Ryan Newman NASCAR Crash

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Pray for him! He’s in bad shape!

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Feb 17, 2020




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Comments 2 710
It’s like dales 2001 crash but he survived and a wAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAy mor horrific accident crash thingy
John Doe
John Doe 3 days ago
I thought for sure he was dead when I saw this live.
J3roen 5 days ago
those donuts at the end from hamlin, kinda sounds like hamilton, 2021 british gp *cough* *cough*
Jonathan Murray
Jonathan Murray 5 days ago
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Carrie Horvath
Carrie Horvath 6 days ago
I remember that crash crashing into the pole
knobdikker 7 days ago
Yeah but restrictor plate racing is safer and cars don't get airborne...🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄
Franz Weinhardt
Franz Weinhardt 9 days ago
I hate how the comentators just talk like nothing happend, like he could've died..
Joeyhohl19 9 days ago
When I first saw the replay of him getting hit I thought he was dead
NightHawk J30
NightHawk J30 10 days ago
That’s messed up the Fedex car celebrating his win after Ryan got crashed that guy could be dead his in car. No care at all from nascar drivers.
Brooke Nichols
Brooke Nichols 10 days ago
Omg I feel so bad and I thought he would die
TheMatchboxberlin 13 days ago
Fedex . Peace of shit in all lines!
Matthew Soileau
Matthew Soileau 13 days ago
If I was Denny Hamlin I would try and go over there for some reason to see if he’s ok
The Negus
The Negus 8 days ago
He didn't even see the whole crash plus he wasn't even the one involved in the crash. He just won the Dayton 500 i would be doing donuts too.
Mike Oxmaul
Mike Oxmaul 17 days ago
That day.... All that pinged in my head was "dale earnhardt"
R.I.P. Google+
R.I.P. Google+ 18 days ago
Just some guy With a surprised expression
This was like the Cars 1 scene where Chick hits King and celebrates while Chick just donuts away celebrating...
Craig owen Lindvall jr
Listen to Jeff Gordon's voice when he said " upside down"!!!! You can hear his voice break and he didn't say another word forever. He thought the worst as did I.
Doncare Hair in the air
Get fined for that
Bad Cat535
Bad Cat535 27 days ago
It looked like Denny did not care
Justin DiMarzo
Justin DiMarzo 27 days ago
Anybody else hate danny
King Bymbo
King Bymbo 28 days ago
are they just gunna watch as Newmans car goes up in flames?
Fabian Rocha
Fabian Rocha 29 days ago
What is with Nascar and big crashes at the end of Races?
CJ Rowe
CJ Rowe Month ago
You cant park there
RIP xxxtentacion You will be missed
I'm glad he's alive and that's a bad car crash that's what was badass Dale Earnhardt I don't know how anyone can survive that
You call this racing?.. jajajaja wtf just fat guys crashing their cars🤣🤣🤣 on purpoise..
Bramantya Bahasoean
The commentator reaction was so flat, that was a horible crash
Skinny ASSC
Skinny ASSC Month ago
look how slow these fat ass firefighters
TheThunderB23 Month ago
The fact he celebrated without knowing he was ok or not shows how sorry of a piece of shit Hamlin is
FacelessNas 64
FacelessNas 64 Month ago
So your telling me you wouldn’t celebrate after winning the biggest event in NASCAR? Plus Hamlin later apologized and said his prayers for Newman in an interview
Brokenegg Studio
Newman in 2020: yeet
Kimio-Shinjiru Month ago
This reminds me to the scene of Cars movie, where Strip was rammed by Chick, Mcqueen who went first, return to help Strip causing Chick winning the Piston Cup, no one was celebrating with him because everyone was worried about Strip The King state, well, this moment reminds alot to that Cars Scene.
sethyG Month ago
Denny always solidifying himself as a real piece of inbred shit.
Clay3145 Month ago
I remember watching this live in my living room. We were so scared for Newman man.
Patryk Wiechecki
It was horrible...
jj Cross
jj Cross Month ago
Nick B
Nick B Month ago
So you’re allowed to just pit maneuver people? Lol
The Negus
The Negus 8 days ago
Blaney didn't even touch him really. It's just how air drafts work at 200MPH. no ones fault
Ricky Neff
Ricky Neff Month ago
Those assholes who wrecked him should be fined their entire season winnings for that childish display.
SLITHERMAN54 Month ago
ryan was always my favorite growing up playing the games watching the races i'm so glad he's ok
tom nook
tom nook Month ago
Damn, still got 4th
the hat in the cat
The safety crew took forever to get there. I thought the car was going to explode
Fish Fish
Fish Fish Month ago
thats what happens when you block
Mark Vorster
Mark Vorster Month ago
Did the guy behind take him out on purpose?
