Ryan Tedder on How Songland Is Like a Cooking Show for Making Music

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Ryan Tedder explains how Songland came together as a show about making hit music and why the NBC series is similar to a cooking show.
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Ryan Tedder on How Songland Is Like a Cooking Show for Making Music


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Jun 14, 2019




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Comments 86
Anoura Lea Logan
Anoura Lea Logan 8 hours ago
Im jimmy falon .hahaha
Tina Reniere
Tina Reniere 16 days ago
I love this show. So amazing!!
Azfar Azfari
Azfar Azfari Month ago
kelly clarkson would have been pissed in 2009. lol
Jen Month ago
God you´re so decisive, both of you, but it´s raining!! I had a hickup with this, not that I know why, who or what it was that I didn´t at all like, but I didn´t at all like you all!! God trashy me, I´m gonna go for a lobotomy instead, don´t worry about it, I´ll see to it!! Forgive me for rushing you into my world like this, it´s unapologetic, and broadcast as severely WRONG!! Go on in PEACE!! I wish you well though, see you later if it´s fishy outside, as it´s so much water around you!! IT´S RAINING!! Cheers Jenny, Nike 1
Mercedes Ritter
Mercedes Ritter Month ago
That Ryan Tedder knows much more than just music 😈 I’m glad the Joe bro’s are back 🤟😜⚡️
Joel The Hedgehog
Joel The Hedgehog 3 months ago
Orxcius 3 months ago
Counting stars 🌟
Quoins æ
Quoins æ 3 months ago
Damn it, I really wish he would've replaced Adam Levine as a coach on The Voice instead of nasty old gwen
Johanns Rogers
Johanns Rogers 3 months ago
Finally my man Ryan on a talk show as a guest!
Agung Pasca Mukti
Agung Pasca Mukti 3 months ago
Why is the thumbnail looks like its simon pegg
elena valenzuela
elena valenzuela 3 months ago
Ryan is the best!
Mariane Pascua
Mariane Pascua 3 months ago
I love Ryan! And the fact that he’s on my new favorite show!!!
Will Roskelley
Will Roskelley 4 months ago
Adam Levine (red penis) is my grandpa and thanos is my dad.
Dan Ranney
Dan Ranney 4 months ago
Songland is based off of a Canadian show that guess what ryan took part in. Just like shark Tank america is copying canadian shows just put a different name on it
Seanstone 4 months ago
He looks a bit like Eddie Kaye Thomas
Fifth Dimension Clothing LA
What a dream job and dream life Ryan Tedder has! And he is a beautiful human too! LOVE him and ONEREPUBLIC!!!!
Manilka Sheran
Manilka Sheran 4 months ago
Ryan Tedder is a national treasure
aisyah yunus
aisyah yunus 4 months ago
I missed you guysss please come back to malaysia again😭
Tanya Mendez
Tanya Mendez 4 months ago
1:30 Just one lady thought that was impressive. 🤣 🤦
TARUN GUSAIN 4 months ago
Charisma, Ollie Gabriel, Adam Friedman, Daniel Feels, and Jess Jocoy are some of my favourites from Songland... Really loving this show and ots format 👏
Hannah 1R
Hannah 1R 4 months ago
Ryan is a genius...💜
SabexTiger 4 months ago
Ryan tedder is my favourite vocalist
Sagar Bhabar
Sagar Bhabar 4 months ago
Take a rest and listen to onerepublic and you'll find out what you've been missing all this time.
Hessa 4 months ago
where can I find his show?
blandiine27 4 months ago
this show is so awesom!!! i'm obsessed! watch it people!!
Sugumari Subbiah
Sugumari Subbiah 4 months ago
1:40 gotta love Ryan Tedder
Little Sailboat
Little Sailboat 4 months ago
I would love to be on Songland next season!! Didn't hear back when I applied for this first season, but you never know? :)
hassjebus lee
hassjebus lee 4 months ago
Fucking love Ryan
Diana Lozano
Diana Lozano 4 months ago
Love OneRepublic!
Stone Less
Stone Less 4 months ago
Its like if mackelmore and simon pegg had a baby...
Michelle Chavez
Michelle Chavez 4 months ago
I would love for Taylor Swift to be on songland because she has has different kinds of music
Katie Inasaridze
Katie Inasaridze 4 months ago
