Ryan Newman NASCAR Crash

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Pray for him! He’s in bad shape! #WesleyAPEX #NASCAR #Racing
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Feb 17, 2020




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Comments 80
Misteria 6 hours ago
*Chiko ang King*
Dennis Berned
Dale Earnhardt in heaven says how did he not die
The Oklahoman boys
When I was watching this race live I was in utter shock to hear that he was alive
rvaugh230 4 days ago
I feel like I'd have a really hard time doing doughnuts in the infield after seeing a wreck like that.
Cole Fulks
Cole Fulks 4 days ago
This was technically Denny Hamlin fault because if he didn’t give Ryan blaney that push Ryan Newman wouldn’t have this horrifying crash
Mr.America 69
Mr.America 69 5 days ago
I hate how the announcers aren’t even phased.
TestTheTest 5 days ago
i had a heart attack when i saw the big fuel leak
Nicholas Fynn
Nicholas Fynn 6 days ago
Did he died?
Kyle Busch 18
Kyle Busch 18 6 days ago
At least He survived Unlike Dale and remember in the 2007 500 Clint Bowyer came sliding on his roof with the hood flaming
Christo du Plessis
Feels like the spotter could've told Denny Hamlin that the other guy ended up in the catch fence and to stop with the fist bumping 😔
Connor Holman
Connor Holman 7 days ago
Newmauan should have won but this asshole almost killed him
Victoria Ware
Victoria Ware 7 days ago
Not the only time he's went airborne at daytona
GiDD 7 days ago
How did that leaking gas not ignite!?
Jack Ward
Jack Ward 7 days ago
Am I the only one that Says this Daily, “To the Inside, Here comes Hamlin up the Outside... Crash Into The Wall, Into The Air, Goes Newman!”
Fishy stickzz stonks
Blaney did the same shit again
Broken Creed
Broken Creed 9 days ago
So was this anyone’s fault?
Randombloxplayz 9 days ago
Well... he still had an epic finish at fourth lol
Randombloxplayz 5 days ago
Coasters, Cars Etc. still
Coasters, Cars Etc.
He actually finished P9
StormyGuy 10 days ago
hope hes ok
The Goose
The Goose 13 days ago
I'm huge Hamlin fan and how close that Finnish was
A Leon
A Leon 13 days ago
I don't know, why people so worried about this IDIOTS...isn't that what they want or expect to happen. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
Josh Bates
Josh Bates 13 days ago
I can't believe how close Ryan Newman was!
Bear27 13 days ago
That was kinda sad he woulda won that then oh look im just gonna ram to try and get the win
Dominic Modugno
Dominic Modugno 13 days ago
I’m watching this in June and it still scares me
BLACK SHARK 14 days ago
Is he ok? 😰
Eskey 13 days ago
Where have you been ?
Melissa Roberts
Melissa Roberts 14 days ago
I thought Newman wouldn’t come back to nascar
Wonder Wongl
Wonder Wongl 15 days ago
Hamlin seems like an asshole, he cleary saw that Newman crashed, he didn't knew what Newmans condition was and he celebrated his victory with donuts and pumping fists.
Eskey 13 days ago
He did not see is nor know how bad it was if he did
Cody's Dumb Channel
I saw this live on tv and I was so worried for him
Mochammad Arfadh Nasrullah
He's still alive until now
Kids used reviews
Kids used reviews 16 days ago
My friend is a fan of Newman, he started jumping around all happy knowing he was about to win, then broke into tears after seeing the car after the accident, he thought he was dead for sure.
Mr 80's
Mr 80's 16 days ago
Wouldn't Hamlin get in trouble for this? He crashed someone just to win
Eskey 13 days ago
That was racing
Fano TH
Fano TH 17 days ago
Cars 3
Frank Van Den Dool
Frank Van Den Dool 17 days ago
Why are most people saying that wrecking another car to win is a part of racing?! NO IT'S NOT! It's a nascar thing. I understand the blocking and sh*t might happen doing that, but deliberatly crashing someone just to win is ridiculous. The drivers that do that should be banned from all racing forever. Lives are on the line.
