Ryan Reynolds Waved At Me In Japan

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Thank you SO much to Warner Brothers for sponsoring this video and flying me out to Japan for this incredible experience!
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May 11, 2019




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Comments 100
Elizabeth14 1425
Elizabeth14 1425 3 hours ago
I cannot explain how happy this video made me!!
Winter Skywere
Winter Skywere 4 hours ago
stop! hold up for a second, pause the video! BELL OF HAPPINESS! Sean watches the same anime I do! time to fan girl! fan boy? fandom? FAN SCREAM! ok you can unpause the video now, bell of ending. that makes the irish boyo that much more relatable, even though we'd never actually talk.
C̶u̶n̶t̶ 8 hours ago
Duuuudde 1:30 is your head okay? There's a wound on it....
lividsinger Clotfelter
That figurine shop with Jack is a kid in a candy store
Cookie_ Girl
Cookie_ Girl 13 hours ago
Im sorry Jack for calling you out on thins one but HE IS SO TINY COMPARED TO EVERYONE ELSE he small bean and it's amazing!😅😆💛💛
Aarit Mathur
Aarit Mathur 2 days ago
I want to see an anime with Jack in it, I would get the merch
Mr Gapple
Mr Gapple 2 days ago
Who edited he/she's amazing at it KEEP GOIN EDITOR : D
dreaming4ffr 2 days ago
Can't talk japanese, can't read it either, but i understand everything XD Ive been randomly watching japanese-y things, cause i really want to go some day
Asrielzard 3 days ago
What was the music in this video it was so good
WRL Wisp
WRL Wisp 3 days ago
Rad Anims
Rad Anims 3 days ago
3:20 Goku Black 😂
CrazyCatLady 3 days ago
I love Sean. He's so happy!
Sparsh Bhusan
Sparsh Bhusan 3 days ago
3:32 Yo is that an s13????
YBAÑEZ KIRK 3 days ago
Ryan Reynolds waved to Sean First then he's with him in the Free Guy
YBAÑEZ KIRK 3 days ago
The times when Covid 19 was not a thing
Noah Santos
Noah Santos 3 days ago
Everyone talking abt how Jack shorter than Evelyn, and I thought he was a like a foot shorter or something but he's like 1/2 inch shorter like they basically the same height
Missourian 4 days ago
Benny Keut
Benny Keut 4 days ago
9:53 This is what your looking for :)
Ayaan Ghauce
Ayaan Ghauce 4 days ago
11:45 You can tell that wasn’t his first glass...
Bradley Beesley
Bradley Beesley 4 days ago
My man predicted Logan Paul being annoying in Japan
BLAKE SHRYOCK 5 days ago
how come it looks like jacks girlfriend looks taller than him
Eron Johnson
Eron Johnson 5 days ago
little does he know
William Malan
William Malan 5 days ago
ahahah jack is short 8:59
The Bozos
The Bozos 5 days ago
This is giving me Yakuza memories
The Bozos
The Bozos 6 days ago
Oh my god jack passed the door thingy he’s not evil wow
JoeSmoPie 6 days ago
When you showed me that city at the begining my fps droped of how much space it had to load
Vormex_hEaT2349 6 days ago
His next video that his girlfriend posts:how jacksepticeye died
I’m good boy The tae tae
Hi to whoever reads this
ash greninja
ash greninja 6 days ago
I hate china because there are yanderes
FireFeather 7 days ago
isnt it really hard to be a good boyfriend while you have to keep up content for your job? just so you know we can survive with out content you know. so you can have some time with her and we will just understand that you own a life too just like when you had that break!
KUBEN BIlSK 7 days ago
I mss Japan
Danny Boi
Danny Boi 7 days ago
wow i've never been to japan * whisper voice* i heard they let you skate here
JustPlaying GAMES!
Someone learned how to play with after effects
The Flyngspghttmnstr
When senpai notices you
Aiden Thurman
Aiden Thurman 8 days ago
RedMetal Matt
RedMetal Matt 9 days ago
I thought Allen was taller did jack grow
Elvinmonkey22 9 days ago
can u be more obvious
21:03 CUTE
alfie holland
alfie holland 10 days ago
Japans fucking weird....But cool!!!!!!!
LB2 DROID 10 days ago
When will they do a video together again?
Robert Kennedy
Robert Kennedy 11 days ago
No man buns or pony tails ya goof
Mahika 11 days ago
11:45 hey it’s Amanda I think
Maddy M
Maddy M 11 days ago
I swear jack is just so wholesome gotta love it, I've been watching so many of his videos lately and it just makes me happy
Mimi Avali
Mimi Avali 12 days ago
This was the most wholesome fucking thing
Llama Wood
Llama Wood 12 days ago
o ok
REEzardRamen 13 days ago
4:47 does anyone see unlistedleaf behind jack
This is a weebs dream
Elliot Nilsson
Elliot Nilsson 14 days ago
is that not deadpool. it looks like him
MindArchitect 14 days ago
That awkward dance on the pickachu carpet at the end, I loved it!! X'D
Jeremazing 14 days ago
I can't believe you and brizzi voices were both in Japan together she is my favorite person who does voice impressions as a female
SNC monkey
SNC monkey 14 days ago
8:53 what is that in the background at the left of the screen
Cole Barnes
Cole Barnes 14 days ago
He protecc He attack But most importantly He da snacc jack
Cole Barnes
Cole Barnes 14 days ago
The only reason I would be in there is the cars
Im alex
Im alex 14 days ago
Is it me or jacks gf is tall Or maybe its just the angle?