Mark Vorster
Mark Vorster Month ago
Why didn't they cut away from the crash? It could've been fatal
Mark Vorster
Mark Vorster Month ago
@Eric Seske it's ridiculous how much Nascar focuses on crashing. They focus on crashes more than good racing. You always cut away from a potentially fatal accident, idgaf if it's "entertaining" for Nascar fans to watch drivers almost die
Mark Vorster
Mark Vorster Month ago
@Eric Seske there was a good chance that he had died, or been seriously injured, so they should have cut away. that's how they do it in other forms of motorsport
Mark Vorster
Mark Vorster Month ago
@Eric Seske because you don't show people dying on national television. it's about respect
Mark Vorster
Mark Vorster Month ago
@Eric Seske they kept the camera on the wreckage for like 2 minutes. They should have cut away as soon as they saw how serious it was
gionny Vagni
gionny Vagni 2 months ago
quanta stupidita' umana
Mose Schrute
Mose Schrute 2 months ago
Hamlin is a whiney douche. Imagine being a Hamlin fan lmao
Computer Man
Computer Man 2 months ago
Newman wrecks and the commentators worry about the winner
Haven_ wayRBLX’s
Haven_ wayRBLX’s 2 months ago
Wow I was watching this live on tv when this crash happened. So crazy. Just felt a bad gut feeling when seeing the fire and fuel.
I Am a Hendrick fan4life
It is Hamlins fault because he got Blaney into Newman which caused the wreck
I Am a Hendrick fan4life
@Eric Seske ok pushed him then wrecked him into Blaney which went into Newman
I Am a Hendrick fan4life
@Eric Seske Yeah but Denny wreck Blaney into Newman
I Am a Hendrick fan4life
@Eric Seske Um I know but I said the wreck was caused by Hamlin
yamaha 2 months ago
Os caras esquecerám a saúde..
Yeet Daddy
Yeet Daddy 2 months ago
I wanted my boy Ryan to win so bad. Glad he recovered.
Kiterpuss 2 months ago
I really wish Joy didn't sound quite so excited commentating that crash. Like, I get you're worked up because it's the last lap and it's tense, but the "on his roof in a shower of sparks" coupled with "sliding over the line in 4th place" was not a tasteful touch...
Layken Jones
Layken Jones 2 months ago
What happened was Ryan gave Newman a little push then Hamlin gave Ryan a push Ryan uncontrollably crashed into Ryan Newman so it was hamlins fault Hamlin shouldn’t have celebrated.
cabosanlucasboi 78
cabosanlucasboi 78 2 months ago
The crash at 0:59
Days of Ride
Days of Ride 2 months ago
This is ass
Desiree Diaz
Desiree Diaz 2 months ago
Stupid blaney That’s why no one else likes Blaney he always brings everyone out of the track
ChillyJpeg 2 months ago
Don't really like Newman that much, he's a great driver and a legend, but I feel he needed that win
Dran 2 months ago
Dany hemline: YES I WON his mind:I made him crash all for a win
Roland Wake
Roland Wake 2 months ago
I thought he was dead when I first saw it live, thank God for new safety mechanisms
Cormac Kelly
Cormac Kelly 2 months ago
Ryan Newman will surely never forget this moment
Subparpoet 2 months ago
He crossed the line on his roof
GreenToy Coder
GreenToy Coder 2 months ago
hamlin: F**K YOU NEWMAN Newman: NANI!!!!! Newman: *Explodes*
GreenToy Coder
GreenToy Coder 2 months ago
Newman: CMON CMON Hanlin: Nope. Newman: SKIDKID BOP M DADA
The Negus
The Negus 8 days ago
Kc Sencil
Kc Sencil 2 months ago
Blaney crash newman
Lilskruf 2 months ago
Look at this piece of shit fist pumping after he nearly killed a man to cheat to win
Daniel Johnston
Daniel Johnston 2 months ago
4th is still pretty good, especially when you slide in upside down and on fire
Maksymilian S
Maksymilian S 3 months ago
The accouncers don't give half a shit that the man might've just died in there.
MrPillowpants91 3 months ago
Terrible sportsmanship if someone crashes that severely you wait for them to at least get out of their car before gloating
TG123 3 months ago
Thank God he ended up being ok
Jonny Knight
Jonny Knight 3 months ago
These friggin commentators, not once did they sound concerned about Newman during this clip. Smh
Zars 3 months ago
Because they know the cars are safe. One of them has been narrating for half a century and the other is a retired 4-time NASCAR champion and arguably the winningest driver in the history of the sport if you take in consideration all his achievements. They know the sport and also try to keep the fans calm instead of acting over dramatic
Jonathan Potter
Jonathan Potter 3 months ago
Anyone notice that Denny Hamlin created this wreck?