Sam Harger
Sam Harger 19 days ago
1:13 we all went well he dead
c P
c P 19 days ago
It’s a huge miracle Newman survived.
Devin Curtis
Devin Curtis 20 days ago
How the hell could Hamlin celebrate with what was happening
Eskey 13 days ago
He did not see it nor know how bad it was if he did
Schkoop Dawhoop
Schkoop Dawhoop 21 day ago
Absolutely incredible that he survived THAT but Dale didn’t survive his. Goes to show how far safety precautions and procedures have come in this sport.
Code7000 13 days ago
Dale's wreck was different. He wore an open face helmet. No head and neck restraint. And his seatbelts broke.
DLC Driftz
DLC Driftz 21 day ago
You can crash into people in Nascar I didn't no that I'm being for real
Cecilia Rodriguez
Is like cars 3 when mcgueen goes airborne
Teh angry bird 345
Teh angry bird 345 23 days ago
I hate it how Newman had a huge and depressing crash and Hamlin doesn’t even give a S*it
Eskey 13 days ago
He did not see it nor know how bad it was if he did
mason dejarnett
mason dejarnett 13 days ago
he didnt know it was ba duntill he was in victory lane
Creeper Boy 8000
Creeper Boy 8000 25 days ago
that was one of the most bigest crash i have seen
Gamer f
Gamer f 27 days ago
R.I.P Ryan
Zars 23 days ago
He is alive
工地Nucleushope631 - ace
When you drink to muc redbull
Alan Connelly
Alan Connelly 28 days ago
Gordon says not over yet 10 second later crash
Faris 29 days ago
I just remember Doc Hudson crash whenever I saw this
Michael's Fantastic Cars!
Man, I know I’m late, but he crashes on my birthday...
Christopher Lucas
Christopher Lucas 29 days ago
I honest to God thought he was dead. I was physically shaking.
yee haw and yee yee fishing
Why is Joe Gibbs racers always involved in taking victories from other racers. I'm a Kyle Busch fan so I'm fine with it but 100 feet away man dad gum spun him out. Usually its ahhh denny... well this time its.. poor Newman
johnny wires
johnny wires Month ago
And the meme lives on
Johana Month ago
what if Blaney wasn’t behind Newman?
Richard Ray
Richard Ray Month ago
Ryan Blaney made contact and spun him
Jeff C
Jeff C Month ago
Nobody is talking about how the DRIVER'S SIDE of the car took TWO very hard impacts at RACE SPEED and the second was in the WINDOW! That car held up well.
rapha watanabe
rapha watanabe Month ago
Ryan os de ar?
rapha watanabe
rapha watanabe Month ago
Damon Weasel Head
When this Happened, I knew 2020 was going to be a Fucked up year... Kobe dies, Covid-19, Depresseion like Economy, Racism is Alive and Still Hateful, Floods and Fires, Magnetic poles Shifting, Hope it all Goes away Soon.
SuperPikachu Jexs
0:59 Blaney: *NOT COMING BEHIND YOU AGAIN OLD MAN* Newman: a wimoweh
SuperPikachu Jexs
My man almost wins, gets cheesed by Blaney, Hamlin almost wins, then during Blaney stealing Hamlins win, Newman fucking accelerates infinitely while sparks fly and the former Oscar Meyer driver gets cooked in the car, still places in a good spot, and does it all upside down, assfirst into the fucking windshield, and is halfway dead. Still gets in top 5. The Chad Newman and the Virgin Blaney.
Ano Vandervort
Ano Vandervort Month ago
literally the announcers were just like, "oh, newman is on fire, eh, HAMLIN WINS THE RACE
Kuya Kuya
Kuya Kuya Month ago
newman nooooo
WonkerNoodle Land
Ryan Newman: *crashes* and *dead* Darrell Waltrip: Rest In Peace Ryan Newman. Ryan Newman wife: *cries* Man: Here lies Ryan Newman. Who died because of blunt trauma and racing accident.