Exactly! 👌🏻 project indeed, many great songs!.. Good luck to everybody! ;)🍷😘♥️
jajceboy 4 months ago
Is the decore changed?
Anthony Cooks
Anthony Cooks 4 months ago
Luigi Love
Luigi Love 4 months ago
Ryan Tedder is the GOD. Period.
cristina gonzalez
cristina gonzalez 4 months ago
Eunice Jordan
Eunice Jordan 4 months ago
This guy is a GENIUS!
Dmitriy Karpov
Dmitriy Karpov 4 months ago
Кто еще подумал по превью, что это Егор Крид? Почему я знаю, как выглядит Егор Грид? :(
Worship with Meena
Worship with Meena 4 months ago
Love songland! He's awesome! 😍
Разные пробные видео
Finally got the recognition that he deserves! RYAN IS A LEGEND!
Kennadee b
Kennadee b 4 months ago
I wish you were on the voice!
Caffeinated Nation
Caffeinated Nation 4 months ago
"A cooking show for musicians" is the best description of Songland ever! 😂👍🔥 Edit: I love how passionate he is talking about music Edit: 1:38 Dude, humble brag much? 🤣🤣🤣🔥 if you got it, flaunt it. 😂
aisha b
aisha b 4 months ago
The best possible guy for the job!!! Ryan is a genius!!! 🙌🙌❤❤❤
OneRepublic 4 months ago
Kennadee b
Kennadee b 4 months ago
Hi Ryan the first ever album I listen to by you guys was native and I still love it. Turns out one of my favorite songs when I was 5 was good life and I didn’t even know the name or who it was from till 5 years later. If you go on another tour please go to Atlanta so I can go. It’s on my bucket list to see you live at least once😊
DangerZone EXE
DangerZone EXE 4 months ago
Who comments these in onerepublic?
DangerZone EXE
DangerZone EXE 4 months ago
u guys are the best
HowUSpelLUM FC 4 months ago
good, no one on the charts can sing these days
orlock20 4 months ago
The money is in touring so the wise money is being spent on the tour promotion and not the songs or albums. Also, modern songs are sing-alongs which allow the average person to sing along and even quickly cover on RUvid.
jidoribeer9 4 months ago
I can see a Halo around the head of him.
Prínce 7•G
Prínce 7•G 4 months ago
What you wanna become when you grow up. Kids- i will be a famous Chef and cook Songs.
עמרי שחר
עמרי שחר 4 months ago
sable marlette Greek
He always ask interesting questions 👍👍
karishma l
karishma l 4 months ago
Loved this man..
Muneeza M
Muneeza M 4 months ago
1:17 his watch is brighter than my whole future
greenmonster66 4 months ago
SAME. I felt that.
Chelsea Castillo
Chelsea Castillo 4 months ago
This man is a gem!
Ryan is a legend
Joey Tribbiani
Joey Tribbiani 4 months ago
Cooking music? 😏 😏 😏 😏
Ayad Ali
Ayad Ali 4 months ago
orlock20 If You Smell What The Rock Is Cookin’!
orlock20 4 months ago
Maybe that's what The Rock was taking about.
ReAcT Quadz
ReAcT Quadz 4 months ago
Love u Jimmy!!!!
Wilfried BEUGRE
Wilfried BEUGRE 4 months ago
That's a nice idea...but I feel like I have seen a song writing talent show on Russian television quite some time ago It involved people like Sergey Lazarev if I'm not mistaken 🤔🤷🏿‍♂️
Wilfried BEUGRE
Wilfried BEUGRE 4 months ago
@Katelyn Brown You did get my point 👍🏿👌🏿. I think that it's nice that the songwriting/production gets brought to the spotlight 😊☺️
Katelyn Brown
Katelyn Brown 4 months ago
Okay. People can have the same thoughts. And even if it was copied, there are many countries that have now adopted the America's Got Talent & American Idol formats that Simon Cowell created.
SAYA ASMR 4 months ago
Like 👍🏻💕
Sai 4 months ago
One Republic lover!.....😘😘Love your voice Ryan...
Maja Jaganjac
Maja Jaganjac 4 months ago
The way the audience started clapping for his new show about music like he is doing some good to human kind 🤮
Howly biches
Howly biches 4 months ago
Maja Jaganjac i think you need lay off the drugs a bit. Or just go see a doctor. Cause that was a stupid as fuck comment.
Putri I
Putri I 4 months ago
Ryan Tedder is the undercover king of pop! He is behind many great hits!!! YOU ROCK, RYAN TEDDER!!!
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