Ryan Newman hospitalized after crash in Daytona 500.

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Ryan Newman is in serious condition after a crash in the Daytona 500.

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Feb 17, 2020




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Comments 36
OG Drifter
OG Drifter 4 months ago
Just a reminder: this is only the start of the year!
James Hereford
James Hereford 4 months ago
I thought for sure Ryan Newman had the race 1. And when he crashed I thought for sure when he got hit on the driver side going airborne it was not going to be good. I've always liked Ryan Newman he's from South Bend Indiana and I only live about two hours or so from him here in Indiana, get well soon Ryan because the good Lord is with you.
Dennis 4 months ago
bondoly66 4 months ago
There is no way at 200 mph you can get out of the way to avoid hitting another car. Pushing someone at 200 mph is insane. Shows you how good they are at what they do.
The-Trustees 4 months ago
People are praying... do they NOT understand how insulting that is. They may as well say "I am doing NOTHING to actually help the situation." when in fact, the act of praying is PREVENTING them from doing something, like maybe donating blood. And the worst part is that they actually know they are doing NOTHING to help for two reasons. First, if their god works from a "plan" (as if the god or plan actually exist... cough), as make-believers will excitedly tell you, the prayer is WORTHLESS due to an already existing plan... which cannot be wrong or changed, again according to them. And the second is that while they pretend that prayers get answered, significant research, by evangelical foundations like Templeton, shows prayer being successful at the same rate as chance (they just hated having to admit that). If you zealots think it will please another zealot to pray for them, go for it, but when you say it to a normal, non-deluded person, again, you are just saying that you are doing less than nothing for them, and acting like you did, which is disgusting, callous and even evil.
The-Trustees 4 months ago
@Michael Benedict Then you are an even bigger moron than already known. Loving your enemy is just another immoral position your pretend fence adornment jeebus "says" is a good idea. Too bad the inquisitors never said that to the millions of women they tortured, as you would do if your cult had the power. You'd be preaching your hate if you could and YOU KNOW IT.
Michael Benedict
Michael Benedict 4 months ago
@The-Trustees god bless you sir. I love and forgive you
Michael Benedict
Michael Benedict 4 months ago
@The-Trustees You clearly didn't even read what I wrote,, you're one to accuse anyone. Fairly clear you're just here to spread hate.
The-Trustees 4 months ago
@Michael Benedict Whether or not you pray, events and people in THIS universe will be responsible for Ryan. You must not have read what I posted or you wouldn't just reassert that you pray and what for. Since your god has a plan that cannot be changed, praying to that god, even IF it did exist, would be useless because god is unchanging and perfect. So you are wasting time either way when instead you could actually do something... instead of doing NOTHING and thinking it makes you a good person. It does not. It is capricious and evil.
Michael Benedict
Michael Benedict 4 months ago
We pray for the brightest minds in the world to successfully keep him alive We pray for the technology we develop to work in preventing driver fatality We pray that once all of our technology that we've been blessed with to be able to work by our own volition, has done it's job, that our efforts were enough to save him. But you'll never grasp that concept because i can tell that only hate and bigotry lives in your heart. I forgive you, sir. But I don't know who else will
Ron Cothran
Ron Cothran 4 months ago
Ryan will be ok thank God. I’m not so sure how well Blaney will be later
Ali Ostrowski
Ali Ostrowski 4 months ago
Blaney was not okay after that one he'll feel better once he knows that Newman will be ok
Elvis Cobb
Elvis Cobb 4 months ago
@JOHN RAU I agree with you guys. You could see how shaken Blaney was at that interview right after the crash. Poor guys face was as white as a ghost.
JOHN RAU 4 months ago
Blaine was pushing to get Ryan to the front It's not really Blaine fault it just happens Hopefully both gentlemen are ok
Elvis Cobb
Elvis Cobb 4 months ago
I am a big Blaney fan and I am thinking the same thing. I hope he will be okay.
Captain Thumper
Captain Thumper 4 months ago
One should never drive faster than his guardian angel can fly.
HaveAtIT 4 months ago
The "sport" that is only relevant when there is a wreck. Next.