FacelessNas 64
FacelessNas 64 Month ago
Not me cause it was an accidental bump from Blaney along with aggressive blocking by Newman. No one created the wreck intentionally
damy kay
damy kay 3 months ago
how did he live. thats the main problem.
Caryn Platt
Caryn Platt 3 months ago
When I saw that live I felt so bad for Ryan Newman but he is ok now
The best story teller
That right there is why I don’t like Hamlin I get he just won his second Dayton 500 in a row but still all I fans and I am willing to bet you most if not all the drivers thought that Newman was badly injured if not dead and Hamlin was going burnouts in the infield grass I was yelling at my tv screen at Hamlin I like aggressive and dirty drivers and I love Truex but that was very distasteful of Hamlin if I was the owner of joe gibs racing I would have not taken Hamlin this season and if I was Hamlin in that situation I would have pulled the car into the grass taken off my gloves and my helmet gotten out of my car and if not checked on Newman I would have gotten out of my car and prayed and I would have gotten my crew chief to tell the pit crew to do the same thing
Ryan blaney
Ryan blaney 3 months ago
Blaney do this to him
Ryan blaney
Ryan blaney 2 months ago
@Eric Seske idk
Zander McKim
Zander McKim 3 months ago
dale earnheart be like HOW DID HE NOT DIE
Syed Owais
Syed Owais 3 months ago
The Florida highway patrol, Voulsia County Sheriff's Office and Daytona beach Police Department And American Medical Response said that it was totally reckless for Ryan Newman to crash and be in a shower of sparks because it could have set off a horrifying explosions with fire that delayed the race involving death of Ryan Newman.
edho 93
edho 93 3 months ago
dang. that’s is shit
DJSteg 22
DJSteg 22 3 months ago
0:58 Boom
Bluekid nation
Bluekid nation 3 months ago
Yeah I remember that crash 11 won but that was one hell of a crash. Surprisingly he survived
Alan Costa
Alan Costa 4 months ago
I missed when Nascar was total rock and roll don't give shit for anything now have alot of rules, it's turning formula 1, boring and monotonous
maestrorage2004 4 months ago
Dang, how many times has Newman gone upside down?
Michael Tucker
Michael Tucker 4 months ago
Rip Newmans 2nd 500 win
Thart 4 months ago
Idk how this shit works but Newman deserved the second place spot idgaf
j 4 months ago
I wonder what he would be doing now if he was still with us
Kagarmanov & Like 500kg
МЫ Россияне пошли бы бить е*ало !!
Ugly spongbob popsicle
At least Denny Hamlin won but blaney crashed in to him R.I.P Ryan Newman
Scout 4 months ago
As a Newman fan, I do badly wanted him to win, I got so excited, but my soul left my body when he crashed.
Sigurd Torvaldsson
Sigurd Torvaldsson 4 months ago
"CRASH. There goes Newman" I was almost expecting him to laugh out loud. Weird reaction to such a brutal crash
The Negus
The Negus 8 days ago
TH 4 months ago
Let me tell you this If you mess up a NASCAR as a racer, you are done with this race.
Motorised 85
Motorised 85 4 months ago
Tigerfire75 4 months ago
I thought Ryan Newman's Oscar Meyers were cooked for sure
Chris Mitchell
Chris Mitchell 4 months ago
Still can’t believe he survived this
Milton Fonseca
Milton Fonseca 4 months ago
FoolSky 4 months ago
Denny is honestly a piece of %#@* He didn't care about Ryan he just won did donuts
FoolSky 3 months ago
@Eric Seske again I didn't know before
FoolSky 4 months ago
@FacelessNas 64 but I realized after watching other Nascar vids, like 3 days ago
FoolSky 4 months ago
@FacelessNas 64 lol i didn't know at first
FacelessNas 64
FacelessNas 64 4 months ago
He didn’t know about it til later lmao. Plus he won the biggest event in NASCAR, so of course he’s gonna do donuts. Good god, this is like getting mad at Michael Waltrip for celebrating with Dale Sr’s death in the background. You can’t get mad because someone is unaware of a bad crash.
Ool Skool
Ool Skool 4 months ago
Wild earth
OrdinaryRedditGuy 4 months ago
Wow, it’s already been a year... feels like it was yesterday
Yeah it seems like it wasn't that long ago
leighton 4 months ago
has anybody had as man bad wrecks as him
There are much more worse nascar crashes than this
NASCAR 07 Fan 4 months ago
If the caution would have come out for Elliott, this wreck probobly wouldn't have happened.
cem ozzlk
cem ozzlk 4 months ago
Anybody wounded?
Marco 4 months ago
Ryan started the Fire
NASCAR Bad Sportsmanship #2
Remembering Dale Earnhardt