Imam Taufiq Hermawan
jack so nice in Japan, Galon need to learn from him
Ethan Hitchins
Ethan Hitchins 14 days ago
this aged well, instead of doing another video together they did a movie
revv 4 times ッ
revv 4 times ッ 15 days ago
CANADIAN 15 days ago
can u not get a haircut like a normal person?
Random._. ._.
Random._. ._. 15 days ago
Seán is like a little boy, especially at the action figure store and Evelien is like his guardian
darron arya
darron arya 15 days ago
He totally just missed a chance at calling him Goku Black For people wondering it's at 3:20
Elena Sucks
Elena Sucks 16 days ago
The baby ponytail
dragon- -hellfire78
why was i recomended this? AFTER I JUST WATCHED IT THE DAY BEFORE???
Jedidr 17 days ago
Im 100% sure Ryan specifically asked that Jack be invited, change my mind
behemoth 17 days ago
4:57 unlistedleaf is right behind him.
Sad Yosh
Sad Yosh 17 days ago
Damn his gf taller than him then she shorter🤣🤣
Andres Morales
Andres Morales 17 days ago
Nice video 👍
Fares Playz
Fares Playz 18 days ago
i noticed an anime ad in japan nice
Laszlo Mechtler
Laszlo Mechtler 18 days ago
Jacksepticeye on the boat at 5pm: *Drinks wine* Jacksepticeye on the boat at midnight: "Two shots of vodka" *pours whole bottle* Jacksepticeye on the boat at 4am: washes his face with Whiskey 8am: IT'S LEPRECHAUN TIME BITCHES
Brenden Moon
Brenden Moon 19 days ago
UnlistedLeaf is in the video
Rat Mckay
Rat Mckay 19 days ago
0:36 oh my god his EYES
Declan The green gamer
Ryan is everywhere and nowhere all at the same time
Cozmos 20 days ago
Christian Wisner
Christian Wisner 20 days ago
Ryan Reynolds must have been so lucky to be so close to jack
I should've went to Akiba that day
Serena Wolf
Serena Wolf 21 day ago
Jack x Ryan who’s in
Sammy Kucinski
Sammy Kucinski 21 day ago
Ryan Reynolds is my waifu.
Phillip Murphy
Phillip Murphy 23 days ago
4:55 I'm pretty sure thats @unlistedleaf behind him
emil hansson
emil hansson 23 days ago
8:53 jack remembers his girl is filming
catherine welsh
catherine welsh 23 days ago
Unlistedleaf was behind you
Makuja Kola
Makuja Kola 24 days ago
DKING 01715
DKING 01715 24 days ago
14:00 Jack with the John hill music
Dusk Riley20360
Dusk Riley20360 24 days ago
is that unlisted leaf 5:09
Miami Vice Gaming
Miami Vice Gaming 24 days ago
Did anyone notice unlisted leaf in the backround
Sod Ku
Sod Ku 24 days ago
12:00 she got no idea who she sitting next to
DHIAEDDINE -BN- 24 days ago
see logan paul , this is how people behave in a foreign country '-'
Joshua Spurling
Joshua Spurling 25 days ago
Did anyone notice unlistedleaf in the background
yosgiv 25 days ago
That’s a lot of anime on buildings
Lachlan Jaensch
Lachlan Jaensch 25 days ago
Features 26 days ago
nais hair!
Gamwah 2005
Gamwah 2005 27 days ago
I didn’t know he liked my hero academia
jaden bortier
jaden bortier 27 days ago
Kobito Senshi
Kobito Senshi 27 days ago
Any frenchies here ? Is it me or there's Tales From The Click behind Jack's right shoulder at 20:15 ?
_ Roachy_
_ Roachy_ 27 days ago
I don't wanna live in America no moe 🥺
robotcreeper2007 28 days ago
Unlistedleaf be stream sniping jack you can see him at 5:07 the guy with the shades and tripod camera Lol
Cyro 28 days ago
What camera is Eveline using? It looks very cool.
Leo Bieler
Leo Bieler 28 days ago
Lol sick
Nycesz 79
Nycesz 79 28 days ago
$300 if you go there right now.
Crimson Coin
Crimson Coin 28 days ago
[Insert unfunny comment here]
Toby Hale
Toby Hale 28 days ago
Ryan Reynolds is jacks sempai
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