Harry Bilspleet
Harry Bilspleet Month ago
Denny Hamlin celebrating while Ryan Newman was still in his car made me hate him so much, looks like he only cares about his win
Hamlin is a fucking scumbag like dude you know damn well that you could have killed him and gave a fucking fist bump piss off
KingDaddy Month ago
This night felt too similar to 2-18-01
Eli A
Eli A Month ago
Nobody blames Hamlin for pushing Blaney into Newman? I don't follow Nascar so idk how fans look at it but to me Hamlin was at fault
Zars Month ago
Search for the on board, nothing was on purpose. The tap Hamlin gave to Blaney was so slight from the on board it doesn't even look like he was the reason Blaney wiggled at all. Take in mind they're going at 205 mph entering the trioval, things can go wrong in a matter of seconds. Newman was blocking very aggressively too. It was a racing deal, that's it.
Kansas football Lifer
the dude rolls up in the tow truck being like this bad
24AMPER Month ago
And now here he is, back in a car, racing as hard as he did before. All is well in the NASCAR world.
1954Bentley TypeR
0:25 No one knew that in less than 45 seconds, a horrific crash would happen. In the religious form: Only God Knew.
Roblox life
Roblox life Month ago
OC Beezilla
OC Beezilla Month ago
now how the fuck did he cross the finish line?
Football Boy
Football Boy Month ago
can't wait to watch him win today
Jo Scrivani
Jo Scrivani Month ago
Love Joe Gibbs , but hamlin a little spoiled crybaby, fist pump,when a fellow driver is in dire straights !!! Give Me that equipment hamlin and id kick ur ass bro !!! So glad Ryans o.k. Rocket man Rules !!!
Jo Scrivani
Jo Scrivani Month ago
@OC Beezilla true enough, 4got about that, thanks for enlightening Me , kool race Su.day !
OC Beezilla
OC Beezilla Month ago
Jo Scrivani he clearly didn’t realize what happened. He could not, at all, have seen the second crash that almost killed Newman.
Aaron cadarette
Aaron cadarette Month ago
Actually got cheated smh
Packle- Kackle
Packle- Kackle Month ago
i watched this live on TV
Ji Xhin
Ji Xhin Month ago
I'm just as poor and stupid as you are
Zars Month ago
That episode is perfect, and South Park does a great job portraying NASCAR haters how they look lmfao. "Poor", like NASCAR drivers don't make millions based on sponsorship deals and race prizes. The winner of the Daytona 500 gets around 3 million alone, and the guy in the last place around 100+ grand (peaked in 250+ grand back in the mid 2000s). Surely very poor. Stupid? The guy that crashes in the video has a degree in engineering and his contributions to the safety of the cars saved his own life.
Seb’s Animations
Oh ho ho how the turn tables
RobloxWimner Month ago
I was watching this and when Blaney turned Newman I was like, "OOOOOOOOH" without realizing. I saw the wreck on slow motion and I just sat there in horror. They put up a screen and I thought they were pulling a dead body out of that car.
UltraDoom Month ago
If this was a year ago Newman would have been last
Newman! Tradin' paint and rubbin' bumpers
Brett Birdwell
Brett Birdwell Month ago
Hamlin is a bitch to celebrate like nothing happened. I know its racing and all but stil show some respect
OC Beezilla
OC Beezilla Month ago
Brett Birdwell he turned off communication with his team, like usual, to celebrate. He never saw the crash, but stop celebrating when he saw the wreck
ShotgunFelatio Month ago
Can we all take a second to appreciate how great Mike Joy is?
Jazz Golden
Jazz Golden Month ago
I’m soooo angry at NASCAR because Blaney would have won because the caution came out when Blaney was out front
Jazz Golden
Jazz Golden Month ago
Well but the caution did come out and Blaney was in front
ChargedTracer Month ago
sara golden It Was The Final Lap, So There Is No Caution. So Hamlin Won.
Siham Xx
Siham Xx Month ago
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