17 часов назад
It's sound like Fast pace ASMR 😂
Ayeza Qasim
Ayeza Qasim 17 часов назад
0:51 Sure.
Ricky T
Ricky T 17 часов назад
where is the food?
Film Geeks 11
Film Geeks 11 18 часов назад
This was actually really fun to watch😂
Film Geeks 11
Film Geeks 11 18 часов назад
This was actually really fun to watch😂
Metin Akber
Metin Akber 18 часов назад
The way he made the fire 😂😂😂😂🔥🔥
Færless ß
Færless ß 18 часов назад
Wait did they eat a single thing? Hmmmmmmmm?
Roed Roda
Roed Roda 19 часов назад
Pingu the Penguin?
Mara Woolsey
Mara Woolsey 19 часов назад
You guys did a great job and I'm super impressed. Ryan, you are one of my favourite creators. :D
Eagle D
Eagle D 19 часов назад
I laughed so hard watching this epic survival video !
curieux humaine
curieux humaine 19 часов назад
Shell Bell
Shell Bell 19 часов назад
Hahaha omg. 😂😍
Josh Littlejohn
Josh Littlejohn 19 часов назад
This is like ASMR
The Unknown
The Unknown 19 часов назад
legit vikendi map
LilacFrosting 19 часов назад
Dear Ryan can make a rap song on pubg
spacerice 19 часов назад
You the best
MrDecipherGt Growtopia
MrDecipherGt Growtopia 20 часов назад
Is this ASMR
Happy Hulali
Happy Hulali 20 часов назад
yaaaassss the best primitive video ive ever seeeennnn
FoxyRaven-TV 20 часов назад
Please more i dare u!!
dsmt dtm
dsmt dtm 22 часа назад
Did this just turn into a asmr video???
iQuinox 22 часа назад
CS_Wildfire-YT 22 часа назад
Me and the boys on star dew valley
ACL PRODUCTION 22 часа назад
DEAR RYAN can you make my channel a 100 subscriber
TEACHING BIRDS 22 часа назад
Studio Brain
Studio Brain 22 часа назад
this should be yearly and you try to out due yourself each year
Hicronymus Lex
Hicronymus Lex 23 часа назад
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