Elvis Cobb
Elvis Cobb 4 months ago
You comment is so disrespectful in so many ways. At least have some compassionate for the injured driver.
Kerr Jason
Kerr Jason 4 months ago
Happened because he was blocking
Street Light
Street Light 4 months ago
Yep I think is Newman fault, similar happens in 2009 on Talladega
bertulforc1 4 months ago
The way I look at it , he was trying to block the driver behind him. Bad thinking moved! If he just continue driving straight to finish line there will be out of accident!
AngryItalian 4 months ago
And blocking like that is just newmans way of racing hes done it for years and I respect him for it even if hes last he'll block like hes first
AngryItalian 4 months ago
The one he blocked was perfectly content with taking him to the line for the win but problem is blaney was going faster and the fact newman was blocking not knowing the intent and he was gone after that thank god hes okay tho
Redbug 3
Redbug 3 4 months ago
Luckily, Halifax Hospital is right down the street. Prayers for your recovery, Ryan Newman!
Glenn Silvetti
Glenn Silvetti 4 months ago
It is only by the grace of God that he wasn’t killed, I’m sure most saw how the fuel was leaking out of his car after the crash right next to the flames, his angel was on overtime for him
The-Trustees 4 months ago
It is definitely by the capriciousness of your pretend god that the accident happened in the first place... or are you saying your imaginary friend does NOT work off of a perfect, unchanging plan?
Daniel Johnston
Daniel Johnston 4 months ago
Yeah, for sure! How all that fuel leaking out, pouring out actually, didn't go up is a miracle. Yeah, his guardian angel was in that car with him. Direct, head-on crash, more than a 90 degree angle of impact, the safety equipment did its job for him. Hope he comes out of this ok.
HaveAtIT 4 months ago
Where was this "grace of god" before the wreck?
Susan Loughlin
Susan Loughlin 4 months ago
Yeah grace of god. It wasnt the nearly indestructible brick he was in.
Jag 321
Jag 321 4 months ago
Big guy your gonna be ok we’re praying along with the racing world. Godspeed
HELLO WEEKEND 4 months ago
CorySTG 4 months ago
2:00 Pit Row, not road. lmao
Celtics 17
Celtics 17 4 months ago
Well the person who made this comment is still wrong
Buck Ó Donnghaile
Buck Ó Donnghaile 4 months ago
It's pit road or pit row. Look at the NASCAR rules and see what they call it.
MNDHFilms 4 months ago
As in slow motion, the fans watched in shock. Their minds raced back to the fateful image of 2001 when Dale Sr. Hit the wall in similar fashion. It was almost daja vu.
AngryItalian 4 months ago
Scary part is the fact Dale's crash on the outside didnt look bad but it was the complete opposite with this one and it doesnt help it had the same feeling in the track all quiet no sign that hes ok its tragic this happened but regardless he is alive that's all the matters
Alex Bennett
Alex Bennett 4 months ago
Hope he doesn't quit racing
Cekala Studios
Cekala Studios 4 months ago
Seeing that crash live was horrifying... I thought no way he could survive, but somehow the injuries are non-life threatening... By some miracle. I often don’t pray, but for this I do pray for the Newman family, and I hope Newman walks out of that hospital in a few days or weeks even... Let’s all pray. As for now, that’s all we can do. Let’s pray for another miracle. (And also, please don’t post about political stuff in comment sections about this crash like one person did in here... This isn’t the place for it...)
Evan Badour
Evan Badour 4 months ago
he is in critical condition
Ali Ostrowski
Ali Ostrowski 4 months ago
Its serious but not critical
Ramona Marie
Ramona Marie 4 months ago
Prayin for You Ryan 🙏
Mark Fellows
Mark Fellows 4 months ago
Prayers for "The Rocket" ..& Family
David Sponbart
David Sponbart 4 months ago
Who could work for sports director like that? Yikes.
kdmigloo 4 months ago
Ill bet her wife thinks differently. She thinks shes the man when it comes to things.
Ignacio Sanchez
Ignacio Sanchez 4 months ago
Make America great Again.... yeeeeeehawwwww Trump 2020 !!!!!
Elvis Cobb
Elvis Cobb 4 months ago
Not the time,Not the place. Our thoughts are with Ryan Newman.
Carlos Benavides
Carlos Benavides 4 months ago
Praying for Ryan
Tammy Grant
Tammy Grant 4 months ago
As the daughter of an Indy car driver I am always amazed that t they survive!
Joseph Ruiz
Joseph Ruiz 4 months ago
Yes, thoughts and prayers. All the best to Ryan, his family and all his fans. That was very scary and reminded me too much of another accident.
EYE4ANI 4 months ago
omfg, I thought we lost this young man, first the hit in the wheel was an insane impact, then the car to his netting that pushed the roll cage in looked horrible. I m an old #3 fan and racings never been the same since his passing , I always hear how my idols death made nascar safer . From this day forward , I will never roll my eyes or mudder gfy to myself when someone says it. I watch the safer barrier , hans device and seat belts and safer car save this guy who would ve never survived a crash of this magnitude before 2002. I m speechless and thankful that this mans life was spared ,I pray this man he have a nice speedy recovery.Ryan Newmans a great driver who races clean and a driver who I really like to watch race...
Christopher Ruggles
Christopher Ruggles 4 months ago
Ryan Newman we will be praying for you.God thank you for answering our prayers
Synergy TV
Synergy TV 4 months ago
Prayers 🙏 for Ryan and the Newman family
Ortiz Racing #7
Ortiz Racing #7 4 months ago
Prayers to Ryan n his family n race team!
Dennis Janda
Dennis Janda 4 months ago
No bump racing and single file restarts unless they want to kill drivers along with wrecking cars..Thank God Ryan's alive !!
Dennis Janda
Dennis Janda 4 months ago
@Donnie Slocumb..There is a Code of Honor amongst the drivers until the last lap of every race..Risk can be minimized if NASCAR cared..Problem is they're reactive only after a driver dies !!
Donnie Slocumb
Donnie Slocumb 4 months ago
It is a risk and they each know the risk they take every time they get in a car. These are the safest built racing vehicles in the world. I pray Newman is okay and applaud his bravery for doing what he loves and doing it for the the fans.
Dennis Janda
Dennis Janda 4 months ago
@Salty 556..Two tracks Bristol was the BEST until it was resurfaced..Know why they changed the track ??..Too many wrecks because single file racing..Martinsville now is the BEST race..Why ??..Single file racing with wrecks galore..When NASCAR figures out not to mess with success, then they're going get the same results race after race..Stage racing causes Restarts which cause Wrecks which cause RED FLAG stoppages..Sound Familiar ??..Uber drivers are standing by !!
Salty 556
Salty 556 4 months ago
@Dennis Janda I preface this by not wishing serious injury on any driver but let's look at NASCAR. Take away Daytona, Talladega, Dover and Martinsville and what do you have? You have a couple of road races and a bunch of mile and a half tracks where one driver leads 95% of the race because he's out front and the rest are in dirty air. When the race is won in the pits too get out first, that's not racing. The cars are so aero specific that the races are boring. Need proof? Look at the stands. Fans are fewer and fewer. When there are more officials in the pits than crew, that's a problem. It's not a sport anymore. It's packaged entertainment. And they sure weren't going to show them trying to get Newman out of that car. Fans want their moneys worth and Daytona delivers. Uber drivers? That's funny right there.
Dennis Janda
Dennis Janda 4 months ago
@Salty 556..After wrecking everything on the track when does the racing start ??.. The Clash almost didn't have anybody to finish the race..Uber drivers were waiting in the wings !!
roy richardson
roy richardson 4 months ago
Prayers for him and his family
Pam Dickhaus
Pam Dickhaus 4 months ago
My thoughts and prayers go out to Ryan, his family and his NASCAR family. Been a race fan for a lot of years - these wrecks are so hard to watch. Hoping he will make a fast, complete recovery.
sheila c
sheila c 4 months ago
Prayers for Ryan. We love you! Best wishes. God grant you a quick recovery 🙏!!!!!!💕
__TONKS__ [ABA] 4 months ago
Thoughts and prayers for Ryan and his family. 🙏🏻
Love and Prayers For Ryan
Kim Palmer
Kim Palmer 4 months ago
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